End of a Long Wait Pt. 02



A quick word from the author:

Hi. Thanks for trying this, hope you enjoy reading the scene.

This scene is written as a direct sequel to End of a Long Wait Pt. 01. So, this part 2 picks up right where part 1 ends and hence does not have any build up. So, reading part 1 first is recommended. However, this can also be read as a standalone. Have fun!


While they share a passionate kiss, Brad reaches around Suze, undoing the knot to finally let her hands free, her palms almost immediately grabbing at his body which she’s been craving for quite a while now, clutching on to him and hugging him tightly, digging her nails right into his back as he gives her a bite on her lower lip.

“Should we take it to the bedroom luv?” asks Brad breaking the kiss, gazing deep into her eyes with a wide smile adorning his face. Her beautiful eyes say it all as he picks her up in his arms, Suzy wrapping her legs around his waist tightly as they share another sloppy kiss as he carries her to their love den to give it some much-needed sex which it’d been sadly bereft of for a few months. Things were about to get explosive!


Finally having her arms free, Suze is overcome with desire for her man, having been toyed with by the Ben wa balls and her thoughts all day and Brad’s torturously teasing ways adding fuel to her fiery desire. She loosens the grip of her legs around his waist, barely enough to make her slip a couple of inches down his strong frame, and she lets out a smile looking into his deep-brown eyes as she feels his manhood throbbing against her panties. She catches him moan softly at feeling her warmth against his arousal like that, and she pounces at the opportunity like an animal, as she runs her palms up his back into his hair, grabbing it with both hands and pulling his face into her for a kiss so sudden, it stops him in his tracks.

Brad can’t help but be powerless to her raw sexiness, as he finds himself to be stunned and frozen. He can’t help but melt at having her grab his hair, as he goes so weak in his knees that he nearly falls over on their couch, leaving her sitting on top of his waist, their lips still trying to devour the other in a fit of desire. Never being bothered for even a second by having almost-toppled over, Susan smiles into the kiss as she finds herself to be sitting on his torso, leaning into him and kissing him for long as she holds his hair, yanking it to remind him of who owns his heart.

“Get your hands above your head. Now!” Susan whispers into his ears commandingly, letting go of his hair and breaking the kiss as she takes his earlobe between her teeth to give it a soft bite. As Brad does as told almost immediately, to which she rewards his neck with a torrent of kisses as she leaves a trail moving over to the other side of his neck, while her fingertips teasingly run all over his pounding chest. As Brad lays there on his back on the couch, having obediently brought both his palms above his head, he feels her mouth kiss its way back up to his ears. He can’t help but feel goosebumps wash over his face as her scorchingly hot touch leaves him aching for more.

“Aren’t you my eager manslut?” she whispers with a smile, as she lowers her body to have her panties meet the tent in his boxers again, slowly grinding against his arousal and feeling his body yearn for more by way of his rock-hard cock twitch beggingly against her soaked panties.

“Y. Y Yes” comes a weak reply from him, as he grinds his teeth and does his best not to lose control and climax right fucking there.

“You will be a good boi and not move an inch until you’re allowed to. Not. A. Fucking. Inch. You’ll lay here with your hands above your head.” she says, punctuating the assertive words with the sloppy sounds of her hungry mouth suckling on his ears. “You see my dear, I don’t need any ‘cuffs to restrain you. My word is good enough to own your ass. Isn’t it, toy?”

“Oh god, fucking ye… Fffffffucking heavens”

Brad has his sentence melt into a moan as he feels Suze’s cold palm take him by surprise as she slides it inside his boxers and grabs his throbbing shaft. She gives him a gentle tug and almost immediately lets him go as she feels his entire body squirm under her. She reluctantly gets her mouth off his neck and moves lower down his body, sitting across his thighs now and before he realizes it, her mouth kisses its way down his chest, making a detour to teasingly lick his nipples, before coming back down to his waist. Brad can feel the entirety of his being burn and rage with a need for her as she takes her beautiful mouth all over his skin. She gets her mouth off of his delightful body to look up at him, to see him drinking down the beautiful sight of his topless sex bomb.

She locks eyes with him and goes lower still, Bostancı Escort as she slides her fingertips beneath the band of his boxers, slowly pulling down at them as she kisses his boner on top of his about-to-be-stripped clothing. As she pulls the boxers lower down his thighs, the band snaps off the boner, and his cock springs to life, hard as a rock and bobbing all over, searching for her mouth to fuck and her cunt to make love to. She pulls the boxers all the way down and lets them lay in a crumple at his ankles. She kisses him up the insides of his knees, her hair gently sliding across his legs as she makes her way up his thighs.

She takes a teasing pause to spread his legs wider, only to bite him at his inner thighs, while never breaking eye contact with him. The sight of watching her bite him ever so close to his raging manhood, and feeling her lush hair fall ever so teasingly all over his thighs leaves him squirming like a fish out of the water as he breaks eye contact and throws his head back in agonizing pleasure.

“Eyes here, Mister” she calls out to him as they lock eyes again, and she starts to lick down the insides of his thighs. “You are not to move a fucking inch, get that? You will stay still as ordered and take it like a good toy” she instructs him as he nods in acknowledgment. It has always surprised him, how easily she can have him submit to her, and how fucking much he loves having her own his body, his mind, his pleasure, and his soul. And the realization that it was he who held control only moments ago, and now lay there like an obedient slave, the sheer contrast of loving both those sides which she brings out of him, leaves him in a wake of gooseflesh.

Suze is quick to notice the hairs on his skin stand erect as goosebumps wash over him, and she wastes no second to run her fingertips like a feather, tracing the gooseflesh, and taking her own sweet time to kiss him all over his thighs. Brad does his best to stay still, even as he feels her hair glide over his skin and titillate every neuron in his brain. The mental restraints that she’s got him locked in, make him feel hyper-aware of the control that she wields over him, and the realization only makes his arousal grow needier. Watching his cock twitch in arousal, begging for attention, she slowly lets her mouth kiss her way back toward his manhood again.

She runs her nails down his thighs as she kisses him up his inner thighs. She looks up into his eyes, “Do you want it?” she silently mouths the words with her lips with a sly smile, and without waiting for a reply, she toys with his balls by taking them into her mouth, softly suckling on them and making him struggle to stay still. The intensity of the eyes being locked only adds to the sheer intimacy of the moment, she slides her wet mouth teasingly along his veiny shaft and puckers her lips at the top of the shaft sideways, gently holding his meat between her lips and moves her head slowly back down to pull on his foreskin down his aching cock. The immense pleasure of the moment, having her toy with his dick before she even took it into her mouth, watching her be a goddess of lust and tease him makes him ooze pre-cum down his glistening forehead.

“I missed my slave’s cock so darn much!” she exclaims as she lets the tip of her tongue lick his twitching cock back up to the head, as she catches the pre-cum, leaving Brad ooh-ing and aah-ing in pleasure. Watching him give himself in and struggle to remain sane makes her clit throb for the cock that she’s teasing. She can’t help but clench her walls at the sound of his beautiful moans, and ben wa balls already inside her tight cunt making her crave to have his cock be balls-deep inside her, making love to her like there was no tomorrow. Suze decides to let her hands join in on the fun as her fingertips march over his thighs to reach his cock, and they run ever so teasingly along his length. Brad, feeling overcome with desire for pleasure, thrusts his hips upwards into the air ever so gently, desperate to fuck her mouth. Watching her boy toy misbehave, she digs her nails into his thighs and warns him of repercussions. “You don’t want to be punished, not when you’ve come so far!” she says as her pretty fingers find their way back onto his twitching dick, as they gently wrap themselves around the veiny girth and start to pump his eager cock, ever so slowly.

As Brad struggles to keep himself still, even when there’s a storm being stirred right in his soul, he shudders and squirms under her and forces himself to keep his arms above his head on the bed, so far away from her, wishing he could go back to toying with her pretty ass, feeling the dom inside him grow restless to come out again. As thoughts of thousand kinds rock Brad’s mind, she kisses him right down the glistening slit at his tip, and lets her lips grip and slide down his length, finally taking every last inch of his twitching rod into her hot mouth as the sounds of Brad’s moans fill the room. She can’t help but let her fingers grip his cock tighter at the Ümraniye Escort base, gently twisting on the grip as her mouth slowly goes back up from his base to his mushroomhead, winking at him as she teasingly strokes his sensitive tip with the tip of her slippery tongue, while her lips are still sucking on his head, working her sexy mouth in unimaginably pleasurable ways.

“I want you. Now” Brad says feeling his control wither away as he instinctively snaps his hands out of place and gets them both into her hair. He tries to consciously stop his body but, nothing is in his control anymore. Not the situation, not his mind, not his own body. His body, overcome with a burning hunger for all of her, just takes over him and he curls his fingers in her hair and starts to thrust upwards into her hot mouth, which he can never get enough of. Suze is taken by surprise but the pleasure of the moment carries her away, as she just stays there on her knees leaning over him as he grabs her hair and fucks her mouth raw. She cannot help but have her pussy drool at the sensations, which make her clench so hard on the balls making them move around and send sweet stimulations right up her spine.

Suze snaps out of her daze and grabs both of his wrists mustering all of her strength, and breaks free of his hold. She nearly jumps at him, bringing his wrists above his face and pinning them down on the bed; feeling him trying to break free of her hold, she brings her knees up and plants them down on his elbows. Brad lays there realizing that his arms are trapped under her lithe frame, his elbows pinned down by her knees, and all he can feel is the scent of her arousal filling his lungs up. Her intoxicating musk making him hyper-aware that her pretty panties are just inches away from his face, he dares to lock eyes with her again, looking up to watch her sit on him in all of her bare-busted glory, Suze looking down at him with pride in her eyes, at having foiled his lustful coup at seizing power.

Suze gives her hungry lover a slap across his bearded cheeks, “you couldn’t just stay still, could you? Poor you, I was wondering if I should make you explode in my mouth, just the way you love to.” She says teasing him, and she lets her palms roam free all over her body; letting her head fall back, she starts to run her fingertips all over her chest. “Tsk tsk tsk, my poor baby!” she exclaims as his watchful gaze makes her skin burn with arousal, as she goes on to tease her erect nipples. She takes her fingers into her mouth, suckling on them as she smiles to herself at the realization that her mouth misses toying with his cock. She brings her wet fingertips to her tits, her fingertips twisting her sensitive buds wishing it was his hands and mouth, devouring her.

As Brad watches his queen sit on him and touch herself ever so sensually, her scent driving him mad with hunger like a lust-crazed animal, he turns his face and reaches for the inside of her thigh with his mouth. She feels the hot touch of his mouth as his bearded lips suckle and nibble up her thigh, the touch of his mouth with all of its beautifully vivid textures, and the feel of his bated breath on her skin make her pleasure build and rage inside her. Still keeping her head fallen back and her eyes closed, her body instinctively takes her needy cunt to his eager mouth, and feeling him kiss her right over her soaked panties makes her quiver, as she pinches her tits utterly lost in the moment and moans out in sheer pleasure.

Brad had always loved how vocal she was in bed, her sensual sounds make him all the more restless as if her moans were calling out his primal self, he takes the fabric of the panties between his teeth and tugs at it, making the wet panties slip and slide against her pussy lips. She bites her lower lip and lets out a smile, at how he always manages to be a tease, even when she’s his domme. He pulls on her panties sideways and manages to get them fumbled over to one side, leaving her gorgeous pussy exposed for him in all its dripping glory inches away from his hungry mouth. He notices the string of the ben wa balls peeking out of her slit, and he grabs it between his teeth and tugs at it, making her squeal at the sudden sensations.

She looks down at him as he wriggles and creates a bit of room to move his long neck around; he grabs at the string of the balls and yanks his head back, pulling one of the shiny metallic balls pop out of her tight entrance. The sensations make her go weak in the knees and she trembles, instinctively reaching out to grab his hair with both palms as she tries to regain balance, careful not to let his elbows slip away from underneath her knees. As she holds his hair and locks eyes with him, he looks up and licks the ball which just slipped out of her wetness, tasting her off the balls. Having her pin his elbows down with her knees, the compromising position makes him feel like her slut, and he loves it beyond all measure. The potent combination of her scent in his lungs, and the tantalizing taste of her on Anadolu Yakası Escort his tongue, proves to be much too hot for him to handle as he gets his tongue to her clit, dabbing at it before he flicks his tongue at her clit, unable to get enough of her.

Suze is lost for rational thought as the sensations of the building orgasm take over her, as she grips his hair tighter. “Keep going my good boy”, she manages to utter as she closes her eyes again, trying to feel every last bit of his beautiful mouth at her cunt. Feeling her pleasure build as her grip on his hair goes tighter, he stops to give her slit a tender kiss, smiling into the kiss before letting his tongue break out of his lips to start licking her right across her slit.

It’s an internal conflict with his tongue, his lips, and even his teeth fighting amongst themselves for a chance to get more of her dripping folds, as he tilts his head and suckles and licks across her slit, spreading out her folds. “Hold on luv!” he warns before grabbing the string of the balls and pulls on it with his teeth, slower than earlier. His efforts to tease succeed, as his pull on the thread is softer than before, the ball which is still inside her which is slightly larger than the one which he popped out of her earlier, almost manages to come out before slipping back in again. The feeling of having the ball part her tight entrance makes her gasp and moan, as she grips his hair tighter, and orders him to pull it out of her.

“As you order Miss,” he says with a soft chuckle before tugging hard and pulling the ball out of her, making her gasp hard. “I hope you’re impressed with your manwhore’s choice of a gift,” he asks as he lets the ben wa balls slide and fall onto the floor. As she nods in agreement, he pounces at her clit and takes it into his desperate mouth. The feeling of having his bearded face touch and tease her all over her thighs as he moves his face around, and having her clit be taken by his bearded lips into his hot mouth, the raw sexiness of pinning him down and holding that position of power over him, everything about the moment inches her closer to a powerful climax as she looks deep into his eyes and manages to softly utter between moans, “I’m close love”.

Hearing her say it emboldens him and spurs him on like a racehorse, as he buries his face at her core, suckling on her throbbing clit and stroking it with his hot tongue while it’s still inside his mouth. He slides his mouth sideways to give her a bite at her inner thighs, “Cum for me darlin” he says as he takes his nasty mouth back between her legs and flicks at her clit with his tongue, never breaking eye contact. Watching him squirm with hunger under her and eat her out with a burning passion, making her body grind on his mouth as she starts to hump his face while holding his hair like he was her slutpet.

Brad moans from the pleasure of having her hold his hair and ride his face, and the sensation of feeling him moan with his lips against her pussy, it pushes her off the cliff and she feels every nerve of her body be washed over with an all-consuming feeling of explosive pleasure. “I.. I… I’m cu-uh-” Her mouth trails off as she feels wave after wave of orgasm rock her world, as she feels electric jolts of pleasure run all over her spine into her lust-soaked mind. As she moans out uncontrollably, Brad keeps his tongue stroking her throbbing clit and she can’t help but feel her body build right up to another orgasm as she feels his eager tongue stroke her clit which is sensitive from having just climaxed.

She pushes his face down like an animal and brings herself on top of him as she soon finds herself rocking her cunt back and forth over his needy mouth even as the waves of pleasure haven’t yet subsided. She lets one palm out of his hair and gets it behind her back, and brings it down onto his chest. As she rides his mouth to heaven and hell, she slides her palm down his chest onto his stomach, giving him butterflies all over.

The anticipation of her palm sliding along his body down south, as she hungrily rides his mouth, sends chills down Brad’s spine. She slides her palm lower down his body till it reaches his twitching cock, and wraps her palm around the thick base. Feeling how hard he is for her, feeling all of the warmth of his cock at her palm, all of it only makes her ride his mouth harder. Brad can’t help but let out moans into her pussy grinding his face, feeling her grab hold of his arousal as if she owns it. She grips his cock tighter and starts to pump him ever so slowly, and that is enough to turn Brad into a whimpering mess.

His lustful moans being muffled by her cunt, Brad loses himself in the moment and tries to match her rhythm, trying to let his mouth get as much of her delicious cunt as he can, and that blows Suze’s mind as she feels another series of waves of pleasure rock over her senses, “Oh god I’m cumming” she moans out in ecstasy and she just submits herself to the pleasure, completely giving in to the sensations gushing through her nerves. She loses count of her climaxes as she lets go of his aching cock and digs her nails hard into his thighs, as she slows down the humping before she finally stops, her spine instinctively arches like a bow, with Brad’s lips easing off the pace, as they gently kiss her flower lovingly.

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