Reunion Ch. 02


A sharp knock at the door startled me from a deep sleep. Aunt Beth called through the door “Girls!! Time to get up! Breakfast!” I heard a groan from the bed above me. It was Jen. The sheets rustled and Sherri answered “OK, Mom! We’ll be down in a few minutes!

Sherri swung her legs out of the bed toward me. She sat on the edge of the bed and stretched. She was still nude and the light of day revealed once again how gorgeous she really was. Even fresh out of bed with tousled hair and yesterday’s makeup on, she still looked great. Sherri’s breasts pouted just slightly and her nipples pointed slightly upward as she stretched. Her areolas were fairly small, about the size of a quarter. A tuft of dark blonde hair was nestled between her legs. A little rosy glow of sunburn from yesterday’s amusement park trip showed from around her neck and shoulders. Sherri rose to her feet and walked briskly past me toward the bathroom. I watched as her boobs jiggled as she walked past me. I raised my head from the pillow to watch her walk away from me toward the bathroom door. The door closed and the privacy lock clicked.

“She’s something, isn’t she?” I jumped as I heard Jen’s voice. She was propped up on her elbows looking over the edge of Sherri’s bed, down at me. She had obviously seen me looking at Sherri’s nude form.

“Umm…y-yes… she’s gorgeous, Jen.” I stammered in response, somewhat embarrassed at having been caught looking.

Jen smiled back at me. “You’re gorgeous, too.”

“No…No… I’m not…” I replied, looking down and away from her gaze.

“Yes. You are.” she said quietly, her gaze still on me.

I became a little uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to someone talking about me that way. Sherri was always the pretty one, the popular one. I was always the plain one, the tomboy. What did Jen see in me?

Jen pushed her upper body up off of the mattress and slid her legs over the edge of the bed such that her knees bent over the edge, her feet not touching the floor. Jen was also still nude and like she had last night, patted the mattress next to her. “Sit with me.” She said.

I had pulled my nightshirt back on when I went back to the air bed last night, so I was partially covered. I pulled back the sheets and struggled to my feet. I stepped toward her and turned to sit on the bed. Jen circled her arm around my hip. “I want to get to know you better, Sam. Can we hang out today?”

I was flattered by the attention and the compliments. “Sure…yeah.” I told her…

“Besides, Sherri’s bringing some guy to the picnic.” Jen rolled her eyes in obvious disapproval.

The bathroom door knob rattled and Jen and I both turned our heads. Sherri came out of the bathroom clad in a robe with touched up make-up, brushed hair and teeth. “You guys! Get dressed! We need to go to breakfast!” she fussed.

“Can’t we go like this?” Jen joked, gesturing toward her own naked body.

“No!” said Sherri, failing to see the humor in Jen’s question. “Get dressed and come downstairs. It’s breakfast time.”

Sherri rushed toward the door, stopping just short of opening it. She turned and began fussing again. “C’mon you guys! Get dressed.” Jen stuck out her tongue at Sherri. Sherri put her hands on her hips and shot back at the two of us. “Just put something on and come downstairs! They are waiting for us!”

With that, Sherri turned and left the room.

Jen turned to me and shrugged. She had picked up on Sherri’s attitude but chose to ignore it. “Alright, let’s go.” She said and rose to her feet. She walked around the bed, walked to her bag and grabbed some clothing and went into the bathroom. She closed the door, but didn’t lock it.

I heard the toilet flush and within a few minutes Jen walked out of the bathroom. She had pulled her long, blonde hair into a ponytail and had put on a white t-shirt and a pair of Lycra bike shorts. It was as though she was still naked. I could see her nipples plainly through her shirt and the tight shorts left little to the imagination about her lower half.

“Go ahead.” She said and nodded her head toward the bathroom, “it’s all yours.”

I went to my bag and got a pair of lounge pants, a t-shirt and a bra. I went into the bathroom and made myself presentable for an appearance with my extended family.

I exited the bathroom to find Jen still in Sherri’s room, sitting on her bed. She had waited for me to go downstairs. She stood as I walked out and started for the door.

“I thought maybe you’d need some help in there.” She said güngören eskort bayan as she bounded up next to me, swatting me smartly on my ass. I jumped. I didn’t expect her hand on my fanny and the swat stung just a little. I just glanced her way and smiled. We walked out of Sherri’s room and downstairs.

The kitchen was a maelstrom of activity. Mom and Aunt Beth were scurrying around assembling dishes and foods to take to the park where the reunion was being held. Boxes and baskets sat on the counters and coolers lined the floor near the refrigerator. At the kitchen table were my dad and uncle, reading the paper and my brother and boy cousin were gulping down cereal. We walked into the room and my cousin elbowed my brother. Their eyes locked onto Jen. This is the first time I’ve noticed him taking much interest in the opposite sex, but Jen had him captivated.

Mom and Aunt Beth started talking at once about our evening… Did we have fun, did we like the band, and did we stay up too late? Of course the answer was yes, but we told them we hadn’t stayed up too late.

The remains of breakfast had gone cold and we opted for juice and a roll. Cold eggs… yuck. Sherri was a few minutes ahead of us and had already eaten by the time we got downstairs. She retreated back to her room for a shower and to dress for the day.

Since the table was full of men, Jen and I sat at the breakfast bar. The stools were higher than chairs at the breakfast table and this placed Jen well in the view of the males at the breakfast table. She turned herself around on the stool and started a conversation with my uncle. It seemed to me that she was enjoying the attention that she was getting from the males. The boy’s eyes surveyed Jen in detail as she spoke. Even my dad stole a few glances. I couldn’t blame him. All of Jen’s stuff was on display, even if it was under a thin layer of clothing.

I sat at the bar, eating my cinnamon roll and sipping juice as Jen held court over my male relatives. With her physical appeal and her relative state of undress, she had all of the attention. I think Jen liked it that way.

Aunt Beth interrupted Jen’s conversation by drafting the guys to begin carrying things out to the car. Slowly, they pushed away from the table and moved into the kitchen and began to gather the boxes and coolers full of supplies for the reunion. She instructed them to load her car and our van and that we’d be able to get everything to the park in one trip. .

“We’ll come over in Sherri’s car, Beth.” She paused. “You know, in case you need any extra space in your cars.” Jen suggested

Aunt Beth nodded. “OK, Good… That’s fine, dear. You two should go get cleaned up. We’ll be leaving soon.”

Jen headed for the stairs. I turned and followed her.

“Sam- Are you going to ride with us?” my mom asked.

“No, I’ll ride with Sherri and Jen.” With that, I ran to the stairs to catch up with Jen, hoping my parents wouldn’t step in and make me go with them. I heard no objections as I hustled down the hallway.

By the time I got to the foot of the stairs, Jen was halfway up. I raised my eyes only to see her spandex-covered ass wiggle as she ascended the stairs. I kept watching as we both climbed. At the top of the stairs, Jen stopped. She grabbed my hand and told me that she needed to talk to Sherri for a minute. “Wait a couple of minutes, then come in, OK? “

“Sure… no problem.” I said.

I wondered if there was a problem. Sherri seemed very cranky and she had avoided Jen and me for the most part this morning. I paused and waited in the hall outside of Sherri’s room. I waited a few minutes, and then gently tapped on the door. Jen swung the door open and grabbed my hand and pulled me in, quickly closing the door behind me. She kept a hold of my hand and led me to Sherri, who was sitting on the edge of her bed, fully dressed, but with wet hair. I could tell that she wasn’t very happy.

“Sherri’s fine, she’s just a little embarrassed about what happened last night.” Jen said softly. “Are you OK with it?”

I paused and thought for a moment. “I’ve never done anything like that in my life.”

Sherri looked up at me, still visibly upset.

“I’ve never been with another woman before last night…. and I’ve never been so turned on before.” I paused again as I looked at both of them. “I loved it, you guys.” “Sherri, don’t be embarrassed, honey. You may have changed my life.”

A small smile came to Sherri’s face. “So everything is ok?” she said, şişli bayan escort her voice slightly shaky.

“Yeah.” I smiled at Sherri. “Everything’s fine.”

Sherri jumped to her feet and threw her arms around me. I hugged her back and over Sherri’s shoulder, I saw Jen standing with her arms folded, a wide, mischievous smile on her face. Outside, in the driveway, I hear the slamming of car doors. The rest of the family was loading up to go to the park.

Beneath our feet, a vibration came from the floor. Apparently, I looked surprised and Sherry said “It’s that garage door… They must be going.”

“Go check and be sure.” Jen urged.

Sherri hustled out of the room and headed downstairs. Jen turned to me and told me that I could go ahead and shower if I wanted. I grabbed what I planned to wear for the day and my cosmetics bag and went into the bathroom. Sherri’s bathroom was not large, but had a sink a toilet and a shower with a seat in it. The shower had a clear glass enclosure and the shower fixture was the kind with a hose attached. Perfect. I brought a swimsuit and planned to shave my legs. The seat and hand held shower would make shaving so much easier.

I closed the bathroom door and took a seat to do my morning business. After a few minutes, I turned on the shower and stepped in. The shower head was positioned high and I began to wet my hair. Thick, curly hair like mine can take some effort to wet and then even more effort to wash and dry. I needed to wash it, though. Smoke from the bar and just plain grunge from traveling the day before left me feeling greasy and matted. A nice shampoo would be just the ticket. Sherri’s shower provided me with many options. I chose a pina colada scented shampoo and set to work.

The weight of water and soap partially straightened my hair and it fell over my face and down onto my shoulders. I heard the bathroom door open and let out a shriek of surprise. My fingers on one hand pulled at my tangled curls trying to see who had entered, the other hand subconsciously trying to cover my nudity.

“It’s just me!” Jen’s voice rose above the spray of the shower. “I need to go pee.”

Covering myself seemed useless now. Jen had seen every bit of me, but I continued to push my hair from my eyes, just to be sure it was her. She walked over to the toilet and slid her shorts down before settling on the seat. I could see her pretty clearly through the clear shower door and couldn’t help but look as she emptied her bladder.

Jen wiped herself and looked up at me. Our eyes met for a brief second. I became a little self conscious and turned my back to her as I tried to remove the rest of the shampoo from my hair.

I tilted my head back to let the water take the remaining suds from my hair. I grabbed a washcloth and began to clean my body. I looked over and saw Jen still seated on the toilet. Jen watched me intently through the water droplets on the shower glass. I tilted my head just slightly, as if to say ‘what’s up?’.

Jen just smiled and watched as I lathered up.

I rinsed off and shut off the water. I turned on the hand sprayer and reached for a can of Sherri’s shave gel and squirted a bit into the palm of my hand. I raised one leg onto the shower seat and smoothed the gel over my right leg. I picked up my razor and beginning at my ankle moved the razor up and over my calf.



“Do you mind if I watch you?”

“No, I guess not.” I said, still a little self conscious.

“Sherri’s gone to the store to pick up some stuff for her mom.” She paused. “She’ll be back in about a half hour.”

I still wasn’t sure what she was up to.

Jen kicked off her shorts and rose to her feet. She stood between the toilet and the shower door. She put her hands to the hem of her t-shirt and raised it up over her shoulders. Jen’s breasts dropped just a little as the knit of the tee released the small amount of control it had over them. In an instant, the shirt was on the floor and Jen opened the shower door and stepped in.

I hadn’t given her permission. She decided she wanted to join me and she did. Jen, as I learned took charge and she did as she pleased. I found her very attractive because of it.

She stepped in and took the razor and the sprayer head from my hand.

“I’ll finish for you… sit down.”

A little shocked, I turned and sat on the seat of the shower and Jen reached for the shave gel. She squirted it on my lower thigh and smeared it over my leg. She esenler eskort bayan dropped down to her knees on the floor of the shower and began where I had left off… she shaved my calves and asked me to stand. She turned me around to do the back of my thighs and her hand rubbed lightly over the cheeks of my ass.

Once more, Jen turned my body such that I was facing her and she moved that razor over the front of my left thigh. Still on her knees, she finished in a few strokes and rinsed off my legs with the hand held shower head. She ran her palms over my smooth, freshly shaven legs and then ran the back of her fingers through my pubic hair. “Can I shave this, too?” she asked in a slightly juvenile tone. Her eyes looked up at me, awaiting my approval.

“I never have, Jen.”

“Can I?” she asked once again.

I thought for a moment. I had done things last night that I hadn’t before, so why not this, too?

“Does it hurt?” I asked, still feeling a little apprehensive.

“Oh, no.. I’ll be very careful…” she soothed.

I nodded and Jen smiled. She shot a little more gel into her palm and rubbed it through my pubic hair.

“Sit down again, Sam… and open your legs for me.”

I sat down on the edge of the shower seat and Jen smiled at me and moved in between my legs. She made her first stroke at the top of my pubic hair and took only a small patch. I felt a light tugging as Jen pulled the blade though my curls. With each stroke, she shaved off only a small area and rinsed the razor. Within a few minutes, Jen had shaved down to just above the hood of my pussy.

“Lean back a little, Sam. You need to raise your legs a little so I can finish.”

I leaned back and lifted one leg.

“Perfect” she said softly and passed the razor gently across my vulva, removing the last patch of hair on that side.

I found myself becoming very turned on, knowing Jen’s eyes were focused so closely on my most private parts, her fingers all over me. I couldn’t help think back to last night and what we had all done together.

Her voice brought me back to the present. “Ok, Sam.. now the other one” I raised the other leg and Jen took off the last of my pubic hair. She rinsed me off and moved her hand over her work. I looked down and saw none of the patch of curls that I had only seconds ago. She had shaved me totally clean.

I examined myself for a few seconds. “Well? What do you think, Sam?” I was at a loss for words.

“I think it looks wonderful, Sam.” Jen cooed. Her fingers slid over my bare flesh. “You have such a pretty..”

Her words were cut short by the vibration in the floor. The garage door opener announced Sherri’s return from the store.

“You need to finish up and get dressed.. I’ll clean up quickly and we can go to the park.”

Jen’s voice took on a touch of urgency that I hadn’t noticed before.

“Hurry!’ Jen urged, “She’ll be so pissed if we’re not ready to go yet!” It seemed fairly obvious that she didn’t want to upset Sherri.

I grabbed a towel and my clothes. I quickly dried my body, catching my reflection in the mirror. My bare cunt looked so odd to me… so vulnerable.

I wrapped in the towel and walked quickly to the window overlooking the driveway. Sherri was bent over getting something from the trunk. I hustled back to my case and grabbed a bra and panties, pulling them over my still moist skin. I managed to pull my shorts and a t-shirt on before Sherri made it back to her room.

Sherri opened the door just as I started my blow dryer. “Are you guys almost ready?” Sherri shouted over the dryer.

“It takes a little while to dry my hair! Jen’s showering now. Shouldn’t be too much longer!” I said loudly, making sure Sherri could hear me, but I wanted to be sure Jen heard, too.

A few minutes later, I switched off the dryer and within a few seconds, Jen popped out of the bathroom. She was still nude, but was dry and had a towel around her head and waist. She walked over to Sherri and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Almost ready, babe..” She said with a lilt in her voice.

Jen dressed, putting on a bra and panties for the day. She picked out a pair of white shorts and a light pink tank top. Her hair was nearly dry and she brushed it for a moment, pulling it then back into a ponytail.

“Are you ready?” she asked us both.

Sherri smiled and nodded and turned toward the door. I began to follow, but Jen grabbed my arm. She pulled up close and whispered in my ear.

“We’re not done, you and I…” She whispered. “there’ll be more fun to be had today Sam, just wait and see.”

Jen turned and grabbed a backpack from the floor and headed for the door. I grabbed my bag and followed both girls down the stairs to the waiting Mustang.


copyright 2006, Julie Mills

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