Reema’s Revenge


It’s hard to digest when women’s ego gets hurted, beware of their ego.

This isn’t a story created based on fictious characters, it’s a true story which happened long back somewhere where near mountains and river meet yupp you guessed it right! It’s Santa Ana, CA.

It was during winter where mountains were covered with beautiful snow and the beach near river was crowded with surfers, there I saw a bubbly girl who was learning surfing she was trying hard to horn her skills on surfing after few long hours of classes she was coming towards me, I was sitting at bar section was exploring draft beers the place was pretty much famous for their draft beers, I noticed someone was walking towards me getting closer and closer when I saw that bubbly girl closely she was looking amazing her curly hairs were wet water was dripping from the ends of her hair, her face was like moon with lovely dents on her cheeks rosy lips and large eyes, she walked into the bar straight and was talking to waitress she got her drink was looking for a place nearby my next table was available she occupied her seat was enjoying her drink.

Well I haven’t mentioned my name by the way I am Nithin, was amazed at her looks and thought of getting to know her so thought of approaching her as I was drunk dared to approach her went to her table I simply greeted her Happy new year!! It wasn’t New Year’s Eve but I went with the flow just to start conversation she looked at me and said still there’s time for celebrating new year I just mentioned last year I bought Malibu shots in the pub for you and you haven’t recognized me, she was like do I know you and I was like no you don’t!

She simply pulled a chair which was fair enough signaling to sit next to her, I simply sat and was looking at her she whispered I am Nitya! It wasn’t new for her guys trying to approach her well I have introduced myself started conversation after little chatting we left the place.

There was a huge sale at one of the popular shopping mall near my place it was crowded I was in another shopping place looking for new pair of sneakers suddenly I saw someone who was looking familiar right next to my place, It was Nitya I recognized her she was in other section walked towards her instantly she recognized me was hanging out with her for a while exchanged numbers had dinner at famous restaurant which was close by we left to our places.

Slowly started texting, it moved onto long conversations over the phone and started knowing each other regular meetings due to work moved onto another location and after some weeks we haven’t talked to each other because of work hardly had time to talk to each other over the phone and later that number wasn’t working, was curious to know what happened to her and started getting in touch with my known contacts at my place later I got to know through one of my friend Dicky saw her at a store and I asked him to enquire about her Dicky rushed to the store and noticed that she registered her number for membership and he was able to get her number, did shared with me her number and I started texting her back.

It was after a week I got reply from new number, I started texting her back referring with her nickname “Bangaram” she got surprised how I got to know her nickname she called me back out of curiosity to know who I was to my surprise I was shocked that she hasn’t recognized me and to more about me “Bangaram” started to text me back assuming that she was playing with me I started texting and talking to her.

Slowly she turned out to be my new bae, assuming that she was Nitya I was texting her regularly talking to her over the phone and I got to know in other dept a new manager was hired and met her during orientation she was damn cute, young energetic, talkative you will get mesmerized that’s how stunning “Reema” was, you heard it her name is Reema my colleague muttered I was little embarrassed and left to cafeteria.

Was sipping coffee Reema came to cafeteria was sitting right next to me, I haven’t noticed her and as I was seeing for the first time I had no clue who the hell she was, but she knows whom I was later during meeting we got to know little bit about our background was working under different manager later I was reassigned under “Reema”.

Started working with her she noticed from her cube that I was texting to “Bangaram” my body language was changing looking at those texts and gradually started calls during work hours, we haven’t met at all for few months of conversation over the phone my intuition was saying that I was in touch with someone else it was not “Nithya” was eager to see “Nithya” asked her for a dinner but she refused to meet me coming with another story as she wasn’t “Nithya” It was “Reema” Urf “Bangaram”.

It went on for few weeks to my surprise she wasn’t ignoring me but refusing to meet, infact she was watching me every day I was talking to her every day face to face but I wasn’t able to recognize her at güngören escort bayan all that she was the one whom I was texting, calling and trying to take her out.

“Reema” was wondering why the hell I wasn’t recognizing her and in confused state she was sharing her thoughts with her friend and later her friend suggested her to put litmus test whether “Nithin” was ignoring “Reema” on purpose or is he really not aware who she was, “Reema” did informed to her friend that both of them never saw each other before work and she has two mobile numbers and she saw “Nithin” during her interview wait time she had a feeling that he could be the same guy with whom she was talking over the phone everyday based on his accent, she texted me to see if I was the same guy and for her surprise I replied her text right in front of her without noticing her and walked away.

After listening to her version her friend suggested to surprise him by taking him out, but “Reema” wanted to spice up the situation she started playing with him in the office started acting being bossy poking her nose in every with his patience he was trying to get things done in timely manner, “Reema” was enjoying the situation looking at his innocence he was trying hard to impress her enough to get things at work to be in place.

“Nithin” left for Los Angeles, CA for his long weekend and for his surprise he sees “Nithya” eagerly he was rushing to meet her back but she got missed in crowd he starts looking for her here and there but couldn’t find her, “Nithya” was there to meet her friend and she is none other than “Reema” both left to another place to hangout and “Nithin” was searching for her after sometime he left to the same spot where both “Nithya” and “Reema” were hanging out in hope that he could see her back, he felt bad at that moment and was angry on “Steve jobs — Father of apple inc” that he might had introduced long lasting battery phones as “Nithin” phone got dead he wasn’t able to call her back when he saw “Nithya” initially.

Well when “Nithin” was ordering his food at restaurant both “Nithya” and “Reema” saw him and for their surprise both took his name that’s “Nithin” and at that moment they are in ambiguous state how come they uttered his name the moment they saw “Nithin”.

Both figured out they were talking about the same person who was at different locations and unknowingly they were sharing thoughts with each other on same person, both “Nithya” and “Reema” decided to meet “Nithin” at his table individually for his surprise he saw “Nithya” who was standing right in front of him, “Nithin” pulled chair for her she sat and started talking to him and she was in agony but wasn’t reflecting any emotions on her face and “Nithin” simply asked her why she was hesitating to meet him and still was in touch regularly on phone, Immediately something flashed in “Nithya’s” that he was talking to her friend without even noticing who she was and thinking it was her as her and she wasn’t getting any calls or texts from him.

“Nithya” had clarity and understood situation she simply replied that she wasn’t getting time to meet him and she took advantage of the situation and said that she wanted to surprise him by meeting him directly without his knowledge and that’s why she was sitting right in front of him.

After some time “Nithya” left the place and “Nithin” was about to leave the place before he was leaving he heard another voice from behind it was his manager “Reema” and he was happy to see her but also was angry as he was seeing work right in front of him not vacation.

“Reema” already received a text from “Nithya” that he was thinking that he was in touch with “Nithya” not “Reema”, both of them know that he has someone else in his mind and talking to another person but technically both of them are two different individuals.

As both of them had their lunch they thought of taking a walk on the streets of Los Angeles and explore the place during their walk they started discussing upcoming projects and slowly started opening up and knowing their interests, actually they had good time and didn’t know unknowingly they killed their boredom and realized they had some mutual interests.

Realizing it was time to leave both “Reema” and “Nithin” left to their home, “Nithya” was waiting for “Reema” at her apartment she was eager to know why she was late and she was getting bored sitting idle at apartment, there plan was to see if “Nithin” recognizes both but unknowingly “Reema” was with him for long time and “Reema” was getting fresh while “Nithya” was busy in preparing dinner for both, they sat together and started having dinner both wanted to have clarity on “Nithin” either its infatuation or both of them like him, “Nithya” was clear that he was looking for her in “Reema” basically it’s my face where he fell for and it was your personality which made him to push him to next level.

Even “Reema” agreed and she replied both of them are şişli escort bayan in a confused state where knowingly and unknowingly liked single individual, looks like things have to be sorted out and they wanted to know whether both “Reema” and “Nithya” fell for “Nithin” or its just infatuation.

Both of them started discussing about him wanted to know whose personality matches with his personality also they wanted to ensure that whether he fell for him and it could be infatuation from his end, there was silence for a moment both were in deep thinking, suddenly they heard sound of clocks alarm they broke the silence and started discussing about their current and future aspects, three of the individuals got busy with their own work everything was going smooth for a while, relation was getting buildup with “Nithin’s” manager situation was changing, even he was happy and looking for his stepping into next level in his life.

One day “Reema” wanted to introduce her longtime friend “Nithya” to “Nithin” and even “Nithya” wanted to introduce her longtime friend to “Nithin”, his calendar was clashing with the dates so he decided to postpone the dates instead both “Reema” and “Nithya” asked his favorite place where he hangs out, “Nithin” was having his dinner at Red robins and he was surprised to see both “Reema” and “Nithya” standing in front of him together.

He was in such a shock that he was thinking that he got drunk and feeling tipsy just by sipping water, they sat all together and wanted to talk about a weird situation which wasn’t expected by him but both “Nithya”‘ and “Reema” have some clarity about the situation and wanted to clear the air, Both “Nithya” and “Reema” started with introduction of their friend and “Nithin” understood the situation and received it well and he was thinking both are mutual friends, slowly after some chatting “Nithya” asked whether he is ready to move on to next level and he was happy to do so but that question wasn’t expected from her in front of her friend “Reema”, Same question came from “Reema” whether he was ready to move on to next level both of them put “Nithin” in a situation where he couldn’t give an instant reply.

“Reema” asked everyone to put their mobile phones on table all agreed and did same, “Nithya” asked “Nithin” to text her and he did the same for his surprise “Reema’s” phone rang, instantly he understood the situation that he was talking to “Reema” not “Nithya”, he didn’t blame “Nithya” for the situation nor “Reema” he wanted to explain things and explained situation to both of them where it went wrong.

Either both “Nithya” and “Reema” didn’t blame him for what happened unknowingly they are tangled emotionally as it was tough to give instant reply their words can hurt others, instead they have decided to part away after long conversation which wasn’t easy enough for them to do so but they had to for their well fare.

Things were changing everyone was in touch with each other shared their feelings, moments, achievements, and got busy with their own world “Nithya” was bubbly and most lovable person to hang out with, sort of easy going.

“Nithya” moved on to Minnetonka, MN on work purpose and started making new friends was enjoying her new work environment, meeting new people, exploring new place she was heading towards a restaurant with her newbie’s and noticed someone was making ruckus at bar which was next to the restaurant, suddenly a person kicked out from bar and he fell right in front of “Nithya” she noticed his nose was bleeding, she was kind enough immediately gave him hanky and asked him to rise his head up so that bleeding can stop, he immediately fell for “Nithya” and instantly took his name, hey this is “Ram Charan” she got angry and left to the restaurant with her newbie’s.

Next day “Nithya” was heading towards her home and she noticed someone was tailing her and this continued for few days, and the other day she noticed same car behind hers and stopped right in front of her the street and directly went to the driver who was sitting in his car which was behind her car.

She started yelling at him why the hell you are following me every day, “Ram Charan” opened his door came out and said I am your neighbor and I live right next to your house, she got embarrassed but hid her emotions and drove back to her home.

“Ram Charan” wanted to get close to her so he immediately rushed Flower store and bought a bunch of flowers, came back knocked “Nithya’s” door she looked “Ram Charan” he simply handed over bunch of flowers to her and thanked her for the hanky which she gave him at bar.

She recognized it was the same person who got beated up badly felt sorry and generously invited him for a cup of tea, slowly they started getting to know each other and some chemistry was getting cooked between them and people did noticed them hanging out near bars and restaurants.

“Nithya” was sharing her day to day activities constantly to both esenler escort bayan “Reema” and “Nithin” and same was happening with them “Ram Charan” noticed that “Nithya” was getting cozy with “Nithin”, infact “Ram Charan” was getting jealous of “Nithin” and slowly his heart was getting filled with venom and he openly started spitting venom on “Nithin” and “Nithya” wasn’t aware of it.

“Ram Charan” has his own group of circle and whenever he gets drunk he starts spitting venom on “Nithin” unknowingly his circle mainly females got influenced and they started developing hatred on “Nithin” and “Nithya” too thinking that she was betraying “Ram Charan”, but to clear the air “Nithya” shared her thoughts with “Reema” and they came up with get together plan and thought things will get cleared once they get to know each other.

“Ram Charan” was taking of all activities he wanted to ensure that everyone gets entertained and enjoy their time, “Reema” and “Nithin” arrived to MN there was a warm welcome for them from “Ram Charan” and “Nithya”, “Nithya” was busy in making meals for their guests and while “Ram Charan” went out for shopping to bring some Booze, “Reema” went to “Nithya” and slowly asked what was the reason behind “Ram Charan’s” anger towards “Nithin” she replied that his circle thinks that I am betraying him and maintaining an affair with “Nithin”, “Reema” understood the situation and she asked “Nithya” to not discuss with “Nithin” about this as he is not aware of the situation.

“Ram Charan” wasn’t happy when he came back from ABC liquor store as he was enquired by one of his friends associate about “Nithin’s” arrival, everyone understood his mood got changed silently they had their breakfast and was planning for a tour, they went to nearby lakes and was having good time slowly “Ram Charan” was getting to know about “Nithin” and some positivity was getting build up on him and he wanted to clear the air among his associates too and he invited every one for dinner and wanted to introduce his group to both “Reema” and “Nithin”.

Things were going good party got started every one was having good time and under alcohol influence one of his associates started spitting venom on “Nithin” and “Ram Charan” wasn’t receiving well and argument took place “Reema was the first person to stood for “Nithin” and things turned out worse when one of “Ram Charan” friend “Anasuya” slapped “Reema” and called whore she wasn’t stoppable as “Anasuya’s” friends “Rashmi”,”Reshma”,”Tejaswini” and “Lansika” joined and started beating up “Reema”, things were getting out of control “Nithya” asked her friends “Hansika”,”Kajal”,”Srimukhi”, and “Bhanu” to control the situation and situation came under control.

Next day people did apologized each other and they wanted to forget last night’s situation but something new hatred was brewing in the minds of both “Anasuya’s” friends and “Nithya’s” friends “Nithin” left to his place and wanted “Reema” to join with him but she wanted to stay with “Nithya” for couple of days and return to work after taking some rest.

“Nithin” was leaving and “Ram Charan” did apologized “Nithin” for misunderstanding him and “Ram Charan” left to another city on work for a week.

“Nithya” again invited her friends and “Anasuya” to her house they were partying hard but “Reema” had some other plans for “Anasuya”, after they got drunk slowly girls started talking about their encounters with their male friends and “Anasuya” was asked same question and she proudly announced her crush details and encounters with male friends, “Reema” was laughing at “Anasuya” loudly and ” Nithya’s” friends “Hansika”,”Kajal”,”Srimukhi”, and “Bhanu” started roasting “Anasuya”, this lead to an argument immediately “Nithya” got involved and tried to control the situation and “Reema” wasn’t happy with “Anasuya’s” behavior as she called whore in front of many people which hurted her deeply.

“Nithya” understood the situation and in return she asked “Reema” to slap “Anasuya” and call her whore in front of them looking at the situation “Anasuya” did agreed and asked “Reema” to do the same and “Reema” did slapped “Anasuya” and insulted her, she thought it was finished but “Hansika”,”Kajal”,”Srimukhi”, and “Bhanu” started roasting “Anasuya” and asked to strip “Anasuya” in front of them “Reema” was quite happy when she got support from “Hansika”,”Kajal”,”Srimukhi”, and “Bhanu” and “Nithya” didn’t want “Anasuya” to be roasted and humiliated, even “Anasuya” wasn’t happy with “Reema”, “Hansika”,”Kajal”,”Srimukhi”, and “Bhanu” and she wanted to leave the place but she was stopped and asked her to strip she was refusing to do so.

“Anasuya” was given an option either she willingly participates and do whatever she was told to do it will be quick and smooth if not she isn’t going out until they are satisfied with their fetish behavior, when “Anasuya” was looking at “Nithya” she wasn’t surprised and she was also expecting “Anasuya” to do whatever she was asked for.

Helpless “Anasuya” wasn’t agreeing to strip so “Nithya” tried to remind “Anasuya” it will be quick if you strip, “Anasuya” wasn’t agreeing to do so, in rage “Bhanu” and “Srimukhi” caught hold of “Anasuya” and “Reema” took pair of scissors and tore her dress and made her semi naked.

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