Tracey’s Dirty Weekend Ch. 01


This is a lightly fictionalized account of a real encounter. Tracey, you were one heck of a girl…


Tracey was a very naughty girl. We’d met at work. It started out with flirting in the coffee room, and that led to flirting over email. Tracey was a little shy at first – at 28, she was a little younger than me – but our exchanges slowly got hotter and hotter. And then I asked about fantasies. Fantasies about me, she asked? If you have them, I wrote back. Yes, she replied. But what should she write? What words should she use? I told her that she should use whatever words she felt comfortable with. It turned out that she was comfortable with naughty words. And that she had some naughty ideas for us.

She fantasized about “fucking” in the woods. She wanted to be naked outside. Her big breasts bare, and hanging free, her pussy wet. To be on her knees before me. To unzip my fly, open my belt, pull down my jeans. I was getting hard reading this email at my desk, thinking about those fabulous tits that I’d been imagining over the last weeks. Tracey wore tight sweaters, and I swear that sometimes I could see her nipples hardening when we were talking…

“I’ll take your cock between my lips,” she wrote, “Flick the tip with my tongue, slide my mouth over the shaft. I want to look up and see you looking down at me, your engorged cock sliding between my lips, my big breasts bouncing in time to the movements of my head.” I had to take care that no one was reading over my shoulder, or could see my increasingly urgent erection. She knew that she’d like the taste of my cock, knew that she’d like taking my cum in her mouth, on her face, on her breasts.

Her fantasy finished with me cumming in her greedy mouth, streaks of cum dangling from her chin, dripping on her nipples. And she signed off asking what I’d do for her.

It was Friday afternoon, and I had started to type a reply, which saw me in between her spread legs, my tongue darting over her rapidly moistening pussy, when the tone sounded to indicate that I had a new message. And my cock stiffened some more when I saw it was from Tracey, and was entitled “In preparation…”. I clicked to read it.

“I got so wet just now”, she wrote, “writing to you, that I just had to come. I went into the restroom and rubbed my clit, while imagining that it was you down there, licking, licking, licking. I put my fingers in my cunt, and frigged myself. I tried to hold back a while, so I could enjoy the sensation, and then slid a finger in my ass.”


“I had to bite on my arm to stifle my moans. Imagining your tongue there! Was that naughty? I came all over my hand. And then, when I opened the cubicle door, Cindy from accounts was there, and she gave me the funniest look.”

Cindy from accounts was a statuesque blonde, and the only woman in the office who could possibly have rivaled Tracey’s tits for sheer scale. And this would have been a comparison I’d have been glad to make, but right then, I was more focused on another detail from Tracey’s mail – imagining my tongue there! Tracey was a sexy, large breasted, round-assed woman, who was writing me dirty emails in which she detailed the ways she wanted to fuck me. All this was good, but if she was into rimming too…

My reply took shape quickly. There would be no question of my neglecting to moisten her pussy lips with my tongue and slide some urgent fingers between them, but I hadn’t originally intended to mention my desire to turn her over onto her belly, part those fleshly buttocks, and run my flickering tongue over her other hole. Now, emboldened, I developed this theme extensively, imagining the subtle musk of her asshole, the darting forays of my mobile tongue, my circular motions, the tensing I would feel around the first finger, as her ass started to open… I told her that she’d been very naughty in the restroom, and that Cindy from accounts probably felt left out. And that next time she should leave the cubicle door ajar.

Her reply was short and to the point. She’d expect me at nine o’clock tonight, and that I shouldn’t dress for dinner!

I arrived at nine sharp, a bottle of wine under my arm, and a rock hard, anticipatory erection in my pants. Tracey lived on the second floor apartment of a converted house a couple of blocks from the ocean. I climbed the wooden staircase, and knocked at her door. After a brief pause, it opened, and there she was, in front of me, the office pant suit replaced by a floating robe affair which, while not flattering to her generous curves, added to the dreamlike quality of this rendez-vous.

She darted up on tiptoes to plant a brief kiss on my lips, and then took me by the hand and led me inside. Low lighting, subtle furnishings, wine glasses and soft, trippy electronic music, suggested a sophisticated evening ahead of us. The large pink dildo, lying on one of the sofa cushions pointed to more interesting activities.

“Oh! I hope you don’t mind,” said Tracey in mock embarrassment, almanbahis “I got a little impatient for you to arrive!” Then she started to blush for real, “On my god, I can’t believe I’m talking to you like this! Or those emails. You’re a naughty man. You’ve been leading me on, these last weeks. It started out as fun, but somewhere along the way… How did you get me to write those things?” She bade me sit down and then sat close beside me, “It was so sexy, writing it all down!”

“It was really hot,” I said, “I started to get an erection every time I saw I’d gotten mail. I didn’t go as far as you though, in seeking relief!”

“Oh shit,” she said, smiling broadly at me, her hand moving, seemingly spontaneously to my thigh, “I’ve never done anything like that before. Not at the office. But when I was there, in that bathroom stall, with my panties round my ankles, rubbing my clit, I’ve never felt so horny. It was so difficult not to scream out!”

“And did you really,” I asked, blushing in turn, “put your finger…”

She giggled and turned even redder. “You really like that?” she said, “Licking there, I mean?”

“Your asshole, Tracey?”

“Yes, I mean, no one has ever… I didn’t like to ask… But you seemed so…”


“Yes, no, I mean, you seemed like you…”

“Wouldn’t be shocked? Frankly Tracey, I’m only shocked that no one has ever parted those fabulous buttocks of yours – I haven’t seen them yet, but I imagine that they’re extraordinary – hasn’t ever parted them, and run his tongue there, around your little dark hole…” I leant down and kissed her. She received me open-mouthed, and we kissed passionately, our hands exploring each others bodies. “Imagine this tongue.” I said, and then kissed her again, “Down there”. And again.

“Oh god,” she said, “You’re a naughty man.” She moaned a little as my hands roamed over the willowy fabric containing her large breasts, “And you’re going to make me be so naughty!” She broke away from our embrace, and stood abruptly up, swaying a little, as if her legs were unsteady. Then, with a simple gesture, she loosened a bow at her shoulder and her gown fell to the floor. She was, as my hands had suspected, completely naked under the fabric, and I was staring at a fabulous pair of big, heavy breasts – easily double Ds, with large, erect nipples. Tracey’s torso dwindled a little to her waist, and then curved out to a fine pair of hips, which were, I hoped, sheltering a ripe round ass. Her bush was a trim triangle atop strong but elegant thighs.

My eyes travelled back up her body to a big smile. “Wow!” I said, “You’re fabulous!” I extended a hand and pulled her back to me. She settled down on my lap, careful not to crush my throbbing cock, which was straining to be released. We were kissing passionately now, her hands unbuttoning my shirt, mine roaming over her breasts, and down to her ass, cupping her big buttocks, squeezing them.

I had to release her buttocks in order to struggle out of my shirt, and Tracey took advantage of this to undo my belt and open my trousers. Once inside, and with a deft movement, she pulled my boxers down and released my erection, which sprang up into her waiting hand. “Oh shit,” she said, “It’s big!” My cock, at eight inches, isn’t excessively long, but it is very thick and is, apparently, a satisfying handful.

I was out of my shirt now, and kicked off my pants and underwear, so that we were both completely naked. Tracey slid off the sofa, and knelt between my legs, her heavy tits swaying before her. She wiggled a little, to make them move some more, and smiled up at me. “Can I suck it?” she asked, “I like to use my mouth.” I didn’t have an opportunity to answer, as she licked her lips, ducked her head, and took my cock deep into her mouth. Her tongue licked the shaft as she drew her lips up and down my member, and she bobbed her head up and down several times before releasing it and looking up at me again. “I’ve been thinking about this for days,” she said, “I’m a very oral sort of a girl.” And with that she engulfed my cock again, sucking on it as she squeezed my balls with her hand. I lay back and closed my eyes, transported by the sensations of her mouth, and only opened them a couple of minutes later when she released me again.

I looked down to see her cupping her tits in her hands, and bringing them up to surround my cock and squeeze it. She used her huge breasts to masturbate my cock, licking the tip as it emerged between them, as if it were an ice cream cone. “Shit,” I said, “that feels so good. I had no idea they were so big. Or that you’d be such a naughty girl!”

She gave me an innocent look, or as innocent a look as a girl can give you when she’s naked and on her knees before you with your dick between her tits, and her saliva all over your bell end. “I’m normally very shy,” she said, with a little smile, “but I’ve always had naughty thoughts. I’ve always wanted to be naughty, but no one ever encouraged almanbahis adres me before. And now my pussy has been wet all afternoon, thinking about everything we could do together!”

I pulled her up towards me, and kissed her passionately, and then said: “Show me your pussy, Tracey. Show me your naughty little cunt!” The rude word made her gasp and shiver, and then she giggled again. “You want to see my cunt? You want to see what a bad girl I can be?” She turned and let herself fall back onto the couch. Then she lifted her right leg up and over my head to rest it on the sofa back, exposing her pussy to my hungry eyes. She was very wet. Her long labia were puffed up and glazed with her juices, and I swallowed heavily as I surveyed this heavenly sight.

She was looking at me seriously now, obviously highly aroused by the fact of exposing herself to me in this way. Her breathing was a little jagged, and her voice was hoarse as she asked me, “Shall I spread my lips? Do you want to see inside my cunt?” I just nodded, stroking my cock, as I watched her hand descend between her legs, and part her swollen red lips. “Fuck,” she said, “I’m so wet. Look what you’re doing to me.” She started to make stirring motions inside her hole with her middle finger, and when she withdrew it, sticky with her cream, I bent down and licked it clean. Then I slid two fingers inside her. They glided in, she was so wet, and I started to frig her slowly. When I could feel that they were coated, I pulled them out and reached up to offer them to her mouth. She lapped at them greedily. Then she reached up and started to pull my head down, saying, “Lick it baby, lick my cunt!”

I let her guide my head, turning with the motion of her hand, until I was kneeling between her legs, inhaling her odor. I reached down with both hands and used my thumbs to spread her lips. Then I ran my tongue slowly from the base of her pussy up to her clit. She trembled at the first touch of my tongue and let out a small moan as I reached the end of my trajectory. Then I started to lap at her, concentrating on her hole and giving only the occasional attentions to her clit.

She started to thrust up at me, pulling my head down. I slipped one, then two, then three fingers inside her. She was so wet, her juices everywhere, that they glided in and out without difficulty, and I could feel her cunt responding to them, gripping and squeezing them. I started to focus my tongue more on her clit. “Fuck,” she said, “Fuck, that’s so good.” I was curling my fingers now, trying to reach to her G-spot, and moving my tongue side-to-side, faster and faster, at first lightly grazing and then pressing on her most sensitive area. Her thrusting became more and more urgent. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she was saying, “You fucking… oh shit!”

And then she was cumming, hard, her legs spasming around my ears, her hands tearing at my hair. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…” And then she was all limp beneath me, her breath coming raggedly, her hair in disarray, her legs splayed, heavy, and lifeless. I sat up and wiped my mouth and cheeks, which were heavily coated with her cream. I then took a mouthful of wine, and then looked down at Tracey, the blissed out expression still on her face.

She opened an eye and looked at me. “Fucking hell,” she said, “that was intense!”

She propped herself up on an elbow and I handed her the wine glass. “I’m sorry,” I said, mock contrite, “I guess I just like eating pussy!”

She sat up and kissed me. “And what else do you like to do?”

I smiled, drew her hair back to whisper in her ear, “Well Tracey, I love to eat ass!”

“Mmm,” she said, stroking my rock hard cock, “I was hoping you’d say that!” She jumped up and turned her back to me, bent over. It was my first time getting a proper look at her booty, and it had been worth the wait. Her buttocks were tan and heavy but firm, a perfect peach-like oval, with a dark, enticing crack between them, to which my eyes were immediately drawn.

I raised a hand to cup one of Tracey’s magnificent cheeks. “Fuck, Tracey, you have a delicious ass!”

“Don’t say that before you’ve tasted it.” she paused, and gasped, “Oh god, I can’t wait!”

I licked my finger and traced it down her ass crack. “So no one has ever licked your asshole, Tracey?”

“Never,” she said, “I’ve thought about it a lot, though, and sometimes when I’m getting myself off, I lick my fingertip, and imagine it’s a tongue. I don’t know why it turns me on so.”

“It’s kind of dirty,” I said, continuing to caress her buttocks and in between them, “and it feels pretty great.” I paused, and then added “Now show me it, show me your asshole!”

Tracey spread her legs a little more and pulled apart her cheeks. My face was mere inches away, and as her puckered hole became visible, I reached up to her hips and drew her toward me, inhaling her musk. I extended my tongue and ran it up from the base of her cunt over her asshole and up to the top of her crack. almanbahis giriş I then returned to her anus and started to move my tongue in circular fashion around the sensitive knot. Tracey moaned and pressed her ass back against my tongue, but the position wasn’t ideal, so I suggested she kneel on the couch.

She placed herself carefully sideways on the sofa with her head on the cushion, her back arched and knees slightly apart, her ass sticking nearly directly up in the air. Her big fleshy buttocks looked incredible, and I knelt down behind her to go back to work. I squeezed her buttocks hard, and then drew them apart to gaze on her beautiful asshole, still glistening with my saliva. My cock was harder than ever. I extended my tongue and started to lick. I started slowly, licking the surrounding musky flesh, and then, in response to her increasing movements and gasps, began to lick her anus directly, sometimes up and down, sometimes side to side, and then circling.

“Oh, fuck, that’s so nice! Oh I love it!” She was gasping and moaning under me, and when I went to slide a finger in her cunt, it was incredibly wet. I continued to work on her ass, now making my tongue rigid and pressing it into her asshole, which drove her even wilder. Her anus, wet and glistening, started to open a little, and I removed my tongue a moment and started to rub her puckering hole with my thumb. Only a little pressure was needed, and then it slipped in up to the knuckle and Tracey gasped out one almighty “Fuuuuuck.” I removed my thumb and went back to licking her dilated asshole. She wriggled below me, sighing and gasping, as I rimmed her. I continued to frig her pussy as I licked her puckered anus. It opened and closed as I ran my tongue around it. And then I re-inerted my thumb, but she was starting to buck violently and her eyes, which had been closed, suddenly shot open and she said “Fuck me! I want your fucking cock in my cunt!”

I knelt up and slid my cock easily into her gushing cunt. It was wet but nice and tight, and I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping me as I slid in up to my balls. “Oh yeah,” I gasped, “That’s fucking nice! Oh yeah!” Tracey lifted herself up on to all fours and began to push back against my thrusts as I got into a rhythm. The sight of her sticky wet ass was amazing, and I could see her huge breasts swaying beneath me as well. I gave her a dozen or so hard and fast thrusts, and then slowed somewhat and reached down to cup her swaying tits. I squeezed them firmly and then found her nipples and pinched them gently. Tracey’s increased moans suggested that she liked that and I decided that I needed to give her tits some more attention.

I pulled out from her pussy, turned, and sat down on the sofa. Tracey turned, looked down at my cock, shiny with her juices, bent and gave it a quick lick, and then swung her thigh over. She grabbed my dick, guided it into her sticky pussy, and sat down.

I drew her head towards me and we kissed wetly, our tongues rubbing together, our lips sliding stickily, and then she started to rock. She broke off the kiss, placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, closed her eyes, and ground her cunt down onto my groin. “Oh yeah,” she said, “Fuck, yeah!” Her breasts, hanging down heavily before my eyes started to sway gently, and I sat there hypnotized, as she fucked my cock with a slow rhythm, lost in her own pleasure.`

I cupped her breasts, rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, and then brought one up to my mouth and licked and gently nibbled at it. Tracey let out little sighs and began to increase the speed of her rocking. I released her tit and let her downward-facing nipples drag across my upturned palms. I started to jerk my groin up in counterpoint to her rocking, pushing my cock deeper up into her cunt. Her nails began to dig into my shoulders, and we were both moaning now, totally synchronized in our motions.

I sat up and kissed her intensely on the mouth, reached around and squeezed her buttocks, one in each hand. “Oh, I fucking love it,” she gasped. I kneeded her ass cheeks, and brought my mouth to her ear.

“Oh yeah,” I whispered, “It feels so good. Oh yeah. I want you to cum on my cock, Tracey. I want to feel your orgasm, feel your tight little cunt spasming around my cock.” I brought my hand up to her mouth, and she sucked greedily on my fingers. Then I reached back down to her ass. I started to circle her asshole with my moistened index finger. She let out a low groan, and her eyes shot open, a big smile on her face.

“Yeah,” she said, “Finger my dirty ass!”

My finger slipped in Tracey’s anus easily, and she responded with louder groans, grinding herself ever harder on my cock. I slipped in a second finger and began to finger fuck her ass in time with her movements. “You’re my dirty girl. Come on my cock. It’s so deep in your cunt. Do you like that, huh? Fucking me while I finger your dirty ass?”

“Oh shit, it’s so good. Oh fuck.” I felt her pussy clenching around me, “Oh! Fuck me. Oh shit!”

“Come on my cock. I want to feel it. You’re a dirty girl.” My fingers were still sawing in and out of her ass. With my free hand I pinched her nipple. She was biting on my shoulder, her hands raking my back.

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