Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 02


My wife Ann and her friend Lisa were already plotting their chicanery when I arrived home Saturday afternoon from a sports bar. Lisa is a pretty brunette in her early 30’s with dark brown eyes and a natural tan she maintains even in the dead of winter. She is perhaps Ann’s most gorgeous friend with a nice set of breasts and the perfect ass. One catch – she’s 100% dyke. While Lisa is very feminine in all her mannerisms, she’s been a lesbian since college. My wife Ann met Lisa months ago at a party and since then they have spent more and more time together.

Ann and I started experimenting outside of our marriage a couple of years ago. We have both discovered we enjoy variety in our sex lives. While she initially enjoyed interracial sex with another man, she soon discovered she really liked sex between other females the most. The one common theme, however, is her tendency to enjoy being submissive.

From their first meeting, Lisa took charge. One afternoon I arrived home from work with the sound of my wife’s groans emanating from the back bedroom. I turned the corner of the hall to see my wife on all fours on our bed with this young woman equipped with a strapon plunging a long black cock in her tight little asshole. Lisa noticed me out of the corner of her eye but never slowed as she continued her assault, occasionally slapping my wife’s ass and bending down to place soft kisses on her ear as she whispered words I could not hear.

I imagine she was telling Ann that her husband was watching from the doorway while she was taking his wife in the ass. I pulled my dick out of my trousers and stroked my meat as I watched these two women go at it. After a few minutes, Lisa repositioned Ann on her back, laying between her outstretched legs as Ann wrapped her legs around Lisa’s. Their breasts mashed together as Lisa kissed my wife as passionately as she’s ever been kissed. I watched as Ann sucked Lisa’s tongue which slithered in her mouth and danced along her pouting lips. I could hear the squishing sound as the dildo moved in and out of my wife’s wet hole, the bed creaking violently under their passionate dance.

Lisa who had earlier been whispering softly to my wife became more vocal in her attack asking Ann if she liked her cock. “Tell me how much you love my cock baby,” she chided as Ann ground her hot box against Lisa’s pelvis.

“Oh, yes. Give it to me. Fuck me baby…make me come,” Ann panted.

I couldn’t help but reflect on how much my wife had changed in just a couple of years. Just two summers ago she was a devoted housewife with a part time job. We had always had a good sex life but it was a totally monogamous relationship. While we had never discussed it much, I was sure I had been her only lover since college with one other guy in high school who actually took her cherry. They had dated for years so her experience with other men was quite limited. Since then, I had allowed her to be seduced by another man and used as his sexual plaything in many of the parties we attended. Both of us freely allowed Mark to dominate us and to carry out his sexual demands. Mark was black, although he instructed us to serve his friends both black and white alike.

I found that I enjoyed submitting to others and even allowed Mark to have my nipples pierced as a sign of my submission. Likewise, Ann submitted to Mark having various tattoos inked into her flesh. A tribal tat on her lower back as well as a Chinese symbol on her breast that I later found out meant slave. The ultimate was the words “Mark’s Cock Slut” just above her shaved pussy lips. The letters are not very big but they are very legible and served early on to indicate my wife’s pussy belonged to another man.

We see Mark occasionally but his attention was eventually diverted to fresh new targets leaving the tattoos as a constant reminder to both Ann and I there was no turning back from the lifestyle we had adopted. Not that Ann would have anyway. The more sex outside our marriage she experienced the more she seemed to crave.

One evening I came home again to find Ann and Lisa at play. This time I found them in the bathroom with my wife kneeling in the tub as Lisa was standing above her as she cut loose a stream of pee on my wife’s chest and then across her face. I was shocked. It was one thing to have sex with members of one’s sex, and to be dominated the way we had but to actually allow someone to pee on you was taking it to a new level.

Lisa was calling her a dirty bitch and a slut as she moved her stream across her body, her hair starting to mat to her face. Lisa caught sight of me standing in the doorway and smiled as she continued to desecrate my wife with her golden urine.

Now, this afternoon, Lisa and Ann were talking about Katherine…our 21-year old babysitter that both Ann and I had sex with last weekend. Ann had come home early and caught Katherine watching our home movies of the swaps and three-ways we had with other couples. She seduced the little college coed and initiated şişli escort her into her lesbian sex. Later that evening, Katherine allowed me fuck her as long as I was wearing a rubber. She confided I was only the second guy to have sex with her and I have to admit she was had one tight little pussy. Then again, it had been years since I had a little college coed!

There was little doubt that the plan was to draw Katherine further into Sapphic love. Ann had invited her back for this evening to introduce her to her friend Lisa. Ann had never discussed that Lisa was a full fledged lesbian who likely was intent on turning the little coed into a lesbian too. While I got the impression that Katherine had enjoyed her little session with my wife, I knew that she still considered herself to be heterosexual. Kat had shared that she had a steady boyfriend named Danny that she had dated for a couple of years. Even though I was confident she enjoyed the sex between the three of us, I was left with the distinct impression that she was very much in love with her boyfriend.

My wife made it clear that I was free to stay and enjoy the show but as usual Lisa had instructed I was an observer not a participant. Lisa seemed to enjoy the fact that I was willing to stay on the sidelines as she made love to my wife. It was almost a competition for her as she demonstrated time after time that Ann might be married to me, but her pussy belonged to Lisa. I can’t even count the number of times I sat in a chair and watched the two of them making love. Lisa eating my wife’s pussy or fucking her with her strapon. Ann kneeling below Lisa as she sucked on her titties or clit while Lisa looked over at me with a look of satisfaction across her face.

Tonight, I could watch as Lisa would turn a straight girl into a submissive little lesbian. I had enjoyed getting a little pussy from Katherine but I knew for certain that once Lisa had landed her prey, my chances of ever getting any more of that college snatch was history.

When the doorbell rang, I opened the door to see Katherine looking more delectable than last weekend. Her straight golden blonde hair fell on both sides of her shoulders. Under her jacket she wore a little yellow top accented by skin tight jeans that were frayed just above the knee showing just a hint of skin. She had on sandals and I noticed that she had burgundy polish on her little toes which peaked out from under the jeans. I ushered her in with a little hug as I again could take in the Tommy Girl perfume she wore. I took her jacket as she made her way into the den to hug my wife and meet Lisa.

After the formalities, Lisa instructed me to freshen their glasses of wine and to bring one for Kat who seemed delighted to join in the festivities. Little did she know that most of the afternoon was spent talking about her and that she was the main event of the evening. I went into to the kitchen as I overheard the ladies exchanging pleasantries and small talk before Lisa became a little more bold by asking Katherine about school and then about boys and her boyfriend in particular. Katherine spent a few minutes talking about Danny before Ann excused herself and went to the restroom.

Katherine had been seated across the room in another chair when Lisa invited her over to sit on the couch with her. The scene played out slowly as Lisa continued to let Kat talk about school, her friendships, and her relationship with Danny. As Kat finished her second glass of wine, I noticed she had become very relaxed and was much more comfortable answering many of the questions that had become more and more intimate as Lisa and she carried on their conversation about boys and then just sex in general.

Lisa had already motioned for me to refill the drinks and then fade into the background as she leaned in closer to Katherine who chatted on and on about what she liked best when she and Danny made love. Lisa, holding her wine glass in her left hand reached out and lightly traced the skin of Katherine’s arm which was lying across the top of the couch. I could see the expression in Kat’s face as she took a long sip on her wine as Lisa began telling her how pretty she was. Then very softly she confided that Ann had told her what a wonderful evening she had last week as the two of them explored girl-girl sex. As Lisa continued to run her fingers down Kat’s arm, the little coed seemed to stiffen wondering where this was leading. For the first time, Katherine began to realize she knew little about Lisa and asked if the beautiful brunette were married.

“No, I’m single sweetheart. I guess I’m still looking for that someone special. Someone that can take care of me and that loves me unconditionally. Do you know what I mean?,” Lisa cooed.

“I would think as beautiful as you are, you’d have men standing in line,” smiled Katherine.

Lisa took a long sip of her drink before she set it down on the end table behind her. “Baby, I’m not into men. I like beautiful women. Women like escort şişli Ann..” she said glancing over to my wife now sitting in a loveseat watching her lover making her moves. “Young women like yourself,” she continued as her hands now collapsed softly on Katherine’s arm as she rubbed up and down ever so softly. Lisa had played her hand and left no doubt as to her intentions. “Did you enjoy it last week when Ann licked on your little pussy?”

Katherine initially blushed at the probing question. Lisa’s right hand dropped down to Katherine’s leg as she traced circles on the denim of Kat’s jeans. Kat had removed her sandals and folded one leg under her as her head tilted slightly down watching Lisa’s fingers as they danced on her thigh. “Baby, I’d like to kiss you. You’re just so adorable. Can I kiss you just once? I promise we can stop if you don’t like it, ” Lisa inquired softly.

“I guess. I’m just not sure about all this…” Kat trailed off her voice clearly hesitating. Before she could continue, Lisa leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her pouting plump lips. She lingered a second before pulling back to see Katherine had closed her eyes. She leaned back in and again pushed her lips to Kat’s this time more forcefully as her tongue gently slid across Kat’s lips and then pushed between invading her mouth. If there was any resistance it quickly subsided as Katherine began kissing her back. Lisa removed the glass from Kat’s hands and set it down on the floor before pushing Kat back into the couch. The two of them became more passionate as both kissed, their mouths pushing hard against each other, tongues meeting, as Lisa slid her hand up and began to grasp Kat’s breast.

The more they kissed, the hotter the little blonde became and the louder her pants as Lisa rubbed her breast through her top and sank her left hand down to the crotch of her jeans below.

“I think you like kissing me baby….I think you like it a lot,” Lisa continued as she taunted the little coed. Lisa pulled back and admired her prize. “Take your top off baby. I want to see your little titties. Katherine stared back almost in a trance. There was suspense in the air as I wondered if Kat would balk or comply. The question was answered as Katherine reached down and slowly pulled her top over her head and off her shoulders. Her firm little breasts were encased in a frilly laced bra. Lisa smiled as she realized Kat, though hesitant, was willing. “The bra too baby. I want to see those pretty tits of yours.”

Katherine reached back with one hand as she released the snap and then let it fall off her shoulders. There was a moment when it appeared she might cover her tits but as she gazed into Lisa’s eyes, she took the bra and let it drop to the floor. Lisa reached out and lightly touched the blonde’s breast, gently cupping it, before rubbing the nipple between her thumb and finger squeezing the little bud which hardened under her touch. Kat moaned softly, her eyes closing, as Lisa rubbed her breast and then leaned back in continuing her assault as they again began kissing.

Lisa leaned down and took the coed’s tit in her mouth, licking her breast, and sucking gently on her nipple. “Oh, baby…I love your little titties. And I think you like me sucking on your nipples. You like it? You like me sucking on your nipples?” When Kat hadn’t responded, Lisa took her nipple in her mouth and gently bit down on the little nub. “I asked if you like me sucking on your nipples?” Lisa continued as Kat groaned under her attack.

“Oh yes, I love it. It feels so good,” Kat finally surrendered as Lisa continued to press.

“Baby, show me your pussy. I want to see that pretty pussy of yours Ann told me so much about” Lisa advanced.

Lisa was confident that Kat had gone this far and was not likely to back down now. This time the blonde didn’t hesitate. She stood up and unsnapped her jeans, moving them down her hips and then stepping free of them. She looked for Lisa’s approval before she hooked her thumbs under the straps of a little red thong and moved it down her legs as well. Lisa knew she was in total control. Kat was now totally naked…exposed to both women who remained fully clothed looking on at the little nude coed.

Lisa reached out and rubbed her hand over Kat’s exposed mound stopping to gently pull at the small patch of blonde pubic hair at the top of Kat’s shaved pussy. “You left a little,” Lisa said almost questioning Katherine.

“I didn’t want to look like a little girl,” Kat replied as Lisa continued to trace along the folds of her cunt, every so often inserting a finger into Kat’s pussy drawing a gasp from her subtle lips.

“I don’t think there’s a chance of that baby. You think she looks like a little girl?” Lisa asked, looking over at Ann. It was the first time she had acknowledged my wife in some time. Ann, like myself had sat in awe watching Lisa draw the young coed further and further into her web.

“No, maybe a little slut,” smirked my wife.

“You eskort şişli would know,” chided Lisa as she continued to probe the blonde’s wet pussy. “Ann keeps her pussy bare…but then again, you know that don’t cha’ baby?” Ann whispered to Kat whose legs spread wider as Lisa dipped her fingers deeper and deeper into her juicy cunt.

“Did you like licking on Ann’s cunt last week baby?” Lisa inquired as Kat whimpered. “Did you enjoy sucking on her pussy?” Kat only groaned and then slowly nodded her head as Lisa continued. “I bet you did. Ann keeps her pussy shaved bare because she’s a wild slut. She’s even got those tats.” Lisa looked over her prey for a second. “You don’t have any tats on you do you sweets?” Lisa ever so slowly shook her head as her sighs became louder with Lisa’s assault.

Lisa removed her fingers from Kat’s pussy and drew her finger to her lips. Kat watched as Lisa sucked on her finger, let it linger and then dipped it again into Kat’s hot box. She plunged the fingers in and out and then withdrew the digit and moved it up to Kat’s mouth. Kat looked into Lisa’s eyes and then sucked her finger, moving her tongue around her finger and then moving her head up and down as if actually sucking it off

“I think we have another slut here. You a little slut baby?” Lisa cooed as Kat continued to suck on her finger. “You must be a slut. Stripping for me and letting me feel your little pussy.” Lisa removed her finger and rubbed the little patch of golden pubic hair again. “I think we’ll shave this thing bare. So you can look like the little slut you are. My little lesbian slut.”

Katherine’s eyes widen. It was the first time Lisa had used the word.- ‘lesbian’. Katherine settled back on her heels, moving ever slightly back. “I’m not a lesbian.”

“You’re not?” inquired Lisa in a somewhat mocking tone. “No, I have a boyfriend. I love my boyfriend” Katherine’s eyes glanced down to her right arm. A small gold bracelet hung loosely on her wrist. It was evident that the bracelet had some significance to Kat. The glance was not left unnoticed by Lisa who again began rubbing on Kat’s little pussy, pushing her thumb against her little clit.

“Ann sweetheart, why don’t you come over and join us. I’ll bet Katherine would love to have her little pussy licked.” Lisa looked up at Kat, “Would you like that? Would you like Ann to lick your little cunt?” When Kat didn’t respond, Lisa asked more sternly. “Would you like that you little slut? You want Ann to stick her tongue up your hot little college cunt?”

Kat groaned. “Yes…Yes, I want her to.” “You want her to what?,” chided Lisa.

“I want her to lick me,” Kat gave in.

“What do you want her to lick?” Lisa persisted. “I want her to lick my little pussy. I want her tongue in my…, my cunt.” Kat moaned.

Ann slid over to the couch pushing gently down on Kat’s back and spreading her legs further as she buried her face into her pussy from behind. Kat groaned loudly as Ann would snake her tongue into her crack, push it deep into her hole before gently licking back up to her puckered little anal opening. Kat’s lips quivered when Ann dabbed her tongue at her asshole before again burying her tongue deep into her pussy. Lisa continued to squeeze Kat’s nipples and would lean in and kiss her passionately as the blonde returned the kiss with fervor.

“I don’t know sweetie. Looks to me like you’re a lesbian. Here you are begging another woman to eat your pussy and another playing with your little tits. I’ll bet your dying to eat some pussy yourself aren’t cha’?” Lisa continued.

“Yes,” came the very faint reply. “Yes what baby?” Lisa pressed. “I want to eat pussy.”

“Whose pussy?” Lisa continued. “I want to eat your pussy. I want to taste your pussy,” Kat almost said in a whimper.

“I’m not sure,” Lisa toyed with her. “Are you a straight girl with a little boyfriend…or are you my little lesbian slut?”

I was amazed watching this play out in front of me. Lisa had her on the ropes. Lesbian or straight? Lisa was making her declare. A boyfriend she had for a couple of years…or this new lesbian thing. Ann sensing the hesitation plunged her tongue further up Kat’s cunt. She took her thumb and gently placed it at the asshole, pushing it gently in. Taking it out, she spit on her thumb and placed it back at the little puckered target, probing gently but firmly.

“Answer me baby. Are you my lesbian slut?” Kat knew she couldn’t turn back. The feeling was like nothing she ever experienced. It was so good. Better than anything she ever felt. She knew she didn’t want to turn back. “Yes, Yes, I’m a lesbian. I’ll be your lesbian slut. I want to eat your pussy.”

Lisa had won. This was easier than she thought it would be. “Okay baby, I’ll let you taste me.” Lisa raised her dress, pulling it back over her ass before settling back on the couch and scooting forward. She hadn’t worn any panties and her little brown muff was now in plain view of Kat’s hungry eyes.

Unlike the other two women, Lisa trimmed her bush but didn’t shave it. Perhaps it was the sign she was different. She was the dominant female in the room. “Get on your knees baby and lick my twat. Show me what a good little lesbian you can be.”

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