A Finger Can Work Wonders


Jim licked his lips at the sight in front of his eyes. She was on her back, squirming, while he was on his stomach between her legs, his tongue against her clit. His finger was tantalisingly close to being inside her; all he had to do was push. He’d wanted this for years. He almost came purely from arousal when she said it, the hottest thing he’d ever heard come out of her mouth:



Jim and Stacey had been together for 15 years, and while their sex life was far from stagnant, it was also far from adventurous. Stacey was very vanilla in her desires, which meant the sex was quite vanilla; doggy style was about as rowdy as it got.

While he wanted more, Jim accepted it. Still, he tried to introduce Stacey to new things, and on occasion it worked. The most recent one was the discovery that she may harbour an unrealised fetish of risking being caught.

While staying at a friend’s house after a night of drinks, Jim woke up, cuddling Stacey from behind. Without even paying attention to what he was doing, he started rubbing her arm, then down her side. What began as sleepy affection soon began to evolve into lustful touching. Running his hand over the curve of her hip, he leaned in close and kissed her gently on the neck, causing a very tiny gasp. Bringing his hand back up, he slid it up the oversized shirt she had wore to bed, and gently slid along her tummy, until his fingers brushed the underside of her breast.

With no admonishment from Stacey, whom he could tell was awake by her breathing, he continued his exploration, as well as his soft kisses on the back of her neck, with the occasional tongue added into them.

Pushing his hand up further, he ran his fingers over her nipple, which was already hard. His rapidly growing erection throbbed; Stacey’s nipples usually only grew hard when he played with them. For them to already be hard meant she was getting significantly turned on. This was further confirmed when he felt he squirm, pushing her body back into his, his boner nestled in between her buttcheeks.

Lightly pinching the nipple, he would softly squeeze and massage the breast every so often, before returning to focusing solely on the nipple. Each time he did, he felt the tiniest jolt from her reacting.

After a few more minutes of this foreplay, he let go, and started to venture south, stopping right at the line of her underwear, tracing a finger along it, across her stomach. This elicited a second gasp, just as barely audible as the first.

Sliding his other hand underneath her head, so he was now completely embracing her, he pulled her in tighter and started to grind against her body slowly. His tracing finger dipped inside the elastic of her underwear, and slip farther downward, then began to circle her clit.

Instead of a gasp, this time it was a sigh. He pushed his hand lower, and marvelled at how wet she was. He wasted no time in pushing a finger in between her lips and up inside her, causing another gasp, as well as her entire body to tense up.

In the quietest voice he could manage, so as not to wake anyone, he whispered into her ear. “Is that good babe?”. She nodded without hesitation, then replied in just as quiet a voice: “it’s amazing”. He could hear the stuttering in her whisper.

Curling his finger inside her, he rubbed her g-spot, softly at first, then harder as she got more into it. Her body trembled the entire time. Lifting his lips from her neck, he looked at her face.

While she was practically silent, he could see the pleasure she was in. Her mouth was slightly open, as if she was moaning, and her closed eyes were ever so slightly narrowed, as if she was putting all her concentration into not making any noise.

As he fingered her, she ground her hips back against him, his hard cock getting harder from friction.

“You want this, don’t you?” he asked, indicating the hardness nestled up against her behind.

“We can’t”, she replied. She was right of course. The were in the loungeroom next to their sleeping friends’ bedroom, on the pullout couch. Fingering was one thing, but sex creates a whole lot more noise and mess. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t tease Ataşehir Escort her with the idea.

“You still want it though, even if you can’t have it”, and he pushed against her as he said it, letting her feel the hardness.

She moaned. Not a sigh, but an audible moan. “More than anything”, she whispered, making his dick throb against her. He’d never been hornier.

He went back to kissing her neck, all the while he never changed what he was doing with his hand. He’d learned long ago exactly how she liked it.

Her hand slapped down on top of his as they heard a cough, and he stopped all movement, but didn’t retract. His finger just rested inside her. Jane, the friend whose house they had stayed at, walked groggily past them toward the kitchen, thinking they were still asleep.

Once she was past them, Stacey’s hand slowly pulled away, no longer holding Jim’s in place. Wondering if this was an invitation to resume, or letting him remove his hand, he put his bets on the former. Curling his finger up against her g-spot again, he felt her tense up again instantly, and gasp. This time it was wasn’t silent. Jane would have heard, if they hadn’t been lucky enough that she had opened the fridge door right at that very moment.

Jim expected her to stop him again, but no stoppage ever came, so he continued to finger her, slowly this time, not the hard and fast as he had done before.

With Jane up and in the next room, Stacey appeared to have grown in arousal, her breathing now considerably heavier, her grip on his free hand quite strong.

Another gasp, and her hand came down on top of his again. This time, she grabbed his wrist and started to pull it away; playtime was over. She was having more and more trouble staying silent, and if he made her cum, which was only a few minutes away, she would not have been able to keep quiet.

This was shown only a few hours later, as they returned home after getting up, and weren’t ten minutes inside the door before Jim’s finger was back inside Stacey, and this time she had no reason to be silent. Her orgasm was earth shattering.

Jim sat between her legs while she lay on her back; a favourite position for the pair of them. As his right hand masturbated her, his left roamed her body, rubbing and tickling her feet, legs, stomach, tits, nipples, every inch of bare skin he could reach. She came within moments. The sex that followed had the same result on Jim. His balls were so ready to be emptied that a slight breeze would have pushed him over the edge, but the wet velvet of her cunt was on another level.

The next time they stayed at the same friend’s house, the same incident occurred. A spontaneous fingering, followed by finishing the job once they got back home.

This first time seemed to be the watershed moment, as their bedroom antics seemed to have increased. They were having sex more often, and had even introduced a small whip, one made of frayed leather strips that resembled a cat-o-nine tails, which, surprising them both, Stacey liked being the recipient of. Nothing heavy, just light smacks on her backside.

Jim found out just how much she seemed to like it last week.


She was lying on her stomach, with a small vibrator between her and the bed so it was pressed against her clit. Jim was between her legs, staring at her arse while he softly whipped it, his free hand lightly running his fingers up and down her legs, occasionally tracing lines down her spine or tickling the pale skin of her bum.

He’d fantasised about her bum a lot. He’d wanted to try arseplay for a long time, but Stacey had no desire for it at all. Any time he’d get close, she’d instantly smack his hand away. So he’d shelve the idea, and try again a few months or a year later., once again not getting anywhere.

Each time the strands of the flogger whipped her, then was a jolt. Not from pain; he wasn’t doing it hard enough to hurt, but just from the touch of it. She was breathing heavily, her bumcheeks tensed hard as she pushed her hips forward into the vibrator.

As he ran his hands down her spine again, he kept going, sending a finger gently running down the cleft Anadolu Yakası Escort of her cheeks, causing a loud gasp. Apparently she was much more sensitive here than normal. He did it again, causing another gasp. Abandoning the rest of her, he simply began to run his finger up and down the valley of her two arsecheeks, increasing her breathing rate substantially.

Watching her getting so worked up meant it was time to finish the job, so he told her to roll over. Once she was on her back, he went back to work, sliding a finger inside her, while using the same hand to hold the vibrator against her clit. The double stimulation elicited long sighs of pleasure from her, as his other hand reach down and tickled at the part of her arse he could reach.

As his fingers once again found their way into the valley, her sighs increased in pitch. Was this his chance to try again? He brought one finger up, and pushed it slowly in between the tensed muscles of her bum. With no disapproval from Stacey, he kept going until he felt it. He knew instantly that he’d reached it, because the skin texture changed, and so did Stacey’s reactions.

A loud gasp, followed by a long sigh, as his finger gently stroked her butthole. She said nothing, he said nothing. Both remained silent as he probed at her backdoor. Well, neither spoke. Stacey certainly wasn’t silent, her sighs and gasps turning to moans and an occasionally “oh god!” as he pleasured her.

He wanted more than anything to venture even further, but he knew not to push his luck. In any case, she was enjoying this enough. Within 30 seconds of first contact, she began to orgasm, every muscle in her body tensing to breaking point, her throat seizing up in a silent moan.

As she came down from her orgasm, Jim removed the stimuli and ran his hands all over her body, admiring the look on her face: absolute bliss and relaxation.


The next few days came and went, the sex falling back to their normal routine. Until Saturday. Jim was getting a drink when he heard Stacey call from the bedroom. “Can you give me a hand with the bed?”

Walking to the bedroom, his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped when he saw her standing by the bed in fancy lingerie; thigh high fishnets stockings, crotchless underwear, and a very see through lace bra.

Jim smirked. “Need help with the bed do ya?”

She laughed. “Yeah, I need you to fuck me on it.”

Jim didn’t hesitate, he stepped forward and grabbed her in an embrace, kissing her deeply, one hand on her back, the other grabbing at her arse, pulling her close as he walked her backwards to the bed, before lowering her down onto it.

His lips left hers, moving downwards to her neck, before suckling her as if he were a starving vampire. Pulling his lips away again, he ran his tongue down her collarbone toward her cleavage. She sighed as he did so.

Straddling one of her legs, he held her hips as he kissed down her stomach. Soft, slow kisses, with a hint of tongue pressed to her skin, making her gasp.

When he arrived at the lace of her underwear, he went straight for the hole in the crotch. Scooting down the bed, he lay between her legs, which started to squirm as he planted soft kisses and licks on her lips, but completely ignoring her clit. Her sighs grew louder and came more often as she grew in arousal.

Reaching down beside him, he grabbed her ankle, then very slowly ran his fingers all the way her leg, all the while keeping up his relentless teasing of her pussy. Once he reached the top of her leg, he changed sides, giving the other leg a turn.

As his fingers moved up her thigh, her sighs grew in pitch the higher he went, and right as he reached the part where her leg joined her hip, he stuck his tongue out and licked her clit in one smooth motion, causing her to moan loudly.

Her teasing finished, he began to lick and suck at her clit, stroking his fingers down her lips, sometimes having one slide down the crevice in between them, but never going deeper. Then he’d take his hand away, and use both to squeeze and rub her thighs, grab at her hips, rub her sides, play with her nipples.

Her moans were Kadıköy Escort just as ongoing as his tongue, but she managed to squeeze out a faint “use your finger” in between them. Jim didn’t hesitate; on the rare occasions Stacey actually requested something in bed, Jim did it straight away.

He put his arm in front of him to get the angle right, sucked his finger to lube it up, then began to push it inside her. The spit wasn’t necessary; she was wetter than she’d ever been. His finger slid in easily, until she grabbed at his wrist. “Not there….down, like the other night.”

As she said this, she rolled her hips backwards, presenting her requested area of pleasure. Jim’s eyes went wide with both shock and arousal, and his already hard cock throbbed even harder. Here she was, actually requesting buttplay.

Once again, he didn’t hesitate. He slid his finger down, pushed it in between her cheeks that were strongly tensed up, and began to stroke. She sighed as soon as he started. A long, slow, drawn out sigh of relaxed sexual pleasure. He admired the view for a moment, then leaned back down and started to lick her again.

After a minute, her sighs turned back into moans, and were getting higher. Then came the approval, the desire he’d wanted her to express for years, all summed up in a single word:


Jim almost froze. His greatest sexual desire had just manifested with his wife’s request, and he was not about to let it go.

His strokes around her butthole became harder, massaging into the muscle to ready it for intrusion. Then, placing his finger in the centre, he gently pushed. There was a moment of resistance, then his finger breeched the gate and burst through, penetrating her anus up to the first knuckle, causing a tremendous gasp from Stacey, and her hips to lift off the bed.

He paused for a moment, waiting for her to relax. As soon as she did, he gently pushed in deeper, up to his second knuckle. Stacey’s breathing was laboured throughout, but she didn’t stop him. One she was relaxed again, he began.

Pulling his finger out until it reached his first knuckle, he began to thrust this tiny distance of knuckle-to-knuckle. As he did this, he started to lick her clit again.

The moan that came from Stacey was unlike any he had heard before. It was deeper than he thought her voice was capable of, and it sounded like she was almost scared that it felt so good. “Ohhhhhh, fuck!” She cried out, her hands grabbing at his head and holding him into her crotch tightly. “Oh god, don’t fucking stop!” Jim had absolutely no intention of doing that, ever.

He wanted nothing more than to flip her over and replace the finger with his cock, but as with last time, he didn’t press his luck. He simply kept fingering her, never changing pace or depth. At least not until she cried out “more!”, which had him now pushing the entire length of his finger inside her.

She began to rock her hips, uncontrollably fucking herself against his finger and his face, until after a few minutes she started blubbering. “I’m…I’m gonnna, I’m gonna, oh fuck I’m gggg…”

She never got it out, as the orgasm hit her like a freight train, her voice box seizing up as she opened her mouth in a silent scream, her hips lifting at least a foot off the bed, her toes curling up, and her sphincter muscles clamping down on Jim’s finger like a vice. He licked her the entire way through it, and she made a combination of whimpers, moans, and groans. She had never cum this hard.

As she began to come down from the apocalyptic climax, Jim stopped probing with his finger, and he eventually pulled it out, his licks turning to kisses around her pubic area.

For Stacey’s part, her body twitched and spasmed, and tears formed in her eyes as the emotional impact of it all hit her. Jim crawled up beside her and kissed her deeply, and she responded by pulling him close. “Nothing has ever felt like that before”, she whispered.

“I’m glad you liked it”, he responded, kissing her again. “I’m right in assuming you want me to do that to you more often?”

“Mmm”, was all she could say, her eyes drooping. The post-orgasm exhaustion had caught up, and she was beginning to drift off. Jim didn’t mind. Cumming that hard would make anyone pass out.

He quietly climbed off the bed, heading to the kitchen for a drink, turning back to take one last look at her bum.

“I’m gonna fuck that arse”, he thought with a grin.

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