When Friends Become Lovers Ch. 02


“So what will we get up to today honey?”

Lisa looked at me and just smirked, “Oh I can think of a few things you horny Scotsman.”

And with that slid her hand down my body until she reached my now hardening cock.

“Oh look what I have found!”

Lisa smiled as she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft, giving it a couple of teasing strokes before getting up and walking out the bedroom door and into the bathroom to turn the shower on. Lying where I was on the bed, I could see right into the bathroom as Lisa left the door ajar enough for me to see her climb into the shower and close the curtain.

A few seconds later I was climbing into the shower behind her, cupping her beautiful big breasts from behind her as she sighed and leaned back against me. As she did my throbbing member touched her ass cheeks sending a bolt of electricity through my cock.

“Is that a gun or are you just pleased to see me honey?” She laughed.

I took the soap from her hand and lathered up her back all the way down to her lovely buttocks almanbahis yeni giriş making sure I ran my finger between her ass cheeks right down her little rosebud as I heard her let out a little moan.

“Turn round and let me wash your front sweetheart”

She did without hesitation. Her nipples like bullets making my cock twitch at the site of them as I ran my soaped hands over her tits. Feeling her nipples against the palm of my hands as I kneaded her breasts.

“Oh god honey that feels so good don’t stop.

” Lisa moaned out as she wrapped her left leg round my hip. Feeling the heat coming from her mound as she pressed it into my raging hard-on.

“I want you, I want you right now right here! Fuck me babe, fuck my brains out!”

I pushed her back against the shower wall lifting her up as she wrapped her long legs around my waist and lowered herself against my throbbing cock. The water from the shower ran over both our bodies, washing the soap from her heaving bosom as I licked the nipple of her right almanbahis breast, sucking it into my mouth feeling its hardness on my tongue. My cock nuzzled against her warm sopping wet pussy lips, I pushed ever so slightly against her hot mound. The head of my cock slipping between her outer lips, I pushed a little more and my shaft penetrated her moist pussy and half of my cock disappeared inside of Lisa.

“Oh god yes, give it to me! Give me it all deep inside me”

Lisa moaned out as she started to push her pussy down the thick shaft of my cock. The steam from the shower filled the room as Lisa screamed out for me to fuck her hard and deep pinned against the wall throwing her head from side to side. Her long dark hair covered her face as her climax built deep inside her. Her heels dug into my lower back as she pulled me deeper into her sopping cunt.

“Yes, Yes, Yes! Oh baby don’t stop, don’t you dare stop!”

She shouted at me as her climax finally took over her and burst like a dam. Holding me close as she convulsed almanbahis adres in pure unadulterated pleasure sending me over the edge shooting spunk deep into her pussy. Lisa finally came down from her high as we kissed and our tongues danced together, as I shot the last of my spunk into her sopping cunt.

“Oh honey that felt like heaven.”

She beamed, letting her legs fall from my waist, Lisa dropped to her knees taking my semi hard cock into her mouth tasting both of us on it. Licking up and down my shaft then licking my balls clean never taking her eyes from my face. She began to suck me back to full hardness cupping my balls gently squeezing them. Leaning against the shower wall my eyes rolling back in my head as Lisa ran her tongue up and down my throbbing member. Her tongue swirling around the head, squeezing my balls a little firmly

“Oh god yes Lisa make me cum in your mouth babe” As I felt my balls tighten and my spunk boil up into the shaft of my cock.

“I’m cumming honey, oh god yes i’mmm cummmmming”

After Lisa had swallowed everything I had left, she smacked her lips. Lisa stood up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips then whispered in my ear, “lets finish our shower and have something to eat I think your going to need it.”

To be continued?

Thanks again Jessi

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