Black Leather Gloves


I’ve got a engineering business in a little estate with five other factories. My neighbours are a couple who run a beauty supply business. They seem nice enough but other than a quick nod and hello i don’t really have a lot to do with them.

The other morning I went to check the mail and found a pair of women’s black leather gloves sitting on the ground next to the mail boxes. It was kind of obvious that they were Silvia’s from next door. If they weren’t hers one of the boys from the factories had a little explaining to do. She must have dropped them so I thought I’d be nice and picked them up to return.

I threw them on my desk and forgot about them until I saw Georgio from next door walk past my window a few hours later. I grabbed the gloves, rushed out, told him the story and handed them to him. He thanked me and said he’d let Silvia know and that he’d send her around later to thank me. “No need mate, it’s all good” I said as I made my way back inside. The last thing I need was to be wasting time with her over a stupid pair of gloves.

Most of my staff knocks off at three fifteen but I’m not so lucky. I heard the tapping at my office door and looked up to see Silvia standing there. I waved her in and could see that she’s holding the gloves. “Damn gloves” I thought to myself as I smiled politely back at her.

I’ve got to admit she looks good for I’m guessing someone in her mid-forties. She was average height about five feet five or so, with shoulder length brown hair worn in a ponytail and beautiful big brown eyes. She looked pretty much like you expect someone working in the beauty industry to look – good. Sure she was probably a couple of pound heavier than back in the day but who isn’t? Regardless she still had it going on.

She had on a business suit that looked tailored and of high quality. It consisted of a skirt worn down to the just past the almanbahis top of her thighs and a somewhat figure hugging matching jacket. Sheer black stocking covered her still toned legs with black stilettos finishing off her power suit nicely.

I liked the jacket in particular. She wore it buttoned to just below her breasts which seemed to both push them together while still lifting them up. Whatever it did, that jacket made her tits look great.

So she’s standing there in front of me and I’m thinking “great, here we go, this will be a total waste of time.” When in a quiet almost sheepish voice she says “I’m supposed to thank you for returning my gloves.” I tried to interrupt her but she barely took a breath before continuing. “I’m an excellent cock sucker.” “Could I suck your cock – please” and smiled nervously unsure of the response.

Holly fucking shit there has to be candid cameras hiding somewhere. Someone’s got to be putting me on was my instant reaction. Yet there she stood with only the desk between us looking every bit the slutty MILF wanting cock.

A long pause preceded my answer and I’d like to say it was for effect. In reality though inside my head there was a little man running around in circles and clicking his heels in the air as he’s yelling “yippy” while shooting guns in the air. Happy, happy, happy.

Finally I gathered myself enough to say “do you like sucking cock Silvia?” To which she just nodded her head in agreement. I stood up from behind my desk and walked over to her stopping right in front of her within arm’s reach.

Slowly I looked her up and down before locking eyes with her and in the most commanding voice I could muster I said “let me those tits of yours baby.” Immediately she reached for the buttons on her jacket. Unbuttoning them one by one without hesitation until her massive DD tit’s almost leapt out almanbahis giriş as if they’d been released from there shackles.

I reached out and cupped one of her breasts in my hand and squeezed it gently. It felt fantastic and in no time I had the other and was squeezing them both as if I was kneading dough.

I squeezed them a little harder this time using them as leverage to pull her into me. She let out a little gasp, almost in surprise I think. However the moment our lips touched I felt her just melt away.

My hand made its way down her body until it settled at her pussy. She accommodated me by slightly parting her legs giving me access. I slid my hand up and under her skirt and up towards her panties. At the first flicker of my hand brushing past her warm and wet cunt she let out a little groan. Each gentle caress pushed her further. Her breathing got heavier. Her hips start rocking ever so slightly.

I circled my finger past her clit gently brushing it as I do. She moved forward instinctively in search of my touch as if encouraging my fingers to explore her. Instead I tease her, giving her only sporadic touches.

It was driving her wild and then I STOPPED. Her eyes shot open for the first time since our lips locked and she looked at me like a startled dear in the headlights, confused and dazed. You could feel her thinking “what’s happening, why has it stopped?”

But I wasn’t done “show me that ass baby” I commanded as I spun her around so she now faced the desk. Slipping in behind her I place my hand in the middle of her back. As I push down it caused her to bend forward from the waist stopping only when she’d become firmly pressed against the desk.

“That’s a great fucking ass baby” I said before slapping my hand down across her butt cheek. Its force causing her to wince but she didn’t try to break free. I released the almanbahis adres hand I’d placed in the middle of her back, she wasn’t going anywhere.

Raising her skirt over hips exposed that big white ass of hers. She wore the flimsiest black G-string imaginable. It was framed beautifully by the thigh high cut off stockings she wore. With my rock hard cock in my hand I paused for just a moment to admire the view. It was breathtaking!

Stroking my cock I stood behind her and said “What do you want baby?” Breathlessly and in an almost primal growl she answered “FUCK ME.”

She’d barely had a chance to finish the words before I’d plunged my cock into her wet pussy causing her to screech “fuuuuuuuuuuck” as my cock buried itself deep inside her.

I found a rhythm form the get-go and was fucking her hard with every stroke. She bucked her hips back in unison making sure she took every inch. I felt her hand as she reached down between her legs, touching herself as I fucked her before she explode into her first orgasm.

She came two more times before I’d finally had my fill and was ready to give her my cum. I drove my cock into her as hard as I could until I couldn’t hold it any longer. Pulling my cock out I grabbed her and literally tossed her to the ground and onto her knees. She readily got into position with her face just millimetres from my cock and watched intently. Her eyes fixated on mine as she waited for my cum. I couldn’t hold on any longer and plastered her face seconds later.

I’d almost caught my breath back when Silva, having started to recover herself gingerly looked up and in and almost angelic tone said “thank you.” I just winked and relied “anytime baby.”

I reached down and offered her my hand to get her back to her feet. She looked so cute all dishevelled like that and with cum still dripping from her face that it bought a smirk to my face.

I’d expected her to attempt to at least try to fix herself up a little but she didn’t. She just turned and walked out.

That’s when I noticed it – she’d left her gloves on the corner of my desk. Oh well I’ll just take them back tomorrow.

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