Lunchtime Tryst in the Pool


I’m in the pool, swimming lazy laps when I hear your car pull into in the driveway. Naked, long blonde hair up in a ponytail, slathered in sun block. Your timing is exact; you have only 30 minutes to spend with me before real life calls you back.

The weather has been ideal, high 80’s and low 90’s and the water in the pool is like bath water, body temperature water, and very comfortable on bare skin. Today the sun is shining brightly directly overhead with only a few cumulous clouds drifting in the sky.

When you come through the gate, closing it carefully behind you, I’m floating on my back, light green eyes watching the birds, who, startled at your entrance, scatter into the light blue sky.

I roll onto my side and stroke towards the shallow end; your entry into the pool usually takes the form of a cannonball into the deep end and I’ve no desire to be swamped by the waves you create.

Sure enough, clothes dropped hastily onto the concrete, you take a running start and leap into the pool, your deeply tanned body only a flash of skin before you drop into the clear water.

You sputter to the surface only inches from my body, having swum under water until you reached me.

“Hey lover.” You smile, white teeth flashing, brown eyes bright, dark hair dripping water.

“Hey yourself.” I answer, a fire of lust igniting inside of me. I’ve waited two weeks to see you, plans changing almost daily for some reason or another. Two VERY long weeks.

“Miss me?” You tease, reaching out to gather me against you, both of us floating together, Maltepe Escort my legs around your back, your feet barely touching the floor of the pool.

“Of course.” I answer, twining my hands in your hair, enjoying the feel of your naked body against mine.

“How much did you miss me?” Your arms are around my back, and they slide down to grip my ass, pulling me closer to you, erection hard against my stomach, bobbing in the warm water. “Show me how much you missed me.”

Your demand is like lighter fluid on the fire, flames erupting, bursting inside of me from my brain on down to my toes. Sliding my hands from your hair to the back of your neck, I kiss you, lightly at first then deeper, legs tightening around your waist, a moan of arousal escaping my lips.

Pulling away, you kiss my cheeks, heated and red from the sun, then my neck and back to my mouth. We are like starving children, presented with a feast of goodies. I can’t get enough of your skin, touching, kissing, stroking.

I feel the rough edge of the pool against my back and realize that you’ve waded us through the water to the side. The shallower water allows you to bend your knees, my legs drifting apart and down so that I can rest my thighs on yours.

Your mouth captures mine again, lips pressing, tongue demanding entrance, teasing me, enticing me, arousing me. I am balanced on you and your hands are free, fingers stroking my back, then around to cup my breasts, weighing them in your palms, thumbs brushing against each nipple, already erect.

Abruptly, İstanbul Escort you stand up, scraping my unsuspecting back on the concrete lip of the pool, uncaring, as you kiss down the center of my chest and over to my right breast.

Closed lips graze my nipple, teasing back and forth before you open your mouth and suck gently.

I’m moaning, legs tightening around your hips, my hands in your hair again, pulling, pushing.

“You’re wet aren’t you, soaking wet, you little hussy.” Your voice is deep, husky with desire. “Open your eyes, I want you to watch me as I fuck you.”

Right hand sliding down my body, finding your way through the water to the center of my spread legs, index finger slipping smoothly into me. “I knew it.” You crow, brown eyes glued to mine.

“Tell me.” Your demand is for my submission, but I am not fast enough for you. A second finger joins the first, thrusting into me, the water sloshing around us as I move my hips, fucking your fingers.

“Liza, I won’t ask again.” Your fingers are gone, cockhead against my slit, waiting for my spoken acquiescence.

Tiring of the game, wanting you deep inside me, I narrow my eyes and say, “Fuck me. Fuck me so fucking hard the neighbors can hear us fucking.”

Your eyes crinkle as you smile at me and I grin back, enjoying the game. Hand on your cock, you guide the rubbery flesh into the space your fingers had occupied, watching my eyes widen, as they always do at your entrance. Hands on my hips, you pull me down onto you, impaling Anadolu Yakası Escort me, filling me.

You rock me back against the tile and concrete, scraping fair skin once again. I don’t care, my legs are locked around your hips, riding you….being ridden, mouths together and apart. I’m moaning and gasping into your neck, waves of water around us.

“I don’t think the neighbors can hear you.” You mock my soft noises.

Tightening my legs, I draw you deeper into me and you inhale sharply with pleasure. “I don’t care about the neighbors.” I whisper into your ear before biting your earlobe. “YOU can hear me, and every noise I make is for you.”

“You’ll pay for that Elizabeth.” Mashing me against the side of the pool, hands on the ledge, thrusting harder and harder, watching my eyes glaze and mouth open. Victory is yours; I’m your willing puppet, drowning in the pleasure you create in my body.

“I’m……. fucking…..cumming.” My nails dig into your back as I hold on to you, arching into you, exploding.

You sag against me, weight pressing me into the unyielding rock, cock throbbing inside of me, mated….fully sated.

“I adore you, all of you.” You kiss me softly, mouth tender on my sun-kissed skin. “We’ll have to do this again.” Always joking, knowing full well that you’ll be back as soon as you can steal away from real life to join me.

I watch you climb the steps out of the pool, unabashedly naked, use my towel to dry off and quickly put your clothes back on. Turning to see my eyes on you, you bend and kiss your fingers in a chef’s kiss motion, throwing the kiss in my direction.

Floating on my back again, I wave a hand languidly at you and close my eyes, desire slaked, exhausted. Hoping fervently that whatever that is keeping you busy at work doesn’t keep you from me for two more weeks.

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