Panic Buying Ch. 02


I didn’t hear from Debbie after our encounter in the back of her Suburban following our shopping trip to Wal Mart that rainy March day early in the Covid panic. I chalked it up to being just one of those things. After all, a lot of times such meetings turn out to be one-offs, just something that occurred on the spur of the moment, and despite the participants best intentions to meet again, get pushed off to the side of busy lives for any one of a thousand reasons, one or both of the participants being married often one of them. And now, given the worsening conditions of what was rapidly becoming a pandemic, I was not surprised, as I figured she was probably hunkered down to reduce her exposure to this scourge. So when I didn’t hear from Debbie, I wasn’t put out, though I did wonder whatever happened to her following that nice morning in her back seat.

I didn’t go out much during the year. There wasn’t much need, and as someone who, at 61, was into the high risk category, I tried to restrict contact with the rest of the world as much as possible. A year later, when another run on paper goods seemed like it was about to become reality, I decided to hedge my bets rather than blow off the reports of shortages, mask up for Wal Mart, and stand in line….again.

As I waited back in the paper goods section, I was deep in the news feed on my phone, and mostly ignoring the world around me, keeping an eye toward anyone who seemed like they were getting too close. Then I felt a cart nudge me. I ignored it, figuring it was just another inattentive shopper, also looking at a phone. Then I felt the nudge again. What da fuck?? I looked up. Behind me was a slender 40-ish woman in jeans and a light flannel shirt, which was open just far enough to show a hint of breast. Her honey colored hair looked familiar, but the mask hid her face.. Her eyes were smiling, I could tell by the sparkle as she looked at me. Then it hit me.


She smiled, or at least it seemed that way from her eyes. “Hi, Tom,” she said cheerily.

I looked at her a long moment as the reality of standing in the same line with her, a year later, hit me. “How have you been??” A loaded question, for sure. “I was just thinking about you, and wondering what ever happened after that morning we were here.”

Debbie’s eyes softened as they met mine. “I’ve been good,” she said softly. “The baby’s three months old now.”

I thought a moment. “The baby??”

Debbie smiled at me. “The baby. The one you put in me last year in my back seat.”

“Wow,” I said, looking into her eyes. “I got you pregnant??”

“Yes, you did. I had a little girl. She’s sweet. And she has your eyes.”

“I can see you’re obviously happy about that, but I’m not quite sure how to take it. I feel like I have some responsibility here. I hope that didn’t create a problem at home. I mean, you go out for groceries and come home pregnant-not something that was on your shopping list, I’d say.”

Debbie laughed again. “No, not exactly what I was looking for when I left the house that morning. But it’s OK. Like I said that morning, I wanted to have one more baby before I couldn’t any more.”

“How’d hubby take it. Must have been a surprise to him.”

“Better that I expected. Of course, he’s now all proud of himself that he got me knocked up now that he’s almost 50. Mid life anxiety and all that.”

“Sounds like it worked out, even if not quite the way he thinks.”

Debbie held her finger up to her mask, making a “Ssshhhhh” sound. She whispered to me, “If you don’t tell, I won’t.” She looked at me again. “I won’t tell him about the pussy licking you’re going to give me in a little while, either.”

I smiled. “I thought you had completely forgotten about that. When I didn’t hear from you, after a few weeks I thought it wasn’t going to happen, our meeting in your back seat was just a one time thing, and you were never going to call me.”

“I didn’t forget. Not long after that, my husband changed jobs, and was working from home. Things being what they were, quarantine and social distancing and such, I wasn’t able to get out much. An extra hour on a Wal Mart trip was going to be really obvious.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, and you’d have needed more time than that.”

Our eyes met, Debbie smiling. “Oh…well, yeah.”

“I hate to rush.” I looked deep into her eyes. “And if I spent that much time making you cum on my tongue, there’s no way you’d go home without me making love to you, too.”

Debbie swallowed hard. She smiled as she got a far away look. “No, I guess not….”

“So, how will you have time today??”

Debbie sighed. “Now that things have eased up some, he’s on the road a couple of days a week. He’ll be out all day today, probably not home til around 8 tonight.” She smiled. “I have time.”

I smiled back at her. “Still have my number??”

“Oh yeah. I always knew I’d call you some day.”

We looked at each other a long moment. “I’ll text you my address. Or you can follow me.”

“OK, Bostancı Escort but I think I’ll be right behind you anyway. I don’t have much to get after this.”

We had reached the point where they were handing out the toilet paper. We each got our allotment, and smiled as we parted.

Half an hour later, a Suburban pulled into my driveway. I watched as a very pretty, 40-ish woman climbed out and came up through my garage. I had put together a couple of roast beef sandwiches, since it was now pushing noon. Debbie was grateful for the refreshment.

“Wow, knock me up and make me lunch, too. I may never leave.”

I laughed. “That might be a bit of a hard sell at home,” I teased her. “And I’m not exactly equipped to handle four kids.

“I dunno, you have a lot of space here. I think we could make it work somehow,” Debbie said, looking around.

“I do have space, but I’d have to rearrange some things. I’d have to make one of these bedrooms back into a bedroom, instead of the work space I’ve turned it into.” I smiled at Debbie. “But we’d have a lot of room for ourselves, which you’ll see shortly. I was thinking more of my age when I made that comment. I’m 61 years old, not exactly the age for having small kids.”

“True, but my older ones are able to look after themselves, mostly. It’s just the baby that would need a lot of attention.”

I laughed. “I never pictured myself running after a toddler in my 60’s. There’s a reason people my age don’t have kids., though I’d like to meet my daughter some time.”

Debbie laughed. I liked her laugh, she seemed so happy. “Don’t worry, my dear man. Our secret is safe with me.” She reached over the table to take my hand in hers, squeezing it. “And I will bring her over for you to meet some day soon.”

When she let go, she stood, leaning over to take my lunch plate. I could see into her flannel shirt far enough to see she was braless under it. That’s long been a turn on for me, the girl next door just going about her day in a regular button down shirt, no bra, no big deal. So simple, so sexy, all at once.

She put our plates in the sink, and we went back to the bedroom. I opened the door, revealing my suite. Debbie was impressed.

“You do have a lot of room here,” she said, looking around. She poked her head into the bath and closet. “Wow. I wish I had this.”

“Yeah, it’s spacious. When my late wife and I put on the addition, we wanted to have enough room to sit and watch TV if we wanted, and enough sink and counter space so we could both do bathroom stuff without getting in each other’s way. I don’t use most of the closet now that her stuff isn’t here, but that was a big help while we both were using it. Amazing how much stuff she had.”

Debbie laughed. “You should see mine. Of course it’s not nearly this big. My husband says I need a house of my own just for the closet space.”

“Wellllll…..I have plenty of room….” I smiled at Debbie. She kissed me, taking my hand in hers.

“You’re sweet. I’d have this closet full in no time.”

“You’d have to show me how all that stuff looks on you. I mean, you’re cute in jeans and flannel. I can only imagine how you look in something more summery, or dressier.”

“You might be surprised. I’m more of a summer girl. I like sundresses and cutoffs. And I can look good in a nice dress, too.” She smiled beguilingly.

“I have a feeling we’d never get out of the bedroom. And we’d have to put you on the pill or something.”

Debbie kissed me again. “Don’t worry. I had my tubes tied when Abigail was born.”

“So it’s open season,” I teased.

“Yeah, and I love bareback.” She squeezed my hand, a sparkle in her eyes as she said that.

“So I noticed. You seemed pretty insistent on taking my load the last time.” I thought a moment. “Abigail??”

Debbie laughed, suddenly remembering our conversation a year earlier. “Yeah. I like the name, and it seemed to fit her. When we were picking a name for her, I thought about what we had talked about, somehow naming her after the Coronavirus, and decided I couldn’t do that to a kid. She’ll be taunted her whole school career about it. Kids are so mean.”

“True, and sometimes so are adults. You did a good thing, And it’s a pretty name.”

I squeezed Debbie’s hands gently. “It’s a shame we can’t have another one.”

Debbie laughed again. “In a way, it is. On the other hand, I already have four now. A fifth might be a little much, especially with all this difficulty going on. I’m not wild about the idea of sitting in a doctor’s office with one baby as it is, never mind piling it on with two.” Debbie looked sad for a moment, then poked me in the ribs. “They are fun to make though!!”

“That they are. I’m honored you chose me to make your last baby with.”

Debbie kissed me. “For a spur of the moment hookup, you turned out to be a great lay. And you’re fun to be with, which makes the hookup part so much more…fun.” She smiled at me. “I just had a feeling when Anadolu Yakası Escort we started talking that there was more to you than just a flirty guy in Wal Mart.” She kissed me again. “I know it seems like doing that was a totally impulsive-really, badly impulsive-but I’ve always had that defiant streak, and you just seemed to find it. But you were the right guy at the right moment. You just felt so…comfortable.”

I was nonplussed. I had managed somehow to completely captivate this lovely woman, on nothing more than the strength of a good, but very short, encounter, and a little charm. I have learned a number of things about life over the years: it’s often unpredictable, especially in affairs of the sexual kind; people are complicated, and sometimes irrational, though occasionally in good ways; sometimes you’re just at the right place at the right moment. That is Kismet, and Debbie and I had taken up residence there. I’ll take it. Sometimes you just have to accept the moment for what it is, and go with it.

Which was what I was about to do. I looked at Debbie, suddenly lost in her blue eyes and pretty face. “I want you,” I said softly, then leaning over to kiss her softly and deeply. I unbuttoned her flannel shirt, taking a moment after each button to reach in and massage her soft tits, feeling the nipples poke out more with each pass. Finally I had her shirt all the way undone, and stepped back to see it hanging off her, her tits partly covered, hanging gently now that they were out in the open.

Debbie stepped to me, kissing me just as I had kissed her, softly, but deeply, and she started on my shirt, slowly unbuttoning, playing in the hair on my chest with each undone button. She got my shirt open; by the last three buttons we were into a lengthy kiss. She didn’t even move from me as she pushed my shirt off my shoulders and onto the floor. I returned the move, doing the same with her, leaving us both in only our jeans. Debbie looked incredibly sexy, her soft tits with a little hang gently heaving as she breathed.

I reached over to her, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling her to me, We met in a kiss, longer and more intense than before, each now undoing the other’s jeans. As Debbie unzipped me, my already hard cock popped out, and she took it in her hand, slowly stroking it. I unzipped her, stepping back a little to work on her jeans. I shimmied them over her hips, with a little help from her, revealing a thin pair of pink panties, with a rose applique on them. Her bush, slightly darker than the honey colored hair on her head, was clearly visible through the thin fabric, some of the curls escaping the leg bands. We kicked our jeans off, and stood facing each other, taking in our naked, or almost naked, bodies.

Debbie, noticing my gaze, looked at me. “What??” she said, a smile coming over her pretty face.

“You’re gorgeous. I remember you as being really pretty, and now that you’re here, I see, for once in my old age, I remembered right.” I kissed her, pulling down her panties to reveal her thick pubes that were covering her now opening outer lips. I traced a path along them, up one side and down the other. Debbie started pulling me toward the bed.

As we approached the bed, she took my cock in her hand, feeling it between her fingers, and holding it firmly. “This thing made a baby in me,” she said, smiling up at me, leaning forward to kiss the head. Our eyes met. “I’d do it again.” She fell to a sitting position and took the head in her mouth. I let her go up and down on me a few minutes, then pulled her away.

“This is for you,” I said, remembering my promise to lick her silly next time we met. I motioned her up onto the bed, climbing on behind her. She tried to get me to move on top of her, as if she wanted to just let me fuck her. I could see she was ready, her parted labia peeking out from her dark blonde pelt. As much as I would have liked that, I wanted to taste her. I couldn’t help commenting on her desire.

“You’re ready to take me, aren’t you?? I can see you’re already wide open for me.”

Debbie took my cock in her hand again, stroking. “I was remembering the last time, how you felt inside me,” she smiled and shuddered, “and how it felt feeling your cum shoot in me, and how I felt having it in me.” She gave me a look of pure lust. “And how I felt so full, and how it dripped from me the rest of that day, and the next.” She smiled. “You really soaked me. No wonder I got pregnant,” she said, laughing.

I gave her a wicked smile. “But today, I’m going to make you wait for it. I want to taste the sweetness of that pretty pussy that’s winking at me right now.”

“You’re such a tease,” she said. “You can fuck me now and go down on me later,” she said with a smile.

“How about I do both, go down on you now, and after??”

“Oh….” said Debbie, her eyes wide as she realized what I was proposing. I eased her up onto the bed, and knelt between her calves, licking my lips in anticipation. Debbie looked Pendik Escort at me and sighed as she watched me take her left ankle and kiss my way up her calf, stopping at her knee. I took the other leg and did the same, my kisses lingering, my tongue swirling gently on her skin, making her giggle. Her pussy seemed to open more from my attention, though i wasn’t close to it yet.

I moved back to her left leg, now kissing gently up her thigh, stopping only when I got to the crease between her thigh and pussy, just at the edge of her light curls. She started squirming when I was still a few inches from her begging labia, trying to push herself onto my probing tongue. I looked at her and smiled, nuzzling into her pubes. I went back down to her right knee, repeating my motions, As I got close to her now distended inner lips, I felt her fingers in my hair, first gently, then more forcefully, as if she was trying to pull me into her. I resisted, and looked up at her again. She was looking away, eyes closed, in anticipation.

I kissed up close to Debbie’s pussy, moving up her outer labia, then back down the other side, making sure to kiss my way through her bush. I could smell her arousal, and she gave a start when I first kissed her outer lips. Finally, I kissed her inner labia, making her jump, then sigh. I was tempted to lick up her pussy, her lips were wide, calling for me to put my tongue in her, but decided instead to flatten my tongue out, and lick straight up over her entire pussy. I flicked her clit with my tongue as I reached the top, and she let out a small cry, then a long sigh, her fingers now gripping my head tight.

I looked up to see Debbie looking down at me, desire in her eyes. “God, put that thing in me. Lick me crazy,” she said softly. I just smiled, and licked gingerly up the outside of her inner lips, making her moan. “Lick me, God, yes, lick me,” she pleaded. I went down deep, granting her request, and put my tongue straight into her gapped lips. She pushed her cunt into my face, and came, her juice flowing over me. I wasn’t nearly done. I started to lick up and down her now juicing furrow, playing my tongue over her clit when I got to the top of her slit, then going back down.

Debbie was now in a state of constant arousal, riding a heightened wave as I pushed her toward a bigger orgasm. I played her clit with my tongue, swirling and licking. Her hands were now in a death grip on my head, and I intensified my attack, licking faster over her clit, sometimes moving side to side. She started to moan, a long, low moan that grew more insistent as she got closer to the final burst. Her hands were guiding my face, though I tried as much as possible to maintain contact on her clit. I put a finger inside her, making her let out a more intense moan. After a couple minutes of licking her with my finger playing in her pussy, I found her G spot and rubbed slowly. It didn’t take long, and her fingers dragged through my hair, and her legs clamped around my head. She let out a loud cry, and her hips started to buck, jamming her pussy into my face, soaking me with her juice.

I held on, letting Debbie roll through her come, continuing to gently suck on her clit while she thrashed around me. As her convulsions subsided, I released her clit, and started kissing through her hair, then up her belly, ending up kissing her, my body directly over hers, my hard cock bouncing in the air above her pussy. I began to lower myself to her, but she wasn’t waiting, grabbing my cock and pulling me to her. I felt her wedding set on my shaft as she frantically grabbed it and pulled to her pussy.

“Put it in me. I want to feel you in me!!” She said in a loud whisper, jamming my dick into her soaked twat. She put the head at her opening and thrust upward and I pushed down, engulfing my cock in her very wet, very hot pussy. She pulled me to her, kissing me hard, pushing up at me in a frenzy as I pounded her from above.

Going down on Debbie had gotten me really hard. I had been thinking of this ever since our encounter at Wal Mart a year ago, and the reality, as it is most of the time, was far better than anything I had imagined. Now that I had tasted her sweetness, I was ready, and I knew it wouldn’t be long til I was going to go over the edge myself.

Debbie knew it, too. She could feel my cock swelling inside her. I slowed my pace to hold off, but the inevitable surge was soon upon me. I angled so the top of my cock would contact her clit, and she was soon having another orgasm, as she was already on a hair trigger from being eaten. When she came, I pushed deep in her. I felt her thighs wrap around me.

“You’re so big inside me, I feel your head swelling,” she said through her cumming. Debbie pushed up tight against me, flexing her hips to add pressure to my cock. “Cum in me,” she said, a pleading look on her face. She reached up to kiss me, her legs tightening around me. I could feel my balls scrunching up, and the head of my cock poking her cervix. All I could think about was how the last time I was in this position with her, I fucked a baby up into her. I let go, shooting long streaks of my seed into Debbie’s now infertile womb. Still, the idea of getting her pregnant filled my consciousness, and I came harder than I had in a long time.

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