A Proper Baptist Ch. 01


Marcie kicked a stone that skittered along the sidewalk and bounced off the curb into the street. She carried her damp towel over her arms, folded across her chest. Her sandy blonde hair hung loose in straggly wet strands that touched her bare shoulders. The sun was warm on her back and dried her wet bikini top slowly. Her bikini bottoms left wet marks in her cut-off shorts. Beside her, Sheila carried her towel over her shoulder. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Her wet bikini was drying, too, but she wasn’t wearing cut-off shorts over the bottoms.

“So what’d you do last night?” Sheila said.

Marcie shrugged. “Not much, just watched tv. What’d you do?”

“I went over to see Philip last night. We got in so much trouble.”

“What happened?” Marcie said.

“We were like, making out on his bed in his room and he wanted to have sex with me, but I couldn’t because I was like, having my period and everything, and he didn’t have a condom and that was like, such a drag.”

“What’d you do?”

Sheila chuckled. “He said he had to get his rocks off because his balls hurt, so he took out his dick and asked me to jerk him off.”

“Did you?” Marcie said, staring at her friend with wide eyes.

“Are you crazy? Of course I did. I’m not gonna turn a guy down when he shows me his dick.”

“How’d you get in trouble?” Marcie said.

“His Dad busted us. He was so pissed.”

“Oh my God.”

“He said he was taking me home like right now and he grounded Philip for like, the rest of his life. And get this, when we were in his car he asks me what we were doing.”

“No way. What’d you tell him?”

Sheila shrugged as if it was nothing.

“I told him I was jerking him off, what do you think, and he’s like, you were jerking my son off, what are you, some kind of slut, so I’m like, I’m no slut, he wanted it. So he like, pulls the car over and says why don’t you jerk me off? And I’m like, whip it out dude, and I will, so he like, whips out his thing, right in front of me.”

Marcie’s mouth hung open. “What’d you do?”

“I jerked him off, what do you think?”

Marcie covered her mouth and laughed. “Oh my God. You jerked off Philip’s Dad in his car?”

“Yeah, and we were like, right in front of the school, too,” Sheila said with a grin.

“Was he like, really big?”

Sheila shrugged. “Not much bigger than Philip.”


“Why, were you hoping his dick was like, real fat and long?”

“I guess,” Marcie said.

Sheila sighed. “Yeah, I guess me, too.”

They walked on quietly for a bit, passing some of the shops on Fort Street. When they walked past the bike shop, a couple of guys inside stopped to stare at them. Marcie grinned but didn’t look back. Something about the town was different, now that she and Sheila were eighteen and high school was done. It was going to be strange to go to college at the end of summer.

“You know what happened next? Philip’s Dad told me my hand wasn’t enough. He wanted me to blow him,” Sheila said.

“Did you?”

“Yeah. What else was I gonna do? I needed a ride home. Besides, he’s kinda cute.”

“Was it gross, I mean, putting his thing in your mouth?” Marcie said, wrinkling her nose.

Sheila shook her head. “Not really. It felt kinda cool, actually, the way it rubbed on antalya escort bayan my tongue. My jaw got sore. But then he shot his wad in my mouth and that was really gross, I mean really gross. I just rolled down the window and spit it out.”

“Yeah, that would be gross,” Marcie said, but in her belly she felt a pang of envy. She remembered the one time she jerked off Dean in the bathroom at McDonald’s after the senior prom. He wanted to have sex with her then, and she said no. Instead, she rubbed him until his stuff spilled over her hand. She wished she had let him shoot his wad in her mouth.

“Are you gonna be pregnant now?” Marcie said.

Sheila stopped suddenly and grabbed Marcie’s arm. “Oh my God, I hope not. I don’t what I’d do if I got pregnant. My Mom would kill me. If I do, though, I think it’ll be with Philip’s Dad. I hope he gives me a ride home in his car again. Next time I wanna do more than just blow him. I’m gonna let him fuck me. I don’t care if I get pregnant. It’ll be worth it.”

“Yeah,” Marcie said.

“Come on, let’s get to my house and get something to eat,” Sheila said.

They laughed and ran the rest of the way down the street, swinging their towels.

* * * *

Dean smiled at her from across the church basement. Marcie felt her skin flush. He nodded toward the side doors and she suddenly felt warm all over. He pointed to the doors again. Marcie nodded.

Mom and Dad were sitting with the Johnsons at another table. Marcie stuck her fork in the piece of cake in front of her. The church basement was full of people, all sitting at the tables or standing around, talking and eating cake and punch. At the other end of the basement, by the stairs, Pastor Nowicki, Dean’s father, was helping the old ladies cut the cakes into pieces and serve them on paper plates. Standing next to him was Pastor Oliver, the younger Pastor, smiling and handing plates to people as they went by. He was cute, but not really good looking like Dean was good looking. He was more like a brother she could talk to. Dean made her insides melt when he looked at her.

Marcie took a sip of punch, pushed her chair away from the table with the paper tablecloth, and walked between all the people to the other side of the basement, her hands clasped together over the front of her white dress. She felt ridiculous in that stupid dress. Mom still treated her like a toy doll. She was eighteen now. When could she be a woman?

At the door, she glanced at Dean. He smiled, but looked at her for only an instant. Again, Marcie felt a flush of warmth through her body. The crotch of her white cotton panties was already stained.

She went through the door and up the stairs, the heels of her black patent leather shoes clicking on the steps. At the top, she went around the corner and waited, hoping Dean would hurry. She heard the door open and footsteps coming up. He appeared in front of her and she let her breath out in a big sigh.

“I thought what if it wasn’t you,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said.

He put his hands on her waist and kissed her. She closed her eyes, letting his tongue push into her mouth. His hands moved down to the back of her dress and squeezed her ass.

“Where do you wanna go?” Marcie said.

“I know a place.”

Dean pulled her by her antalya escort bayan hand to a girl’s bathroom on the second floor. With his hands on her waist again, he lifted her on the counter. He pulled her knees apart and moved between them, pushing up her skirt.

“What if someone comes in. They’ll see us,” Marcie said.

“Yeah, I know.”

Dean bent forward and kissed her again. In the front of his pleated slacks, a hard bulge pressed against her warm mound. Marcie shivered, imagining what he had in there.

Dean’s tongue was deep in her mouth. His hand lifted the front of her skirt and slipped into her panties. She spread her legs wider. His rough fingers rubbed her wet slit and she moaned in his mouth.

“I wanna have sex with you. Let’s do it right here,” Dean said, whispering in her ear. His tongue licked her earlobe.

“I can’t. I’m a virgin.”

“I know you’re a virgin. That’s why I wanna fuck you,” he said.

Marcie shivered. His words gave her a thrill. Dean was so cute and so confident, and he wanted to fuck her. But she shook her head.

“I can’t. I’m saving myself,” she said.

“Saving yourself for what?”

“For when I get married,” Marcie said.

Dean sighed, but the hard lump of his erection was still pressed against her mound. Deep inside, she felt a twinge of regret. He must have been waiting for this for a long time and she turned him down. And he was so excited, so hard. She pressed her mound against the lump. God, he was so hard.

She waited for him to say something, anything, but he was just staring at the counter. She should do something for him, at least jerk him off or something. Why didn’t he just ask?

“Dean, are you all right?” she said.

“Yeah, fine.”

Marcie waited, watching his face. If he wasn’t going to ask her, she would do it for him. She slipped her hand between their bodies and rubbed the hard lump in his slacks.

“Do you want me to blow you?” she said.

He looked into her eyes. “Blow me?”

“Yeah. I’ll blow you if you need me to.”

“Yeah, I need it bad. Why don’t you do that,” he said.

He stepped back, unzipped his slacks and pulled his hard dick out through the hole in his jockey shorts.

Marcie hopped off the counter, licking her lips. Dean was not only cute and confident, but he had a beautiful dick. With her hands on Dean’s thighs, Marcie crouched in front of him. She didn’t want to get down on her knees and ruin her dress. Mom would wonder how she got it dirty, and she would have to tell her how she went with Dean to the girl’s bathroom and got on her knees to blow him.

He sighed when she kissed the tip and let it slide between her lips. She liked the feel of it pressing down on her tongue. She licked around the tip. Now that she had it in her mouth, she was not sure what to do next. Sheila never said anything about that part. She moved her head back and forth. Dean groaned. He seemed to like that, so she did it some more.

“Yeah, baby,” he said.

He put his hands on top of her head and pulled her face to his crotch. The end of his cock went deep into her mouth and touched the back of her throat. She gagged, but he did not let go. For a second she panicked, until he moved her head away like he was fucking her alanya escort mouth. Her eyes turned up to look into his face. His eyes were closed and his teeth were clenched. He pulled her head to his crotch again, making her gag. He was being rough and she should make him let her up, but she kind of liked it.

The door opened with a loud squeak. Marcie tried to get up, but Dean’s hands held her down. She strained to see who it was out of the corner of her eye and saw another girl with dark hair in pigtails in the doorway. Her eyes were wide, her mouth hung open, and she was pulling on one of her pigtails.

“I’m busy Carol Ann. What do you want?” Dean said.

“Is that Marcie,” she said in her high voice.

“Yeah. Why?”

“What’s she doing?”

Marcie closed her eyes. Saliva filled her mouth and leaked out the corners, running over Dean’s balls. She tried to speak, but Dean’s dick garbled her words.

Dean sighed. “She’s sucking my dick, Carol Ann. What do you want?”

“Daddy’s looking for you.”

“Tell him I’ll be there in a minute. Now get out of here,” he said.

With a quick grin at Marcie, Carol Ann turned and skipped out through the squeaky door, the braided pigtails bobbing on either side of her head.

“God, she is such a pain in my ass,” Dean said.

Marcie looked way up at him and blinked a few times. He was moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Her jaw was getting sore. His hips moved faster. His breathing was heavier.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth,” he said, panting for breath.

Marcie tried to tell him to wait, but again her voice was muffled. Sheila said it was pretty gross when Philip’s Dad did his stuff in her mouth. Before she could stop him, though, Dean’s dick throbbed and a glob of salty, warm fluid landed on the back of her tongue. She squealed. His dick throbbed again and her mouth quickly filled with his stuff.

Dean sighed again. His hips stopped moving.

“That was good, real good,” he said, and pulled his dick from her mouth.

Marcie stood up. Her cheeks were puffed out, full of his warm stuff. She looked for a place to spit it out, like the sink.

Dean pointed at her with his finger.

“Don’t you dare spit out my cum, girl. I’ve been ordained by my father. That sperm is holy,” he said.

Marcie stared at him with wide eyes. She made a face and swallowed, but it wasn’t so bad. What was Sheila making such a big deal about? She wiped up the drop that leaked out over her chin.

“How did your sister know you were in here?” she said.

Dean was zipping up his slacks and shrugged.

“This is where I bring all the girls,” he said.

Marcie watched his face. Was he serious? But he didn’t look at her. She lifted the front of her white dress.

“Do you wanna lick me now?” she said.

Dean made a funny face and laughed.

“You gotta be kidding. You’re not gonna let me fuck you and now you want me to give you head? I’m outta here,” he said, and walked out through the squeaky door.

Marcie clenched her jaws and let the front of her dress fall. She went back down the stairs to the basement. Dean was at the front tables with his father, talking to someone. Her Mom and Dad were still sitting with the Johnsons. She sat down to finish her cake, but it tasted like Dean’s warm, salty stuff. What did he call it? She couldn’t remember.

Mom came back around to her side of the table and put her hands on her shoulders.

“How’s the cake, dear?” she said.

“Fine Mom,” Marcie said.

She smiled, wondering if she could see any of Dean’s stuff on her teeth.

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