Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 02 – The New Batch


*The teen character appearing in this story is eighteen years of age. *

Authors Notes: This story is a direct sequel to the BAD M.I.L.F series; perhaps you should read that set of stories before this entry. I’d like to thank all my fans and others who have read and commented on my stories.


The toll taken on my body finally caught up with me as my knees buckled while walking up the stoop to my apartment. Chrystal had left a total of sixty messages on my phone during the long drive home. I was burnt out and in no mood for any additional drama opting to figure something out after a good night’s sleep. I was reminded of my ex-girlfriend’s disdain for cleaning noticing her discarded clothing on the floor along with some of her panties. I dropped my bags picking up a few of her things before exhaustion forced me to crash on the couch. The lights were on when I came inside, and I figured they’d been left on three days prior. I almost melted into the couch before I realized a bundle of Chrystal’s clothing was still in my fist. Gray leggings with a thin pink stripe down the side puzzled me as I couldn’t recall ever seeing her wearing them. Some lacy, bikini style panties were still in the crotch of the leggings. Her perfume lingered in the air, some unfamiliar sweet smelling fragrance. It was unfamiliar to me at the moment and unimportant as my eyes settled on an open gym bag beside the couch.

I rifled through it finding more clothing along with some personal effects as the road miles faded from my mind. I looked around noticing a phone plugged into a nearby wall outlet. It was wrapped in an annoying Hello Kitty shell charging. My head cleared further as I realized the shower was running at the end of the corridor. I snagged a Louisville slugger from the closet behind the door slowly creeping down the hall until I was outside the door.

I hesitated for a moment weighing the bat in my hands before pushing the door wide open.

“Who are you?” She was all of five feet two with a wealth of curves packed onto a pronounced pear shaped frame that struck me distinctly familiar. The rounded, cherubic face with a slight smattering of freckles across her thin nose was particularly fetching. The wide curve of her hip announced her rather ponderous backside in dramatic fashion. Her shoulder length hair was curiously dyed with the colors of the American flag in strips of red, muted white and blue. Even though she was as naked as the day she was born and the fact that I was holding a baseball didn’t seem to deter this smiling nymph. I noticed a gap in her teeth.

“Courtney; Chrystal’s little sister? I’m visiting the campus on a tour and she said I could stay here with you two?”

“No.” I turned already walking down the hall as Courtney turned off the shower before scrambling from the tub.

“Hey, can’t we talk about this; It’s only gonna be for a couple of days and you guys weren’t even supposed to be here anyway.” She whined quickly following me with a towel wrapped around her body which did little to hide her nudity.

“Put some clothes on miss; and “NO” you can’t stay here!” I intended to be firm, but Courtney kept maneuvering around me trying to get me to look at her face. She’d wrapped the large towel around her back leaving her front exposed. Her small, perky breasts were covered by the junction at which the towel was tied into a knot leaving her abdomen and shaved muff on display.

“That’s not even fair man; I-I mean Chrystal lives here too, right? Hey, where is she anyway?” She looked around the living room for her absent sister.

“She’s not here-and she’s not coming back, either.”

“Excuse me, dude?” Her manner of speaking was stoner immature and entitled leaving me put off by her demeanor.

“We-uh, broke it off.”

My words hung in the air as Courtney took it all in with a hand in her multicolored locks. My eyes drifted down towards her puffy cameltoe for a few seconds before I turned away out of respect for her older sister.

“Wow man, I remember her talking about you like the marriage thing was a total fucking given. I mean, she was REALLY into you, dude. So, like eh, what happened to mess it up?”

“That’s kind of a personal question, don’t you think Courtney?”

“Well shit, that’s my fucking sister bro; don’t you think you should declassify that shit?”

“But it’s between Chrystal and me; not your business…please put some clothes on ma’am.” Courtney stood there blinking profusely like she was having a hard time processing my words.

“REALLY?!! It’s just the flesh and that shit is temporary dude; what really matters is finding that higher calling and realizing the meaning of it all in this short jaunt we call life. Now that I look at you, it’s right in front of my face the whole time.” She moved around the coffee table thinking nothing of her partial nudity as she bent over going through her bag. This gave me a “Full-Monty” of her expansive rear end which matched her older sister and mother perfectly. There were two dog paws tattooed on the back of her thick, meaty thighs. almanbahis adres Her butt was massive with a slight difference in that her giant oval cheeks seemed to be on a forty-five degree angle revealing her thick, juicy peach and brown eye plainly. My mind wandered for a moment before common sense prevailed.

“What are you talking about?”

“Your Chakra; it’s all fucked up right now, bro. You know, I could fix that for you, man.” I barely understood half of her ramblings as she tossed the towel on my living room floor revealing her bare torso. There were a matching pair of dog print tattoos on her small, sloping breasts that looked like they should’ve belonged to a much younger girl.

“No thank you; can I call you a cab or something?” Courtney pulled on a football jersey turning to me with her hands on her wide hips.

“We’re talking right now; don’t you think it’s rude to push your agenda on someone?”


“Don’t you think you should calm down; you have nothing to worry about and it is a fundamental waste of precious life energy. No one’s threatening you dude, so just dial it back a little bit. You know, my family has been a friend to the black man for decades.” Courtney folded her arms over her chest shrugging off my behavior.

“Friend to the black man? Uhm yeah, that’s rich.” I’d found out exactly how friendly Courtney’s mother and older sister were to the black man over the last few days.

“Your attempt at sarcasm strikes me odd, come here.”

“WHAT-NO, CUT IT OUT!!” Courtney half chased me around the living room finally cornering me as she reached out holding her palms on either side of my head. Her blue eyes were tightly shut for a few seconds before opening wide in silent revelation.

“Oh, sorry dude.” She took a few steps backward with a finger in her mouth.


“It’s cool man; I ain’t that way brother.”


“Look I respect people’s boundaries and it’s cool; hand me that phone.” I mindlessly followed her order handing her the large, garishly covered phone as she drew her hair into a ponytail with a scrunchie.

“You think you know something, Courtney?”

“Yeah, I know you’ve been with my mom and that my sister was responsible. Don’t laugh, but I’m sensitive if you know what I mean, brother, little bit psychic. Developed that shit last spring at Coachella in this really, really, cool workshop-for the mind. Baba Mustafa is a great teacher and an even more awesome DJ.” I facepalmed at her manic explanation.

“You’re leaving, right?” She continued rifling through her tote emerging with these really, skimpy jean shorts that were cut bikini style. I watched her work to get the worn, faded material up past her thighs and huge ass leaving the pockets covering her juicy cheeks.

“We’re talking, aren’t we?”

“So, that means if I shut up; you’ll leave, right?” I deadpanned as Courtney shimmied in place trying to get the worn jean material settled on her cinched in waist.

“Ha-ha, you’re so funny; now come over here and have a seat. We have to get you squared away, homie.” Courtney planted her sizable rear on my couch patting a space beside her.

“I don’t think so.”

“Don’t be that way; can’t you see the bigger picture, dude?”

“No, not even a little bit.”

“Rude much? I’m going to help you get centered because you can’t be walking around fucked up like that homie; all that negativity can open the door for other things. You really need to loosen up and get rid of that bad karma.

“What are you about to do?”

“What does it look like? We’re going to smoke a bowl and lighten things up around here.” She pulled a smaller bag from her luggage that looked like a shaving kit but actually held a baggie full of weed. Courtney began preparing the bong even as I shook my head profusely denying her permission to light up in my living room.

“No, you’re not.” I couldn’t help but notice the seductive manner in which Courtney sat on my couch leg sat on my couch thick, sexy legs wide apart. If it weren’t for the oversized football jersey she wore, her crotch would have been plainly visible. Courtney flicked a lighter finding it troublesome to ignite a flame for a few seconds.

“Man, you are way too uptight for someone who just spent the weekend getting banged out; maybe you’d like a drink?” Courtney produced a fifth of Bacardi from her tote setting it down on the table with a light clink. Two neatly packed shot glasses followed.

“What the fuck; you planning a party while we were away?” She was different than her sister and mother with a loopy, new age demeanor that I wasn’t sure was bullshit or not.

“Well, you never know who you’ll meet on these little excursions; better to be prepared than come off looking like a loser. I figured if you have the party with you, a good time is always right around the corner.” Courtney smiled filling one of the shot glasses before offering it to me.

“You think that’s a good attitude to have; a safe one?”

“I almanbahis yeni giriş can take care of myself, cheers?” She’d filled her glass offering it up for a toast which I was reluctant to make.

“How old are you again?”

“Nineteen, so don’t give me any shit about my fucking age or I’m definitely gonna dock you a few cool points, homie.”

“Your mom doesn’t care; your sister?” Courtney snorted and giggled at my question.

“You’ve met them; what do you think?” She had this girlish giggle that reminded me of that cartoon character from the Flintstones “Betty Rubble” while making me feel a day late and a dollar short.

We toasted and downed our shots and I did my best not to check out my ex-girlfriend’s little sister but there was no doubt that both girls were cut from the same cloth. Chrystal seemed a bit more organized that the beautiful creature before me.

“Another?” We did a couple more shots before I waved her off.

“Come on, have a seat; promise I won’t bite.” She patted the same spot next to her, but I nodded in the negative.

“So, you have any alternative plans about where to stay?” Courtney continued patting the space beside her until I sat while pouring another round of drinks.

“Look man, I realize the position we find ourselves in with me invading your home after you’ve just broken up with my older sister after fucking both her and my mom. I consider you family and find it unsetting that you won’t at least extend an olive branch to someone that could have been your sister-in-law; we’re having drinks and everything, bro… care for a toke?” I nodded as she took a deep hit of the bong coughing profusely for a few seconds.

“You “REALLY” need to lighten “UP” man; take a hit of this shit.”


“What’s the worst that could happen.” For some reason I felt like I had something to prove. She shrugged handing me the bong; I stared at her for a few moments before taking a deep hit.

…I’m an idiot.


“Come on baby; give it to me…Do that shit again.”

“WHU-AAAAT?!!” My vision gradually returned to normal in time to view everything as if I were having an out of body experience. Every cell in my body felt like it was alive and supercharged with electricity as I yelled this sort of primal scream while climaxing in a steady stream of fluid all over Courtney’s face. She was glistening in a sheen of reflective sweat that covered her voluptuous body catching the light from a lamp on the table beside my couch.

“WHAATT-the FUCK!!” My head was pounding like it’d been hit with a bag of hammers.

“Yeah, that’s it baby; release all of that fucking bad juju. Let that nasty shit go, brother.” Her voice reverberated in my head like someone had stuck a microphone in my ear. Yeah, I had a fucking P.A. System in my brain tuned up to the highest levels and my throat felt dry and swollen.

“Wus-What…Going on?”

“Cleansing ritual; we’re sucking out all of the bad karma you’ve built up over the last few days.” Courtney’s fingers were pinching and tweaking my nipples as my raging cock rubbed against her taunt abdomen leaving a trail of precum. Just the slightest touch against her tummy sent waves of pleasure spiking through my body.

“You-drugged me, bitch.”

“No, No, no baby; you took that first hit yourself of your own free will.” She wagged a finger in front of my face which at this point felt like it was throbbing.

“Weed don’t feel like this!”

“Who said there was only weed in that bong?” I was inundated with the “Betty Rubble” laugh again as my muted hearing returned with a vengeance.


“Well, we’ve established that babe; just enjoy the fucking ride, man.” Courtney went back to fellating me with renewed vigor. I didn’t know if I was on cloud nine or the seventh circle of hell as Chrystal’s little sister throated me for long intervals sucking vacuum hard as she pulled back along my shaft tickling my urethra with the tip of her tongue. Her fingers were squeezing and pumping my sack methodically until my thighs were tightening up in seizure-like fits.

“Oh shit; what are you doing to me?” I was weakened and rubbery along the spine as Courtney nibbled and slurped at the junction where my right thigh met my pelvis. The sensation was incredible as she dug the nails of her other hand into my left ass cheek making my body twist away from the pain.

“I already told you; we’re draining off all that bad karma, dude.” She answered before going down on me again.


“Paying it forward brother; offering something of myself to make peace between our clans, dude. Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m going to drain your balls, man.” Her multicolored mane was all I could see as she throated me down to the base remining there as she contracted her throat around my length.

“AAAAAAWWWWW SHIT!!” My pelvis and back went in opposite directions as Courtney managed to almanbahis giriş stay with me until she relented with a loud, gurgling gasp as a nasty web of saliva poured from her mouth drenching my crotch. Courtney rubbed and massaged my cock with both fists playing with the curly hair on my crotch intermittently.

“Look at all the veins in this thing; fuck man, you’re a fucking big dick wonderland. It’s got weight and girth-so fucking hard; no wonder mom lost her shit. Man, I’m so sorry about all that shit; fuck dude, Chrystal’s stupid because I’d never let anyone have this beautiful rod.” She wasn’t even looking at my face while she toyed with my cock.

“So, you’re just gonna take it?” I moaned almost at the precipice.

“Huh, you’re kidding right; you’re gonna go with the narrative that I’m forcing myself on you, homie? I take exception to that shit bro; you seen what I’m working with, haven’t you?”

“Did I drug you, bitch?”

“Wow; you are so like, fucking ungrateful.” She was using only one hand in a twirling motion that called her mother’s technique to mind. Her other hand disappeared between her thick thighs leaving no doubt to what she was doing.

“I come home to find my ex-girlfriend’s little sister in my house, she won’t FUCKING-LEEEAAVE and AHHHHH-FUUUCK, THAT FEELS GOOD!!” Courtney returned her other hand adding her wetness to the head of my shaft with a particularly, sticky thumb. It was the perfect counter motion in slow methodical movement teasing my urethra while she continued short, rough tugs on the shaft.

“I get you man; I meant it, brother. You’re conflicted and uptight as fuck, but it’s not your fault. You’re so oppressed that you don’t know how happy you are, dude.” Courtney hocked a wad of spittle on my cock while she talked as my balls tightened up.

“WHUUUT-WHAAAAAAT are you TAAALKING ABOUUUUUUTT?!!” She worked both of her hands in a counterclockwise motion sensually abusing my foreskin.

“It’s our fault you know; my people have done so much to your people that you guys are all twisted up on the fucking inside, bro. We’ve made everything about you guys, suspect to the ultimate degree creating a cultural inversion that we habitually steal from whenever we want; it’s fucking wrong dude; I can’t have that shit on my conscience!” Her round, youthful face was flushed, her nostrils were flaring as failed to look me in the face. Courtney was strictly talking to my penis, doing her mother proud.

“BULL-SHIT!!” Something I said seemed to get to Courtney as she let my penis go while rearing back on her haunches with her hands folded over her breasts.

“Oh yeah, then tell me why you can’t enjoy a good piece of pussy without all this kvetching; you’re not fooling anybody, dude.”

I stared back at her face still partially stoned as I pondered her question which challenged me to look at myself clinically. Looking at her reminded me of a younger, version of Chrystal. Sure, there were slight differences with Courtney’s light smattering of freckles across her nose with a few littering her chest. The three women I’d known were cut from great stock, blessed with thick, curvy bodies meant to drive a lot of men and women to distraction. Rubenesque, voluptuously curvy and sexually weaponized to the ninth degree. I was upset at my girlfriend for deceiving me into sleeping with her mother; but once everything was out of the bag…should I have still been angry?

“You know Courtney, I don’t have an answer for you.” I admitted making the eighteen year old nymph smile. She lunged forward on all fours blanketing my body under hers as she leaned in inches from my face.

“Then it’s okay, right?” She didn’t wait for an answer emphatically shoving her tongue in my mouth as one of her hands returned to servicing my cock. My own tongue struck back running the gamut inside her mouth rediscovering the gap in her teeth. Her long bicentennial hued locks served as an impromptu hair curtain making things seem even more intimate. Courtney swung a thick, shapely leg over my side straddling me as she began rubbing me against her mound. She pressed me against her entrance which was dripping with her personal glaze pushing the head inside her furnace. Courtney let the head of my cock rest there as her natural lubrication drizzled down the shaft. I closed my eyes tight doing everything in my power not to cum.

“Hey, look at me.” Her voice pierced through the darkness of my closed eyes. She was squeezing the head of my cock with her lower muscles as I slowly open them looking up at her soft, easy going features.

Courtney suddenly slammed her massive butt down into my crotch with the force of a wrecking ball breaking the last vestiges of self-control that remained as I literally exploded inside her with the force of a firehose. Her slimy confines tightened up around me in a vice-like grip as she reared up arching her back wedging her perforated mound against me.

“MUH-MOOOOOMMMMMMYYY; I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!! HE’S SO HARD ALL UP IN MY PUH-PUSSY!!” Courtney proved more like her mother that I initially expected going into a screaming fit before collapsing atop my prone body. Her weight alone, kept me pinned to the bed as I shot round after round of jizz up into her pulsing cunt. I gave myself over to the situation comforting her with my lips as we made out in post coital bliss.

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