The Tattoo Riddles Ch. 05


Her phone had buzzed twice already this evening. The first time had been a PPI spam text, the second a confirmation from Amazon that her recent order of new headphones was due for delivery the next day. When it buzzed a third time, she fully expected it to be her Mum who, having only recently discovered texting, had taken to updating her about everything from the unfolding plot of her favourite soap to the cat from next door’s indiscretions on the lawn.

But it was from Summer. Before she read it, she put the phone down on the kitchen worktop and stared out of the window, over the rooftops. It felt like it was an envelope lying in front of her, containing important exam results or the outcome of a job interview.

She waited a few moments more, took a deep breath and picked up the phone again. She and Summer weren’t particularly close friends like Summer was with Mya, so there was no prearranged coded message. Instead, it just read “Your go next 🙂 Luv Summer xxx”.

She went and sat down on the sofa, staring at the text. Her hand reached down between her legs, pulled aside the pyjama shorts she was wearing and began to rub furiously at her clit. She dropped the phone, her other hand slipped up under her top and began to pull at a nipple. She would ask him to meet over a coffee, outline her terms, the conditions under which she would agree to fulfil the pledge. And if he agreed… then…. then…. she lost herself imagining what would happen next…..


Rick awoke with a raging hard on. His cock was a little sore from the constant use that had been demanded of it last night. Not that he was complaining. Despite feeling ultra-sensitive, it was aching to be deep inside Summer yet again. She was lying curled up on her side with her back to him. Her beautiful, slender, soft brown back. He took his shaft in one hand and carefully directed it until he felt the tip nudge up against her pussy lips. It slid back and forth with ease, and he could feel that she was already really wet. He rubbed his knob up and down her slit carefully for a few moments, gradually easing her pussy lips apart, conscious that he didn’t want her to wake just yet. When he felt she was ready, he repositioned his body, so his mouth was close to her shoulder blades, with his cock ready to slip inside her.

He pushed gently and felt his knob pop inside her. She murmured softly and shifted a little in her sleep, her backside moving towards him, impaling herself an inch or so more onto his stationary cock in the process. He lay quite still for a moment, both to savour the feel of her tight pussy squeezing on his hardness, and also because he didn’t want her to wake. Then he moved his hips forward ever so slightly, easing further inside her. Another murmur, but she stayed still this time. With a hand on her hip, he pressed forward again, this time until his groin was right up against her soft, warm buttocks. As he did so, he bent his head and started kissing and biting gently on the back of her neck.

“Mmmm….. yeah…. uhhh…. just…… ohhh…..,” she muttered softly as her body writhed slowly to try and press against both his cock and his mouth simultaneously.

He kept his cock still inside her again, letting her squirming give her the pleasure she sought as she woke, and he reached around her with one hand to cup a pert breast, rolling the nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger, as he licked and kissed his way all over her upper back.

She was awake now, but only just, “Mm mm…. oh yes…. oh fuck…. ah…. there… right there.”

He started to fuck her with slow, long strokes and squeezed a bit harder on her nipple, pulling on it a little too. He pushed his other hand under her body and felt around to locate her other breast, giving it the same attention as the first. With his hands on both breasts, he found it easier to drive in with harder, faster strokes and he was soon fucking her as hard and fast as he possibly could. She was moaning loudly now and spread her legs so that she could slip a hand between them to rub frantically at her clit.

She had slipped almost seamlessly, from the first phases of waking, into an intense state of arousal, which is exactly what he had wanted. He wanted her very first thoughts of the day to be of sexual arousal, for her to climax before she had the chance to think about anything else. His mouth was busy, targeting areas on her neck and shoulders he had learned last night were highly sensitive for her. He sensed by the noises she was making that she was close, so endeavoured to maintain his three-pronged assault on her pussy, breasts, and neck. Sure enough, he soon felt her body tense and warm fluids washing out of her, soaking his balls as they slapped against her sex.

He had planned, once she had cum in this waking position, to roll her over onto her front and continue fucking her hard and fast in that position, possibly seeing if he could press his cock into her ass again, it had felt so good last Göztepe Escort night that he was keen for a repeat of that experience. But she surprised him completely by performing quite the reverse manoeuvre on him, pushing herself back and over so that he had to roll with her, ending up on his back. She was a lot livelier than he had expected given that she had only just woken up and kept her balance perfectly so that his cock stayed inside her. Her legs slipped either side of his, her arms reached back behind her so that her hands could support her weight pushing down on his chest, and she started to ride him in this crab-like position.

“Morning!!” she shouted in a remarkably chirpy voice, “that was just about the nicest waking-up I think I’ve ever had!… thank you…. now I’m going to ride this beautiful cock of yours in return!”

Her hair was falling back in his face, which he didn’t mind at all, particularly as her perfect butt was bouncing up and down on him, her buttocks slapping against the tops of his thighs. He contemplated doing something, like pushing his cock up against her bouncing ass, or reaching up to play with her breasts, but he figured he would only hinder her sterling efforts, so decided that he should just lie back and enjoy. He marvelled at how vigorously she was managing to ride him in this unusual position; she must be a regular yoga or Pilates practitioner, he decided. He didn’t have long to pontificate, however, as soon after she settled into a steady rhythm, he felt her pussy muscles contracting and squeezing on his shaft on every downward stroke. He wouldn’t be able to last long at all if that continued, and the increased volume of his moaning indicated this.

“You like that then?” she half giggled, half panted, “I watched some Kama Sutra instructional videos online, and really liked the look of this one!”

“Uh-huh,” was about all he could manage, his cock was seconds away from exploding.

As soon as he felt the cum rising up from his balls and started spurting out of his cock, remarkably, she switched the direction of her pussy cock-gripping trick, squeezing now on the upward strokes as if milking him dry. He lay there groaning as she emptied his balls of his hot cum. When his groaning stopped, she jumped off, spun round, and took his softening cock in her mouth, licking up every last drop of cum and pussy juice. Finished, she clambered up and cuddled up to his body, snuggling into his neck and running her fingers across his chest.

“Right, you just lie there while I go and grab us some coffee and croissants, then maybe, if you have it left in you, we could have one last shag after breakfast before I turf you out!”

When she returned with a tray laden with croissants and a cafetiere of fresh coffee, Rick couldn’t help but ask “When you say ‘one last shag’, does that mean this morning….. or ever?”

“Oh sweetie, I don’t mean to be funny, but the reason you’re here is this,” and she lifted up her negligee to reveal the tattoo, “Or should I say ‘these’. You slept with my best friend less than a week ago, and soon you’ll be getting a text from another of my friends.”

“Yes I get that, but last night was good. This morning was good…..,” he trailed off, not really knowing himself where he was going with this. He just wasn’t used to situations like this.

“It was a-mazing, honey!!” As if to prove it she leant forward and kissed him long and hard. “It was truly fantastic, but it was just great sex, that’s all. I’m not looking for anything more than that with anyone new, not just now. And apart from anything else, I’m not too sure Mya would be that happy if we started shagging on a regular basis.”

“She doesn’t want me…I wouldn’t worry about that.”

“Okay, look, I don’t want to get involved. Let’s just enjoy breakfast and after that, well, maybe a little goodbye kiss…. or three!!”

After Rick had left, she grabbed her phone and opened up her email. Finding Mya’s original email alert, she pressed “Reply to All” and wrote simply “And so, the adventure continues!” before pressing “Send”.


It was a good hour’s walk home from Summer’s place, but Rick figured he could do with the thinking space. His natural reaction this morning was to ask to see Summer again, but was that just because he’d never ‘done’ a one night stand before? It felt like the ‘done’ thing to say ‘let’s do it again’ after the sex had been that good. But Summer was right; they’d had precious little time to talk between the bouts of kissing and licking and fucking. They probably had nothing in common. She worked in fashion apparently, not an area of any interest for him, and as utterly gorgeous as she was, he couldn’t imagine spending a lot of time in the company of someone who thought clothes were the most important thing about a person.

Twenty minutes into the walk, his phone buzzed. It was early for him to be getting texts. Was it Summer asking him back? Or Mya, maybe, wanting to talk? İstanbul Escort Good God! It was from their friend Alex. Fuck, that was so quick! He had been gobsmacked by how keen Summer had been to meet, now here was another of these girls, eager to meet up. What on earth was going on? She was suggesting meeting for a coffee, sooner rather than later, as she put it. At least a coffee first was a bit more conventional than Summer’s bold approach.

He’d had no intention of continuing with this tattoo riddle thing, had wanted to stay with Mya. But she had pushed him towards this. Unlike with Summer, he knew Mya well. Knew that he could happily spend hours and hours in her company without ever getting bored. They had the same sense of humour, and the same outlook on life. But she had made it pretty clear that she didn’t want a relationship. And here he was with a seriously once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet….and fuck….a series of sexy young women.


He texted Alex back saying yes, of course, a coffee would be lovely, just name a place and time.

Summer’s email alert had actually resulted in a flurry of other emails appearing in Mya’s inbox. Alex, she had already heard from of course, as she had been next after Summer. But now she had received virtually the same email from the other four too. It made sense; now Rick had proven that it wasn’t a lucky guess when he had solved hers and that there was a pretty good chance he might well solve others too. Every email asked the same sort of questions. What did he look like? Was he a nice guy? How well did she know him? How likely was it that he could solve more? Reading between the lines, she reckoned that two of them really hoped he didn’t guess any more tattoos, the other two seemed pretty chilled, one a little excited even, about the prospect. She typed a standard reply that covered all the bases, reassuring everyone that Rick was solid, totally normal, far from ugly, in good shape and, if they were interested, a damn good shag. She sent it, with very minor amends, to each of them in turn. That would be that; she figured, as far as her needing to give the heads up on Rick. Now it was more a matter of each girl telling the next in line if he had guessed correctly.

She didn’t include the information she had just learned from Summer, that Alex was planning on meeting up with him apparently, and they had already arranged something pretty soon. She had felt some pangs of jealousy when she had read Summer’s text; there was no denying it. She hadn’t even felt as okay as she had expected to about Summer’s eagerness to catch up and swap notes on his performance. Summer had sounded like the cat who’d got the cream, and she could feel a definite reluctance to hear how much sex they had managed and how great it had been. She even felt angry at Rick for wanting to see Alex, and a bit hurt that she hadn’t heard anything from him. The fact that she knew it was her fault and that she was being entirely unreasonable didn’t help one bit.


“So Mr Riddle-Me-Re has done it again.”

“You’re kidding me! So who is he seeing next?” Her sister was finding the unfolding tattoo riddle saga as fascinating as any TV soap.

“Alex. Don’t know if you know her. She’s a physio over at the sports stadium. Spends all day massaging aching muscles. So I guess one more isn’t going to phase her!”

They were back in the pub, though the mood was a little lighter than last time they had met.

“And she has your name tattooed on her…. well… on her pussy?”


“And if he solves that then…”

“….then I call him, tell him to book us into a glitzy hotel, and we get it over and done with.”

“Hope you don’t mind me saying this darling, but you don’t seem that keen on the idea!”

“Well, I wouldn’t be contemplating at all it if Paul hadn’t….. you know.”

“You don’t have to; you know that, don’t you?.”

“You know how it works with me and Paul. Tit for tat. It’s how it’s always been.”

“Well if you’re sure.”

“Don’t start that again. Look, I’m going to insist it’s that Grand by the park, the one with the new cocktail bar. I’ll dress up, have a few mojitos, let my hair down. Apparently, he’s quite good in the sack, so maybe I’ll get a damn good seeing to as well. It’s been a while since it’s been like that with Paul…. not surprising really…. his mind has obviously been elsewhere!!”

“When will you know?”

“Couple of days I guess. Alex needs to meet him. I should know within a few hours of them getting together.”

“Well let me know when you do.”


It was just about warm enough to sit outside, so Rick chose one of the tables on the pavement in front of the coffee shop. It meant too that he could survey the steady flow of pedestrians going past, and had started to play the game of trying to guess which of the women coming towards him would be Alex. He was pretty sure that she’d be coming from the direction of the tube station, Anadolu Yakası Escort so he had sat himself facing that way. Unlike Summer, Alex had not sent him any selfies, cheeky or otherwise, so he was playing this game pretty much blind. Chances were she was going to be the same age as Mya and Summer, but that still left him with any woman who looked like she could be early-twenties, up to mid-thirties. On top of that he could assume that she would be a little nervous, or at the very least not entirely certain about where she was heading. So he immediately ruled out those who had a purposeful stride, like they were in a hurry. Ditto any woman with shopping bags of those casually window shopping as they made their way down the road. But other than that he didn’t have a whole lot to go on.

He had arrived quite early, as he had thought, this being to all intents and purposes a date that it was the “done thing” for the man to arrive first, to save his date from having to sit by herself in a strange place. He was still struggling with the fact that he was sitting, on a warm Spring morning, on a blind date. What’s more, if things worked out with Alex and he saw, and of course solved, her tattoo riddle, then the chances were he’d be going on another. And after that, possibly, yet more. If that was the case, it would be an insane situation for him to find himself in, like a modern-day character out of the Rake’s Progress, hopping from one licentious encounter to the next. He knew some men found such a lifestyle perfectly normal, but he wasn’t one of them……


A woman was standing just behind him, her hands on the back of the empty chair next to him.

“Yes….. Alex?”

She was nothing like he would have expected. He’d had an image in his head of someone a bit more like Mya and Summer, who were both quite slim. Though by no means overweight, Alex had a fuller figure than the other two. She was a little shorter too; Rick guessed maybe five foot four. She had on a leather biker’s jacket, a charcoal grey light wool dress with dark tights and knee high leather boots. She hadn’t yet removed her large sunglasses, and the overall effect, finished off by her dark brown hair cut into a bob, was one of understated glamour.

“Yep, that’s me. Nice to meet you,” she said and held out a hand. How different an introduction from Summer’s, Rick thought as he shook it.

“What can I get you? Sorry, I should have thought and texted you when I got here.”

“That’s quite alright. Cappuccino for me. With cinnamon, not chocolate.” She smiled and pulled out the chair to sit on. As she eased herself into it, Rick noted that her fuller figure was a very sexy one. She had boobs and a bum, but a nice slim waist too.

“Anything to go with it? They had some lovely looking homemade cakes and brownies in there.”

“Hmmm, thank you, I must admit I can’t resist a good chocolate brownie.” She beamed him a big smile with her full red lips.

“No problem. I’ll be back in a second,” he said and went in, to order.

When he returned, the sunglasses were off. She had saved the best till last – she had beautiful, seriously come-to-bed eyes. She pulled the brownie apart carefully and popped a small piece in her mouth. As she did so, Rick noticed that the colour of her long nails matched that of her lips.

“So you work with Mya, is that right?”

“Yes, she’s been with us just over a year ago. I say ‘us’, but it’s not like it’s my business or anything, just that I’ve been there a while.” God he thought, lucky this isn’t your normal blind date, he sounded like a real wet rag.

“I know she’s on the client service side of things, from what she’s told me. What bit do you do?”

“I’m a designer-stroke-developer, we’re a small agency, so normally they’d be separate roles, but I do a bit of both. Which is why I like it there.”

“So you’re a jack-of-all-trades then?” Christ this was sounding more like an interview than a date.

“I like to think of it as I’m able to do the left brain and right brain thinking equally well. Creative and technical. A unique balance of skill sets.” If he was being interviewed, then he was going to sell himself suitably well.

She smiled that beautiful smile. ” Hmmm… yes I guess it’s that left brain, right brain ability that helps you solve our little riddles. What is it, two so far? Reckon you can do them all?”

“I’ve no idea. It depends on who devised them to a certain extent. It’s like cryptic crosswords, sometimes you feel on the same wavelength as the crossword creator, sometimes you just can’t see what they had in their minds at all. I guess you all chose your own riddles, did you?”

“It was a joint effort….,” she paused to laugh at her own joke, “I think we had three joints between us before we started conjuring them up!”

Well, in that case, I’d probably be quite optimistic. If they were all devised by different people, then the thought process would be quite different from one to another. But if they are all the product of your collective, drug-addled minds, there may be a degree of consistency.” Her eyes didn’t leave his face, even as her fingers located another small piece of brownie and delivered it into that big sexy mouth.

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