Alpha – Rise of Rakta Balii Ch. 01


Chapter One

Guardian of the Realms

Unit 18: Hell Chasers


The Hell Chasers were pinned down on all sides in the field, and while bullets whizzed past their heads like angry bees, grenades seem to be raining from the night sky onto them, and acres of sunflowers.

Well, shit. At least the view was pretty.

The humans were on a mission to obliterate them with more enthusiasm of late. Well, more than usual.

Iason signaled the only female in the H.C unit to cover him, and made for her position a split second later, breaking from the edge of the forest in a streak of blue, black and red.

It proved to be a terrible idea, as their adversaries focused what had to be all their firepower and then some, all on him. Just how many were they? He asked himself while he crawled in beside little D who kept firing at them without cease, until they concentrated in their direction.

With a foul curse, she ducked, making herself smaller to avoid being hit by the hail of bullets that tore into the log providing cover, spitting bark onto them. Shit, meet storm.

It was as though a wood chipper had been turned out as splinters slashed down without mercy.

She yelled. “Hey Shit heads, you misssed!”

Two sharp cracks followed the declaration and D lobbed two modified M18’s. Iason smirked despite the current cluster fuck, meticulously reloading his nine’s, just waiting for the screams. D grinned, a flash of little teeth sharp and pointy, one gloved hand cupped at her ear.

“Love to hear them sing…sounds like angels.”

Two explosions came, then screams rend the night air. Now Little D was just that, little. With a shock of white hair and pink eyes standing at around 5’5, she could be a pixie of sorts but only in your head of course, to say that to her face would mean you were a dumb shit.

Followed by dead dumb shit.

Oh but the things this female could accomplish with some nails and razors blades… it could bring down a giant. Iason checked a wound on his thigh absentmindedly while she idly picked off the scattered humans, it was an annoyance as he sealed it with a drop of Phoenix tears, before moving into a crouch beside her.

It was getting boring playing dodge bullets in the sea of Sunflowers, time to wrap up.

“Wish we could play more. But I don’t get the work out vibe from these humans.”

A decisive nod of agreement from her at the statement then. “Call it Big D.”

“You take the forty on the right, I’ll be content with the six on the left.”

She grinned again teeth gleaming white. “That’s why I love you Big D, you keep me well fed.”

The nimble female leapt over the log, three line singing when she whipped it from the sheath on her back. One swing sliced a guy’s head off as he charged her and damn, another dumb shit bites the dust.

D was as female as…well, the point was she was female. Maybe…

She required a daily dose of blood and gore or she got cranky as shit. The men of H.C had gotten themselves burnt one too many times to act like dicks about it when she started getting twitchy for a dose. Their D was a whole lotta bloodthirsty, end of convo.

Iason stayed on her ass before veering off to the left, taking out four humans who were feeling confident enough to try hand to hand combat and broke their necks like matchsticks in his hands. Idiots.

Then this one guy actually had the balls to tackle him, which made Iason sit up and take notice.

For a human, the power was unexpected as he was thrown backwards into a tree, and heard the bark splitting behind him. Pain shot up his spine, hot and sweet on impact. By all the realms… sheer luck had bestowed upon him a human worthy enough to fight. Definite win.

Iason inserted his right forearm between them as the man slammed into him. Dumb move getting this close.

He pressed against his sternum and shoved back hard enough for room to knee him in the stomach, a blow which propelled the human a few inches off the ground giving Iason room to power a solid kick into his side, pitching him into tree, he made contact with an oomph!

Pay back was a bitch.

The human rolled and was up in a blink spitting blood into his gloved palm. Badass one, human—nil.

The man ripped his mask off and smirked like it was Christmas morning,

“Well done freak, I rarely bleed… I like you.” Delivered in a throaty growl while he bared his teeth.

Iason assessed him without reaction to the words, trading fuck you’s was pointless and limited to only the people he actually liked. Humans weren’t on that list.

This one had black military styled hair, piercing green eyes and a scar that ran from his right cheek, then across a nose that was crooked to his left ear. A warrior, lucky him. Assess done, Iason sheathed his weapons staring at him coldly. “Not my type, cast no doe eyes at me male.”

In his peripheral little D sat on a tree stump idly wiping off her favorite toy on a black cloth, pink eyes laughing. Gah, the escort bayan female put them all to shame with that thing.

He made a ‘come here’ gesture at the smug human and instead of complying, the guy let out a shrill whistle that was immediately returned. Well, surprise surprise.

Iason looked around as the call bounced back from over a dozen sources and sighed. This, was going to be annoying. He knew it… aannnnd. All hell broke loose.

Now there are times when things merely go south. This time south, meant way south… as in Dixie.

Rouen another team mate came out of nowhere hauling ass in their direction, with at least ten huge hybrids on his ass, Bane the last of their crew in from the west, chucking grenades over his shoulder.

“VBS! Big D!” Bane roared before hitting the deck for cover. VBS was the heads up for him to brace. For Bane to use them meant… shit was getting real.

Iason rode out the blast of the grenades without flinching though he wanted too. This particular grenade had a blast impact that made his eardrums twist into itself, and just the vibrations threatened to rip his head apart. His stomach heaved and turned inside out like a bag being washed and his vision stretched, painfully, then snapped back like a rubber band on a junkie’s wrist and vomit rose in his throat. Ah shit.

Iason watched them fight off the advancing hybrids without moving a muscle because he knew his boys could fight their own battles, but, in this one, they were seriously out gunned.

D dove into the fray with a roar when Rou took a hit and began taking heads, getting her some.

Iason stayed put, watching everything and waiting with his eyes fixed on his human. Tracking them from the corner of his eyes…what­­­-the-hell? He wasn’t expecting it, hell, no one saw the fresh influx of reinforcement until they came tearing into the battle, and he was thrown. Damn it! But, they were being overrun!

He shifted his gaze over to the vicious fight playing out within spitting distance in a calculated move, and in that split second he allowed his guard to slip. A thin wire latched around his throat from behind.

Candy from a baby.

It jerked him back then up roughly, pinning him against the tree at his back. Oh look, the human was pleased they got the drop on him. The bite of the garrote was like fire encircling his neck in a persistent burn of pain as it tugged inwards, cutting through the material of his armored collar into his flesh, brutally deep.

The man laughed and slammed his hand, palm down against his chest crushing a small vial and then…

Iason had an authentic, ‘oh fuck’ moment as the human’s eyes went neon red, and his canines grew into fangs. Not the cute vampire fangs newbie vamps sported, but fully grown fucking Siberian tiger fangs.

“What the fuck!” Rou snarled, guess he saw them too.

“That’s just nasty.” Yeah D could be female sometimes.

“Just threw up in my mouth.” Bane finished off, the comments rolled almost into one. He got it all.

The human’s body expanded with the cracks of multiple bones snapping in change, clothes ripping to accommodate his new size. Yep nasty, and damn it, they’d missed the memo where a flesh colored hulk would make an appearance because that’s what he turned into. Well, minus the long black knotted horns curving back on his skull, it was close enough. Iason noted with polite disinterest. Then they all snapped back into fight mode. “Bane, Get your ass here now!”

D roared while she half dragged half carried Rou away from the hybrids edging closer. Bane, a tall blonde hair, blue eyed tiger salamander moved in a whirl of motion, blades slashing and cutting through bodies as though they were butter on a hot knife making his way to them. D looked over clocking his position while emptying a full clip into one that got in too close.

“Big D we gotta pull out!”

The fact he was currently hanging on a wire like a wet sheet, didn’t faze any of the Hell Chasers or him.

She knew he could get free when he had what he wanted from the humans. They all knew it.

Well… except for the stupid prideful humans of course. They would learn.

Iason dipped his head in agreement refocusing on the panting hybrid before him with those ugly red peepers of his glowing like led lights from his horned skull, and with all his hair was gone, fugly.

The human/hybrid, did the stupidest thing he could ever do, barring his current profession.

He answered for Iason the words were distorted in his muzzle like mouth.

“He can’t right now, trapped like a man-sized fly in an itty bitty web… fitting.”

He spat out the words, well, attempted to, they came out warped around mammoth teeth that hung past his lower lip, and an eerie calm fell in the field.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Rou spat into that calm with an arched brow.

“Boy you got yourself winged for nothing.” D smirked patting Rou’s arm, “BB owes me twenty,”

“Are you fucking kidding türbanlı escort me?” Rou repeated, glaring at the hybrid like he wanted to strangle it himself.

Iason’s rage became tangible as it snapped out like a whip, so painful it froze everything it touched.

D barked out a loud happy laugh and broke the dead silence as she drawled. “Ohhh snap.”

Bane paused in mid step lowered his gun in a resigned way, rolling one shoulder experimentally.

“You can say that again D.” With an odd smirk and a swift movement of his hand, he opened a portal.

D helped Rou inside laughing her ass off, Bane followed sheathing his weapons with a smirk.

“Almost feel sorry for those… ” the rest cut off as it slid shut.

Iason fixed his eyes on the hybrid as the flimsy wire that couldn’t have held him to begin with fell away.

His hair flashed to a white best described as virgin snow eyes melting to heated silver.

“Well now, guess it’s just us boys.” Definitely not a question.

He rolled his neck on his shoulders ignoring the blood and pain, his entire body slipping into loose.

Barely focusing on the others as they circled him like rabid dogs. More target practice was how he saw them because this night was a gift that just kept on giving.

As a Guardian of the Realms, his unit was basically special branch. As in really special.

They went where others feared to go, kicked the shit out of anything that gave them lip, got the damn job done and precisely in that order. What made them special in the G.O.T.R circle?

A unit primarily comprised of a six cell team that ran missions, ate slept, fucked, and did their killing together. A LOT of killing together. H.C only had four.

They were the meanest and hardest to control out of all the others. And they all came with a warning label that more often than not, slapped you in the face after you hit the ground, and a certain level of power. As a Hell chaser the name was literal, they chased hell where ever they found it. Then made it their bitch.

H.C was faster stronger and meaner than any other unit out there, and every other unit out there knew it.

This mission was passed to them six months ago, was supposed to be as routine as breathing.

So humans were having allergic reactions to demon blood other than gagging and coughing that shit up, they were going on rampages and causing all kinds of hell in the earth realm, they saw it as humans begging to be put down. Sounded easy enough right? Well, it sure started out that way, but then the rabbit hole got real deep. Not just regular humans anymore.

They found themselves facing the type that burnt witches at the stake hundreds of years ago, the type that had labs to dissect anything that wasn’t human just to see what made it tick. The type, with more cash and secret government funding than the C.I.A, to finance their hobby until the earth realm turned to dust.

They’d begun with using random humans to test their theories at first, leaving Naturals to fight hybrids in shopping malls and underground parking lots. In short they were stupid as fuck about it. Imagine, one day you’re at the park taking a load off and bam!

The little old lady you saw every Sunday sitting on a bench knitting like always was sporting horns and threatening to rip your balls off with her big ass teeth. Nasty and gross came to mind, but it was fucking hilarious the shit humans came up with on most days.

They’d learnt to control the change from human into hybrids shortly after, and instead of bums and little old ladies? They started using their trained soldiers and had been tearing through the ranks of his kind without prejudice since that particular leap.

Didn’t take them long to stop being stupid as fuck either.

Shit would’ve been less unnerving if it were business as usual on their end. You know?

Just the natural cycle of a fucked up life. Humans offing Nat’s for being different, and then dying on the fangs or claws of some pissed off Nat in retribution. The cycle of life was understood by both parties and would’ve remained intact for generations to come. But no… someone wanted to change the rules.

There was always some scheming fucker in the shadows somewhere tugging on strings, making them all dance like little puppets. Iason was the first to admit it, that shit was a pain in the ass on most days.

But it sure made life more interesting on others.

The humans however, were on a mission of their own making to find someone or something according to Intel previously and meticulously stripped from an earlier mission, with his own hands.

And it was fact that they didn’t give a fuck if their looking threw them all into war.

He needed to know two things on this mission. Who and the what. Hence his current position.

Iason focused on the male paces away remembering why he was reflecting on what lead them to this moment. Ah yes, this shit head pissed him off with antalya escort a comment.

“Man sized fly, in an itty bitty web?” This was a question. His head went to the side, taking the male’s measure coolly.

“I’m gonna slaughter your squad of retarded men in tights, while you watch. Then, I’m gonna rip out your spine with my fangs. Tie it around your neck in a pretty bow.” He smirked, fangs sliding out.

The night went void of any sound when he looked up at the sky. It was empty like him, waiting to be filled with the blood of those beneath it. Killing helped, somewhat.

The smirk widened, “After that, I’ll mail your remains to your mother.”

It was a promise.

Bane Black best known as BB, stood on the bluff a few clicks off, looking over the clearing, arms folded. “I just worry about him sometimes lil D, don’t know anyone as vicious as our boy.”

Half serious, half query.

Blair ‘Little D’ Arc Wood sat cross legged on a rock running a wet stone lovingly over the blade of her three line, the sound of the metal kissing the stone strangely comforting.

“I don’t ever, he is what he is and we are what we are. End of.” But her eyes were on the clearing as well.

Rou limped over arm wrapped tightly to his stomach, sucking on a ration pack. Gingerly he eased down beside her. “Think he’ll get what he’s after?” A useless question.

Iason always got what he went for out of them. Sooner, depending on their need as soldiers.

Later, depending on his needs alone. The mission was a cakewalk, almost over.

Iason out of the four, was supernaturally gifted with loosening tongues before removing them. And he was hella creative with the loosening aspect. “Yeah, he’ll come through, always…”

Bane began, but a sonic boom ripped through the clearing before he could finish, followed by a light so piercing it blinded them momentarily. Bane was tossed backwards into a wall of rock from the following ripple best described as a shock wave. D braced against Rou and kept her head down waiting it out.

That didn’t sound good to any of them. Bane leapt up, wiped blood from his mouth rushing back to the edge to look down. “Shit! Motherfuck…” Foul curses spewed from his bloody mouth.

The field was a huge smoking crater. “Ah guys… we forgot to put down the anchors.”

Rou groaned and tossed the mangled pack at him. “Leave it out of the report dick wad, we didn’t forget shit!”

A portal opened and Iason strode out with a lazy swagger, most of him covered in blood, hair blood red, eyes arctic cold, body hanging off one shoulder. “I’m with Rou, we didn’t forget shit.”

He tossed the body down without any apparent effort then closed the portal while the corpse rolled to a stop at Bane’s booted feet. The man looked down cursing foully enough this time around to make even Rou and Blair wince. Until Rou looked himself. “Fuck, damn…”

Little D barked out a laugh and fist pumped. “Oh, you have to teach me that!”

The human was covered in his own blood, clearly dead and wouldn’t you know it?

His bloody mangled spine was wrapped neatly around his neck —in a fucking bow.

D took out her phone, snapped a photo giggling madly while her thumbs moved at lightning speed.

“What the hell are you doing D?” Bane snapped irritably when he caught the expression frozen on the human’s face…shit. The horror captured there in his last moments, said clearly he’d been kicking and definitely screaming when Iason eviscerated him and ripped his spine from his back. Again, god damn!

She shoved the phone beneath his nose seconds later.

#what I want for Xmas. Smiley fucking face.

She’d posted on the bulletin board and his own phone vibrated in his pocket while he got an eyeful of the gory mess, Rou’s pinged with Iason’s simultaneously. Shit literally circled the realms in seconds.

Iason made a sound of impatience while ignoring the ping and folded his arms all business.

“The humans were A.U.N.N, their looking for a male, a Nat.”

D pocketed her phone and leaned against a tree. “Got a name?”

He looked around at them flaring out his wings, flapping them once, twice, before folding them back down close to his back. It was a telling gesture that got their attention. “Yeah, I got a name.”

A cold breeze blew between them and the corpse, bringing the scent of death and smoke from below.

When he said it, silence followed. “Shit…”Rou breathed out and sat abruptly,

Bane’s eyes went comically wide and he backed up, D’s arms dropped and she uttered a curse so foul it made him blush. “You fucking with us Big D?” She snapped after a moment, glaring at him.

Iason tucked in his wings crouching next to the burnt out human, admiring his handiwork.

“I don’t tie a bow for just any human D, you- know- me.” They knew him alright. Iason rocked back on his heels. Shit wouldn’t cover this. They were royally screwed. They were all thinking it.

“We gotta go in Iason.” Rou stood as he spoke looking pissed off.

The guy was half human and something no one could identify and Iason kept his suspicions to himself.

Because no one liked having their shit aired.

They’d been a threesome when Rou, just a kid applied first day out of the Academy. He had balls.

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