After Isobel The List 2


I wanted to meet Lady Barbara and wondered if she went to the Whist and Bridge club, but I was informed she was not a member, so how was I going to meet her. From the notes Robert gave me this was some lady, but then again one man’s meat is another’s gravy or something like that. Had Robert met her at church or somewhere else. She has never been in my shop, well not to my knowledge, but then I don’t know everyone who comes in. We do have a number of casual and passing through trade, but we are off the main road so we don’t see that many.

Isn’t it funny how fate comes to ones aid when you think of some problems? I was working in the shop checking all the postal and banking reports, which have to be done weekly and had just finished. After that I do the stock lists and repack the shelves ready for the coming week.

Mary came into the shop from our attached house; Mary is my aunt who is pregnant with our child. “There’s a lady in a chauffeur driven car at the side, she wants to talk to you.”

“Did she give a name Mary?”

“Lady Isles or something like that.”

I could think of no one of that name well not living round here anyway. Not to be deterred I walked to the car and the door was opened for me by the chauffeur.

“Mr Davies, could you please walk away for ten minutes I wish to talk to Duncan over a private matter.”

Her voice was as smooth as honey and so soft too, the smell inside of the car was thick from her heavy perfume, not the soft subtle ones I love so much. This perfume was overpowering. I saw her quite clearly she was between 55 and 65, I just couldn’t tell, but she was dressed in a brightly coloured blue and green dress, hugging her thighs tight. A three-quarter sleeved bum freezer jacket, which would never meet at the front, it wasn’t designed that way made from the same material as the dress. Her legs were sheathed in sheer nylon stockings with little butterfly motifs on the ankles and high heel shoes. One which was just hanging on by her toes, her ankles was crossed. She had one hand holding her elbow and she was holding a glass of something in the other.

“So you are Duncan, Tarnisha Findlay spoke of you as though you were the answer to a woman’s prayer. What you and she were up to has put her in a spin; I just had to see you for myself. Oh I’m Barbara Smith-Sinclair, but call me Babs. Not even Robert called me that.”

Whenever she mentioned Robert I came out of my trance, for I was taken in by this lady’s whole bearing, looks, dress and manner. How could she ever need the likes of me to help her? Christ, there must be men falling over themselves just to get a look at her.

“So you were one of Roberts ladies, I would never have thought a beautiful lady like you would ever need to seek the help you want.”

“Half the men I meet are either too old, impotent or queer; they wouldn’t know what to do if they had it on a plate. My husband, if that’s what you call him would rather play with little boys than me.

“So Babs now you have seen me what is your opinion. Tarnisha and I just have a passionate liking for something and we both like to participate in,” I replied, giving her enough chance to say what she wants. I know what she wants, she has to tell me herself.

“We both have the same passionate liking for the same thing but it’s difficult to find others of the same ilk, but I think I have found another; you. Tarnisha was telling me you love the slow models rather than the quick ones. I too prefer that model, which is even rarer, I also hate the rough which I am sorry to say Robert was, but he fitted the other criterions.”

“How are we going to see if we do like the same things, if you think you are the same as Tarnisha?”

“I have to get my husband to accept you as a friend first, and then we can see if we are indeed lovers of the same thing. I am having a small party to-morrow evening, black tie I’m afraid, got to keep up appearances. I have a friend who is in need of a partner, silly woman divorced her husband, Janna Luney sorry a bit of a plain lady but my husband likes her, she is the scout mistress. I suspect it’s because of the young boys is the reason he keeps inviting her.”

“A bit out of my League Babs, I don’t usually go to parties where I have to wear a black tie. Oh I have one, but ages since I wore it. I’ll come though, could be quite interesting.”

“Wonderful, just wonderful, Lumley Hall at seven then, I will look forward to seeing you, Duncan, lovely name. I like manly names. Brown warrior isn’t it?”

“Yes something like that.”

Mr Davies came back and I got out, I watched the large car glide back onto the road and drive away.

“I’ve got an invite black tie affair to-morrow night at Lumley Hall, Mary. Personal invite from Lord and Lady Isles, something about local affairs. I’ll have to dig out my togs, but I have plenty of time I have all day to-morrow. Now I had better do the stock. It looks Bill won’t see me until late to-night.” What a liar I have become, I could tell Mary straight escort eyüp but why cause trouble. She is so happy being pregnant and able to come and go as she pleases now. I don’t want her to have another nervous breakdown.

It was almost ten o’clock when I pulled into Lauren Browns driveway and she was out the door of her house before I got out of the car.

“Oh Duncan I was beginning to think you were never coming, I have been on hot bricks all day, just thinking about us.”

“Well sweetheart I’m here now do I get a kiss or something?”

She jumped up and put her arms around me and almost devoured me with her soft full lips, I love women with thick lips, I noticed Babs had them as well; they really made a woman look sexy, so kissable. “You can come inside for the something, would you believe I am naked under this dress, I am that eager to continue where we left off.”

What have I turned on here, she seems like a teenager, they are always banging away and Lauren was acting the same as the ones she keeps reporting about. I wasn’t at all complaining, just marvelling at how lucky I have become having all these lovely ladies.

She took me by the hand and we went straight to the bedroom where she started helping me to undress.

“I want to be the seducer to-night Duncan, please give me this privilege. We have seen each others bodies so now there is no mystery, I just want to make love to you.”

“I will love that Lauren, I am all yours sweetheart.”

I lay on her bed and she approached me from the foot of the bed kissing me all the way up my legs, it was sending lovely shivers right through me, the feel of her lips and her breasts just caressing my skin. Now she switched to my inner thighs ringing her tongue on my flesh, intensifying the feelings even more. I expected her to mouth my penis, but she didn’t, she kissed round it and up to my midriff. She now stopped as she placed my penis between her large breasts and rolled it between them, the feeling was sensational.

“Like that darling, I can see you do, I love the feel of you there,” she bent her head down and planted a kiss right on the opening on the head and combined with the feel of her breasts sent shivers through me.

“Now Laurens going to ride the cock horse, this is going to be wonderful, you are so big and hard too.”

I stretched out my hands to help her as she changed from lying up my body to a kneeling position.

“No Duncan, I want to do this all by myself.”

She inserted the purple crown into her moist hot vagina and it certainly was, for I immediately felt the heat of her body on the head as she opened her labial lips and inserted the head inside her passage. Then she started lowering herself so slowly, far slower than I would ever go. The feeling of the heat and the slow movement must have caused more blood to be pumped into an already engorged cock. She never speeded up; she just slowly lowered herself with her eyes closed and a look of contentment on her face until she was seated on my thighs.

“I’m just going to sit here a minute savouring this lovely feeling I have at the present, You have touched my whole being, it feels so wonderful.” I could feel her controlling her vaginal muscles as though caressing my cock inside of her.

Then slowly she rose and I was leaving her warmth, as slow as I had entered. I looked down and it was as if her body was fighting against this act, for there was a thin lip of flesh which looked as if it was trying to hold my penis in, pouting out. When she reversed it vanished again as if it had accomplished its task. Slow and easy was our coupling, just like the last time, but it was Lauren herself who was dictating the pace.

I knew she was like me and loved the slow coupling of our bodies, gaining the maximum satisfaction for each other. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I had to hold her so I placed my hands on her waist just above her hips and steadied her and followed her every motion. Then her head went back and it was as if someone had tightened a vice, she gripped my penis tight and let out a long sigh. She would have fallen if I hadn’t had a hold of her, but in a few seconds she was back on the same slow movement.

“Lauren, you are really working me up to-night I’m about to explode.”

“Hold just a few minutes more for I want to climax again, but with you, I want us both to be joined forever in this euphoria.”

I don’t know if she felt it but my body gave a shudder and then I felt my juices rise and just flood her insides. Again I was locked in that velvet container, that one part of a woman’s body that men crave for, that heaven on earth.

“Oh darling!” she cried as she fell onto my chest hugging me and kissing my cheek, my eyes, my nose, and then finally locking her lips against mine. “Oh that was wonderful, I just love you so much. Why has it to happen now?” she said then started bursting into tears, her tears were running down my neck they were so intense.

This crying brought me out of this escort fındıkzade euphoric state I was blissfully in .What is the matter Lauren, Please tell me. Have I hurt you?”

“Oh no nothing like that. It’s just that I’m on an assignment for the next two weeks and I won’t be able to see you all that time, just when I’m getting to know you so well.”

“Heavens, you had me worried there sweetheart, why didn’t you tell me you were off for a couple of weeks. But think of the lovely time we will have when you get back.”

“But, I love our lovemaking so much now, how can I live without it.”

“You’ll see the two weeks will just fly by.”

I left her that evening feeling low that we had to be parted for all of two weeks. We held each other close when we showered, washing away all those signs of our lovemaking, but not the memories.

“My we do look smart all dressed up,” Mary said as I prepared to visit Lumley Hall. She was particularly happy today for I cast caution to the wind when I returned last night. I went and slept with her in her bed, we cuddled up all night, without me even getting a hard-on. All I wanted was to be able to hold her close knowing she was there beside me.

“I loved you by my side last night Duncan, but please don’t make a habit of it. Once in a while is lovely I love you near me, but please wait until our baby is born.”

Mary was afraid of loosing her baby having conceived so late in life. She was afraid she would never be able to conceive again and she wanted this baby so very much. She had the will power, I was the weak link, this weakness I must curtail and be a bit stronger.

I was admitted to the Hall by a butler, I had never met a live butler in my life and thought they were only on movies, but Babs had a real live butler. He showed me into a room where there must have been about 20 people. A young woman served me a drink from a tray, as Barbara and a grey haired gentleman was dragged by the hand to be introduced to me.

“Duncan is the partner of Janna Luney dear. Duncan this is my husband. I saw Janna a second ago she will be glad you managed to get here.” She turned and in a second brought a very dowdy lady up by my side. It must have been rehearsed for Bab’s husband’s sake for Janna looked at me. “Oh I’m glad you could make it dear, I was afraid I’d be all alone this evening.” Then she linked her arm into mine.

“Lovely lady Janna and a wonderful Scout Mistress. She lets me come and help with her scouts when they camp on my land. I encourage these young lads to be good scouts. You ever in the scouts?”

“No the Army,” I replied.

“Must have been in the Guards a big fellow like you, what.”

“No I was in the Military Police.”

“Oh, one of those, eh. Let you and Janna enjoy yourselves, speak with you later.”

How did Babs ever end up with an old codger like him, God did he know what he had for a wife.

Now I had time to look over Janna, she was about five feet four inches tall, about a 34 bust and 37 hips. She was wearing a drab dark grey long dress and a long jacket thing over the top which itself came to her knees, it was open with no apparent fastenings, so it was designed to be worn open. A gold necklace with a single stone on a pendant around her neck and a ladies gold Rolex watch on her wrist. Her hair was black and cut square across her brow and just below the lobes of her ears it was combed straight down, I think the style was called a page boy. She had sad brown eyes and her eyebrows were black and almost met, but were plucked. A small pert nose and a down at the mouth sad look. Oh and she wore flat heeled shoes. She wasn’t more than forty and she wore no rings, but Babs had told me she was newly divorced.

“Well Janna, it looks as if we have been thrown together, I hope I haven’t disappointed you, I think you look lovely, I particularly like your hair style. I either like a woman with long hair or cut like yours.” Myself, I couldn’t care less how their hair is, but I had to praise something about her, so she felt relaxed and that I had at least paid attention to her. Women like to be complemented on their dress or looks. Janna was no different, now the sides of her mouth turned up and she smiled.

“Thank you Duncan for your complement and no I’m not disappointed on being as you say thrown together, in fact I am very happy we have been. You are really a very tall and well built man. See you tower over all the men here, I’ve never been escorted by such a big man before.”

We moved around and Janna introduced me to everyone, she seemed to know all of the people here. I too was being weighed up, for most of the people here I haven’t met and are not amongst the class that I usually mix with. These were big business people, not shopkeepers like myself. Right away I could spot ladies that could use my service. Robert told me he could spot them, now I was beginning too. It was the way they looked at you and as they passed you, made a point of touching you with there dress, escort kağıthane but pretending to look away. Their whole bodies were screaming “Look at me, I am willing”. Body language was something that people can not hide; it gives you away no matter how much you try.

But my escort this evening was Janna and she deserved the respect and my full attention. I would give her this. I think she thought I would just be introduced as her partner and that would be it. She was real happy that I escorted her, allowed her to stand by my side and link into my arm whenever she felt like it.

There was a sit down supper and she sat by my side, she even brought her chair closer so she could be even closer. I saw this movement of the chair prior to us being seated. I even held the chair for her, as only two other gentlemen done for their escorts. This seemed to please her more than anything, getting treated as a lady.

She sat with her hand on my thigh as we sat at the table, gently squeezing it but neither moving her hand up or down. Just a gentle resting of her hand and the opening and closing of her fingers. When she had to use her utensils the hand was removed but replaced whenever she stopped. Here was a lady that was seeking attention. I am sure before the evening is over I will have at least an invitation for another meeting or to accompany her home.

Only Barbara had been on Roberts’s list and this was virgin territory and excluding Janna. I spotted four, possibly five elderly dowagers who would only need to be approached to be invited to share the pleasures of the flesh. If I can keep in with this group, plus the Whist and Bridge club, I would have ample opportunity to fulfil most of my fantasies.

It was becoming obvious that the party was breaking up by the movement to the doors. One rather plump lady in her late sixties, whose name I had forgotten, approached me as I was standing alone. I hear you are a Whist player, next Saturday at my house it is my turn to cater for our little group, would you care to make up the numbers?”

“Certainly Ah…”


“Certainly Beryl I would love to come, but I don’t have your address.”

“Silly me,” she said taking a card from her purse and handing it to me. “See you at seven then Duncan, casual dress for this occasion.”

Now who told her my name? Janna suddenly appeared at my side, I suppose she had been to the powder room but she was all smiles. “I have thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening, it’s a pity we have to end it so soon,” she said.

I chuckled inside, I knew that this could possibly happen I was expecting though ‘Could we meet again.’, but this was also on the cards.

“Yes it is, I thoroughly enjoyed your lovely company. Yes just when we were getting to know one another too.”

“Would you like to call into my place for a night cap, I only live a mile up the road.”

“I would love to, you lead and I will follow.”

“I will go and get my coat and thank Barbara,” she said dashing away like an eager beaver.

As I was waiting Barbara came up to me, “I believe you are leaving, take care of Janna she is my best friend. I wish it was me that was being taken home but my time will come; now my husband thinks you and Janna are a couple.” She bent forward and placed those lovely lips of hers gently on mine. She tasted like honey but I had a younger woman to-night and the evening was yet young.

In fact it was under a mile before we pulled up to a very secluded two story house. She drove straight into an open garage and I pulled in alongside of her. She then pressed her remote and the doors closed. We entered the house through an access door from the garage into a hallway.

She turned half way down and put her arms around my neck and kissed me, pressing her tongue through my lips. “I have wanted to do that all evening,” she said still clinging to me. I put my arms around her and pulled her close and returned her kiss then I dropped both hands to her bottom and drew her closer to my boner. Pushing it hard against her abdomen, she actually ground her stomach against me, letting me know she understood and how she felt.

We went straight upstairs into her bedroom where she kicked off her shoes into the corner.

“I won’t beat about the bush, I wanted you the moment I saw you, please get undressed for I want nothing between us. If there is one thing I love is sex and that has been deprived me for the past few years that was why I divorced my husband. I hope you are not all show as he was, for I need a real man.”

As she spoke she was shedding her clothing and she had the loveliest underwear, nothing like the ladies I have met in the past few months. This was what I was going to buy Mary; I could just see her in this lingerie. I wasn’t that far behind her and I leapt on the bed the same time she did. Her breasts may not have been as big as my other ladies, but hers were firm, so firm I wondered why she wore a bra at all, Her love patch was well trimmed and short. A very lovely body with a slim waist.

We both knew what we were here for and we just came together, she dropping onto her back and me between her stretched open legs. “No need to worry, I am on the Pill so let me have your sperm Duncan, inside, not on my stomach.”

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