Chance Encounter


It was almost 9:00 PM when he finally took the elevator down from his office. It had been a stressful day, the boss on a rampage, pressure to complete a major report with the deadline unexpectedly moved ahead. He had worked his ass off to get it done, but now found at least some personal satisfaction in knowing it was finished and that he had done his best on it. And to top things off, his ex had been on the phone several times during the day, bitching at him about god knows what. A hell of a way to start a week, he thought as he exited the building and pulled his coat together as the blast of winter air hit him.

He walked aimlessly down the street, not wanting to just head home, still pumped from the pace of the day. As he turned the corner, he saw the lights of a familiar bar, one that he had frequented on many Friday happy hours with coworkers. He entered to find the place almost deserted this cold Monday evening. He moved to the bar and took a seat at the end, ordering a double single malt scotch.

As he pulled off his coat, and laid it over the adjacent seat, he scanned the dim lit tavern with his eyes. He couldn’t believe that this was the same place that he usually found packed at happy hour. Only three tables had any occupants, two tables of what appeared to be businessmen and another with a couple huddled in the corner, deep in conversation. As he swung around, he noticed her at the end of the bar.

His mind clicked several times as he tried to place her. He knew her from somewhere, but where? He knew he was probably staring, but couldn’t help it. She was no kid, probably in her late 30’s or early 40’s, striking long dark hair and eyes. His eyes slowly roamed her body, great tits, he thought, and long shapely legs. She was dressed in business attire, a grey silky blouse and dark skirt. She seemed lost in her thoughts, idly running her fingertip around the rim of her wine glass, staring off into space. As he sipped his drink he just could not take his eyes from her, his mind trying desperately to remember where he knew her from. He was almost startled when suddenly her eyes were locked on his and felt the redness in his neck as he had been caught staring. She smiled at him and it seemed that she too was trying to place him. He was surprised when she rose from her chair and moved in his direction.

What a gorgeous creature, he thought as he watched the sensual sway of her hips as she approached him. As she slid into the seat beside him, it suddenly dawned on him why she was so familiar.

“Hello, Ed,” she said in a sexy voice, “it’s been a long time.”

“Yes it has, Kathy” he replied, “How have you been?”

It must be close to 20 years, he thought, she would have been a teenager when he last saw her, dating his kid brother as he left to travel the world and find himself. He was, he figured 10 years older than her, and time had obviously not worn on her like it had on him. At close range she was even more beautiful than he had imagined.

They chatted, bringing each other up to date on their lives. It was a relaxed, easy conversation, almost as though they had been friends all along. She was one of those people who just can’t talk to you without physical contact, her fingertips frequently touching his arm, her knee pressing against his. The conversation had made him forget the stresses of the day and he found himself becoming aroused by the closeness of this beautiful woman.Although their chat was casual, he did notice sadness in her eyes and finally had to ask her if she was alright.

“No” she replied, “it has been a terrible day!” She explained that while she had flown here on business, her real objective had been to connect with an internet lover that she had met almost a year earlier. She related how the initial friendship had turned into hot online sex and that they had agreed to meet the next time almanbahis adres she was in town. It was a real blow to her ego when her dream man had stood her up with a curt one line email, brushing her off. As she related the story, he wondered how the hell this jerk could blow off such a lovely lady and sympathetically stroked her shoulder to console her. Then, out of the blue, she blurter, “Look, I’ve got a suite upstairs, a bottle of wine chilling, and I really need to be with someone tonight!”

She took his hand and without waiting for his response rose and said “Let’s go!”

No more of an invitation was needed and he quickly tossed more money than he needed to on the bar and scooped up his coat from the adjacent chair. He followed her, almost like a puppy dog, watching as she stopped by her original seat and put on her tailored jacket. They walked in silence to the bank of elevators across the lobby. As they rode upwards, she leaned against him, her head resting on his shoulder, her subtle perfume exhilarating his senses.

Am I taking advantage of her situation, he wondered, quickly dismissing that thought as he felt the press of her breast against him and the soft caress of her lips against his cheek. She wanted this and he was more than willing, after all, she was no kid, she was a mature woman, fully capable of making her own decisions.

They arrived at her floor and his lips found hers in a brief caress as the elevator doors opened. He followed her to her suite, watching her fumble a bit with the crypt card before opening the door and leading him inside. It was a beautiful room with a magnificent view of the city. He glanced at the French doors leading to the bedroom and could see the huge bed through the beveled glass of the door panels.

He placed his coat on a chair and watched her move about the room, picking up the wine bottle from the ice bucket and holding it up in an offering. He shook his head; wine was not what he wanted.

She smiled and moved to him, melting into his arms, pressing her sexy body to his and finding his lips with hers. The kiss, at first soft and sweet, quickly deepened, mouths opening, tongues entwining. As they kissed, his fingertips feathered slowly down her back, and he felt her press closer, no doubt aware of the hardness of him that pushed against her belly.

Abruptly she broke the kiss, her eyes on his as she stepped back and slid the tailored jacket from her shoulders. His eyes fixed on her as he watched her sensuously strip for him. The blouse and skirt quickly followed the jacket to the floor and she stood there in her sexy and obviously expensive undies. He saw her smile and knew that his mouth must be open in awe of her beautiful near nakedness. She posed a bit for him, cocking her hip as his eyes moved ever so slowly up and down her form. She reached back, unclasping the bra and letting it fall from her, exposing her breasts. They were almost perfect, natural, full, and yet not too big. The nipples were prominent, thick dark hard tips that made his mouth water in anticipation. Her fingertips moved to the waistband of her sexy high cut panties, slowly sliding them down and revealing her beautiful mound. A neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair had been left just above her slit. She bent to remove the panties, stepping from them and kicking them aside, her body naked now except for the frilly topped stockings and the black pumps. God she was a sexy woman he thought, the most beautiful he had ever been with.

His own body trembled slightly as she slowly moved to him and began to undress him. She undid his tie, sliding it off and then trailing it over each of her breasts before tossing it aside. Her fingers deftly unbuttoned his shirt, her soft lips moving to his chest as she slid the garment from his shoulders. She felt her hot breath on his flesh, her almanbahis yeni giriş tongue wet as it caressed each of his nipples and her teeth playfully nipped at them. Her fingers moved to his belt, undoing it and unbuttoning his trousers before sensually sliding down his body to kneel before him. She bent to remove each of his shoes, then his socks. His zipper was lowered and she carefully removed his trousers, leaving him naked, save for his white briefs. She leaned forward, kissing the bulge through the cotton material as her fingertips found the waistband and began sliding them downward.

As the head of his rock hard cock was uncovered, she showered it with soft kisses, and then finished sliding the briefs from him, tossing them aside as she looked up into his eyes, his engorged shaft bobbing close to her beautiful face. He shivered as her wet mouth engulfed the swollen cock head and slid down the hard shaft, he thought he was in a dream. Then she pulled away, standing and turning, walking to the big couch and laying back, her legs apart, invitingly.

He moved to her, kneeling beside the couch, bringing his lips to hers again, kissing her long and deeply. Slowly, carefully he began to make love to her. His lips found the nape of her neck, his tongue swirled against the soft perfumed skin. His fingertips brushed her hip, stroking gently, exploring the sexy curve of her. He moved ever so slowly down her body, his lips caressing her flesh, tongue sliding over the round top of each breast before encircling the hard tips and drawing them into his mouth. His strong hands moved up under those beautiful globes, pushing them upward as he licked and sucked and nipped at her flesh.

His body was on fire, his cock harder than it had been in oh so very long. He continued his journey down her body, trailing his tongue over her belly, swirling it into her navel and then sliding it down through the silky tuft of hair. He felt her fingers in his hair as his tongue dipped into the soft folds of flesh between her widespread legs. He made love to her with his mouth, tongue moving, exploring, and teasing. He felt her quiver as his fingertips spread her labia and his tongue circled the tiny swollen button of flesh. He pulled it between his lips, suckling it softly as her fingers gripped him harder. His nostrils flared as they filled with the musky scent of her sex. He teased her, feeling her body shake, hearing her soft moans of pleasure. Then he dipped his tongue lower, pushing it into the hot wet velvet of her, savoring the taste of her juices as they gushed into his mouth. He heard her cry out as her orgasm overcame her, enjoying the feel of her body squirming under his ministrations. His face was wet with her juices and he could not think of any place he would rather be then right here, his face buried in her beautiful cunt.

His hands found her legs, lifting them high, allowing him to suckle the sweet strip of flesh below her slit. His tongue swirled, caressing her, running over the puckered ridges of her anus, tasting the tartness of that most private of places. The room was filled with the sweet cries of pleasure that came from her lips. She was his now, like putty in his hands, ready to be molded to his needs.

He stood up, sliding his arms under her and picking her up. He carried her through the French doors and into the bedroom, lying her down on the huge bed. He stood a moment, looking at her, seeing the glazed look in her eyes, the rising and falling of her chest and the ‘fuck me’ way she cocked her legs.

He moved to the bed, kneeling beside her head, reaching out and guiding her lips to his cock. She took him in her hot mouth, sucking him, teasing him with her tongue, exploring his rigid shaft. He watched her intently as she pleasured him with her mouth, enjoying the sight of his thick cock being in those almanbahis giriş sexy sensual lips of hers.

As she sucked, he ran his hand down her body, pausing and rolling each hard nipple between his fingers, playfully pulling the tiny tuft of hair before sliding his fingertips into the heat of her sopping wet slit.

“I love your cock” she moaned over him, her eyes looking up at him as she filled her mouth with his flesh.

He pulled himself from her, his shaft glistening with her saliva and his own precum. Slowly he rubbed the big cock head around her face, leaving little trails of wetness on her skin.

He moved then, rolling her onto her belly, lifting her hips and moving behind her. His cock plunged into her, sliding deep into the heat of her vagina as he thrust against her. His hands slid around to cup her dangling breasts, squeezing the soft flesh as he began to fuck her with a slow steady rhythm. He felt her muscles clench around his flesh as he pushed deep, the sensations sending shivers of pleasure through his body. He moved faster, fucking this goddess hard and deep. She pushed back against each thrust, moving with him, urging him on. Her nipples were hard against his palms as he varied the rhythm, once fast, and then slow, pushing deep and holding to enjoy the feeling of being inside her.

“Oh yes, Ed” she cried, “fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me any way you want!” He let one breast slip from his grip, sliding his hand up over her hip and running a fingertip slowly against her anus as he fucked her. She wiggled against his touch, and he pushed his finger past the tightness of her sphincter and began moving it in rhythm with his cock. “I want your ass” he growled, his need great and not to be denied.

“Yes baby, yes!” she moaned, “take all of me!”

He pulled from her then, his cock shining in the dim light, wet with her juices. He saw her reach back and spread her buttocks with her fingertips, inviting him to bury himself in the sweet tightness of her ass.

His cock head looked so big against the tiny opening, yet he pushed against it, feeling it stretch to accept his girth. Slowly he pushed into her, loving the tight warmth as his cock pushed deep into her bowels. He heard her groan as twinges of pain mixed with the pleasures she was experiencing. His hips rocked, and he felt his knees grow weak as he knew his body was reaching the precipice.

They fucked like animals now, her body pressing back against his thrusts, low growls of pleasure coming from her lips. And then he exploded, his body shaking at the intensity of his orgasm, filling her bowels with spurt after spurt of thick hot cream.

His arms wrapped around her, holding her tight as wave after wave of pleasure overcame him. She was quivering too, her fingers moving against her clit as another orgasm filled her being. The room seemed to spin, time and space meant nothing. Only the feeling of flesh meeting flesh seemed to matter as he held her tight.

Then finally spent, he felt himself slip from her and he rolled on his back beside her. She slipped into his arms and he held her, and together they drifted off to a deep peaceful sleep.

When he awoke in the big bed, Kathy was no longer in his arms. He glanced at the window, it was still dark, and the glowing numbers on the bedside clock indicating 6:30. He lay there a moment, the remembrances of the night before flashing through his brain. He stretched and called out her name, but there was no response. Slowly he arose, moved around the suite and found that she was gone. He showered and dressed and just as he was picking up his coat, he saw the note.A piece of hotel stationary lay beside his coat on the chair.

‘Thank you Ed, it was beautiful, just what I needed last night – do not try to find me, just keep the memory of it with you – we fulfilled each others needs – let there be no regrets – Kathy’.

He slipped his coat on and folded the paper and tucked it in his pocket. With one last glance around the room, he let himself out, a smile of contentment on his lips and a renewed spring in his step as he headed out to find some breakfast.

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