Tissue Tease Ch. 05


Here’s a really short one. Another one that could have been written on a few pieces of tissue paper.

Enjoy. 🙂


She opens her eyes at the soft touch on her lips. The very next thing she notices is the smell of breakfast. The soft touch is his finger tracing along her lower lip. She smiles up at him as she reaches up with her hand to hold onto his. She kisses his finger. Letting go of his hand, she raises her hands over her head and stretches.

“Mmm, morning,” she says as her body relaxes from the stretch.

“Morning,” he replies with a smile shining from his eyes.

“Is that breakfast I smell or am I still dreaming?” she asks as she turns onto her side. She raises her hand to support her head as she stares at him.

As she settles into that position, she glaces up at him. She sees him smile as some strands of hair falls over her eyes. She reaches up and touches the side of his face as he moves his hand over to brush the hair that has fallen down, hiding her features from his view. He has always told her that his favorite feature of her’s was her eyes. She could not see what was so special, but from time to time she would catch him staring at her eyes. She smiles to herself, resisting the urge to reach over and pull him closer.

“Yes, that is breakfast but…” he leans in and kisses her lips once before continuing, “I have brought a glass of juice for you to have first.”

He winks at her and says, “I’m not quite going to spoil you in bed with breakfast.”

“We’ll call it pre-breakfast.” he laughs at his own joke.

She groans and pushes his shoulder.

“What kind of juice?” she asks.

He smiles and says, “Your favorite kind, of course. Would I bring you something you wouldn’t like?”

Instead of answering him, she leans over and kisses him. She could feel his lips opening and return her kiss. She could feel her hand move to her hip as they kissed.

His hand moves lightly along her hip to her waist then up to the side then back down again. The sheet was still on her but he enjoys the feel of her form on his hand. He could feel himself growing excited but pulled away. He saw the disappointment on her face and smiles at her.

“Here’s your juice, honey.” he said as he reaches back and takes the glass of juice from the nightstand.

She pouts and says, “But I was enjoying myself.”

He laughs and replies, “Well, you can enjoy yourself after breakfast.”

He reaches down and slides a hand under her arm, saying, “How about I feed you breakfast?”

She continues to pout but nods. She moves her arms underneath herself and pushes herself up to sitting position. She leans against the headboard of the bed.

He steadies himself as not to spill the juice as she moved to a sitting position. He watches as the sheet falls from her revealing her blue tank top. He smiles lightly at her as she kicks the rest of the sheet away from her revealing her bare legs and blue panties. He stares at her leg as she slowly raises it and slides the tip of her toes along the other leg.

She grins to herself as she watched him watch her legs. She deliberately decided to tease him by sliding her foot along her leg. Slowly she moved her leg up her other leg. Then carefully, she bends her leg to rest her foot on the bed next to the knee of her other leg. She reaches up and touches his chin with her fingers. She pulls his head towards her and smiles.

“You were going to feed me breakfast?”

He clears his throat and opens his mouth to answer. No words came out so he just nodded dumbly.

She laughs as he brings the glass up to her lips. She looks at him from the corner of her eyes as he lifts the glass to pour the juice into her mouth. She takes a sip and tilts her head back slightly to indicate that she’s done with the sip. She swallows the juice and reaches up to grab the collar of his shirt. She pulls him forward to kiss him.

There was no way he was going to resist her kiss if he did not topkapı eskort resist bing pulled forward. He kissed her, tasting the juice on her lips. He then pulls away.

He whispers into her ear, “We have a full day, my darling. As much as I would love to, we can’t spend it in bed.”

For her reply, she says, “I am not done with breakfast yet.”

He pulls back and looks into her eyes. Nodding and smiling, he reaches up with the glass once more. He watches her mouth open and places the lip of the glass against her lip. He tilts the glass forward to pour some more juice into her mouth. He waits for her to indicate when to pull the glass back but it didn’t come. He quickly pulls the glass away as he saw the juice flow out of the corner of her lips.

“Sorry.” he quickly says and turns to grab a tissue from the night stand.

She reaches over and pulls him back from getting the tissue. She sees him turn with a questioning look in his eyes. She moves her hand up from her arm to the back of his neck. She pulls him forward. As she guides his head towards the stream of juice that flowed down the corner of her mouth to her jaw, she takes the glass from his hand. She stops pulling his head forward as she feels his lips on the corner of her mouth.

He understood the moment his lips touched the corner of her mouth. He knows she wants to tease him, but they really did have a full day. So many things to do. They need to finish breakfast, clean up and head out to meet some people. Then they have some shopping to do. He was pulled from the thought as he feels her hand at the back of his neck squeeze and pull him down along the trail of juice. He parts his lips and kisses down the trail of juice. Slowly sucking along.

She tilts her head back and to the side slightly to let his lips travel down from her chin down her neck. She caught herself from moaning slightly. It feels wonderful but she was not going to let him know — just yet. She feels his lips stop kissing and lift away from her skin. She sees him looking at her, he was about to say something when she dips her fingers into the juice and lifts her fingers to her chin and runs a trail down her neck.

“You’re not done, there’s still more juice that got away.” she smiles innocently at him.

He shakes his head and laughs. He shrugs and leans over to gently kiss her chin. This time, he puts a little more effort in. His lips parts, slowly his lips move against her skin. Sliding and sucking gently, taking the trail of juice into his mouth. He heard her sigh as his lips moved down her neck. As he reaches the end of the trail, he pulls away and again smiles at her.

Smiling to herself as she feels him pulling away from her neck, she dips her fingers into the juice again. She waits until he is sitting back and looking at her again. This time, she trails her juice soaked fingers down the side of her neck to her shoulder.

She says a bit huskily, “There is more.”

Grinning, he says, “How careless of me. Here, let me get that.”

He leans over and starts at her shoulder. Slowly his lips once again moves along her skin. Kissing and sucking. As his lips reaches the middle of her neck, his tongue moves out and slowly slides against her skin. Moving between kissing and lick, he reaches the top of the trail which ended just below her ear. He let his tongue tip circle around a small circle below her ear.

She could hear his breathing. She could also feel his hot breathe on her skin. She reaches up with her hand and touches the back of his neck again. She could feel his tongue teasing her skin. She wanted so much for his tongue to move down, down to her breasts. Down past that to her legs and between them. She wanted to feel his lips against her. She dips her fingers into the juice again. She trails the juice from her shoulder to her breast. She used her free fingers to push the strap of the tank top to the side. As her fingers reaches the edge of her tank top, she pushes bayan escort it away revealing her breast. She could still feel his tongue and lips teasing her skin. She could almost feel her hips moving at the movement of his tongue. Quickly, she dips her finger into the juice again and resumes the trail down her breast and over to her nipple. She circles her nipple with her wet fingers feeling it grow harder with her touch and the feel of his tongue teasing her.

She pulls her fingers away from her nipple and guides his head down to her shoulder. She could feel him resisting as she pulls him along. His lips continues to move along her neck down to her shoulder. As he reaches the spot where the juice started once more, he shifted positions. She could feel him placing his hands on either side of her waist as his lips and tongue starts to move down her shoulder towards her breast.

She arches her back as she feels his tongue touch her breast. She follows his tongue as he licks and flicks his tongue slowly towards her nipple. She could feel her mouth open as his tongue tip touches her nipple. She pushes her breast against his mouth as his lips closes around her with his tongue still on her nipple. Her nipple seem to grow harder as he sucks on her. She could feel his tongue tip teasing her with every slow sucking motion of his mouth. She turns her head slightly so she can see the glass, taking care not to disturb his wonderful mouth from sucking her nipple. She dips her fingers into the juice again and reaches up to pull the other side of the tank top down. She circles her other nipple with her juice soaked fingers. She could feel that her nipple was already hard as she gently pulls on his neck with her hand that is still on his neck. She could feel him pulling away from her nipple. She looks at him and reaches up with her juiced fingers and slides the fingers across his lips. She then pulls him down.

He could feel her hand pulling him close. He tasted the juice on his lips and leans in to kiss her. He felt her soft lips against his and he kisses her more deeply. His tongue just slid across her lip as he feels her hands once again guiding his head away from her lips. He let her guide him as he would resist now again just so he could feel her skin against his lips. He saw her other nipple below him and opens his lips. He lowers his head as his tongue tip touches the tip of her nipple. Carefully, he presses against her nipple tip with his tongue tip. As his tongue slides off her nipple, he starts to slowly circle her nipple with his tongue. He moves his tongue slowly around her nipple then lowers his head to take her into his mouth. Like with the other, he began to suck on her nipple. Slowly and deeply. He teases her with his tongue.

She arches her back again and again presses her breast against his face. She dips her fingers into the juice once more. Her hand accidentally touches his chest and she could feel him pull away from her breast. She looks up at him as he looks down at her fingers. She slowly moves her fingers down across her stomach towards her panties. As she reached her panties, she dips her fingers once more into the juice and slides the juice down across her panties. She could see his eyes almost half close with desire. She watches him lick his lips and moves forward. She closes her eyes as she felt his lips on her stomach.

His lips moves along her skin, slowly as with her breasts. He moves down and shifts. His arms slides under her legs and his hands gently grip her waist. His tongue slides out and flicks across her skin just above her panties.

She watches his tongue moving slowly against her skin. She was always amazed at the feel of his tongue along her skin. She can close her eyes and feel his tongue licking her for hours. But she watches it now, watched as his tongue moves over the top of her panties down towards her pussy. She saw that her hips were moving slightly. She had not realized that she was this excited çapa eskort but it feels so good. She almost thrusted up against his tongue as she feels his tongue sliding across her clit. She could feel his arms gripping her waist tighter as his tongue moves along her pussy as if he could see her through her panties. She spread her legs a little wider as his tongue tip moves down her pussy lips, lower and lower. She could feel the tip of his tongue near her hole. She shivered as his tongue started to circle as he slowly moves up.

She stares intently as his tongue circles slowly up along her pussy lips. Sliding and softly yet firmly enough for her to feel the electricity of his movements along her pussy. She moved. Yes, her hips moves with him. She slides her hands down and strokes his hands for a few moments as his tongue circles closer and closer to her clit. She wants to press against him but she is enjoying the feel of his tongue moving along her pussy.

She pulls her hands away from his hands and dips her fingers into the juice once more. She almost spills the juice as his tongue finds her clit. She pulls her fingers away from the juice as his tongue moves and circles against her clit through her panties. She reaches down as he continues to lick her. She realizes his eyes were closed. She could see the concentration on his face. Her fingers slips along the side of the panties and as he lifts his tongue up she pulls her panties to the side. As his tongue comes up for a stroke, she almost screams at the feel of his wonderful tongue against her naked clit. She sees that he opened his eyes, realizing the feel of her clit against his tongue. She was not sure but she could hear him moan. She reaches down with her juice soaked fingers and touches the tip of his tongue with it. She watches as his tongue licks her fingers once. She slides her fingers along her clit and around his tongue. He did not stop moving his tongue but he follows the trail of juice. Licking and sliding his tongue along her juice wet pussy. She moans and reaches up and places her hands on his head. She felt her hips moving, faster than before as his tongue slides against her. She closes her eyes and lets the feeling take over. Her hips moves, not exactly slowly against his tongue. His hands gripping her waist as his tongue slides, pressing against her pussy and clit. She moves her body against his tongue making sure to feel his tongue against her where-ever it feels good. Her mouth was open and her head was tilted back. Her hips moving harder against his tongue.

He could feel her pressing herself against his face. His tongue moves up and around her clit, making sure to slide fully against her clit. His lips barely touches her pussy. He was so aroused by her scent and the taste of her juices mingled with the juice she slid onto her. His tongue moves faster, licking and flicking across her clit. He could feel her stiffen every now and again with the strokes of his tongue. He feels her guiding his tongue to where it feels good at the moment, he did not care, all he care was the taste of her.

She could hear herself moaning, the feel of his tongue and the tease of the juice has her close to orgasm. She moves her hips and presses her hand against his head. She uses his tongue sliding herself against him. Her clit was so electrified that she wonders why she wasn’t cumming already. She feels her body shivering and knows she is close. She could feel his lips near her skin and wanted to feel them around her.

“Suck me.” she commanded more than said.

She did scream as she feels his lips close about her clit. She thrusts herself against his lips as he sucks her clit into his mouth. His tongue still against her clit as he pulls her into his mouth. The sensation of his tongue pressing against her clit as his soft, wet lips pulling her into his mouth sent her body over the edge. Her entire body tenses as she feels herself cum. She continues to shake with every tug of his mouth and sensation of her clit against his tongue. A few minutes later, she relaxes as he pulls his tongue away from her clit.

He watches her from between her legs, she is breathing hard as she opens her eyes and smiles lazily.

“Got any more juice?” he asks.

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