Winter Love


The sun warmed August. He welcomed the change after the days of dark clouds and frigid temperatures. He could see the change was welcome for Giselle, too. They both enjoyed exploring through walks and drives; the winter pall had helped short-circuit their outings. While August and Giselle were known to venture to the shore to watch storm surges, they preferred the long, warm days of summer.

Today, the unseasonal warmth raised August’s spirits. He sat under a dormant apple tree in their garden, leaning against the trunk, and gazing at the fierce blue of the sky. Giselle moved between the bare canes of the raspberry bushes, pruning back the old growth to prepare them for spring. She wore a faded green t-shirt with holes in the armpits. The fabric was thin and the lines of her bra straps were clear. Her jeans were an indeterminate gray-blue, faded from years of washing. Ragged holes in the legs and butt gave August peeks of smooth skin.

He felt his penis relax and swell, his testicles tighten slightly. He could feel the warmth of the sun through his pants. August closed his eyes as he continued to grow. He imagined a formless goddess giving him head, wrapping his cock in a sunlit mouth.

August opened his eyes. His wife was leaning over, the neck of her t-shirt hanging open. Her hair hung on either side of her head, creating a tunnel into her shirt. He watched her cleavage shift as her breasts moved. They weren’t porn star breasts that defied gravity. They were a mature woman’s breasts that had nursed two children and been part of a life-long battle with weight. They were honest breasts that sagged when they were free; they were crossed with stretch marks from pregnancy and cycles of obesity. He loved Giselle’s breasts.

He moved his hand toward his crotch to masturbate, but stopped, thinking. August had no problem with Giselle as a sexual partner and she enjoyed being the focus of his sexual energy. But she had a streak of conventionality that grew stronger as they got older. He remembered when she had no problem nude sunbathing in the backyard. Now she was content with showing a bit of thigh through torn jeans.

“You look great today.”

Giselle looked up. Her pools-of-blue eyes crinkled with her smile.

“I feel good today. The sun feels great.”

“Hmm. Why not take off your shirt and feel it a little more?”

Giselle snorted. “I think I know what you want me to feel, August.”

“God, yes. Doesn’t it just want to take off your clothes? The sun feels great on my cock and I’m wearing pants, for crying out loud.”

Giselle shook her head. “You can be so vulgar.”

August raised his eyebrows. “Tell me you haven’t thought about feeling this sunlight naked?”

“Yeah. I guess.” She looked at the garden. “It probably wouldn’t feel real good to garden naked, though.”

“I dunno. You could garden, we could have sex, and you could garden some more before we have sex again.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll go first.” August rose and pulled off his own ratty t-shirt. Ataşehir Escort When he moved to unbutton his pants, Giselle scoffed.

“Yeah, right. You don’t have the nerve.”

August dropped his pants to his ankles and pushed down his underwear. He was erect.

“Really?” Without thinking, August grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly. “Now you.”

“I never said I was going to take off my clothes. That was all you, buddy.” Giselle glanced at her husband’s erection. “But if you really want to have sex, let’s go inside.”

August’s pupils dilated and his nostrils flared as he breathed. He wanted to have sex with his wife, now.

“Out here. In the sun. Like when we first met.”

“Are you sure? What if the neighbors see?”

“Let them see. Let them watch. You’re a beautiful woman and I’m a stud to be able to bang you.”

She laughed.

“Your fucking ego,” she said. “Come here, stud.”

August moved to stand next to Giselle. He looked down at her, meeting her eyes, and stroked her hair. It was warm and alive in his fingers. Single strands of silver hairs were mixed with her auburn. They were getting older, together, and he was again struck by how fortunate he was to have her in his life.

“I love you, Giselle.”

He could see her eyes crinkle again, but he could see her flush as well.

She engulfed his cock in her mouth. He closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun and Giselle’s mouth. She pressed the underside of his erection with her tongue, lending more warmth and moisture. He guided his wife’s head, keeping her motion slow. She was his goddess made flesh.

Giselle took him deep, seeming to swallow him whole. He felt like she was trying to push his cock into her stomach before she pulled back and release him. August tried to pull her head back down onto his cock, but Giselle resisted.

“Let’s go inside.”

“No, out here.” August pulled Giselle to her feet. He pulled her t-shirt up. He slid his hands over her pale skin and brought her close to him. She wrapped her arms around him and they found each other’s mouths. It was easy to kiss Giselle.

He loved to kiss her. Her lips were soft, her breath hot. She liked to use her lips to gently stroke his, first his top lip and then the bottom. He flicked his tongue along her mouth, search for her tongue. She briefly licked back, their tongues rubbing ever so quickly in their own embrace.

Just kissing her could bring him to erection. He never needed anything more than the closeness of her body and the taste or her mouth. Pressed against Giselle’s jeans, August felt himself leak seminal fluid.

Giselle looked out of the garden and down the driveway.

August smiled

“Don’t worry. Nobody’ll come up the driveway. We’ll hear them first, anyway.”

He slid his hands under her shirt and felt the softness of her skin. He wanted to wrap her around himself out here under the sky and sun, with nothing between them. He could feel her begin to develop goose bumps as he Kadıköy Escort lifted her shirt away from her breasts and the winter air flowed. Giselle’s nipples hardened under her bra.

“I want to rip this shirt off you, babe. It’s destroyed anyway and right now you have no business being remotely dressed,” he said.

Giselle leaned her head on his shoulder, lips lightly pressed to his neck, as she lightly wrapped her arms around him. He felt her breath play along his skin.

“Do it, baby,” she said. “Put your money where your mouth is. Rip it.”

August poked his fingers into the holes near her nipples and rubbed them softly. He worked the tips into the tears until the shirt was around his first knuckle. Then he pulled the fabric in opposite directions. The old T-shirt split with barely any resistance. He grabbed more fabric in his fists and continued to pull until the shirt was a ragged ring that he let fall to Giselle’s ankles.

“Oh, god,” she said. She licked his ear, running her tongue from the bottom of his lobe to the top and spiraling inward.

August closed his eyes and leaned into her. He unhooked her bra and dropped it to the ground before he cupped his hands under her tits. Her breasts filled his hands, familiar soft weights that settled into the contours of his palms. His thumbs found her nipples, nubs so erect they pulled at her aureoles. He flicked them back and forth, listening to her breathing. Then he pinched them between thumb and forefinger.

“Do that again, August. Pinch my nipples again.”

August pinched them harder. Giselle whimpered softly. He bent and sucked a nippled into his mouth. He sucked hard, using his tongue to play with her. As he sucked on her breast, he found the waistband of her jeans and opened her fly.

She hummed to herself, gripping his head to her breast. As he pushed her jeans down, she wriggled her hips to help them slide over her hips. She stepped out of her pants even as he shifted to the second nipple. She lifted her breast to his mouth so he could leave his hands free to begin to explore between her legs.

Giselle loved August’s slow method of arousing her. He made sure to excite her with gentle, delicate movements along her pussy’s lips. He let her feel them swell and her moisture begin to flow. He let her enjoy the slow, but steady, build in pleasure. She loved him for his patience. He might be taking control, but he was taking his time. His hands were sure.

She kissed the top of August’s head, smelling his perspiration and shampoo. He was right that the sun felt great on her bare skin. Her concerns about being seen having sex faded as her desire and comfort increased. This was August.

And then she felt him slip a finger inside her. August started slow, sliding in and out with the same gentle motion he used on her labia and clit. Coupled with the situation, Giselle felt herself break through a threshold of pleasure. Warmth spread outward from her womb and down her legs, covering August’s hand. He Ümraniye Escort continued to stroke her for a moment as she shuddered, arms wrapped around his neck to help her stand. Then he pulled her down to the grass.

Somewhere in her afterglow, Giselle heard the tires on dirt and gravel, but she didn’t break her focus from August’s face as he held himself above her, angling his hips to enter her. August heard the truck, but he didn’t care. They could watch, whoever they were, or they could fuck off. He was going to fuck his wife and nothing short of actually being beaten with a stick was going to stop him.

At the edge of his awareness, he noted that the truck stopped on the driveway at the edge of the garden.

August thrust himself inside Giselle. He felt her fingernails dig into his back. The harder she gripped him, the harder he thrust into her. Then he heard her growl, followed by a harsh grunt. She dragged her nails across his back, leaving long angry red welts. She hooked her legs to his and pulled him into her, adding her leverage to his hard fucking. Giselle scratched his back again, sending flares of pain through his head in a delicious mix with his lust. They stared into each other’s eyes as they fucked, unaware of the wordless noises they were making.

And then he felt her orgasm break through again and his cock was flooded by her moisture. Her grunts and growls turned to whimpers and gasps. He steadily thrust, enjoying watching his wife appear powerless in the hold of her own lust. He could feel himself begin to swell, even as Giselle began to cum again. She wrapped herself around him even tighter, arms and legs clenching him as she again shuddered and writhed, ejaculating on his cock. August thrust one last time inside Giselle as he orgasmed. He lost his awareness of anything other than his release inside her.

Giselle lay in the grass, eyes closed, with

August slumped on top of her. She sighed and stroked his hair. Even exposed outside, she felt safe with her husband.

And then she remembered the sound of tires on dirt and gravel.


“Yeah, babe?” His voice was muffled in her shoulder and hair.

“Did somebody drive by while we were having sex?”

He lifted his head and looked at her. Then they both looked at the driveway.

Parked in the middle of the driveway was her cousin’s green Dodge. He was leaning out the window, chin resting on his arm. He was impassive behind his dark sunglasses. When he saw them looking at him, he smiled.

“Great show, guys. Good job.”

He gave them a thumbs up before shifting the truck into drive and heading past.

Giselle buried her face in her hands.

“This is not good. We need to get dressed before he comes back.”

With that, she pushed August off her and scurried to find her discarded clothes. She couldn’t remember when she first heard his truck. She had no idea how long her cousin had been watching, but she was mortified that he’d seen the finale.

“What am I going to say, August? He’s going to come down here. You said nobody would come up the driveway, that we would hear them first.”

August shrugged as he tugged on his pants.

“Offer him coffee and a muffin? Talk about the weather. After all, it’s a beautiful day.”

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