A Not So Typical Shift in Food


It was Laura’s last shift at the Burger, and boy was it a doozy! Murphy’s Law was in full effect that night, and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Two of her coworkers called in sick, leaving the team woefully understaffed. Then, to make matters worse, her own husband, who was the manager on duty, had to leave early! Laura had had to fend for herself for the last hour of business. The restaurant was hit with a sudden rush of customers, and to top it off, she had the misfortune of dealing with not one, not even two, but four Karens whose behavior bordered on the psychotic. These rabid, verbally abusive customers made it impossible for Laura to pre-close anything. She was forced to stay behind and do everything, from counting the money to cleaning the lobby and kitchen, herself after locking the doors at 9 p.m.

After what felt like an eternity, Laura was finally finished. She was completely drained, both physically and emotionally. Her brown hair, which she usually kept in a neat, short ponytail, was now a in complete disarray. Her old work shirt, splattered with grease and condiments, had been abandoned mere seconds she locked the door. With nothing else to wear, she was left with a little yellow spaghetti strap tank top that clung to her curves in all the right places and did next to nothing to conceal the tiny, bright pink bra she wore underneath and seemed to glow like a beacon in the dimly lit restaurant. It was a daring look for her, which exposed far more of her fair and freckled skin than she was used to, but it was hot in the kitchen it’d felt so good to get rid of that extra layer. At that point, she simply hadn’t cared. The restaurant was closed, and it wasn’t like anyone was going to see her anyway.

Laura heaved a sigh of relief as she finally slipped on her jacket and let herself out of the building. She leaned back against the wall by the front door, pressing her slender shoulders against the cool bricks. The night had been brutal, and her body ached all over. With trembling hands, she reached into her pockets and pulled out a cigarette and lighter. A moment later she took a long drag, feeling the smoke fill her lungs, the nicotine a welcome companion that eased her frayed nerves and helped her relax.

Her phone dinged.

– Hubby ♡♡ (11:26 PM) Its pretty late. U done yet?

As she stared at her phone, her expression darkened. Her thumb hovered uncertainly over the screen for a moment before she began typing out her reply, her fingers tapping out a furious message with a sense of purpose. Then she slowed, reconsidered what she was doing, and decided to rein it in.

– Laura (11:27 PM) Almost. Still cleaning the fryer.

– Hubby ♡♡ (11:27 PM) Whats taking so long? Should I come back up?

– Laura (11:28 PM) No I got it! U relax and feel better. I’m a big girl.

She waited for a reply, but no reply came. Laura sighed again and dropped her phone back into her pocket, then took another deep drag from her cigarette. The smoke swirled around her as if trying to comfort her in it’s embrace.

She reminded herself once again that Dusty hadn’t planned on getting sick. It wasn’t his fault that he’d had to leave early, and it wouldn’t be fair to take her burning frustration out on him. She hoped that the long walk home, with the cool night caressing her face and the nicotine in her veins, might soothe her fiery temper before she had a chance to go off on him.

Laura pulled her hair free from it’s messy ponytail with her free hand and ran her fingers through the unruly locks, trying to smooth the tangles. She pulled up her hood to shield her face from the chilly night air. After taking one last deep drag from her cigarette, she exhaled a plume of smoke, dropped the butt to the ground and ground it out with her heel. With a heavy sigh, she stepped away from the building and into the darkness, her heart heavy with the weight of the past few hours.

The Burger shared a parking lot with the local Pizza Hut. As she crossed it on her way home, Laura couldn’t help but notice that the back-of- house lights were still on in the neighboring restaurant. As ever, her eyes were drawn to a familiar, red pickup truck that was parked alone near the back door. Her feet faltered, and her heart grew even heavier than it had been beneath a well of sympathy.

It looked like her old friend, David, was having a night just as rough as hers had been. A few years back, the two of them had worked together at Dickey’s BBQ on the other side of town. Their teamwork had been effortless, legendary, born from the deep trust and mutual respect they’d shared. He had always been her rock, and she his, on the hard nights, and he’d always known how to lift her spirits. Despite the distance that had grown between them, with each of them married and having moved on to different jobs, Laura felt a pang of nostalgia wash over her. She wondered if he needed a bit of cheering up as much as she did tonight?

Just then, the unwelcome ding of her phone pierced the air. Laura let out an levent escort irritated huff and reached for it. As she glanced at the screen, annoyance and resentment danced across her delicate features.

– Hubby ♡♡ (11:32 PM) Are u bringing any food home?

– Laura (11:33 PM) U said u were sick.

– Hubby ♡♡ (11:33 PM) Little better now. I could eat.

– Laura (11:33 PM) Of course. Sure. Better raid the fridge. Almost done. Im not heating the grill or fryer back up.

Laura’s finger jabbed the send button with the force of a hammer blow, then she immediately shut off the screen and stuffed it into her pocket. She stood there, her breaths coming in short, angry bursts, waiting for the inevitable response. The device buzzed again, and again

“Get mad. Serves you right,” Laura said through clenched teeth. Her words were low, seething with fury. The phone dinged one more time, but rather than reach for it, she balled her hands into white knuckled fists.

Laura’s eyes were drawn back to the warm glow emanating from Pizza Hut’s back door. The window was fogged up, but she could still see the silhouette of a burly figure moving about through it. Even from where she stood, the sound of clanging metal and the whirring of the dishwasher drifted to her ears. She lingered uncertainly for a moment, then her phone dinged again.

“That’s it,” she said out loud. With a determined stride, she went to the door, pushed it open and slipped inside.

David stood at the sink with his back to her, shaved head bent forward as he scrubbed burnt cheese off of a metal pan. Laura watched the way his broad shoulders rippled with each movement, the sweat glistening on his skin in the steamy kitchen. A mountain of dishes loomed on the table to his left, and a portable rack overflowed with greasy pots and pans.

“Hey stranger!” she said to get his attention.

“Oh? Hey Laura!” David said as he looked back at her. He didn’t look entirely happy, but he still wore a tight smile on his bearded face for her. “What’s up?”

“I just got out. Worst shift ever,” she said.

“I feel that,” he said. “My closing cook called in for a family emergency and my driver went and got herself arrested. Nobody else was willing to stay and help.”

“Arrested?!” Laura said. “Geez. I had the same kinda night. I mean, nobody got arrested, but a couple called in and Dusty decided to leave early.”

“What the shit? He just left you there?”

“He said he was sick,” Laura said, but couldn’t find the conviction in her tone to make it sound like she believed it. When David looked at her, she shrugged and said, “Can I help?”

“You sure? It’s pretty late.”

“Sure I’m sure!” she said. “It’ll be like old times at Dickey’s.”

“You’re my hero,” he said with a smile finally touched his warm, dark eyes.

“I always wanted to be a hero,” Laura said as she unzipped her jacket and shrugged it off. She tossed it on the rack that the drivers used for delivery bags.

“Well, well, well, someone’s showing off tonight,” David said, teasing her as his eyes lingered on her figure.

Laura felt her cheeks grow warm as she realized what he was talking about. She’d never picked her work shirt back up after taking it off hours before, and so David presently had a spectacular view of her tight little spaghetti strap tank top and the barely concealed bra underneath. For a moment, and only a moment, she considered grabbing her jacket to cover up, but she thought better of it and dismissed the idea. Her favorite coat had survived months at the Burger, it wouldn’t do to ruin it by getting it wet and greasy in Pizza Hut’s kitchen.

“Ha, shut up!” Laura said, a playful grin spreading across her face as she playfully slapped him on the shoulder. Maybe, for just a moment, she felt sexy. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, was there?

She sidled up next to him, opposite the dish washer, and began sorting dishes into stacks that needed to be scrubbed and trays that were ready to be put through the dish washer’s sanitation cycle. Laura was suddenly, irrationally determined to prove that she could keep up with the big man, her tiredness replaced by a keen, warm awareness that seemed to grow from somewhere in her belly.

“Today was it, huh? Your last day at the Burger?” David said as he deftly clean pans to the dish rack.

“Yep,” Laura said. She slid a tray into the dish washer and began scrubbing the next set. “I’m starting a new gig at the hospital. It ain’t glamorous, but it’s really gonna help with our bills.”

“Ugh,” David said, letting out a dramatic groan of pure disgust, eliciting a laugh from her. “Don’t even mention the ‘b’ word.”

The he added, “I guess you won’t be stopping by as often. I’m gonna miss seeing you.”

“I’ll still be around,” Laura said, keeping her eyes on the dishes in front of her. The disappointment in his voice had surprised her. “I’ll make sure to drop by and say hi. I mean, you’re my favorite Pizza Guy. And somebody has to save you from these bayan eskort mean old dish-SHIT!”

A stack of pans that had been placed precariously on the edge of the sink tipped suddenly as she pulled one from the top. She jerked her hands back and tried to jump out of the way, but it was too late. The pans tumbled into the sink with a mighty clatter and crash, and water splashed in every directing, soaking Laura almost entirely from had to toe in an instant.

“Oh my God,” she said, dumbstruck. Her first thought was for David, and the mess that had just been made on the floor. She turned to look at him, her face red from embarrassment, and said, “David, I’m so sorry!”

“No, no, it’s okay!” he said. David was in the process of snatching up a hand towel, but he faltered as he started to reach for her. His eyes flicked down from her face and back again several times, and he stammered as he said, “It’s just water, right?”

Laura stared at him, confused, until realization began to dawn. Slowly, she looked down at herself, and felt an immediate, new surge of embarrassment. The water had turned her little tanktop completely see-through. She tried, briefly, to cover herself with her arms, but it was no use. Her bright pink bra was on full display, along with every other last inch of her upper body, and she couldn’t help but wonder what David was thinking. Was he still staring at her? Judging her? Wanting her? She felt a strange, whirling mix of emotions: shame, fear, exposure, vulnerability, and an intoxicating sense of excitement. It was as if the warmth she’d felt earlier in her belly had spread, making her feel supremely uncomfortable and wildly aroused all at the same time.

“Yeah, heh. Just water,” she said, her voice sounding much huskier than she had intended. She had to admit, when she looked up and saw the way he was looking at her it made her feel things she hadn’t felt in a long time. It was as if his eyes were tracing every curve and contour of her body, and she couldn’t help but feel a flush of excitement. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, feeling a sudden ache between her legs that she just couldn’t ignore. She wondered what it would feel like to be touched by him, to have his hands running over her body, exploring every inch of her. The thought was both terrifying and exhilarating, and she found herself unable to tear her gaze away from his. She licked her lips, feeling parched, and wondered if he could hear the pounding of her heart.

Laura stepped back, a little further away from him. She had this sudden, powerful urge to take control of the situation. Tired of feeling vulnerable and exposed, and sick of feeling taken for granted, she wanted to show David that she wasn’t afraid to be seen. With trembling hands, she gathered the gem of her shirt and pulled out up and off in one swift motion. The cool air in Pizza Hut’s kitchen found her skin, causing her lean body to shiver and her nipples to harden beneath the bra that concealed them. There was a sense of liberation in the gesture. She felt as though a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders, and she could finally breathe again.

David’s gaze was still hot on her skin, and knowing that he was watching, a captive audience, only added to her excitement. She held the wet shirt high in both hands, arched her back, and wrung it out over herself. The water cascaded over her body in tiny rivulets, guiding his eyes down her torso to the waist of her jeans. Laura couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but she couldn’t stop herself either. It was as if she was under a spell, and she didn’t want it to end.

“Laura,” David said, his voice sounding slightly choked. He took a step forward, his hands reaching for her.

She grinned at him, shook her head as if to say ‘Not yet,’ and took another step backwards. Her ass bumped against the prep table, beyond the mountain of dishes. The thrill of excitement coursing through her body was still growing, building into a crescendo unlike anything she had ever felt before. Still, she couldn’t believe that she was doing this, but part of her, long buried and yearning to be wild and free, felt alive for the first time in years. The way he was looking at her, with that burning hunger in his eyes, made her feel powerful. Desirable.

Laura leaned back against the table behind her, feeling the cool metal through her pants, and ran her hands over her breasts. She savored the sensation of the pink lace against her fingertips, and she let a soft sigh escape through her parted lips. Without breaking eye contact, she slid her hands down, feeling her own smooth belly, and unbuttoned her jeans with a flick of her wrist. The sound of her zipper going down was like music in her ears, and his by the look of things. She shimmied her hips as she pushed the denim down, revealing the tiny, lacy black panties that she had put on with her husband in mind. Now, she knew that she was wearing them for David.

She kicked the jeans off and stood before him in only her güngören eskort underwear. Once again, she felt vulnerable and exposed, but also strangely empowered. Tossing her hair over her shoulders, and feeling the damp strands cling to her skin, she licked her lips. Slowly, she bent her arms back and reached for the clasp of her bra.

“Stop,” David said, his voice firm, his tone a command.

Laura’s heart skipped a beat and she froze. Had she done something wrong? Had she gone this far just for him to reject her? These, and a litany of other self-doubting questions spiraled through her mind, only for hope to blossom anew as he closed the distance between them. When his huge, powerful hand went to her shoulder and her bra strap fell willingly aside, she shivered with anticipation and felt the heat of his touch seep into her skin. His other hand found the back of her neck, and as he pulled her to him with the fiercest urgency, she knew that she was his. She surrendered herself to him completely.

The feeling of David’s lips on hers was electric, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her entire body. She opened her mouth for him and their tongue intertwined. In that moment, the world around them disappeared and all that mattered was the intensity of their connection. His desire for her expressed itself in every touch, every kiss, and she was lost to him in a eternal moment of bliss.

David moved his hand from her shoulder to her chest, and Laura felt a jolt of electricity erupt through her as he pushed her bra aside. She moaned softly as he teased her nipple with his fingers, riding the pulsating ripple of pleasure it created. Arching her back again, she offered herself to him, and felt him slip his other hand behind her. Breathless moments passed as he fumbled with the clasp of her bra, and her anticipation only grew with every passing second. Finally, the clasp gave way, and he pulled the bra from between them.

This was one time in her life that Laura was absolutely not going to be outdone. She reached for his shirt, and felt the heavy muscles in his chest tense under her touch. Pulling his shirt up and over his shaved head, she revealed his sculpted shoulders. Finally, there was nothing between them, and she pressed her bare chest against his, burying her nipples against his skin and the hair of his chest. The sensation was explosive, and she moaned again, the she once more sought out his mouth and kissed him with a passion that continued to grow.

Suddenly, David’s strong hands gripped her ass and lifted her up onto the table. Laura squealed as she felt a new rush of excitement, a new wave of pulsating heat between her legs. She had never experienced anything so raw, so primal, and it made her feel so alive, so free. The cold, stainless steel table sent shivers up her spine and made her skin prickle with goosebumps as it made contact with the most intimate parts of her. She didn’t care. All that mattered were his lips on hers, his hands on her body, and the impossible way that he was making her feel. He kissed her again, harder and money this time, and she felt a new surge building up inside of her.

When he pushed her back and down on the table, she moaned her ecstacy at him. The cold metal was a strangely delightful torture, and she squirmed beneath his hands, unable to control herself. He leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck and nibble on it. Then, as he kissed his way across her chest and took her other nipple in his mouth, she couldn’t help but cry out.

“Oh my God,” she said to the ceiling, to the lights, to the Lord above as she was swept away in the sweet sensations that were overwhelming her.

David continued his journey down her body, and she felt her anticipation growing. Laura had never felt so desired, so wanted. His lips tickled her ribs and made her shiver and gasp. She couldn’t help but giggle as he planted kisses on her soft belly, and she watched as he explored the lines of her lean, taught muscles with his tongue. When he lewdly delved his tongue into her belly button, she moaned and heaved her body upwards at him. He moved on from there, still traveling downwards, tracing a fiery path along her skin with his wet lips and warm breath. She could only writhe, moan and whine beneath him.

At last, he reached her lacy black panties and paused. She worried, would be keep going? Was he going to stop? Lifting her head, she looked down and made eye contact with him where he hovered between her splayed legs. He grinned mischievously and placed a single kiss right above her pantyline. Her hips bucked at him, her pussy clenched behind the material, and he curled his fingers through her panties where they crossed her hips. In one quick motion, he whipped them off of her and Laura cried out in delight as the cool air found her exposed, wet slit.

David lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders, and Laura felt not vulnerable, but worshiped. She twined her long legs around his thick, powerful neck and bald head and watched in breathless anticipation as he lowered his face to examine her throbbing pussy for the first time. It felt as though she was ready to explode, like anything might send her over the edge. It’d never been like that for her before.

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