A Vulnerable Moment Pt. 09


Early next morning Louise’s text arrived.

‘Was it a good night?’

It was clear I had been seen at Anita’s.

I pondered for a few seconds, and sent a reply.

‘She invited me over for a chat. Trish is working on an interview for Steve.’

A ping and, ‘A long chat! But thanks from Steve. Miss you.’

I replied, ‘Miss you too.’

The phone went quiet.

Andrew was still caught in this intrigue. He was having an affair with Louise, a housewife almost young enough to be his granddaughter.

He was also involved with Louise’s neighbour, Anita, who had trapped him, unknowingly, into sleeping with Louise’s mother.

Anita, and her frend Trish, were also planning a ‘honeytrap’ for Trish’s work colleague, in an effort to blackmail him into giving Louise’s husband a job.

A complicated web of lies and deceit was building, and Andrew had found himself at the centre.

After lunch Louise texted again.

‘Steve is taking the kids to stay at his parents on Sunday for three days. I’m meeting a friend in Brum for lunch on Monday. Could we meet for a coffee in the afternoon?’

Andrew smiled. ‘Yes I would love that. Tell me where, and what time, and I will be there.’

He was so pleased that they would be able to spend some time together, albeit in public.

The next few days, and the weekend, passed uneventfully. Monday came, and Andrew found the coffee house where they were to meet. He was a little early, but had a table where he could see the door.

Louise entered wearing black leggings, and a white embroidered blouse, fitted closely around her bust. Andrew kissed her, sat her down, and queued for a coffee. When he returned with the coffee they sat, and held hands like besotted teenagers.

They had so much to say to each other that an hour just flew by.

Louise had told him that she had to catch the 6.02pm train. They still had the rest of the afternoon to enjoy together.

They both decided to walk to a museum that Andrew vaguely knew. They walked slowly, engrossed in conversation, occasionally stopping to kiss, but taking care not to be too public.

Their sense of direction was a bit awry, and suddenly they realised they were lost.

They found themselves in rather a ‘run down’ street of smaller shops. Multi cultural food shops, charity shops, student let shops. Louise was concerned, escort esenyurt and was looking at her phone for the gps position.

Andrew was a little amused by Louise’s panic, but as they looked around for landmarks, he chuckled at the shop on the other side of the road.

‘Lovepot’ was the sign above a blacked out window. There was another sign on the door saying, ‘Special Discount on Sex Toys. No under 18s.’

“Hey that looks fun.”

Louise looked slightly horrified.

“You’re not suggesting we go inside? It looks very seedy.” Louise grabbed Andrew’s arm, but he could sense that she was a little excited.

“Come on, let’s go in,” Andrew was already taking her across the road.

“I’ve never asked you. Do you use a vibrator?”

“A tiny one, but I’ve never had the courage to buy a bigger one, because of the kids I guess.” Louise was blushing.

Holding her hand, Andrew pushed open the door.

Louise was very surprised. The shop was smart and modern. Of course, it had all the sex toys, gadgets, implements, everything you could imagine.

There were no other customers in the shop. Behind the counter were a couple, probably both in their 40s, and looking like the most ordinary folk you could ever wish to meet. Certainly not what either Andrew or Louise expected.

The woman said, recognising their slight embarrassment, “I’m Tracey, feel free to look around. I can show you anything, or answer any questions.”

Andrew said, “Thank you, we were thinking vibrators.”

Louise scowled, and nudged him in the ribs, as if to say, “No we weren’t!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask about any of them. I’ve used most types myself,” Tracey smiled.

Andrew and Louise went along the rows of vibrators of various shapes, sizes and colours.

After about ten minutes Tracey joined them, and started to point out the various attributes of certain products.

“Of course it’s like anything, you get what you pay for, quality can be more expensive,” she was impressing Louise with her honesty, and her frankness.

She went on, “With all sex toys its place and time to use them. Kids make it difficult. If you have a dedicated, private space, and a big enough wallet, there is no limit to what’s available.”

“I have all those,” whispered Andrew mischievously.

“If you really like a challenge, I can show you something escort ataköy in the back room?”

Louise raised her eyebrows at Andrew, and smiled.

“That does sound interesting, you fancy a dare?” He looked at Louise. “Come on, yes please, if it’s not too much trouble?”

Tracey led the way through a door marked ‘Staff Only.’

The room was quite large, painted a dark maroon.

Louise’s mouth dropped open when she saw, in the middle of the room, what could only be called a machine. Made up of rods, levers, pulleys, gears, and then in front of a padded seat, a long, slightly floppy, pink latex penis about ten inches long. Two padded stirrups completed the contraption.

“Oh my god,” Louise said quietly.

“That’s some beast,” added Andrew.

“This is our ‘Rolls Royce’ of fucking machines. Not to be taken lightly,” she smiled.

“Would you like to try it?”

Louise started to say something, but Andrew jumped in and said, “I dare you!”

Tracey, reassuringly said, “I can take it very slowly. You can say ‘stop’ at any time. No one else will come in. It will just be us.”

Louise felt her pussy moistening. She really wanted to, but didn’t want to be pressurised.

“Andrew, will you stay here? I’d really like to try.”

Nodding to reassure her, they listened as Tracey described how the ‘setting up,’ and the adjustments were the key to the experience.

“Are you ready to go?”

Louise nodded in silence.

Tracey took her hand, “You need to get undressed.”

When Louise had done that, she told Louise how to get into the seat, putting her legs up into the stirrups.

Louise started to talk nervously, “This is so weird,” she said.

Andrew could now see Louise’s pussy, lips slightly parted, and swollen.

Tracey edged the machine forward on its ratchets, and adjusted the height.

Louise was still talking nervously, saying, “Never done anything like this, it’s weird.”

Tracey was applying dollops of lubricant gel to the latex penis.

“I’m giving you loads of lubrication, I’m not sure how wet you get,” Tracey was just checking to see if she agreed.

“Now Louise, I’m going to control this with a remote. I will start slow. At any time you can say ‘stop,’ but I don’t think you will at first.”

Tracey pushed the slippery head of the penis just inside her pussy escort zeytinburnu lips.

Louise was quieter now. Nervous. Looking down. Watching. Then looking at Andrew.

He smiled.

“Ok, let’s start,” said Tracey.

Tracey turned the control knob very slightly, and the various levers began to move. The penis moved gently into Louise’s pussy halfway. She was watching it disappear, almost as though it was into someone else’s pussy.

The penis slid out, and back in again. Andrew watched Louise’s face, as the machine got a little faster.

She watched fascinated, but suddenly she was holding her. breath.

Tracey increased the speed. Louise’s pussy was glistening with the gel and her juices.

“Ohhhh,” Louise moaned and started to breath faster, “Oh my god,” she was panting now.

The machine was now steadily fucking her.

“Oh yes, oh yes, OH YES! ” Louise was shouting now.

Andrew was getting turned on himself now. He couldn’t take his eyes off Louise’s face.

” Oh I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” her eyes were closed, her head thrown back.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…god,” as her orgasm mounted, the machine kept on relentlessly. Tracey knew from experience how far she could push a woman.

As Louise caught her breath after her orgasm, Tracey ratcheted up the speed.

“No, no,” Louise cried out at first.

Then almost at once she said, ” yes go on! go on! don’t stop! oh my god I’m cumming again!”

Andrew watched as she gripped the grab handles, and started to shudder.

“Ok, ok, stop it now,” Louise was gasping as she said it.

Tracey slowed the machine gradually, and finally when she pulled the machine away Louise had to be helped to her feet, and supported by both of them. Her legs had turned to jelly.

“Oh my god, that was quite something. Andrew I’m shattered.”

“Well I’m proud of you, you were fantastic. Thank you Tracey.”

Louise got dressed, and they all went back into the shop.

Andrew thanked Tracey and her partner again, and took their business card. He said to Louise, with a wink, that he might put one of those machines in his loft.

They hurried, as best as they could, back to New Street Station, and Louise was just in time to catch her train.

Andrew wondered if he had pushed Louise too far. He had got a bit carried away with the sex shop thing.

He need not have worried. Later that evening he got a text from Louise.

‘Thank you for keeping me safe. I enjoyed it a lot! Miss you already.’

He also received a text from Anita.

‘Plan evolving. Coffee tomorrow at 11am at yours.’

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