When You First Spoke to Me…


It would be safe to say that you have the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. That and the fact that you’re tall, dark and, well dorky-handsome? These positives help me cope with your inability to grow a beard. Man, you would kill in a well-groomed, perfectly shaped beard. Call me fickle, but physical attributes play a huge role in one’s definition of attractive.

You have no idea what I look like. You don’t even know my name. I’ve revealed very little about me, enough to assure you that you’re not being cat-fished. You say that makes me mysterious. I smile. You love the idea that you know only my voice and the effect it has on you. My wishes and approval decide your daily activities, be it when you’re working, eating, shopping or breathing; and you love it.

I remember the first time we played (spoke sexually on the phone). I’ve always been old school that way, choosing talking over texting. We moved from discussing the most random things under the sun to hinting at things under the blanket, pretty seamlessly. You would be awe-struck every time I nudged the tone of the conversation in that direction. You’d get affected, oh the way you’d get affected. I know what makes my voice seductive and I take complete advantage of that knowledge. It works, every single time. In that moment, when you’re so completely enthralled, with not a single thought of your own in your head, almanbahis giriş that’s when you’re mine. In that moment, I own you – body and mind.

That’s why you give yourself to me, completely. You’re scared of this, you don’t know why or of what; maybe of your emotions being so strong. It excites you, tingles you – the possibilities, the rewards, words of praise – makes you want them more, so much more. Soon it becomes an addiction. Doing things without my approval, without asking me first, make you uneasy. You compare every girl you come across with this voice that has taken over your life. You wonder if they hide similar dark aberrations under their innocent faces; if you were to look under their skirt, you’d half expect to find a butt plug or a chastity device and be disappointed if it wasn’t there. You wonder if everything is a facade, social norms, your work, your aspirations; if the only purpose that you have is to live for my pleasure.

You’ve been with different kinds of people, explored the cute side of bondage once in a while, but you’ve never seen anyone be so effortlessly vocal and open about things so wild, so restricted, almost taboo; things that were hidden in your deepest and darkest fantasies. You were not even aware about them, the topic simply never came up. You know that life would’ve been less colorful had you not swiped almanbahis giriş me right, there would always be something amiss.

You realize that you will never be satisfied with just vanilla now. You’ve tasted the forbidden fruit, hell you’ve taken a sizeable bite out of it. There’s no way you can go back. If the component I represent were taken out of your life at this point, you would so easily crumble; and crumble you do. You suffocate with yearning, with wanting. Since you don’t know any significant facts about me, you can’t even track me down. You give up on me eventually and look for other sources to provide that component of satisfaction. But of course, all modesty aside, nothing can compare to me. I was your first after all. The first to own you, the first to show you what you really are – a darling little fuckslut, so eager to be used, to honor my wishes, to be allowed to make Mistress happy, to be called a good boy and receive praise. You fade away into a mere existence, a state of limbo, devoid of all passion, all ambition – with a tiny flicker deep in the crevices of your being, hope that you will hear me again, you will see me, you will experience bliss again.

And barely moments before that flicker could disappear, I arrive, with a rather loud serendipitous flourish. You hear my voice first, the way you have come to know me all this almanbahis yeni giriş time; and soon, I let you gaze on my being, my body, my ample assets, my hair curling down my shoulders, just the way you always imagined me. Of course, you lose it. You tried to make yourself as presentable as you could; your tired, beaten body diseased and out of shape due to years of neglect. But that doesn’t matter, does it; you’re meeting your Mistress, she’s back now, you can finally have what you wanted so bad. My smile does not waver, nor the blush on my cheek fade when I walk in and sit beside you.

You lose your composure and dive in, the want overpowering obedience, as you hungrily kiss my mouth, my face, my neck, before your eyes widen in horror and you stop yourself; apologizing with tears in your eyes, begging at my feet, offering everything for my forgiveness.

So I take.

“My darling love, would you give anything to be forgiven?”

“Yes…yes Mistress! Anything! Anything at all! Everything of mine is yours. I am yours. Please. It has been so long, I should have been more…”

“Hush pet. Forgiveness shall be yours.” I smile and pat your head, threading my fingers in your matted, greasy hair as your skin goes cold, a smile on your face as I lean in and kiss your clammy forehead. I feel a rush of energy flow into me as you wither, or more correctly, your body withers to dust in a matter of seconds and I absorb your soul into mine.

“Another one?”

“There will always be just one more, Duke.”

“But I am special, aren’t I, Mistress…I was your…your first.”

“Hush pet, someone Super-Liked me.”


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