Hotel Visit


I attended a one-day conference in London as part of my graduate class requirement. Am staying in a flat in Brighton so I decided to stay overnight in London and booked a hotel as the train back home will be too tiring and I wanted to relax after being in a conference for an entire day.

Earlier in the conference, I met Dave. He was my seatmate in the conference and he was a good-looking and muscular guy. He introduced himself shortly after he was seated and we chatted in between speakers.

We ate lunch together in a nearby pub and he asked if I was interested in having drinks after our event and we did. A lot of flirting happened during the drinking and we just agreed to meet at my hotel room an hour later as I had to make some calls that could not be postponed — it was a turn off, I know, but it was really important.

But I guess our flirting really got him horny and he agreed to wait.

He knocked on the door of my room at the exact time he said he would. I just finished drying myself from the shower I took so I was still naked. I put on a robe and opened the door.

He smiled when he saw Kurtköy Escort me, went inside the room and shut the door behind him. He kissed me and took off my robe. I helped him undress as he steered me towards the bed.

He then made me face away from him and made me go on all fours on the bed. He said, “I want to mount you from behind so I can give it to you deep and hard.”

With that, he plunged his cock deep into my cunt. It slid in smoothly and I gasped. He said, “Damn! Your cunt is fucking wet!” And he started banging me hard. I moaned and gasped as he fucked me harder and faster. He asked me huskily, “Do you like it?” And I said, “Yes! Yes! I like it so much!” I also said, “Your cock is so big! And it feels so good when you grind it hard!”

In between gasps I said I was cumming and he slid his cock deeper until I screamed my orgasm. He clamped his hand on my mouth and told me not to be noisy.

He then slid underneath me and told me, “Sit on my face, Baby.” I did as he told and he ate me like there was no tomorrow. He sucked my cunt hard and licked all of my cum. He also played Pendik Escort with my clit using his tongue and pushed it inside. He made me mash my breasts as I sat on his face.

I was moaning and gasping and told him, “I am nearing another orgasm.”

He told me, “You’re a fucking whore so cum for me baby!” And he grabbed my butt so he could bury his mouth and tongue deep into my cunt. I kept saying, “Yes eat me! Eat my fucking cunt!” I had wild spasms when I orgasmed and I was delirious.

He then wanted us to do it in the tub. He ran the water and the bubbles and made me ride him. He sucked on my breasts as I slid my cunt up and down his cock. He would ask me, “Do you like doing it this way?” I said, “Oh yes! I like riding a guy’s cock especially big and hard ones.” I told him, “Your cock is so hard and really big, it fills me up.” And he would tell me to make his cock go deep as I can inside me.

We did this for a long time. I had several orgasms and he had one. He did it inside me. I could not get my cunt off his cock in time as I was also having my orgasm. We were moaning and panting Mutlukent Escort as we both orgasmed.

We dried ourselves after. We went to bed and he went on top of me. He kissed me from my mouth down to my neck. He sucked on my breasts and licked my tummy and pubic area. All that time I was begging him to put his cock inside me. All he kept saying was, “In a while, I will.”

Then he licked and sucked on my cunt again like last time but with more vigour. I gasped and told him, “It feels tender and sensitive.” He did not stop though and even ate my cunt like he was really hungry for it. He also kept saying, “Cum for me baby, cum some more.”

I moaned and gasped as he ate me and soon I orgasmed again. As I was still having spasms, he plunged his cock into my cunt, folded my legs to my chest and started fucking me like he just started. I was gasping and moaning and saying his cock was still so hard and I could feel it deep inside me.

He fucked me harder and faster. I begged him not to stop. I had two orgasms before he had his. When he did, he grunted and sprayed it on my breasts and some spilled on my mouth — he saw the cum dripping and told me, “Lick it for me, baby.” And I did.

I felt so tired after, I did not bother to clean up and drifted off to sleep. He was gone when I woke up very early in the morning to prepare for the trip back to Brighton.

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