School Friends/New Friends Pt. 01


My husband had gotten a job out of state. Way out of state. It was going to be good money, but we wouldn’t be able to go with him and he wouldn’t get a vacation for at least 6 months. The opportunity was too good to pass up with the bonus that I’d be able to go back to school and finish my degree.

I had stopped at one point to take care of the kids, then life just got in the way. I’d investigated other avenues, but none of them were a good fit for me, that’s a whole other rant. Starting back as an older student was interesting, finding ways to relate to younger students and trying to get back into the swing of things. But I navigated my way through the awkwardness and acclimated. One of the things that helped, or rather I should say people who helped was Hazel.

Hazel, at around 10 years younger than me, is also Filipina and in the same situation. Her husband had gotten a job overseas giving her the opportunity to go back to school. We just happened to be going for the same degree and, coincidentally, ended up in a lot of the same classes. Our mutual heritage, I think, drew us together, but other similarities made us friends.

She was always at school and helped me out a lot by keeping me notified of schedule and other last minute changes. I think she got bored being home alone and just liked being around people. She had joined several extra-curricular groups and school organizations. As the semester progressed we started spending more social time together. She would come over and have supper with me and the kids and we would just hang out and talk. We went shopping, to the movies, to a few gallery openings, wine tastings, happy hours.

I came to find out Hazel was a flirty drunk, well not drunk, but get a drink or two into her and she became very affectionate and chatty. At one point she confessed to me that she and her husband had met online through a rather salacious site. She said had met a few guys before him, but he was the one the moment they met. A very chatty drinker indeed. By the end of the night I probably knew as much about her as anyone.

That particular night, when I noticed how much she seemed to be drinking, I held back. I’m not a huge drinker, but wanted to be sure I’d be able to drive us home. By the time we were ready to go I was ok to drive and had to pour Hazel into the passenger seat. I got her to her home, into her jammies, and put her to bed. As disheveled as she was she was a very pretty pinay. Long dark hair, beautiful eyes, slender build, and nice tits for someone of her size.

I turned to leave and she weakly asked me to stay. Her sleepy voice said I was başakşehir escort a good friend, before she passed out. So cute. I tucked her in and left. On my drive home things she said that night just struck me as odd. Like I mentioned I think she was just lonely for companionship. With her husband was gone, she really didn’t have any family here, and had moved to be with him. It was her in the house alone. Right now she really only had school to keep her busy as far as I knew. She called me the next day and apologized for getting so drunk and hoped she didn’t embarrass herself to much. I assured her she didn’t and we would see each other in class.

The semester wore on and we continued to hang out. The time passed quickly and before long she was leaving to meet her husband for a vacation, mine was coming home for some family time. We would see each other after break before the next semester started up.

While she was gone I got silly texts from her, crazy pics of her doing crazy things. I got selfies from the beach and various landmarks. Then, something odd happened, it was late one night I was laying in bed next to my husband, who had passed out after a vigorous love making session. I received a blank message from Hazel, just a picture attached. I clicked, it was a selfie, of her completely naked. She was stretched out and with one leg up, tits round, full, and ripe, her free hand on her shaved pussy. Shaved? Mmmmm. She looked hot.

My initial reaction was a mental stutter and my heart jumped in my chest. I wasn’t sure what to think. This had to be a mistake. It was confusing because at no point in our relationship have we reached anything close to this level. She and I have discussed sex as a topic, but my husband and I keep our private shenanigans private. Not because we are ashamed of our lifestyle, but because people can be judgmental and untrustworthy at times. I enjoy Hazel’s company a lot, but I still wasn’t quite sure how she would react to the truth and there was no need to be forthcoming with that information. My time with Hazel had given me a strong fondness for her and an enjoyable friendship, but despite my occasional predilections there was no reason for me to think we had anything more than that.

But, fuck she did look hot. I kept thinking this was a mistake. Yep, a mistake. My fingers absently found their way between my legs, stroking and playing with my pussy until I came again. I was SURE she didn’t mean to send it to me, so I left it alone. Saved the pic, but didn’t reply. She would be embarrassed enough when she saw she sent it, so I beşiktaş escort wouldn’t bring it up.

The month passed with more messages and silly pictures, tho no more naked ones. My husbands vacation time was up and I had to take him to the airport. Coincidentally I found out Hazel was flying back that same day, so I volunteered to wait at the airport and pick her up. I caught up with her at baggage claim waiting at the carousel. She was wearing a short sundress, large floppy hat, big sun glasses, and sandals. Looking like she came straight from the beach her skin was golden and when I got close to her, smelled like suntan oil and the sun. It was such an arousing combination I felt a twinge between my legs. When she saw me she ran up and gave me a hug. A hug that made me all too aware of her tits pressing against mine. A tight hug that seemed to linger. I wrote my indecent thoughts off as a figment of my aroused imagination. We collected her luggage, loaded everything in the car, then started our drive home.

She was a chatty monkey while I drove, telling me all the details about her vacation, bubbly with information her voice was almost singing with excitement. We pulled up to her house and I helped her carry her things inside. I stayed for a few minutes then mentioned I should be getting home. Her voice squealed and she asked me to wait, she had a surprise for me. She grabbed one of her bags and ran into the other room. She popped out a few minutes later wearing a bikini, a very small bikini, that left very little to the imagination. My poor overworked imagination.

She giggled and twirled saying it was the latest style at the beach they had gone to, so she had bought one. Everyone had been wearing them. I knew she had nice tits, but had no idea she looked like that. The night I helped her into bed it hadn’t been on my mind to check her out…lol. The bikini was pulled tight over curves that, despite her slim frame, wouldn’t quit. My brain was on fire struggling to comprehend what I was seeing. One voice in my head was screaming with desire to jump her, but the other was reminding me this was Hazel. I could still feel her tits pressing up against me from earlier, and now seeing her like this, the picture she sent me flashed in my head along with a myriad of other pornographic ones, and I felt myself getting very wet.

She spun around giggling, it was a thong, oh jeezus. Her ass was perfect, she jumped as she spun and her tight little ass bounced. I felt myself tense up and my mouth go dry, confusion and desire were making my head spin. What the fuck was going escort on? Her voice snapped me back to reality.

“So what do you think?” i detected a hint of ‘coy’ to her tone.

“Uh..great..GREAT! You look really hot, Hun.” I was trembling a bit. This was just sensory overload I was trying to splash some mental cold water on myself.

She bounced over and gave me a hug, thanking me for picking her up from the airport. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her tits against me again. My brain just wanted to explode. The smell of beach and suntan oil again. She told me she missed me and invited me over the next night for pizza and wine and to catch up.

I shuffled my way back out to my car, pulse pounding in my ears, still trying to process everything. I climbed behind the wheel feeling flushed and extremely horny. I took a deep breath and started the car. Vroooom. Fuck she was hot. I felt the car vibrating. What the fuck just happened? My hand was in my lap and my fingers started stroking me absently. I sat for a minute before shaking myself out of it, putting the car in gear, and driving home.

It was a long dazed drive home. I made my way up to my bedroom, closed the door, jumped on the bed and proceeded to finger fuck the shit out of myself. he events of the day swimming in my imagination. I came quick and unsatisfactory. Grabbing several toys out of my night stand I went to work. I stretched myself out wide. Toys in every hole. I went at myself deep and hard, face in the pillow so I could let it all go as loud as I wanted to. I had to get rid of this energy or there would be no way in hell I’d sleep.

Finally, exhausted, breathing hard, sweating, visions of Hazel twirling in that bikini. I grabbed my tablet off the night stand and scrolled back to the picture. I lay there looking at it, studying it, staring hard at the hand at her pussy. Fuck. Exhausted, I slid naked under the blankets and passed out. My last thoughts were that I am just oversexed and imagining things. I giggled, then was asleep.

The next morning put things back to normal. My libido was sated. Thoughts about school starting back up in a week, the kids would be home in a few days from their grandparents, daily list of things that needed doing. I fixed something to eat, tidied up the house, did some mundane chores. I turned on the TV to some channel with some show, you’ve been there, for background noise. It’s not ALL glamour and fucking in my life…lol.

The phone rang early afternoon, it was Hazel calling to confirming for later. I’d bring the wine, she would get the food. We would pick out some movie to watch when I got there.

The day progressed I showered, dressed, just jeans and a tshirt, grabbed a couple bottles of wine and headed to her house. The sun was low in the sky and the evening air was warm and breezy. My mind was free and clear. It felt like it was going to be a good night.


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