Wedding Invitation


I was certainly surprised to see a letter from my ex-stepmother in my mailbox. She had been my father’s fourth wife, and like all the rest it failed miserably. He was a fast earning, fast moving sales executive, but his eyes had always wondered a bit faster. I don’t think they lasted two years before she caught him in bed with a twenty-year-old blond. I had secretly wished I had been there when she caught them because as I remembered it she was quite the feisty one. I imagine there was a nice scuffle, but my father would never supply the details. I certainly loved the guy, and our relationship was solid, but he just couldn’t keep his dick in his pants for very long. Needless to say, Sara walked with a good chunk of change. And that was that.

Now I was holding a decorated purple letter from her. Ripping it open only made things stranger. It was an invitation to her daughter Clair’s upcoming wedding. And it was in a week! My head raced as to the meaning of it. I barely knew this woman. Being twenty-five and on my own, I was rarely around my father’s home. I’d considered my relationship with her friendly, but that was about it. Seeing I was obviously invited a bit late in the game made me scratch my head for sure.

I threw it on my coffee table and promptly forgot about it. My mind was on other things. I had just broken up with my long-term girlfriend. We both knew things were getting painfully stale, so a week previous she had packed her shit and left. Making things worse, my graphic art jobs had been slowing for months. I’d seen better days.

Spending most recent evenings sitting around in my boxers drunk, sleeping until noon, then starting all over again was taking a toll. What was even more destructive was I had taken to watching me and my ex’s sex tapes. She was a tiny redhead of perfect proportions. She loved to work out and had gotten me back into it. I was in the best shape of my life. But watching our toned bodies fuck in every imaginable position was a bit sad after a while. I had even rubbed a few out to it, but the satisfaction just wasn’t really there. I’d become frustrated and horny as hell. It was in one of those moments that I found myself with a beer in one hand, and that fucking invitation in the other. Fuck it. I gotta get out of here. I called the number written in pen on the back and was surprised to hear I was on a list of people directly invited by Sara. There was a spot waiting for me. Crazy, I thought. By that Friday, I was in my car heading north up the Pacific Coast Highway for some resort called ‘The Grandure.’

After a long drive, painfully long, I arrived in front of a mansion overlooking the coast. It had a huge front garden lawn, and what looked to be several smaller structures behind it. It was impressive for sure. Once up the circle drive, a man in a suit walked down the front steps holding a clipboard. I got out with a big smile.

“Are you a guest for the celebration,” he asked formally.

I handed off the invitation and he looked it over, then paged through his clipboard. “Ah, Mr. Alex Rice. I’ll be happy to take your keys, and a valet will park your car. Your bags will be sent to your room.”

“My room?” Things were getting interesting.

“Yes, sir. Go on inside and you will receive an itinerary and room key.” Without another word, he walked off.

“Thanks, I guess,” was all I could get out as I entered the massive stone house.

The woman inside was nice enough. Giving me a rundown of how the weekend was planned out, it seemed I was in for a hell of a party and maybe that’s just what I needed. Suddenly I felt great. With my key in hand, I decided to check out what kind of room Sara had set up for me. It was strange walking through the back courtyard paths. People were mingling everywhere, and I didn’t know a damn one of them. But instead of feeling like a ghost, my mind started working out the fact I could be anybody here. I had nothing to lose or gain, so why not play it up any way I saw fit. As a tall blond in a sundress passed me with a Escort bayan sultry smile, I knew right away I’d be on the hunt to get laid. No doubt about it.

It didn’t take long to find my building from the directions I was given. It was long, with ten doors along its front, right next to a pool. I took a good look at several women basking in the summer sun. Right away, I felt a twitch n my groin. Their tanned bodies glistening with oil was starting my motor. Spending some time at the pool had already gone on my ‘where to find time’ list.

I approached room 22 as it said so on my key, but the door was a bit ajar. Maybe it’s wrong. Peeking in, I was shocked to see two women on the bed inside. It took a second to register, but they were both in bikini tops and tiny shorts, rolling around through playful giggles. They switched between long sloppy kisses and sighs of excitement. Holy shit! Half of me wanted to just walk away but the hungry side of me, the horny side that had a growing dick straining against cotton slacks, wanted to slide right in.

My dick won the fight.

I walked in and shut the door loud enough for them to hear it. The little beauties popped up startled. Both looked to be early twenties, with one being a long slender blond and the other a shorter, and a bit thicker, brunette. I could barely believe my luck. “Well, hello there ladies,” I said throwing my key on the table. “Having fun?”

“What are you doing in here,” the blond questioned. I could tell right away she’d been drinking.

“Honey, this is my room.”

After a wide-eyed pause, she threw herself back onto the bed laughing. “Dammit, you guys! I’m too drunk right now.”

The brunette smiled. “The door was wide open. I guess Kelly thought this was her room. Sorry. I’m Jax by the way.”

Kelly sat back up. “Yes, we’re really sorry.

They both started to get up, but I held out my hand. “No need to leave girls. I was just getting into the show.” This must have amused them because they broke out in laughter again. “You’ll get no judging from me,” I smiled.

“We were roommates freshman year,” Jax said. “We were just… reminiscing.”

My body became warm with the thought. “What did you do as roommates?”

Kelly grabbed Jax’s face and laid a deep kiss on her. It was accompanied by her hand squeezing her friend’s left breast. In seconds they forgot I was even there. Laying back, they returned to what they had been doing before I arrived.”

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Jax cooed.

Kelly answered, “It’s nothing we haven’t done before baby. We just happen to have a nice visitor.” She looked at me with lustful eyes. “You are a nice visitor, right?”

“The nicest.”

With that Kelly began to work at Jax’s bikini top. Skillfully, she pulled it over her head, revealing thick double D tits. They looked absolutely lickable. I imagined my face in between them as she pressed the warm mounds together. As Jax lay on her back, they spread a bit to the sides under their own weight. She sighed as Kelly took one of her brown nipples into a greedy mouth. Her suction lifted it up before she let it flop out to attack the other one. Jax began to explore as well, sliding her left hand down Kelly’s tan abdomen, pushing under the elastic of her shorts. I couldn’t see it, but by the way Kelly breathed in, I knew she had reached her pussy with moving fingers. “Rub my slit,” Kelly whispered. Instantly I could see the short’s material lift up and down slowly. My mind saw her stick a finger between Kelly’s hot lips, but my eyes wanted to see it too. Badly.

Throwing caution to the wind, I walked over to the bed, knelt and pulled at Kelly’s shorts. I was surprised to see her lifting her hips to help me along. She wants this as much as I do, was my burning thought. I tossed the shorts aside, bringing her sexy bald mound into plain view. It was one of the tightest I had ever seen, begging for the right attention. Jax was working the pink pouty lips with her fingers, intermediately sliding Escort one finger into her hot hole. I was really getting worked up by the sight of her diligent hand.

I heard the soft smacks of their renewed kissing. Without warning, Jax’s hand came up and grabbed the back of my head. In a slow movement, she drew me in between Kelly’s long legs. I didn’t need further encouragement. I eagerly wrapped my lips around her now slick pussy. I ran my tongue up and down the slit, tasting her sweetness. It was almost perfumed. Smearing her juices around, I buried my tongue where Jax’s finger had gone, driving it deep into her. There seemed nothing more in the world that moment but my mouth against her scorching honey. I wanted to consume her, feeling her wrinkled labia react to my hardening tongue. Kelly moaned as I went back to piercing her in quick successions and she grabbed hard onto my hair.

“We… shouldn’t be doing this,” she groaned out. “But his mouth is so fucking nice.” She tightened her grip on my head, and I loved it.

I didn’t notice Jax leave the bed, but I now found her behind me. She was unbuttoning my dress shirt from behind, and with a little work, got it off. I could feel her massive cleavage smash against my back as she rubbed my pecs.

“You’re doing so good,” She whispered in my ear. “Look at how much she loves a stranger’s hot tongue lick her all over.. lashing the soft, hot skin. Eat that wet pussy. Eat it till she cums.”

Her words electrified me, and my dick was now raging hard. Kelly had started to thrash her head, cussing to herself between grunts. This prompted me to concentrate on her swollen clit. I fattened my tongue, dragging it up and down with all I had. Suddenly she clamped her legs to my ears and screamed out in hot ecstasy. She was obviously having a thunderous orgasm and for a second I was afraid she’d pull out tufts of my hair. With a lusty grunt Kelly relaxed, letting me go. Her juices had flooded out all over my face, and I felt sticky as I pulled away.

Jax wasted no time. She pulled me to a stand, spun me around, and laid a long kiss on me. Her tongue darted in my mouth before eagerly dragging it around my face to lick up Kelly’s sweet cum. She was cleaning it off my cheeks like it was nourishment. Meanwhile, her fast hands worked my belt. “I want to see what surprises you hold,” were her husky words. Jax was truly turning out to be a sexual beast. At some point, she had taken off her shorts as well. Although she was a little thick, it was all smooth dark skin. A slightly rounded pooch hovered over dark, neatly kept pubic hair. I found it so hot my dick jerked. Faster than I thought possible, she was pulling down my pants, kneeling down as she did. She took my hard shaft into her hand and gave it a pump. “You’ve got a great cock, friendly visitor.”

I barely had the breath to get out, “It’s Alex.”

“Whatever,” she smiled, then took my aching tip between her lips. It felt wonderfully soft, and as her tongue swirled around the head it felt like wildfire. Jax began to take in more and more into her wet mouth, gently sucking as she did.

I looked over to Kelly, who had now begun to recover from her orgasm. She was hunched on her elbows, simply watching the action. “This is crazy, but I like it. I’ve never seen someone’s cock being sucked.”

Jax pulled away from me. “Why don’t you help me out, as long as we’re being crazy.” She got up and pulled me onto the bed. The two quickly got on each side of me, and without missing a beat took each side of my throbbing member. They dragged their tongues in unison up and down its length. In turns, they took me into their mouths. They tag-teamed my cock, almost fighting over it, each trying to get their tangling tongues up under the sensitive skin at my mushroom head. Soon it went to them taking turns. One would grasp me at the base, while the other bobbed lusciously up and down on my rod, then switch. The scorching suction was almost more than I could take. I was loving it but didn’t want to Bayan Escort cum. Certainly not before feeling my dick buried in each of them before it was through.

I sat up, and with a pull, moved Jax longways onto the bed. She cooed at my strength. “What a brute,” she joked. I eased her legs apart, spending a moment to work her dark pussy with my thumb. She closed her eyes. “So nice.”

I positioned myself between her legs, placing my dick just at her opening. I leaned down to give her a long kiss, then moved forward. She was obviously well lubed up because I glided in with ease. “Unnnggg,” she moaned while grabbing my arms. Her pussy was a nice fit, just enough to grab at my flesh. I started a slow pumping, long strokes that left my cock looking slick in the low light. Kelly had arranged her self next to Jax, now working her breasts with one hand.

“How’s his cock,” she asked before taking in a nipple. “I never thought it’d be so hot seeing you get fucked.”

Jax sighed loudly. “It’s fucking wonderful. He’s filling me up, Kelly. Just filling my cunt.”

Her words electrified me, and I quickened my thrusts. I began a real rhythm that had my pelvis smacking against her. It made Jax begin to gasp in quick successions. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes tight. I was concentrating on her heavy tits bouncing up and down with my action.

“Ahhh fuck. I’m about to pop.” Jax locked her heals up over my back, giving me the deepest access yet. I pumped into her even harder, knowing her release was just around the corner. And in a few quick thrusts, it came with a scream. Her tight grasp on me was only matched by the rippling squeeze her gash now had on my working cock. “Christ almighty,” she panted over and over. “I came hard.”

“I certainly hope there’s something left for me,” Kelly whined. She seductively rubbed at her pussy. “I’m aching for some more.”

I let my dick pop out between Jax’s pouting lips. It dripped with her juices. With faint energy, I flopped onto my back. In a flash, Kelly was hovering over me. She took my rod into her hand and rubbed it back and forth on her still sopping cunny, and with one slow movement eased down my full length. I was amazed at how different her tunnel was compared to Jax. It squeezed so tightly I thought I was going to nut right there. But I breathed through it.

She started a slow grind, moving her hips expertly. Bracing her hands on my chest, she started into a quickening ride. She was fucking me with abandon, throwing her head back in passion. The bubbling heat from my balls was gaining strength- itching to release. The sensation radiated upwards, increasing the endless throbbing of my cock. I was so close, I could feel it in my numbing face.

“You gunna cum? You feel that sweet cum raising from your balls baby?” Kelly ground herself against me harder- like she was trying to draw it out of me. I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer. Her gyrations were going to make me blow. Then, Kelly grunted loudly. “Cum for me!”

That’s all it took. My whole body froze, and I exploded into her. It was mind-blowing as I felt hot jets of cum course out, flinging deep into her sex. It went on forever, shot after shot of my hot seed coating her insides. I couldn’t even catch my breath. Only stuttering groans escaped my lips as Kelly collapsed on my chest, panting loudly. “That’s just what I needed, big boy. See, Jax, I told you we’re gunna have fun this weekend.” Her drunken laughter had now returned.

Jax Slipped off the bed to grab her clothes. “I gotta say, that was fucking hot.”

Kelly now climbed off me, slowly crawling from the bed. “I guess that’s a new experience for us, Jax. Can’t say I hated it.”

I only lay there, basking in my incredible orgasm. I watched them dress, and they headed for the door. Jax looked back with a smile. “Sorry about the whole wrong room thing. I blame margaritas.”

Kelly gave her a pat on the ass. “Your idea. Hey, there’s a big dinner in a few hours. Gunna be there?”

I folded my hands over my chest, feeling quite proud of myself. “I imagine I will.”

She blew me a kiss, “See ya there then.” And with that, they were out the door.

I just lay there, staring at my still flinching manhood. “This is going to be one hell of a weekend.

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