A Virgin Man…and Experienced Woman


He couldn’t get to sleep that night. Although the window was open and the light summer breeze drifted over him he could still find no peace. So much had happened in the past few days, his life had completely changed. As he lay there, naked underneath the flimsy cotton sheet, he closed his eyes and let his mind wander to the woman who, after 32 long years had finally claimed his virginity.

Every morning he used to pass her in the hallway and every evening he would lie in bed, stroking his cock thinking about her body. She was in great shape for her age. He estimated that she must be in her late 40’s or early 50’s. She had a full round ass and the most majestic tits he had ever seen. He imagined that when she was naked she looked like a Goddess. Often at night would lie awake wondering if her pussy was smooth and soft or if it was slightly hairy and worn in the way a well fucked woman’s pussy should be, he liked the thought of burrowing his tongue into her wispy folds as she came hard on his face, her bountiful tits bouncing as she crushed her crotch into his mouth. What would it feel like for his cock to be nestled inside of her pussy? He imagined that it would be hot and slippery and tight. That’s all he had, his thoughts. Still a virgin at 32, he had always been a bit awkward around girls in high school never so much as even touching a girl’s breast. He had never had the confidence to talk to girls and settled for looking at them from a far. Although he was a good looking boy and had turned into a handsome man, he found girls of his own age to be…immature… and he had had enough of them throwing themselves at him, offering casual one night stands and meaningless sex. He was aware that he had a ‘hungrier’ appetite. His most intense orgasms had come through fantasising about being taken in hand by this older woman, being controlled and owned.

At the beginning of summer he found it so unbearably warm that he had to sleep with the window open. Along with the noise of the street outside, the sirens and the never ending stream of drunks, he heard her upstairs, having sex. It was a frequent occurrence.

If she wasn’t ‘entertaining’ then she was masturbating. He would feel his cock begin to tingle when he heard her bed creak and he wished that he could be one of the guys that fucked her. The sobbing moans she emitted sending him to the brink of orgasm time and time again. He wanted to be the one to make her moan so loudly and call his name out over and over. When he finally allowed himself to cum, he always felt more contented than after masturbating as he usually did. He soon found that he held off coming until she had company, just so he could listen, even if that meant not emptying his balls for a day or two.

His chance to talk to her came when they passed on the stairs one Sunday morning. She had been doing her laundry and was struggling upstairs with the basket. He noticed that she had dropped a few items and bent to pick them lara escort up for her. He saw there was a pair of pale pink lace panties amongst the items that she had dropped and slipped them into his pocket before he handed her the rest. With a shy glance downwards he muttered his apologies and made his way to his apartment.

Once inside he pulled the panties from his pocket and brought them to his nose. Even though they were clean, he imagined her wearing them…imagined them hugging her arse and wondered what the crotch would taste like after she had cum in them. His cock twitched and he sat on the sofa. Hurriedly pulling down his trousers and pants his cock sprung up and he wrapped the panties around the length of his shaft. His precum seemed to jet from the tip as he jerked his cock into the soft material. Just the thought of her pussy being where his cock was, was enough to send him over the edge and with one long stroke he spurted hard into the panties. He was a little ashamed of what he had just done and just how quickly it had happened. He felt so perverted but the pulsing of his cock washed away the shame and guilt and he started to clean up the spunk that had dripped onto his leg.

His heart was still pounding when there was a loud knock on the door. ‘Fuck’..he thought…ignoring it.

‘Raul… RAUL!! I know you are home and I know what you took!’

Oh god, it was her…she knew his name? How? She knew he had taken her panties?? Flustered he thrust the cum soaked panties under a cushion and pulled on a pair of sweat pants.

He opened the door….

‘Give me them back’… she didn’t wait for him to speak, she just stalked into the room.

Walking over to him she eyed him up and down her tongue between her teeth and her brow furrowed. ‘Where are my panties Raul?’ she said slowly.

‘I…I. Don’t know what you mean….’ Raul stammered

‘Don’t lie to me…she said as she stalked around the flat….’I can smell what you have been doing’

She sat down in the middle of his sofa crossing her stocking clad legs. Raul looked nervously at the cushion to her left. The cushion behind which he had hidden her panties.

‘Well…aren’t you going to speak?’ she glowered her eyes appraising his body and the slight bulge that was now beginning to form.

‘I have seen how you look at me Raul…and I know that you must hear me in my bedroom…your bedroom is right below mine’

Raul’s cheeks flushed and his cock ached.

‘Oh there’s no need to be ashamed Raul….’ every time she said his name he felt his cock stir.

‘What’s the matter with you? Cat got your tongue?’ she was mocking him now. ‘Raul… you have my panties…I want them back.’

‘I am sorry’ he uttered as he reached behind the cushion and pulled out the panties.

‘Oh Raul’ she said as she took them from him. ‘You have made quite a mess of these’

‘I am really really sorry’ casting his head downwards, bayan escort antalya his hands trembling ‘I just wanted to…’

‘There is no need to explain…I think I know what you wanted to do. Tell me Raul…do you make a habit of stealing women’s underwear?’

‘No..no I have never..would never..’ his tongue was tripping him up..’ I just find you so attractive and I wanted..’

She cut him off mid-sentence ‘You wanted to rub your cock over my knickers? You dirty disgusting pervert’

As she said the words she kept her eyes on his cock..watching it grow even more. He couldn’t understand why…he didn’t really care but hearing her call him dirty and disgusting really turned him on.

‘Have you ever had your cock sucked Raul?’ she asked

He shook his head. She laughed ‘why ever not?’

‘I don’t know…I haven’t had the opportunity.’

‘Raul…would you like to suck you?’ she asked.

His cock twitched violently as he nodded.

‘Take off your pants’

Immediately he did as she asked. Dropping his pants to the floor and letting his cock spring forward.

‘Mmm you have a very impressive cock. Come here. Stand in front of me.’

He obeyed her command and he could hardly believe what was about to happen.

Slipping his cock into her mouth she moved her head back and forth. He thought he would explode right there and then in her face. As she stroked the tip of his shaft with her tongue she looked up at him. She snaked her fingers around him and drew him further into her mouth. Her lipstick leaving red rings around his cock.

‘Raul..You taste very very nice…and considering it can’t have been long since you last came your balls are very full’

Withdrawing him from her lips she began to lick his balls. His legs were quaking. He screwed his eyes tightly closed and let the sensation of her tongue and mouth wash over him. He looked down at her, her head bobbing up and down and her full breasts undulating from side to side as you began to suck him faster and harder.

‘Raul…show me what you do with your girlfriends’ she uttered breathlessly as she held his solid shaft in her hand.

‘I have never had a girlfriend’ Raul admitted reluctantly.

‘You mean you are still..a Virgin?’ she asked incredulously, suppressing a little giggle as Raul nodded his head.

‘Oh dear.. We will have to solve that for you then wont we… I think I am going to enjoy corrupting you’

With that she stood up.

‘Sit down…relax. Your cock is nearly ready. You are such a keen young boy. I know you might not last very long so I want you to guide your cock into my pussy and do exactly as I tell you.’

Raul sat on the sofa, his heart hammering in his chest as he watched her peel off her skirt. To his amazement she wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was just as he imagined it. She was shaven and he could see that she was already wet. alanya escort bayan He longed to taste it but he knew that she was in control. His cock throbbed so hard it was beginning to become uncomfortable. He wanted to put his fist around it and cum. She placed her hands on his shoulders and lifted one thigh over his until she was sat astride him. He could feel the heat from her pussy radiate onto his thighs and he thrust his hips forward eager to feel her pussy against his cock.

‘Slowly Raul..I want you to do it slowly…I am going to lift my hips now and I want you to put the tip of your cock just on my pussy lips. Don’t thrust or it will be over too soon.’

She leaned her weight on him as she hitched her hips up and sat above him he guided his cock until it brushed against her smooth pussy lips. As she slowly lowered herself onto him he gasped in amazement. Her hot hot pussy felt better than he could ever have imagined. It was so wet and so tight. He thought about the many many lovers that she must have had and his cock thickened inside of her. She let out a moan. She clenched her pussy muscles around him and he reached for her hips. Pushing herself up and down she started to ride him and he began to follow her lead.

‘Put your hands on my breasts.’ She growled.

He began to massage her big round tits and when he squeezed her nipples her pussy contracted around his cock. He lifted the other nipple to his mouth and began to suckle.

‘Oh that’s it’ she sighed ‘Mmm you are such a quick learner’

More spasms from her pussy and he felt his lap begin to get moist. Soft little whimpers fell from her mouth as he flicked his tongue over her nipple. He had no idea that it would feel this good to pleasure her. His touch eliciting such a wonderful response from her. He knew then that he would do anything for this woman. As he brought his teeth together over the point of her nipple she cried out threw her head back and came all over his cock.

Up until now he had managed to hold back from thrusting his hips upwards to meet her rhythm. Feeling her cum had driven him to the brink and he began to push his hips upwards his hands firmly planted on her shoulders pushing her down to meet his upward thrusts, his cock ready to burst.

‘Oh fuck Raul…that’s it…FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD…I want you to cum in my pussy Raul….’

That was enough to tip him over the edge, his balls tightened and he blasted his spunk deep into her pussy. She collapsed on top of him as jet after jet of cum spurted into her. He felt like it was never going to stop and his entire body tingled with pleasure.

She shifted from him and sat next to him on the sofa, he was still unable to comprehend what had just happened. He watched as she took the dirty panties from the floor and bent to pull them on. As she stood up he could see his cum leaking from her pussy. His tongue itched to taste it. She must have sensed what he was thinking.

‘That’s enough for now Raul… next time you can clean me up…but I have a visitor due in ten minutes. When he has gone I want you to come up to my apartment. There is so much I want to teach you’

And with that she pulled up her dirty panties and walked out of the door.

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