Sabrina’s Choice


Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.
Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


Ms Stapleton glared at her young employee, Sabrina, who now fidgeted in her seat on the other side of Ms Stapleton’s desk. Sabrina seemed to be avoiding eye contact, but looked up anxiously when her boss spoke.

“Sabrina,” Ms Stapleton said, shaking her head. “This is a horrible situation! I had high hopes for you,” she sighed and trailed off. “Like you, I started as a med tech at 18 — God, 20 years ago now — and now I run my own facility. I worked hard, working my way up step by step, going to college at night, getting my degrees. I honestly saw a lot of myself in you.”

Outside, the rain picked up and the muffled sound of voices talking in the reception area floated in. Ms Stapleton’s university themed clock ticked on. The fluorescent lights buzzed softly overhead. She folded her arms and sighed as her employee squirmed.

“Ms Stapleton, I’m…” Sabrina began, as her eyes welled up and her chin began to tremble. She put her hands to her face. “I owe so much money because of my jerk boyfriend. He runs up my credit cards at the bar, he gets cash advances to buy weed, he goes shopping… I have to pay the bills and I saw the money on Ms Brock’s dresser and…”

“You couldn’t resist?” Finished Ms Stapleton. “For the life of me, I can’t see how Ms Brock’s daughter just accidentally left a $100 bill on her dresser like that, but oh well. Sabrina, I try to run this elder care facility like a family operation. I see my employees as my children and our residents as our houseguests. I would hope by now you could come to me with money problems.”

“I’m too ashamed!” Sabrina exclaimed. “My family is poor and I’ve tried so hard to take care of myself now that I’m on my own. I hate asking for handouts.” She hid her face in her hands and shook her head side to side. “Why did I do this?”

There was another pause in their talk and Ms Stapleton considered Sabrina. She was so young, probably not even 19 yet. She certainly was nowhere near a bad employee. Here she sat in her clean scrubs, her auburn hair pulled back in a neat bun, her fingernails well-kept and freshly painted a cool mint green. She was pretty, with a bright face, excellent complexion, angular features; she was athletically built and certainly one of Ms Stapleton’s smarter employees. Really, she was bright, period. And she was a reliable and hard worker. It was her habit for exercise, girly-girl affect, and work ethic that attracted Ms Stapleton to begin with. Why would she do this?

Ms Stapleton sighed again, then leaned forward to rest her elbows on her desk and tapped her pen lightly.

“I understand your situation, Sabrina. I know you come from modest means, like I did,” Ms Stapleton said, softening. “And I want to help you. But, the truth is you were caught red-handed by Jessica putting the $100 bill in your pocket. The last time one of my employees stole, it was a real shit-show, pardon my French. She wouldn’t come clean, I turned her into the police, there were charges, a trial. I think a lot of people here felt that I came down too hard on her. But she stole a lot of money and I couldn’t abide this place having a bad reputation. I have to run a stern ship to stay above the competition. Senior care facilities have gotten a very bad rap over the years; sometimes very well deserved, I believe.”

Ms Stapleton’s clock gently chirped to announce it was now 9 AM. The third shift was ending and first shift workers would be starting the rounds. Ms Stapleton needed to bring this situation to a conclusion and get on with her day.

“Sabrina, do you like your job here?”

“Yes, very much!” She responded.

“And do you want to keep your job, keep things as they are?”

“God, more than anything!” Sabrina exclaimed. “Please!”

“Okay, here’s what I think. We have two options and I need your help in deciding which way to go,” she said. “I could call the police, which I was certainly inclined to do when I found out about this,” Ms Stapleton said, holding her phone in her hand. “Or, we can figure out a way to handle this internally and we can give you your one and only second chance. Which will it be?”

“Oh, definitely internally!” She gushed. “I can’t have another criminal charge. I just got off probation for that bullshit marijuana charge…” Sabrina put her hand to her mouth and cut herself off, eyes wide.

Ms Stapleton chuckled quietly and shook her head. “Don’t worry about that,” she told Sabrina. “This is an uncomfortable situation for both of us, so a little cussing is going to happen.”

She got up and walked to the front of her desk, stopping in front of Sabrina and leaning back on the desk. She folded her arms and looked at the wall behind Sabrina’s head. Sabrina stared into space, seemingly lost in thought over how she had gotten into this mess.

Ms Stapleton şişli eskort caught her own reflection in the glass of her office door. For the briefest of moments, she felt a sense of self-absorbed satisfaction with what she saw, and then a twinge of guilt for sensing it. She was an attractive professional woman in her late 30s, svelte and stylish, the CEO of her own small business with a good reputation. She certainly did not want to risk another criminal situation, but if she didn’t handle this just right, Jessica would not be happy and word could spread that Sabrina was let off with a mere slap on the wrist. This would be bad for morale.

Also, Jessica had been close friends with Kat, the employee who’d previously stolen and gotten so severely punished. In fact, it was Jessica who uncovered the theft and reported it to Ms Stapleton. Jessica was an honest and fair person and knew Kat deserved some punishment, but Ms Stapleton always sensed there was some hurt there over what befell Kat. And Jessica and Sabrina had not really gotten along (largely, Ms Stapleton thought, because Jessica was attracted to Sabrina and the feeling apparently wasn’t mutual). Really, this situation could be toxic for morale. But she just couldn’t bring herself to call the police and see her young protégé on her way to falling through the cracks.

Ms Stapleton thought of what she might have done differently had she been in Sabrina’s shoes. She recalled her days as a teenage hellion and the trouble she got into. How did they handle me back then? Suddenly she had an idea. And just as suddenly, she felt a flutter of excitement in her chest. Would that be a totally crazy idea? Could she really bring up?

“Okay, Sabrina,” Ms Stapleton said, not believing what she was about to suggest. Sabrina looked up, her large green eyes searching Ms Stapleton’s face for clues as to where this was going. “We’ll keep this in-house, if we can. But I’m sure we can agree that you need to be punished for this. I can’t let you walk away scot-free, can I?”

Sabrina nodded. “No, I understand, I agree.” Sabrina wiped her drying eyes and exhaled, seemingly resigned to the situation and whatever was to come.

There was another moment of silence. Ms Stapleton sensed movement off to her left. She looked up and saw Jessica peeking in through the glass in her door. She motioned Jessica in.

After she closed the door behind her, Jessica asked: “Are the cops on the way?”

Jessica was Ms Stapleton’s third-shift supervisor and generally her right-hand woman. She was big, handsome, and butchy, and certainly could be brusque with staff and residents alike, but she acted as something of a big sister to the other employees and could usually be relied on to keep her counsel and help manage delicate personnel issues like this.

“Sabrina and I have been discussing how we’re going to deal with this. She understands that she did a stupid and very wrong thing. But, I don’t think I’m inclined to involve the police yet.”

“But the way Kat was charged and sentenced, she’ll never work again!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Jessica, I know this sounds odd, but hear me out. This is why I wanted you to come in,” Ms Stapleton said calmly.

Jessica walked to the other side of the desk and leaned up against the wall with her arms folded. Ms Stapleton watched her glare for a second at Sabrina before looking back with a somewhat softer expression.

“So, is she just fired then, and that’s it?” Asked Jessica.

“No, that’s not what I had in mind, either,” Ms Stapleton replied. “Here’s what I’m thinking.” She looked at the floor a second and then took a deep breath and looked directly at her young employee. ‘Here goes nothing!’ She thought to herself. “Sabrina, you need to be thoroughly spanked,” she said in such a matter of fact tone that she surprised herself.

Sabrina blinked back in astonishment, her face paling. Ms Stapleton looked at Jessica for a reaction, but the other employee had her chin rested on her chest and her brow was furrowed as if she were in deep thought. Ms Stapleton looked back at Sabrina, who was again squirming a bit in her seat.

“Spanked?” Responded Sabrina, surprised. “You mean like in grade school?”

“A little bit, yes,” replied Ms Stapleton.

“But…” Started Sabrina.

“Hold on, let me finish,” Ms Stapleton said. “Sabrina, I can’t just suspend you for a little while and bring you back. That would show I’m playing favorites or that folks can steal from our residents and get a slap on the wrist. I can’t call the police or involve any authorities if you want to keep it in-house. I don’t want to fire you. You say you want to keep your job and I really do want to give you a second chance. I can’t just give you more work to do without paying you for it, that would be unethical; and your co-workers would be really annoyed to learn that your punishment for trying to steal from a resident was just making more money!”

Sabrina’s face relaxed and she nodded slightly, as if escort bayan şişli seeing the logic in the idea.

“So, you see my predicament and the solution this presents?” Ms Stapleton asked.

“Y-yes,” responded Sabrina. “But what are we going to do? I mean, are you going to bend me over your knee like a kid? I’m 18 years old. I’m too old for that!”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” piped in Jessica.

“Please, Jessica, let’s work this out,” said Ms Stapleton, suddenly remembering her visit to the local neighborhood arts fair this past weekend. “Here’s how I think we should do this. The three of us should go to room 3 G on the third floor.”

“The three of us?” Asked Sabrina with disbelief.

Ms Stapleton held up her hand again. “Hold on, hold on,” she said. “Sabrina, for privacy we are going to go to the empty room on the third floor, 3 G. All three of us. We are going to lock the door and pull down the privacy curtains. Then you are going to bend over the bed and I am going to give you 12 good whacks on your bare butt.”

“My bare butt??” Sabrina said with continued incredulity.

“Look, Sabrina,” Ms Stapleton replied. “You must understand that this has to hurt some, and be humiliating, as much as it pains me to say it. It has to be sufficient to not only punish you for this, but to also give your co-workers a sense that a wrong was righted. And it certainly has to deter something like this from happening again.”

There was another pause in the discussion while Sabrina took this in. She looked up at Ms Stapleton.

“But why does Jessica have to be there? What’s she got to do with this?”

“Because she needs to hold you down while you are being punished,” responded Ms Stapleton. “You’re going to want to jump up, to squirm, and to move your butt. For your safety and to ensure the complete 12 whacks are cleanly given, you need her to help you stay in position. Do you understand?”

Sabrina sat back in her chair and suddenly seemed deflated. “Okay, I understand. But can we please just get this over with? And what are you going to spank me with, your bare hand?”

Ms Stapleton shook her head. “No, my hands are way too small to do this right,” she said. “This past weekend I bought a small cheese board with a handle at my neighborhood festival. It was going to be a gift for my sister. When I first saw the boards on display, I actually thought they looked just like those spanking paddles the principals had when I was growing up, except there are no holes in the board for air flow. Anyway, it’s still in my car and I think it would work perfectly. Okay?”

Sabrina looked to Jessica and back at Ms Stapleton. She then lowered her eyes, resigned to her fate. “Yeah, let’s do it. I’m ready to get it behind me.”

“Okay,” said Ms Stapleton. “First, I think we should type something up so that we’re all on the same page.”

Ms Stapleton sat at her computer and typed for a few minutes. Sabrina continued to shift pensively in her seat and Jessica looked at her phone. After a while, Ms Stapleton’s printer jumped to life and started printing pages.

“I want us all to sign this. Sabrina, you and I will acknowledge that you have violated our house rules regarding theft and that it is a serious violation. This says you understand you can be terminated for this and that you are agreeing and consenting to an alternative intervention as punishment, specifically corporal punishment, to be administered to you today. Please review this paper and if you agree, sign it where your name is at the bottom.”

Sabrina briefly studied the form and then leaned forward to the desk and signed it. Before Ms Stapleton took it back from her, Sabrina asked her: “What will you do with this?”

“I am going to post it in the break room and I might distribute it to all employees,” she responded.

“So everyone will know I was spanked?” Sabrina asked.

“Sabrina, they need to know that you came clean and that we dealt with it judiciously. This will be good for morale and also to keep this from happening again. Do you understand?”

After a moment, Sabrina nodded her agreement and handed the paper back to Ms Stapleton.

“Thanks. Jessica,” Ms Stapleton said. “Please also sign it as a witness. Thanks. Now I’ll sign it. Okay, you two please go to to 3 G. I’ll go by the copier and make copies of this for everyone and get the cheese board out of my car.”

Ms Stapleton got up and walked to the door, opening it for Sabrina and Jessica. “Jessica, I believe you have a key to 3 G. I’ll see you two up there shortly.”

Ms Stapleton watched as the two rounded a corner off to the left, then she headed the opposite way toward the copier. She felt a rising sense of excitement in her chest and stomach. Her mouth was getting a little dry and she was breathing shallowly. ‘I shouldn’t be getting excited like this,’ she thought. ‘This is punishment, not pleasure!’

She stopped at the copier and ran the signed page through, making two additional şişli escort bayan copies. She gathered them up and quickly walked to her car in the parking lot. She opened the trunk and picked up the gift bag the vendor had prepared for her sister. ‘This was done up in a different world,’ she thought. ‘I’m sure the maker had no idea what this would be used for!

She walked briskly back across the parking lot and went straight to the elevator. She pushed ‘3’ and, as the door closed, she forced herself to take some deep breaths to lower her heart rate. The elevator seemed to creep up the two floors, but finally it stopped at floor three and the doors opened. As she stepped out and turned left, she could hear her employees’ voices. She passed several other employees, who gave her slight nods but who were looking quite curious at what was going on. She got to 3 G, which was on her left, and walked in.

Jessica was closing the privacy curtain and Sabrina was standing there. Ms Stapleton closed the door behind her and locked it, then turned back around to the two.

“Okay, Sabrina,” Ms Stapleton said. “Here is your copy of the form. Jessica, here’s yours. I’ll keep the original in your personnel file,” she said, putting it down on the dresser. She looked back and saw Sabrina folding her copy and putting it in her pocket.

Ms Stapleton held the cheese board in her right hand. “Sabrina, please take off your scrubs and bend over the bed,” she said.

Sabrina hesitated and looked to Jessica, then back at her.

“Look, you know you’re not being forced to do this,” Ms Stapleton said. “You have every right to go the police route. But we have to proceed one way or the other. This was your choice and honestly I prefer it, not only for your sake, but frankly for the reputation of this business.”

There was a pause and then Sabrina nodded and pulled her scrubs top off, revealing her skimpy white V-neck T-shirt and her lithe frame and perky little breasts. Ms Stapleton looked over at Jessica and saw that, to her credit, her other employee had her back turned to Sabrina. Ms Stapleton looked back at Sabrina, who was now pulling her scrubs bottom off one leg at a time. She noted Sabrina had matching clean white panties, too. She was an athletic young lady with a remarkably toned body. ‘She must work out a lot,’ thought Ms Stapleton.

“Okay, Sabrina,” Ms Stapleton said. “Now, please kneel on the foot board there by the bed, and lay on your stomach across the bed.”

Sabrina complied.

“Good, now reach across the bed and grab the other side of the mattress,” Ms Stapleton directed. “Excellent. Now, push your butt out so it’s ready to cleanly receive the whacks,” she said, placing her left hand under Sabrina’s hip as the employee followed her instructions.

“Jessica,” Ms Stapleton said. “Please sit on the bed to the right of Sabrina and put your hands on the middle of her back. Get a good grip and really lean your weight into it. We don’t want her moving.”

Jessica carefully sat down on the bed and worked into position over Sabrina. As Ms Stapleton looked on, Jessica leaned her side over the middle of the young lady’s back, so that her elbow rested on the bed on Sabrina’s left, and then she put the palm of her left hand near the small of Sabrina’s back just above her poked out bottom.

“How’s that?” Ms Stapleton asked them both.


“Okay,” They answered in unison. Ms Stapleton watched Sabrina situate her dark red hair behind her right ear to keep it out of her face.

“Do you have a good grip on her?” Ms Stapleton asked Jessica. “Sabrina, try wiggling some to see how tightly Jessica has you.”

Sabrina rocked some from side to side while Jessica applied pressure. She wasn’t able to move much and her butt stayed in position and well displayed.

“Okay, that looks good.” Ms Stapleton said. “Sabrina, I’m going to push your undershirt up a little and pull your panties down to just under your butt and we’ll get started. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Sabrina said, her voice slightly muffled from the bed.

Ms Stapleton put the board down on the bed and lightly pulled the shirt-tail of Sabrina’s v-neck up to around her mid torso, then she placed her thumbs under the waistband of Sabrina’s panties and ran them to either hip. She then slowly pulled down the panties. She noted with some satisfaction that Sabrina seemed to push her butt up to allow the panties to come down more easily. Sabrina could feel the cool air of the room wash over her exposed buttocks, which caused her a little gooseflesh.

Ms Stapleton then stood up and took in the scene. She admired Sabrina’s small, round and blemish-free bottom. ‘She really takes care of herself,’ she thought. She also noted that Sabrina had no tan line, though she seemed rather sun-kissed. ‘Clearly, she’s been tanning in the nude.’ Ms Stapleton picked up the cheese board and stood to the left of Sabrina.

“Okay, Sabrina,” Ms Stapleton said, lightly placing her hand on the back of Sabrina’s left leg just below her butt cheek. “I want you to keep your butt pushed up a little. And as we talked about, I have to make this sting. I don’t want to overdo it, but this needs to be uncomfortable for you to be effective punishment. Do you understand?”

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