White Musk


The house is very quiet when you come through the front door. But you know I am there.

The scent of my skin is still on your hands from this morning, as you pass your cool fingers under your nose and breathe deeply. You smile to yourself for a moment, remembering the sleepy smile I gave you as you kissed me awake.

As you walk down the hall towards our bedroom there is a moment of doubt in your mind as you wonder to yourself if you have made as big an impression on me as I have on you. Your doubts, however, are immediately put to rest as you glimpse me from behind our partially closed bedroom door. Instantly you freeze when you realise I am not aware of your presence.

The dying rays of the setting sun filter through the window, capturing the auburn of my hair as it falls in soft curls down my back, the whiteness of my skin, the curve of my hips, the swell of my breasts. I am completely naked and you see me in profile facing our bed. You wonder what has captured my focus and as I reach for your gray T-shirt so carelessly discarded by you this morning and left at the foot of our bed, your question is answered. As I bring it to my face and breathe deeply your scent, your doubts are erased.

I slip your shirt over my head instantly surrounded by you. You spy the smile that comes to my lips as I playfully fall back on our bed bouncing back up twice before lying still. Our bed is freshly made and our duvet only seconds ago perfectly smooth now bares witness to my T-shirt encased body and the indentation it left behind me. You laugh quietly to yourself (not wanting to alert me to your presence) as a pillow tumbles down over my head, moved no doubt from your side of the bed after my fall. Your laughter, however, dies in your throat when I take your pillow and hold it against my cheek. In that one small gesture you see the depth of feeling I have for you, the need in me to be close to you, always.

I roll over onto my stomach, my head still resting on your pillow. As I do this the hem of your shirt works it’s way up and you are given a glimpse of my buttocks. You have the pleasure/curse of knowing how they feel under the caress of your fingers. Your tongue, your lips, your hands, know every inch of my body oh so well. All your senses have experienced me as indeed mine have you.

I rise from our bed then and cross my hands over the hem of your T-shirt drawing it back over my head before tossing it into the clothes hamper almanbahis just inside the en suite. Naked once again I walk to your dresser. You are surprised when I reach for the cologne you were wearing when we made love last night, I spray some between my breasts before returning the bottle to its place on your dresser. Your eyes follow the curve of my spine then dart to my face, reflected in the mirror. My eyes do not give away what I am feeling but you know now that within my heart there exists love for you, within my soul there is a concern for you, a strong desire to see you reach your place to be.

I reach for a clip and pin my hair up off my neck. Our eyes meet in the mirror and lock. Not a word is exchanged as I make my way over to you and plant the softest kiss on your moist lips. You start to say something but I kiss your words away. Holding you by your hands I draw you into our bedroom raining a continuous stream of loving kisses all over your face and neck as I pull you towards me. I remove your coat and shirt first and then kneel down at your feet and remove your shoes and socks. You look somewhat bemused when I do not reach for your belt buckle and instead push you down into the arm chair we have by our window. When I move away from you, you make as if to rise but I move forward again and gently push you back down. With a smile for your warm cheek and a kiss for your naked shoulder I whisper “Wait, My Darling!” before slowly backing away.

After the passion and intensity of our love making last night you sense that tonight will be very different. There is, as always, an air of sensuality about us but the urgency of last night is no longer present. The screams of passion and the sweat we pulled from each others’ bodies last night have allayed some of our hunger, so you know tonight can be slower, more playful.

As I stand naked before you my hair tumbles out of its clip, falling in soft curls around my face and breasts. It seems my careless chignon was all too careless. I smile sheepishly at you as I stoop to retrieve my clip from the floor. Once again I reach for my hair, my erect nipples rising with the movement of my arms. In mid motion I stop and allow my hair to fall back down. Again you look at me bemusedly until I reach my hand towards you and hand you the clip. Then turning my back to you I sit down on your lap. My soft naked thighs straddling your hard denimed one. You bend forward and smell my hair almanbahis adres before taking it gently into your hands and rolling it off my back and neck before clipping it up. I feel your warm breath on my neck as you pull me back against you, your arms wrapped around my stomach. I return your hug, stroking your forearms and absorbing the warmth of your chest on my back. I take each of your hands and open your palms to my kiss before rising up off your lap and moving away from you again. Not once do I look back at you until I reach your dresser and pick up the massage oil I bought for us today.

I walk back to you until there is only a metre between us. I pour the White Musk scented oil into my right palm before handing you the bottle to hold for me until I need it again. Then, raising my left foot off the carpet, I place it on your right thigh. Starting from the tips of my toes and working my way up, I rub the oil into my skin. In it’s wake you see it’s greasy deposit, making my skin slick and shiny. My eyes seem focused on the work of my hands, but you know me too well and are quite sure I am in fact very focused on you right now. When my foot is well greased I work my way up to my shin before opening my palms to you for some more oil. You oblige. I carry on. Up over my left knee I go. When I reach my inner thigh I drop my knee to the side and you are given your first view of my fast swelling lips. This glimpse of my most intimate secret, as tantalising as it is, is all too brief. My left foot returns to the carpet and every inch of my left leg is aglow. I repeat the gesture on my right leg before taking the oil from you and tipping the bottle upside down over my chest.

The air is alive with the smell of musk. There is one continuous line of oil that starts between my breasts and follows a slow lazy trail over my naval before stopping at the light sprinkling of hair that covers my mound. Returning the bottle to you I stand, legs slightly apart, with my hands roaming slowly over my flat stomach, over my arms and shoulders and in the valley between my breasts. Only when these areas are slick with oil do I reach for my breasts and cup them in my hands. With my index fingers and thumbs I roll my nipples back and forth until they are harder than they have ever been. That done, I pull you up out of the chair and turn my back to you. You know what I need you to do and you are happy to oblige me in the scene I am creating almanbahis yeni giriş for us, a scene whose outcome you are still not in on, but more than willing to be a part of. You pour the scented oil into your palms and spread it over my back. When it is well greased you cannot resist tracing your hands up and down my naval before cupping my breasts, allowing my hard nipples to peek out from between your fingers.

A moan escapes my lips. My head falls back onto your shoulder. Through the mirror in front of us our eyes follow the work of your hands. As they go lower over my hips, and then back around to my naval I stop their descent and move them behind me. They cup my buttocks and within seconds the last unoiled part of my body is no longer free from oil. I turn towards you then, reaching for your belt buckle.

When you are naked and wonderfully hard I kneel before you and rub the oil into the skin of your feet, shins, knees and thighs. I feel the heat of your cock as you slap it playfully against my cheek. I look up at you then with a smile that says “Behave!” You laugh aloud, the richness of your laughter fills the air. An intoxicating mix of musk and the masculine scent of your cock infiltrates every pore of my body. I am dizzy with sensation. I rise to my feet then and continue to grease the rest of your front, stopping to suck each of your nipples before rubbing the oil into them. Before I move behind you I reach up to your mouth and caress it with my tongue. For long minutes the kiss holds, my nipples finding the electricity only you supply as you crush your body to mine.

I break our kiss then and move to complete my task. When your back and buttocks are oiled I hug you from behind. My nipples trace unseen shapes on your muscled back. You feel the light brush of my pubic hair against your buttocks as I take your hard cock into my still greasy hands and stroke it up and down. I cannot resist dropping to my knees in front of you and flicking my tongue at the pre-come flowing from your cock head.

When, like me, every inch of your body is oiled I take your hand and lead you out into the hall. We walk into the lounge and on the floor there is a huge white plastic sheet. Leaving you at the door in dazed wonder I walk over to the sheeting and tip the bottle of massage oil upside down over it and pour its contents out. When I am sure the sheeting is as greasy as our own bodies I kneel down on it, my soft thighs splayed out, my moist lips revealed for your eyes alone. I remove the clip from my hair sending it into a tumble over the plains and curves of my chest and shoulders. With a mixture of innocence, playfulness and sensuality I look up at you and say “Come play with me Honey!!”

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