Him Pt. 02

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Him – Pt 2

We sip champagne while his arms are around me, still in the afterglow. I am sitting between his legs, my back leaning on his chest, enjoying being wrapped up in him. I feel his breath on my shoulder as he runs his fingers over my arm, my whole body heightened with every touch. I am enjoying every moment of us, so comfortable in each others presence it’s hard to believe tonight is our first time together.

I stand up and walk to the bathroom, telling him to wait patiently for me to come back. I bought something in anticipation for tonight, never knowing if I would get to wear it for him, thankful for the opportunity that I do. I get dressed and peek through the door to see him waiting for me. I’m a little nervous, hoping he will like it. I put my bathrobe on and walk over to him, his alluring smile making me want him right there and then.

I knew I had to make the most of tonight as I didn’t know if or when I would see him again. He is lying on his side as I make my way back into his arms. I begin to kiss his neck moving up to slowly nibble his earlobe to whisper ‘I want you to fuck me’ in his ear. I can see his huge smile as he turns to look at me with his flirtatious brown eyes.

I undo his bathrobe slowly, seeing his naked body takes my breath away again, he is perfect. I grab a piece of ice from the champagne bucket on the bedside table and put it in my mouth as I begin to kiss him gently, passing the ice from me to him. He pokes out his tongue, ice on the tip for me to take, I slowly wrap my lips around his tongue to take it from him. I grab his hands and run my fingers over them, admiring them before putting his index finger in my mouth, to lightly suck and lick it, the small piece of ice still in my mouth.

He runs his hand over my thigh and begins to remove my robe to reveal me wearing a crotchless body suit that accentuates all the parts of me he wants, he runs his hands all over my body, appreciating the effort to dress seductively for him. He grabs my arse as he moves closer to me. I feel his cock start to recover from his recent orgasm as he becomes semi-hard in-between my legs, just seeing him like this makes me wet again. As I feel him, we both look at each other, he grabs my hair and pulls my face closer to him as he begins to kiss me passionately, his tongue ice cold Anadolu Yakası Escort and brushing up against mine to send waves of pleasure through my body.

My mind starts to wander to think about what sex position I want to try with him. Over the months we have spoken about so many that we want to experience together. As we continue to kiss I run one hand through his hair, I fucking love his hair, the other starts to make its way down his body to his growing cock.

I reach over to grab another piece of ice, putting it between my fingers to make them icy cold before I run my fingers gently over the tip of his cock, alternating between applying gentle pressure and squeezing his tip between my thumb and index finger. These slow, purposeful movements coupled with the the cold sensation makes his huge cock fully hard.

I feel his pre-cum on my finger which I use to continue to tease him, running my fingers from side to side around the tip of his thick cock. I feel the dampness in between my legs increase as he runs his hands over my back to play with my arse.

Wanting this to last forever, I start kissing my way down his body. I rub the ice over my nipples, grab his cock and slide the tip over my cold, wet, hard nipples, slowly back and forth, down his shaft then back up to the tip, with my other hand I grab his balls and massage them, alternating between the two, I love to tease him and drive him wild.

I make my way back up his body, kissing as much of him as I can until I reach his lips. I can’t wait any longer, it’s torture being this close to him, I put my leg over his and grab his cock to slide it into my wet pussy. As his tip enters me I feel his massive cock stretch me, his thickness fills every inch of me, as he starts to thrust deeper and deeper the feeling of both pleasure and pain is overwhelming. I wrap my leg around his back further and grab his arse helping him go further and further inside me in the side by side position. He puts his hand on my thigh tentatively, his other arm wrapped around my back pulling me closer to him. The deeper he goes the feeling of pleasure intensifies. As we find our rhythm, he slaps my arse which almost makes cum on the spot, he knows just what to do to me.

I love him being inside me, the pleasure he gives me is euphoric. I slowly Avrupa Yakası Escort slip him out of me and tell him to sit up on the bed, he follows my instructions. I take a moment to look over this stunning man who is here, with me, I could never put into words how lucky I feel or how much I want him. I move over the top of him, grab his cock and rub it over my clit right back to my arse hole over and over again, I want to be in control even though I know it won’t be for long.

I move my legs to either side of his body to straddle him, his cock still in my hand, I put his tip in my wet pussy, slowly making the smallest movements, up and down to make him almost come out of me before putting his tip back in, driving him crazy. He puts his hand on my breast and started playing with my nipple, his other hand on my back. I grab his face and look him directly in the eyes before pushing my tongue inside his mouth to find his, my body shivering in delight and I continue to ride him. He is trying to go deeper but I stay in control for a little longer, making circular motions with my body, smiling at him cheekily, knowing he wants more.

I break and push him in the chest so he is lying down on the bed, still on top of him, I reach my hands behind me to grab his thighs, arching my back, as I do I push him all the way inside me, every last inch of his massive cock, he moans at the joy of finally being fully back inside me. I move one hand to brush up against his balls, the change in position is intense, his cock is hitting my g-spot and I feel myself slowly building to climax, I knew I wouldn’t last long in this position so I change the pace, wilfully moving slowly up and down the shaft of his cock. I put my hands on his chest as he grabs my hips and bends his legs up so we are in cowgirl position, I continue to grind him hard and slow, rocking back and forth, I love sitting on his cock.

I want him to be in control of me so I move into missionary position and put my legs in between his and tell him come on top of me. I knew I was extremely close to cumming and want to be looking in his eyes as we both finish. He rolled on top of me, we both made sure his cock stayed inside of me as he did so. I close my legs and push his legs to be outside of mine, so we are in closed missionary position, İstanbul Escort everything feels so tight and the friction of him on top feels amazing on my clit. I grab his arse and tell to him to fuck me hard, he begins to moan as he is edging closer and closer to climax. I tell him to wait until I’ve finished, I want to cum first.

The build up is so intense, my whole body is on fire, there is not one part of me that isn’t sensitive, as he is pushing his throbbing cock inside me, I can see his muscles in his arms holding himself up, feel his breath on me as he is trying hard not to cum, feel his skin as I run my hands down his back, all the sensations are overwhelming, I grab his arse, pushing him into me harder as I shout his name and lose control, I can feel my pussy pulsating around his cock, my whole body in pure ecstasy as he makes me cum hard, so hard. I am sure the people in the next room would have heard me.

Now it’s his turn, I can see he is only just holding on, I move my legs to the outside of his and bring my heels to my bottom and spread my legs further apart. As he thrusts into me, I use my feet to lift my arse off the bed so he can go deeper inside of me. He is in control. He uses one arm to hold himself up, the other grabs my arse. I stroke his back with one hand, running my fingers down his back, over his arse crack and back up, my other hand in his hair, I am looking directly at him as his breathing quickens and I feel his intensity increase, his body tightens as I feel his cock throbbing inside me as he fucks me harder, he moans loudly and explodes inside of me. We continue to move slowly in sync until he is completely finished and I am full of his cum.

We lay in silence, breathing heavy, taking it all in, we don’t need words between us. We stay in the moment and hold each other before he kisses me one final time before he left.

It has been ten days since I saw him, we are both back to our normal lives.

I took a risk getting to know him but learned the best things in life just happen, unplanned and unexpectedly. You can’t control when you meet someone who you connect with so effortlessly. I made a decision to embrace a moment, which turned into seven months of fun, laughter, happiness, horniness, friendship and more.

We fell into a situation-ship which allowed us to show ourselves to one another, our wants, desires, ambitions – that is true intimacy. It’s rare and it was amazing.

Regardless of what happens next and I do hope our story isn’t over, in some ways I will always be his, I won’t forget him, I will always want him, to know him, to have him.

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