Sangitta Ch. 18

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Sangitta and Julie entered the apartment and the first thing that Sangitta said was,

“Could you please get me a cigarette and a glass of wine Julie?”

“Certainly Sangitta.” Replied Julie.

Julie went to the kitchen and found a bottle of Pinot Grigio and picked up the packet of cigarettes off the kitchen counter and brought them along with a couple of glasses into the front room. She handed the cigarettes to Sangitta and poured out two glasses of wine and handed one to Sangitta.

Sangitta took the glass of wine and had a large gulp and then she took a cigarette out of the packet, lit it and inhaled deeply. She had spent most of the afternoon and evening with her parents and was in need of the drink and the nicotine.

Going home had reminded her of what she had given up to start on her journey of sexual adventure and just for a moment it saddened her but the alcohol and nicotine soon began to cheer her up. She quickly polished off the first glass of wine and reached out and poured herself a second one.

She sipped on the second glass and smoked the cigarette and soon it was gone. She was tempted to have a second cigarette but resisted and instead turned to Julie and said.

“So how was your day with your friends?”

“It was okay I suppose but not as good as being here with you.”

“That’s lovely to hear Julie.”

“Do you enjoy your job here?” Asked Sangitta.

“Yes I do.” Responded Julie.

“What is you enjoy about it?” Asked Sangitta.

“You know what Sangitta. I love you and I would do anything to be near you and if that means I have to be your maid then that is what I will do.”

“You do know that you can leave whenever you want. I am going to have lovers round on a regular basis and you know that one of them is your mother. Are you okay with that?”

“I know that I am not a prisoner here and I can go whenever I want and I know you would let me go but I have no desire to go Sangitta. I know about you and my mother and I was a little uncomfortable about it at first but I have resolved that issue in my head and I am comfortable with it now.”

“I am glad to hear that Julie because I would hate to lose and you also look damn sexy in that maid’s uniform.”

With that compliment Julie blushed and could only say.

“Thank you Sangitta.”

“Now can you give me half an hour I need to send some messages and then put your leather maid’s outfit on and show me what it looks like. I do not believe that I have seen it on your body yet.”

“Certainly.” Said Julie.

She picked up her glass of wine and took it to her room and left Sangitta alone in the reclining chair. Sangitta was feeling horny and she needed to play with someone. She took out her phone and sent a text.

“What are you up to?”

“I am watching television with the slob of a husband.”

“Oh I see. Can you chat?”

“For you of course I can.”

“I wanted to start by saying that on reflection I really enjoyed our first proper date so much so that when you left I was very lonely and got drunk. I so wanted to take you to my bed.”

“I did not want to leave but you know how the situation is Sangitta.”

“I know it was just sexually frustrating particularly when you touched my thigh. I could have made love to you there and then.”

“Yes I was aroused as well and I came and went straight to bed and masturbated at the thought that we had kissed in public. I had got so wet that it did not take me too long to have my orgasm.”

“Mmm that sounds lovely.”

“It was an amazing orgasm and all because of you Sangitta.”

“You are making me wet just talking about it.”

“I am getting aroused all over again. I need you to touch me with those lips again but this time I need them on my pussy.”

“Oh God Denise you are going to make me cumm if you carry on talking like that. Can you slip away from your husband at all?”

“I could go and have a bath.”

“Why don’t you do that and text me when you are in the bath?”

“Okay be back in ten.”

Sangitta put her phone down on the table next to her and picked up the packet of cigarettes. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it and then she picked up her glass of wine and took a sip. She sat there and smoked her cigarette and drank her wine and waited for her phone to beep again.

It took about ten minutes before her phone beeped again.

“I am naked in the bath now and feeling highly aroused. I wish that you were here to share the bath with me Sangitta.”

“God that would be so sexy.”

“I need to feel your body Sangitta.”

“I am going to join you being naked Denise. Just give me a couple of minutes.”

“Okay Sangitta.”

Sangitta put the phone down and got out of the reclining chair and stood up and began to undo the layers of the sari. She felt so naughty about what she was about to do because not an hour ago she had been sat with her parents and acted like the perfect şişli escort innocent Indian girl she was meant to be. Now she was horny as hell and needed to relieve her sexual tension.

Layer by layer she unravelled the sari and then she dropped the layers of material to the floor and watched as they bunched together. She reached round and unclipped the bra that she was wearing and added that to the pile. Finally she pulled the tights and knickers off together so that she stood naked in her front room.

She made herself more comfortable in the reclining chair and then she picked up the phone and texted Denise.

“I am sat naked in the front room.”

“Goodness Sangitta you are turning me on so much I need to touch myself.”

“Touch your breasts for me Denise.”

“Can I call you Sangitta and put you on speakerphone?”

“Of course you can.”

“Thank you.”

Sangitta stopped texting and waited for her phone to ring. It rang thirty seconds later.

“Hello sexy.”

“Hello Denise.”

“That is better now I can talk to you whilst I play with myself.”

“Mmm that sounds good.”

“So are you touching your breasts Denise?”

“I am and they are very engorged with arousal. I am now going to touch my nipples. I am rolling them between my finger and my thumb and they have become very hard.”

“God that sounds so sexy Denise. I actually feel that I am there with you. I am touching my own breasts now as well.”

Sangitta took her hand and began to touch her breasts. As she massaged the flesh she noticed that her nipples became very erect. She was getting highly aroused and she knew that she would need to touch her pussy soon and bring herself to orgasm she was that horny.

She could clearly hear Denise moan as she touched her breasts and wondered how close she was to her orgasm.

“How horny are you Denise?”

“I am very horny. I need to be with you Sangitta.”

“For the moment you are with me Denise. There is only you and I in our own sexual world and we are each going to bring each other to orgasm.”

“Don’t stop talking to me Sangitta. You are turning me on so much.”

“As you are doing to me Denise.”

“Are you really naked Sangitta?”

“If you mean do I have any clothes on then the answer is no.”

“Please send me a photograph.”

“I will if you return the compliment.”


Sangitta took hold of the phone and switched it to photo mode. She posed in the reclining chair making sure that she got all of herself in the picture and took the snap. She messaged it to Denise. She waited for a couple of minutes and then her phone beeped and Sangitta open the message to see the naked body of Denise in front of her.

“God she looks so sexy.” She thought.

“Very nice picture Denise.”

“Not as sexy as you Sangitta.”

“I am moving my hand down to play with my pussy.”

“Play for me Denise.”

“My hand is now cupping my pussy. Goodness I am so wet. I need to finger myself.”

“Then do it Denise.”

“I am inserting my finger into my pussy. It is so wet Sangitta.”

“I am caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples.”

“Would love to be able to see that.”

“Hold on. Continue fingering your pussy.”

Sangitta again picked up her phone but this time she set it to video mode and pressed record. She sat there in the reclining chair and played with her breasts for a good five minutes- massaging the flesh and nipping her nipples. She had to struggle to keep hold of the phone whilst she played with herself.

She managed to hold the phone and imagined what the video would do to Denise. She typed in the name of the recipient and just to be naughty she added Julie’s name to the list so that she would get the copy of the video as well and then she pressed send.

Sangitta waited to see what kind of response she would get. It seemed to take ages for the reply to come but then she imagined that Denise and Julie would be masturbating to it.

Julie was just about climb off her bed and slip into her sexy maid’s outfit when her phone beeped. She pressed open on the phone and saw the message from Sangitta. She noticed that it was an attachment so she opened it and got the shock of her life.

There on her screen was a video of Sangitta playing with her breasts and she had sent it to Julie. She instantly became aroused and had to lay back down on the bed and touch herself. Little did she know at that precise moment her mother was watching the same video and doing the same thing to herself.

Sangitta waited for her phone to beep again to acknowledge the fact that the video had been received by Denise. She waited a couple of minutes and then her phone beeped.

“Oh my God Sangitta this is so sexy.”

“Can I put you back on speakerphone?”

“Of course you can.”

Sangitta sat and waited and then her phone rang. She pressed answer and Denise’s voice came over the line.

“I so need to cumm Sangitta.”

“Then do it Denise. Cumm for me.”

On the phone Sangitta could hear the splash of water as Denise was playing with her pussy and then she heard her begin to pant and groan. It was obvious to Sangitta that Denise was near her orgasm and she cupped her pussy to see how aroused she was.

She found that she was nicely wet but she was not ready to cumm. She would let Denise have her fun tonight. The moans and groans continued and then Sangitta heard.

“Oh shit I am cumming. Cumming so hard.”

There was a lot of splashing of water and then the phone went silent except for some gentle panting.

Then Denise began to speak.

“That was fantastic Sangitta. I shall keep that picture and that video and wank to it again I am sure.”

“You are welcome Denise.”

“When can I see you again?”

“Whenever you are next free. I do not have anything planned until next Wednesday when Babs is coming round.”

“I should be free on Saturday. If that is okay with you?”

“That is fine by me Denise. Now finish your bath and make sure that you are nice and smooth for me.”

“Yes Sangitta.”

The phone went quiet and Sangitta was left alone naked in her front room and feeling aroused. She wondered if Julie had got the video and what she had done about it.

In her room Julie had masturbated to the video and given herself a massive orgasm. She could not believe that Sangitta was a wall away and she was sat there in her chair naked and playing with breasts. She had to see it for real.

She went to her wardrobe and pulled out the leather maid’s outfit. It felt so soft in her hands and she could not wait to feel it against her naked flesh. She pulled it over her head and zipped herself into it. God it was a sexy fit and she could see every curve of her body and she had to admit that she looked damn sexy. She completed the look with some white leather knickers and patent leather stockings. She had never felt so sexy.

She could not wait to show Sangitta.

She walked out of her bedroom and entered the front room. She went and stood in front of the still naked Sangitta and found herself leaking pussy juice into her knickers because Sangitta looked so sexy. She so wanted to make love to her.

Sangitta was sat with her eyes closed caressing herself when she became aware of Julie standing there. She opened her eyes and looked her up and down. She looked gorgeous in the leather maid’s uniform.

“Turn round Julie.” Sangitta said.

“Yes Sangitta.” Julie replied.

She turned round and Sangitta got a good look at her arse barely covered by the uniform. Sangitta needed to see her leather clad buttocks.

“Bend over for me Julie.”

Julie did as instructed and Sangitta got a good look at her buttocks and decided that she wanted to make love to Julie. She stood up and caressed the buttocks of Julie and said.

“Follow me to the bedroom”

With that Sangitta started walking towards the Master Suite. She opened the door and climbed on top of the bed. Julie followed behind her and closed the door to the bedroom and joined Sangitta on the bed. For a moment she just looked at Sangitta.

Sangitta climbed on top of her and began to kiss her. She kissed her with a passion that Julie had not experienced before and she ran her hands up and down the naked body of Sangitta. She was being kissed by Sangitta and she thought that tonight was the night that Sangitta would actually make love to her and give her some pleasure.

Sangitta so wanted to make love to Julie and she deserved it. She had been good to Sangitta over the past week and had taken care of her and now she deserved to be rewarded. She loved the feel of the leather against her naked skin but she had to take it off to reveal Julie’s body to her.

She lifted Julie up a little bit and located the zip of the uniform and drew it down. She then peeled it away from Julie’s shoulders and slowly revealed her breasts. She pulled the dress down and bunched it around the waist of Julie and then she dipped her head and began to smother her breasts in kisses. She was getting very hot and bothered.

She kissed Julie’s breasts for a good ten minutes as Julie wrapped her hands around her neck and held her there and did not want to let her go. Sangitta stopped kissing Julie’s breasts and looked up at Julie and said.

“Just relax Julie and let me make love to you for a change.”

“Okay.” Croaked Julie.

Sangitta went back to kissing the breasts of Julie but this time she kissed the nipples and felt them grow erect in her mouth and she heard a sigh escape from the mouth of Julie. It felt good to be making love to Julie and Sangitta was smiling to herself.

She moved between each of Julie’s nipples and each time she moved she heard Julie sigh in pleasure. Once she was satisfied that she had got Julie boiling she kissed her way down Julie’s body until she got to the bunched up dress. She took her hands and pulled the dress down the legs of Julie and dropped it to the floor.

Now Julie laid there with just her knickers on and Sangitta could see the outline of her pussy. She could not wait to touch her as intimately as she could. Sangitta touched the outline of Julie’s pussy and could not wait to get her hands on it. She so wanted to give Julie some pleasure for all that she had done for her.

She cupped the pussy for a couple of minutes and then she took a finger and pushed the gusset of the knickers into the pussy of Julie and began to masturbate her. She pushed her finger and the material of the knickers as deep into Julie’s pussy as she could and heard Julie moan in pleasure. Julie looked down at Sangitta and said.

“Please Sangitta touch me properly.”

Sangitta listened to the words of Julie and felt that it was time enough to stop teasing Julie and that she deserved to be pleasured. She looked up at Julie and said.

“Please lift your buttocks for me.”

Julie lifted her buttocks off the bed and Sangitta pulled the knickers down and off and dropped them to the floor and stared at the nakedness of Julie and she became highly aroused. She knew that she could stop at any moment and make Julie make love to her but she was in a pleasure giving mood this evening.

She looked at Julie’s naked pussy for a couple of minutes then she gently began to blow on it. Julie groaned above her and encouraged Sangitta to get on and kiss her pussy. Julie moved down the bed so that her pussy was now next to Sangitta’s lips and made her intentions clear of what she wanted. Sangitta was not going to disappoint her.

She began to pet the lips of Julie’s pussy and made love to them like she would the lips of Julie’s mouth and she loved what she was doing and could feel her own pussy juice bubbling and she knew that when she made Julie cumm she would have an orgasm as well.

She kissed Julie’s lips for a couple of minutes and then she stuck out her tongue and began to run it round all of Julie’s pussy. Suddenly Julie began to writhe on the bed and she had her first orgasm but Sangitta had no intention of letting her get away with just the one orgasm. She wanted to give Julie a night that she would not forget.

Using her tongue and fingers she opened the pussy of Julie. She started off by fingering her with two fingers then she pulled them out. Seductively she looked up at Julie and licked the pussy juice off of her fingers and then she went back to her ministrations on Julie’s pussy.

This time she inserted her tongue and began to eat the pussy of Julie. She enjoyed the taste of Julie’s pussy and she could have made love to her pussy for ages. Julie however was on the verge of another orgasm. Julie reached down and grabbed hold of the head of Sangitta and held her tight to her pussy.

Sangitta was happy to let Julie take control for the moment but she was not prepared for the next words that came out of Julie’s mouth. Julie looked down at Sangitta and said.

“I love you.”

Sangitta knew this but hearing the words come from Julie’s mouth made Sangitta work harder on Julie’s pussy. In and out of her pussy went Sangitta’s tongue and Julie began to have yet another orgasm. She was moving into sexual ecstasy and could not get enough of Julie’s tongue. It felt so good in her pussy. She did not want Sangitta to stop.

Sangitta continued to work her tongue in and out of Julie’s pussy and then she took her thumb and began to rub at the clit of Julie. This became too much for Julie and she went into an orgasmic state and started to experience orgasm after orgasm and still Sangitta would not stop. She wanted to hear Julie beg her to stop.

Orgasm after orgasm flooded Julie’s body and she was getting to the point of being sexually exhausted and she eventually had to say to Sangitta.

“Please Sangitta I can take no more.”

Sangitta smiled to herself and stopped licking and kissing Julie. She moved up the body of Julie and kissed and made her taste her own juices and this gave Julie one final orgasm. She wrapped her arms around Sangitta and cried into her shoulder. Sangitta just held her for a few minutes then she extricated herself.

Together they laid naked holding hands for about an hour and then Sangitta turned to Julie and said.

“It is time for you to go to bed Julie.”

With sadness in her eyes Julie replied.

“Yes Sangitta.”

She climbed out of the bed and returned to her room and could not get to sleep she was that aroused. Sangitta had made love to her and she was happier than she could have been. She knew that she would have a sleepless night but she would be happy.

In her room Sangitta thought about what had just happened and she was glad that she had given Julie a night of pleasure. She decreed to do it at least once a week to Julie. She wanted to masturbate herself but she was too shattered so naked she rolled over and went to sleep. Unlike Julie she had no problems sleeping.

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