Driving Me Insane Ch. 02


As much as Ramsha enjoyed the last fucking session with Ahmad Ali, it made her super paranoid when it was over. Cum kept dripping from her pussy, not letting her sleep. To top it, the fat old man had locked her in his arms and legs. She couldn’t even get up to clean herself.

She turned around to look at him. He was completely naked and snoring. She wanted to wake him up, but she had never seen someone sleep so peacefully. His face seemed as if his life were complete. And she was the reason behind it. She felt that, and that gave her momentary joy. To be so important for someone.

But it was too uncomfortable. She just wanted to go home. Restlessly, she kept moving herself between her old driver’s arms. The best she could do is turn around to face him. Suddenly, her lips met his and his breath warmed the insides of her mouth. His hand moved and began caressing her hair, even while he was still sleeping.

Then, Ramsha felt something poking between her legs. The old man had an erection.

“Fuck, not again!”

She tried to distract herself, but her mind forced her to look at it. She got a closer inspection of the first circumcised dick she had ever seen. It looked beautiful! Not just because of the circumcision, but its girth, length and colour were so exotic that Chris’ dick looked like a pale reflection of it.

She inadvertently held it in her hand and gave it a tight squeeze. But as soon as she did it, Ahmad Ali sighed loudly. Ramsha got scared. She didn’t want to wake him up, that would mean she would be fucked again. A part of her craved that, but to become so shameless overnight would’ve really hurt her ego.

“I was blackmailed into it for fuck’s sake!” She thought. That’s how she wanted to keep thinking of it to override the guilt.

Then, she turned around and saw daylight.

“The deal’s over!” She mumbled. “The night’s over!”

She pushed Ahmad Ali away from her, got dressed and left. The old man was so deep in sleep that he didn’t give any reaction to it all except a disturbing snore.

Ramsha took an Uber home. Upon reaching, she rushed to her room and hit the shower. She cried loudly while washing herself. She rubbed every inch of her body ferociously, as if trying to remove all traces of that night. But the harder she tried to forget, the more difficult it became.

In a few minutes, a strong desire swept through her body and she started fingering herself. She hadn’t done that since high school. Her mother had caught her back then and gave her a beating. Now, even though she had outgrown other religious barriers, this is something that stayed with her. Every time she tried to finger herself, she would remember her mother’s screams at her:

“This is not how good Muslim girls behave!”

But that morning, it was different. She fingered herself and enjoyed it so much. The traumatic moments of the past were dampened by the thrill. She thought about the ugly face and body of Ahmad Ali and fingered herself faster while crying loudly.

Then, she took the shower head towards her pussy and rubbed it with it while spraying water.

“Ahhh aaan aah ahahaha!” Her cries were a mix of pain and pleasure as she came so hard. Her legs shook and she was almost about to fall. She jumped on her bed and slept the whole day.


Ramsha called in sick at work two days in a row. She wanted to avoid Ahmad Ali at all costs. She could’ve called a taxi, but she wasn’t ready to answer her folks why she would ditch the comfort of a personal car in favour of an Uber.

What bothered her so much was not that Ahmad Ali had blackmailed her into sex, but that she enjoyed it…and wanted it again and again! She knew that she couldn’t look him in the eye without revealing her deepest, darkest desires.

On the third day, she finally got the courage.

“Good morning, madam!”

What the hell! He had zero expressions of guilt on his face. He just looked at her through the rearview mirror and greeted her. She didn’t reply.

All through the journey, he said nothing. It was as if nothing had happened. As if he hadn’t coaxed his boss’ daughter into having sex. This normality and silence hurt Ramsha’s guts. She wanted to slap him, punch him, kiss him…fuck him?

He kept looking at her through the mirror though, but she really couldn’t tell if he was looking at her or the traffic. When they reached her office, she stepped out and slammed the door angrily.

All day, she couldn’t work. Everyone could figure out that something was wrong with her, but no one came up to ask. Finally, Chris had enough of it and called her into his cabin.

“What’s up babe? You look knackered! You haven’t even received my calls in 2 days.”

“Nothing, Chris!”

“Come on, Ramsha, baby. Tell me! Is it that Samrat guy?”

“His name is Sarfraz! And no, it’s not him. That story is over! I am just a bit drained hon cuz of the cold!”

“Aww, me poor lassie! I know just what to do to make you feel better.”

“Babe, I can’t. şişli escort I’ve been away for two days and now…”

“Ramsha, you keep forgetting who’s the boss here. No one gives a shite. All’s settled! Let’s go home!”

He pulled her hand and took her away. Ramsha walked with him reluctantly. She didn’t want Ahmad Ali to see her. It felt like cheating. But he would get to know anyway when she’d call him to pick her up from Chris’ place. Her knees went weak and she just followed her boyfriend like a zombie.

Chris quickly started his car and drove towards his home. He kept his hand between her thighs and kept smiling at her, as was their custom.

When they reached his home, he quickly began kissing her. He kicked the door behind him and pinned her against the wall. He hadn’t fucked her for a few days and he wanted to make up for lost time.

He quickly took her to bed. Chris kissed her and she kissed him back. She was enjoying it but something was amiss. She felt his hands explore her body, something that turned her on so much, but this time it did nothing. She opened her eyes to look at him. He was tall, handsome, well-built, but it wasn’t enough. Something was missing.

As he removed her clothes, Ramsha wanted Chris to aggressively squeeze her boobs, spank her ass. But he did nothing. He did go wild sometimes, but he loved her too much to hurt her. She held his hand and brought it towards her boobs, but he didn’t understand the message.

Instead, he threw her on the bed. That did ignite some spark of lust inside her pussy and she sluttily spread her legs wide. She opened her labia to invite Chris to lick her. But, he tore off a condom and quickly tried to enter her. He was in a hurry!

Chris tried to enter her, but she was so dry down there.

“Baby, stop, it’s hurting.” He didn’t even realise she was so dry and instead kept trying to ram his dick in.

“What’s wrong babe?”

“I…I don’t know. Just not in the mood!”

“Please baby! I’ll only be a few minutes, you know me.” He smirked.

Chris tried to enter her again and the result was the same. Ramsha screamed in pain. She tried to think of Ahmad Ali while Chris tried to fuck her, but the old man’s face made it even harder to let Chris’ dick in. Her pussy tightened in fear and there was no wetness at all.

“Chris, please stop!” She screamed.

Ramsha suddenly felt shy being naked in front of Chris and covered her boobs with the bedsheet. She couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Babe, are you okay?”

“Yes, just…”

She turned around and cried. Chris hugged her from behind and caressed her. His hand landed on her boob and he gently squeezed it. For some reason, this offended Ramsha, and she got off the bed.

“I need to go home!”

She called Ahmad Ali and instructed him to pick her up.

“Ramsha, baby. Are you mad at me? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, Chris. I’m just stressed. I’ll see ya tomorrow?”

“But baby…”

She got dressed and left. Ahmad Ali was waiting for her. She sat in the car with her head bowed. She couldn’t look at him. She felt so ashamed, as if she had betrayed him and not Chris.

In some moments, her gaze went at his hands shifting gears. Her pussy craved for those thick, wrinkly fingers. She bit her lower lip and crossed her leg to rub her thighs against her pussy. She was so wet!

When she reached home, the first thing she did was again to masturbate in the shower. Somehow, she felt like a high schooler once again. This time, she also pinched her nipples so hard that they became swollen.

The next day was just the same. The entire ride in the car was filled with radio silence. Chris again invited Ramsha to his home for a “quickie” but she refused by saying that she was on her periods. Chris did some rough calculation in his head and quickly forgot about it.

The next day was no different. Nothing happened in the car, and Ramsha kept avoiding Chris while giving him a few kisses here and there to avoid any suspicion.

This way, a week went by, and Ramsha finally let Chris fuck her. She just closed her eyes and thought of Ahmad Ali while rubbing her clitoris. The fact that Chris was good in bed just added to her pleasure. She started taking the pill and urged Chris to fuck her without condoms. She became addicted to the sensation of hot cum hitting her pussy.

She finally felt at peace, but it didn’t last too long. In just a couple of days, she realised that it wasn’t enough. She wanted something else, someone else.

Ramsha began wearing her best dresses. She got her hair colored dark brown and curled at the end. She wore her most expensive lipsticks and perfumes, but Ahmad Ali wouldn’t budge. It was a battle of egos. She knew he wanted her, but wouldn’t say it. He knew she wanted him, but he had already done his part.

One Thursday, she crossed all limits. She wore a very revealing sundress without any panties underneath. Long earrings fell on her shoulders, while half of her boobs were escort bayan exposed. When she reached work, Chris got so horny that he fucked her in the office washroom. She loved the thrill of it, but still had to bring herself to an orgasm after Chris left.

That evening when she left from work, she had had enough.

“So, are you that kind of a man?” She finally blurted out.

“I didn’t get you, madam!” Ahmad Ali replied calmly.

“Who sleep with women and then never talk again! Are you that kind of a man?”

Ahmad Ali didn’t reply.

“It was just about fucking the boss’ daughter, is that it?”


“Then, what? Wasn’t I good enough? You didn’t like it?”

Ahmad Ali went silent for a bit and then spoke:

“You know, when you’ve wanted something forever and you finally get it?”

“And it’s not as good as you had imagined it?”

“No, it’s even greater! And now you don’t want to spoil it.”

The car went silent once again. Ahmad Ali parked the car on an empty street and looked at Ramsha through the mirror.

“What do you want?”

“Do I have to spell it out?”

“Yes! This time, I want you to ask for it.” Ahmad Ali turned back.

Ramsha didn’t speak. She kept staring at the old man in disgust. He looked so ugly and despicable. How could she want him? What had happened to her? Could she still keep her dignity intact?

“I want you to make love to me!” She overrode her apprehensions and just said it.

“Say it again!”

“Will you please make love to me? Please!”

Ahmad Ali smirked. He had the smile of a man who’s won everything in life. He looked towards the road and let out a small burst of laughter.

“Not like this, I won’t…if you continue to dress like quafirs. If you want me to fuck you, you have to behave like a true Pakistani, a true Muslim, starting with your attire! Rest of the stuff, I will teach you.”


“Dress like a true Muslim? What the hell does he mean by that?” Ramsha thought to herself.

She searched everywhere on Google, watched Reels of famous Pakistani models, just to know what to wear. Eventually, she finalised one on thing.

Ramsha couldn’t sleep all night in anticipation. She got off the bed in the wee hours of the morning and started getting ready. She took a long shower with her favourite essential oils. She shampooed and conditioned her hair. Then, she came out of the washroom and waxed her arms, legs and pussy.

For the next few minutes, she picked the glossiest red nail polish and embellished her nails. She dried her hair and then curled them at the ends again, smoothening them with a spray. When she felt her hair, she went mad. They felt so heavy, smooth and dense that she blew herself a kiss in the mirror.

Then, she took out the suit that Chris had gifted her. She hated traditions and traditional wear so much that she didn’t have a lot of option. A part of her felt bad, but there wasn’t anything else she could do.

The velvety red suit shone brightly on her and was further complemented by the gorgeous silver earrings. She then found a few of her old bangles–mix of red and green, and wore them. Surprisingly, they still fit her after so many years. Ramsha then applied a dark brown lipstick and gave herself the final touches of make up. Oh, she looked gorgeous! Like a newly-wed.

“Wish Chris could see me like this!”

But he wouldn’t. She called him up and said that she had to leave town for a bit with her dad for some family matter. He just said he’d miss her and gave her a kiss.

“Phew, that was easy!”

Finally, Ramsha adjusted the dupatta around her body, spread from her neck till her breasts, ran her hands through her hair, wore her favourite perfume and left her room.

“Oooh, someone’s dressed up today!” Her mom complimented her. “Looks like my beautiful daughter is ready to be married!”

“Mom, can you not even give me a compliment without bringing up marriage?” Ramsha was happy at first but then got offended.

“I am sorry. I’m just tensed. It’s some office thingy today! See ya, bye!”

Ramsha gave her mom a kiss and left. Her mother could sense something was off.

“A date, maybe? At least she’s dating someone Asian, I hope!” She thought to herself. Little did she know her daughter was about to get fucked by someone even older than her own father-in-law. Their bloody driver!


“Let’s go!”

Ahmad Ali was stunned to see Ramsha. He couldn’t utter a word or move his eyes away. For the first time in his life as a driver, he felt like he couldn’t go through with the job. He wished that someone else could take the wheel as he sat in the backseat in the arms of his young lover.

The fact that Ramsha had dressed like that just for him gave his ego a boost like never before. Blood rushed through his veins into his penis. The powerful pumping of the heart made him want to tear away the young girl’s clothes and fuck her hard.

He didn’t say a word to beşiktaş escort Ramsha, but she understood by his reaction what he felt about her attire. They drove in silence while Ahmad Ali kept looking at her, and she at him. They were just staring at each other through the way until they reached the hotel.

They booked different rooms and entered the hotel one by one. Ahmad Ali changed his attire into something more decent and followed Ramsha after a few minutes. Inside, he could see that the entire hotel had their jaw dropped. Men, women, everyone was just staring at her. Not many girls in that area wore traditional attire, so yeah, that was also a factor. But, she looked so hot that heads turned.

Behind her, Ahmad Ali, a fat, old and bearded man was invisible. No one in their right state of mind could’ve guessed that the old man and the desi bombshell were a thing. That they were budding lovers, out there to fuck the life out of each other.

Ramsha reached her room first and locked it hurriedly. Her heart was beating so wildly that she felt restless. The anxiety was making her nauseous. She paced across the room in anticipation. In what felt like a lifetime but was only a few minutes, Ahmad Ali knocked. She raced to open the door and quickly pulled him in and locked the door behind her.

She awkwardly hugged the bearlike old man. She couldn’t look him in the eye and kept staring at his shoes. Then, she built up some courage and said:

“Am I Muslim enough for you now?”

Ahmad Ali took his time to soak in her beauty. She looked like the angels described in mythological tales. He opened the curtain to let in the sunlight. The bright rays shone against Ramsha’s hair, and made them look golden.

He put his hand inside her hair and kissed her cheek and then chin. With the other hand, he removed her dupatta slowly. His kisses now continued till her throat and as he removed the dupatta, he kissed the exposed part of her chest.

Ramsha was about to remove her kameez, but surprisingly, Ahmad Ali stopped her. Instead, he covered her head with the dupatta and tied it as a hijab.

“Like I said, a woman’s hair is precious. They shouldn’t be exposed to random men. Now, you look like a true Muslim.”

Ahmad Ali turned her around and made her look into the mirror. She couldn’t recognise herself. She didn’t look like someone born and raised in Britain. She looked like a villager from Pakistan. But a gorgeous villager. She had never felt this pretty in her life!

“But I am not a random man, am I? I am your lover!”

Saying this, Ahmad Ali started fondling her boobs from over her kameez. The velvety touch stirred his soul, while the red colour drenched his mind with sinful thoughts.

Ramsha’s head dropped back in pleasure and she closed her eyes. She rubbed her ass against Ahmad Ali’s erection. They went at it for a few minutes and then Ahmad Ali removed her hijab, slowly, kissing her face as he did it. Ramsha’s beautiful hair fell down on her shoulders. Seeing how pretty she looked again, Ahmad Ali couldn’t help but kiss her.

This was a way more passionate kiss than they had on their first night together. Ramsha was an active participant and kept pulling Ahmad Ali’s body closer into her. She paused, held the old man’s white beard in her hands and then continued kissing her.

Ahmad Ali quickly got undressed and his young lover followed suit. They were both now in their undies as the old man sat down at the edge of the bed.

“Come here. Sit on my lap!”

She obeyed.

Ahmad Ali dug his nose into her hair and smelled it.

“Ohhh. You smell so nice again!”

He then gently pushed them forward and kissed Ramsha’s neck.

“Ahhh!” She moaned.

With his hand, he grabbed her boob and started playing with it!

“I love your boobs!”

She turned around and pulled in him for a kiss. While kissing her, his other hand went inside her pussy and slapped it. Slowly, he pressed his way around until he found her clitoris.

“Aahhhh chachaaa!”

She broke the kiss and shouted. She couldn’t bear so much pleasure. Her moans fuelled Ahmad Ali’s fingering as he went at it faster.

“Ummm keep going!” Ramsha’s hand explored Ahmad Ali’s body and landed at his dick. It was so hard!

“God!” She rubbed it.

“Look what you do to me madam!”

“You used to sit on my lap so innocently. Haha, look at you now!” He rubbed her clitoris so hard that it drove her to the night’s first orgasm.

“Ahhhhhh! Stoppp talking like ahhhhthat!”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay to feel this way for people of your own religion!”

“Just shut the fuck up aahhh!”

As soon as the orgasm hit her, Ramsha turned around and jumped on Ahmad Ali’s lap, facing him. She quickly removed his underwear and her own. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him like a teenager.

She moved her hand across his hairy chest and then threw him on the bed. She kissed his chest and went her way south. As soon as she reached his crotch, his dick became even more erect and slapped her cheek.

“Sssss!” She squealed with lust and put his dick in her mouth.

“Agggghh! That white did surely did one thing right. He taught you to suck dick so well!”

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