Twenty Dirty Dates Group Pt. 02


Date Four, Quickie—Kyle

We were living together and it wasn’t going so well. I’m neat and orderly in everything I do. My clothes are always picked up, my shoes shined, my dishes washed, my desk neat and my vehicle clean. Ginny has a little problem with leaving dishes in the sink, her clothes lying wherever she took them off, she loses her car keys three times a week and her phone is constantly going dead because she forgot to charge it. Our differences were pulling us apart, but the sex was so damn good.

We went to the mall for a quick lunch one day, then to Macy’s to buy me some new shirts. She washed some of my white shirts with a red towel and all manner of other colored items, she used hot water, the shirts were a sick pink color. She thought it was funny and I was furious. We hardly talked while we ate. While I was finding my size in the dress shirts, she picked out some pants and encouraged to try them on, telling me I would look good in them. She stood outside the dressing room while I tried them on, and I sent her back for a different size. When she returned she came right into the changing room with me.

“I want to see how they look on you,” she said.

The first pair fit good, and when I took them off to try on the second pair, she pulled up her skirt and leaned over with her hands on the bench. She had no panties on. She looked at the surprise on my face and said, “are we going to fuck or what?”

Less than 10 minutes later after Ginny had paid for my new clothes, she handed me the bag and whispered in my ear, “look down at my shoe, your cum ran all the way down the inside of my leg and now it is about to run into my shoe. You didn’t clean up after yourself this time did you?”

Seriously, I was in danger of falling in love with that woman.

Date Five, Good Deed Day—Ginny

One of the perks of working for United Universal Bank is that we get free membership at the local YMCA where we often go for workouts. A girl I work with talked me into signing up for a community helper program that the Y sponsors, I convinced Kyle to volunteer as well. I bribed him with a hand job. Our project for the month was to help a group of elderly ladies spruce up a cemetery just outside the city. For many years there had been a country church with the cemetery just behind it. A few years ago the congregation had dwindled to just a few members and the church building was in serious disrepair. They demolished the church but saved the steeple and bell which they placed on a platform where the church had stood. Behind that there was a shelter where people could gather when there was a burial in the cemetery. Our job was to paint the part of the steeple that had been saved and mow the cemetery. Three of us painting, two were mowing and two more, including Kyle were trimming around the gravestones with weed eaters.

It was hot and after an hour of scraping off the old paint I had paint chips all over me, Kyle and the guys mowing were sweaty and covered with grass. We took a break around 10:00 I realized I was genuinely turned on by looking at Kyle covered with dirt and sweat. My friend Hanna who was helping with the painting made no secret that she would like to rub bodies and swap sweat with any one of the men.

We finished painting around 11:00 and we looked awful, sweaty matted hair with paint chips on our hands, face and clothes. I had snagged my t-shirt on a nail which left a big rip under my arm so my bra was peeking out for all to see. With all the sweat I looked like I was the loser of a wet t-shirt contest.

Sarah and Alice, two very nice elderly ladies whose husbands were both buried in the cemetery had fixed lunch for us; sandwiches, salad and pie along with lots of iced tea.

Alice said, “would you look at that?” She was looking at Kyle and another guy.

They were finished trimming and were using shovels to dig out an area where a pipe ran under the road. They had both taken their shirts off. Alice asked if those boys belonged to us. I told her that the big one was mine, but she could borrow him if she wanted. “Honey, if I was 50 years younger I would spread my legs and pull him down on top of me right now. We would do it right over there on my husband’s grave.”

I told her to help herself, but she said she didn’t want to use him up for me. She asked me to make sure I gave him a good time later today when we finished. Sarah smiled and nodded as both of them stared at the shirtless men. We joked with them about sharing and both teased back that they didn’t want to steal our men. Sarah said that the best sex of her life was when her man would come in from the fields at the end of the day covered with grime and sweat. She would meet him out in the barn for a romp in the hay. She was pretty sure that all four of her kids had been conceived in the barn.

Hanna asked if they ever gave blow jobs and Alice replied by asking if she thought that just because it was a long time ago they didn’t get nasty and kinky. almanbahis yeni giriş Sarah chimed in that she jerked and sucked her husband’s dick after lunch every other day. She said there were cold winter days when they couldn’t do much outside so they stayed in bed doing it all day long. Both of them agreed that a hard working sweaty man was sexiest thing they had ever experienced. I looked at Kyle and found myself agreeing with them.

Great grandmothers only have distant memories of their sexy past with the men of their lives, but they still get pleasure out of feeding hard-working hungry men. Alice did not miss any opportunities to brush against the guys as she leaned over their shoulders to put another sandwich or more potato salad on their plates. The guys loved the attention and nobody turned down the food. I found myself thinking when I have a guy’s cock in my hand I have his full and undivided attention, somewhat the same as Alice and Sarah have when they are filling plates and iced tea glasses for men who have been working hard. They were certainly nice ladies who were grateful for the help in getting their church cemetery cleaned up and I wouldn’t be surprised if they both went home and rubbed one off.

Hanna and I had rode with Lori, the other painter, and Josh, the other weed eater and ditch digger. The two of them went home together, no doubt with some lusty thoughts on their minds, and we caught a ride with Kyle. He had the top down on his Jeep and it only has two front seats. Hanna sat in the back on a cooler, holding on to the roll bar.

By the time we got on the freeway I had one hand in my pants and the other hand in Kyle’s pants. He looked wonderful, dirt and grime all over, tiny particles of ground up grass all over his pants and shirtless bulging muscles, he smelled like sweat, grass and dirt. I reluctantly took my hand out of my pants and opened Kyle’s grubby jeans, pulled down his boxers as well as I could and got some fresh air on his stiff cock. Hanna reached over the seat and put her hand on Kyle’s cock next to mine, “it’s big enough for both of us to put our hands on at the same time,” she said.

We were cruising down the highway, two women and one man in an open top Jeep. Both women with one hand in their own pants and the other hand on the man’s cock. I’m sure the truckers and others who got a good view thought it was entertaining.

We parked in my driveway and went in through the garage. I told them I had to get the grimy clothes off and undressed as soon as I got into the garage, Kyle and Hanna did the same. I stepped in front of Kyle and bent over to pick up my panties that were sweated wet, then soaked with pussy lube, I’m sure I could have sold them for $100 on Craig’s List. But I really wasn’t picking up my panties, I was just bending over in front of Kyle, knowing what he would do. He didn’t disappoint. In an instant his hands were on my hips and his cock was buried in my cunt. The smell of fucking joined the rich smells of dirt, grass and sweat. He didn’t pound into me, just pushed in deep and held it there taking everything in.

Hanna was leaning back against my car, her legs spread and furiously rubbing her clit. I told him that I wanted him to take care of Hanna too. He pounded into me hard and fast for a few minutes then pulled out and turned to Hanna.

“I want to taste that salty sweat first,” she said and buried her face in his smelly crouch. She was licking his balls and ass, sniffing the sweat accumulated in the crevices.

When she stood up he turned her around and bent her over the hood of my car and quickly slid his cock into her from behind. I got my phone from my jeans and took a picture. She was spread over the car hood, tits mashed flat, her arms over her head, a big smear of white paint on her forearm and more on her legs, her hair was sweated and matted from the work, then blown out into a wild kinky bush from the open air drive. Kyle’s hands were on her ass and hips, his cock buried in her, his arms were black with dirt. Both of them have a look of animal lust on their faces.

I squirted a wad of Astro Glide on my middle finger and went to work on Kyle’s ass. Every time he pulled back from pounding into Hanna my finger went a little deeper into his ass. It didn’t take long before I was tickling his prostate and that is when he screamed and blew an out of control load into Hanna, she screamed as her orgasm peaked.

I couldn’t help myself, when Kyle pulled away and sat down gingerly on a stool, Hanna’s ass was right there looking ripe and ready. I buried by nose in her upturned ass, licked Kyle’s cum from her cunt and sent her into another pussy clenching orgasm.

After showers we all collapsed into a deep sleep. The sun, heat, hard work, eating too much lunch, wind in our faces, and dirty sex had taken a toll. We all went to sleep for several hours. Hanna eventually woke up and went home to her husband. Kyle and I woke up again around almanbahis midnight and had a normal sex romp except for him repeatedly sticking his finger in my ass and reminding me that it was his turn to do my ass. After sex we warmed up some left over pizza for a midnight dinner with beer, then went back to sleep until the next morning. When he left that morning, with help from my loyal bottle of Astro Lube, there was a load of Kyle’s cum leaking out of my ass.

Date Six, Dirty Talking—Ginny

I learned to talk dirty while living in a college dorm, it came natural to me. There was a girl named Bonnie in our dorm, she had mastered dirty talking and she was outrageously funny, with equal emphasis on both outrageous and funny. Bonnie was a bigger than life persona as well as physically oversized. I’m a big woman, she was a big and fat woman, and damn did she ever make us laugh. Dirty talk spread through our wing of the dorm like a virus because Bonnie was so likeable and so funny.

“Any of you sluts want to go along with me to pick up some boys? ” She would ask. “We’ll bring ’em back here and fuck ’em until their dicks shrivel up.”

Two new and unsuspecting girls got assigned to our wing at semester break, they were nice girls, quiet and studious. They came into the lounge one night while we were all watching a movie. “Have either of you ever used the word motherfucker in your life?” she asked in a loud voice. “Let me hear you say it just once so we know we can talk freely around both of you.” It wasn’t long before they had mastered the word and many more.

Bonnie went to open mike night at a comedy club several times and many of us went along, she would make us laugh even if we had heard the same stories before.

“Last month I was fucking a man who had a skinny little weenie and for some reason, maybe pollen in the air, he had a sneezing attack. When he sneezed he slammed that little puppy into me hard. It got bigger and he banged me harder every time he sneezed.” She would go on and with some variation of the story for five to ten minutes and always end by pulling a pepper shaker out of her pocket and telling the audience that now she never goes on a date with her pepper shaker.

Other girls claimed that the sex was better when they got loud and talked dirty with their boyfriends. I couldn’t resist giving it a try and I’m happy to say that test results were positive.

Making loud grunting sounds, screams and the kind of sounds that porn writers spell with long strings of the same letter repeating, is great to heighten the experience with you are in the act, it’s gets the guy to work harder. But I later discovered an even better use for dirty talk. It’s true that men don’t have to be coaxed into sex, but the right amount of dirty talk will move most men from the always willing stage to the seriously hungry point.

I sent a text to Kyle, “what’s up?”

“been to dentist, jaw hurts,” he wrote back


“hurt 2 much 2 eat pussy?” I wrote back.

“yea,” he predictability replied.

“then I’m gonna suck your dick and fuck you. I’m on my way”

His cock was hard when I got there and he forgot all about the sore jaw for a couple hours. I recommend dirty talk any time you need to perk up your man a little.

Date Seven, Sperm Killer—Kyle

It must have been about 9:00 pm on a Friday night when the text message came from Ginny.

“Did you know that the majority of sperm are killers? They exist to kill the sperm of other men and protect the fertile sperm of their donor.” She wrote.

“Now what?” I thought. “Why in hell is she texting me this questionable bit of trivia?”

Around 11:00 pm I got another message, “The tip of the cock wipes the sperm of other men away from the cervix. Men with long dicks father more children because they wipe away the sperm of the short dick men.”

I could only smile and wonder WTF. Then she sent another text, “could I interest you in a late night booty call? Now!”

I got undressed quickly, just in time to walk to the door and opened it before she knocked. She immediately put a hand on my cock when she walked through the door.

While she was getting undressed I asked about the text messages she had been sending. Why had she got interested in killer sperm tonight, do they actually exist? When she had nothing on except her panties I started to put the pieces together. Her panties were soaked through with cum that was leaking out of her pussy. She was a sticky mess, as she laid back and spread her legs I could see there was cum on her inner thighs and a string of thick white goo was descending toward her butt crack.

“How many men have you fucked,” I asked.

“Only two,” she replied defensively, as if it was somehow indelicate of me to ask, “and they were spread over the entire evening, no gang bangs or orgies for me tonight, just old fashioned one man, one woman sex.”

“Old fashioned?” I said as a question. That is when she explained almanbahis adres that she had been reading about killer sperm which made her start thinking about why they would even exist, if our species had always been monogamous there would have been no need for killer sperm and we wouldn’t have evolved as we did. Therefore, multiple sex partners is more natural than having only one partner. That’s why she contacted a couple guys she had been chatting with online and arranged a multi-partner night.

I would have questioned her conclusions and asked if there was any real science behind her theory, but we were both naked, I was rock hard from hearing what she had to say as well as from staring at the creampie oozing out of her. Obviously she was in the market for another army of killer sperm and that is why I was chosen for the late night booty call.

How does it feel to be third in line? I suspect that most of the cum from donor number one was pulled and pushed out by donor number two and judging from her cummy panties lying on the floor, much of number two had already leaked out. Ginny understands that sloppy seconds and thirds is my primary kink and she also finds her own thrills with borderline dangerous sex. She wanted to fuck two men before coming to see me because she knew it would turn me on and the sex between us would be even more intense than normal. But she also wanted to fuck two men first because she likes the idea of fucking three men.

It felt amazing to bury my cock in her. So wet, so hot, so nasty, so ready and she was so willing. The longer it went, the louder and nastier she got. “Fuck my nasty cunt you big dick son-of-a-bitch, send your little sperm in there to kick asses on the other little bastards. Give me all you got! Fuck me hard.” She went on with all the profanity she could think of and I kept pounding away in a sex driven trance.

I did deliver her third load of cum for the night, I did it with my cock buried as deep as possible.

“Fight hard you little bastards,” I grunted as I unloaded shot after shot of cum in direct contact with her cervix. “Let ’em know who’s the alpha stud around here.”

Date Eight, Make-up Sex—Kyle

Ginny and I tried living together and it didn’t last long. The actual break-up was messy. I had been gone the night before, she had fixed her own dinner and predictably, the next morning, the dirty dishes were sitting around where she last used them. I was in the kitchen cleaning up after her, probably being a little loud in banging the dishes together as I rinsed them off and put them in the dishwasher.

“I get the message,” she yelled from the next room, “so you can stop banging the dishes together to let me know that you are cleaning up after me.”

It escalated from there. Harsh words were spoken, FUs were traded. I packed up and told her I was leaving. She told me not to come back.

About a month later it was Labor Day. The long weekend at the beach with friends hadn’t worked out as planned. The friends had brought along Alicia, an unattached woman and I was to be the unattached man for her to hook up with. She was pretty, big boned, with a big round ass, loud, crude, dirty talking, sexy, funny, hard drinking and looking to get laid. She reminded me so much of Ginny and made me realize how terribly I missed her. I hadn’t seen or even talked to her in over a month. Alicia was a lot of fun, but she wasn’t Ginny, I went to bed early and alone.

Alicia and my friends slept late on Sunday morning but I got up early and went for a walk, brooding over Ginny. How dare she not call me back and try to mend things within the next few days. She always did that when we fought. But too much time had already passed, I had already waited too long, I couldn’t go back to her now and besides we aren’t a couple to begin with, just good friends who have agreed to use each other for sex now and then. I hadn’t been with another woman in the month since I had last been with Ginny. She probably had been to bed with several men during that time.

If I were to go back to her she would probably tell me all the nasty details about every man she had been with, what kind of woman does that? I felt my dick getting hard just thinking about it. Damn I missed her.

I went to Sunday brunch with my friends and Alicia, thanked them for inviting me, made my apologies to Alicia and went home. I spend the entire day brooding over Ginny. She was probably enjoying herself, passing out hand jobs as if they were as common as saying hello. She probably had already found a new man to be her primary sex source. If she told me about men she had been with, I would have stories to tell her about the women I had fucked. I started making up stories in my head to tell her.

At 10:00 am on Labor Day morning I parked in front of her house and called Ginny.

“How come you didn’t call?” she asked before saying hello..

“How come you didn’t call me?” I countered.

“You’re the one who walked out, why should I call you first?” she replied.

“Because. . .” I started to reply until she cut me off and yelled “WAIT!

Will you just shut the fuck up and get your cute ass over here and fuck me now? I haven’t been laid in a month and I need you.”

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