Black Magic

Aiden Starr

She didn’t think her life would end up this way.

And yet here she was, waiting for her master to put on her collar and take her wherever.

But this isn’t to say that Eva didn’t like it. The slight shiver that ran through her body as the man in front of her buckled the leather collar at her neck said it all.

Eva didn’t think her life would end up this way.

She didn’t think she’d be a simple happy sex slave.

– A few months earlier –

Eva dashed out of her apartment, pale, slightly tanned hands fumbling with the keys. Dammit she really needed one of those auto lock things she’d seen she thought as she bent down to pick up the keys she’d dropped in her hurry.

As she bent from the corner of her eye she saw someone’s feet pause in front of her. As she rose up Eva saw a man, a boy really with a glazed look

… directed at her breasts. She blushed. She nodded in his direction and walked into the elevator while thanking whoever was above for the slight ego boost. Sure. She knew she wasn’t terrible to look at. She let her hand wander down her white office shirt. It curved around her breasts that rested at a nice plump cup c and slid down her stomach which wasn’t entirely flat as you’d believe. Her hand rested on her small pooch, insecurities rising. No. She shook her head. So what if she had a bit of fat? She never minded it.

It was only when she started going out. When they eyed her and left that she thought of it as a problem.

Whatever. She thought and straightened her shirt and pulled up her high-waisted pants slightly before she got out.

She didn’t have time to think about that now.

On her ride to her new job interview she read through her portfolio one last time.

The job called for ‘artistic assistants’ which while being really vague was summed up by her as assistant art directors which fit perfectly with her resume and her previous post as an art teacher.

She sighed as she thought about her old job. It was a stifling affair with a strict dress code and even stricter rules. She had hated her stay there. Eva had only taken that job to please her parents.

But her parents have gone now. Up and left the country for some reason and left her with half their assets. So she had a substantial bank account yes, she thought as she got out of the cab and stood outside a tall off white building. But she didn’t want to be unemployed.

After all, she liked being useful.

Eva was a bit confused at the building. It was at the edge of the city and in a pretty high end neighborhood. If anything it looked more like a manor house with its rather decent yard and ivory white carved pillars. Well it is an art job. She reasoned. Who knows what eccentric boss she was going to get.

She stepped through the doors. The hall was carpeted. Strange. She thought it would be hardwood. There was a receptionist and Eva was informed to take the elevator to the fifth floor for her appointment. Well it’s certainly modified. She thought Şerifali Escort as the elevator dinged at the fifth floor

She got out and made her way to the door at the end of the hall and knocked.

“Come in” said a voice. It was male. Eva went inside.

“Welcome to Black Magic Miss Wilson. I’m Alexi,” The man gestured at her to sit. His black eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled. ” If this goes well, I’ll be your boss or guide call in whatever.”

Eva nodded grateful for the light mood be bad created. She really wanted this to go well. This place looked amazing.

After a few questions Alexi nodded. “Everything seems to be in order… in fact it looks great! ” Eva squirmed in her seat as he looked her up and down.

What exactly did he mean?

“Why don’t you start working straight away?”

Eva gasped. ” Does this mean I’ve got the job?”

Alexi laughed and ran a hand through his black hair.

Stop it. Eva scolded herself. Her boss looked good. So what. She was here for the job.

“of course” he said and Eva beamed. “Oh wait one last thing,” he handed her a paper. ” We need to know your preferences.” Eva frowned. “I’m not. Sure I follow…”

Alexi blinked, surprised.

“Our pieces can get pretty intense sometimes so its best if you keep your hard limits as clear as possible.”

Wait hard limits? Eva looked through the paper in a hurry her eyes widening as she read.

This is… “Black magic is..” “A high end artistic and sensuous experience.” Alexi completed. He looked at her and smiled slightly.

“You know its a sex shop right?”

Apparently when her friend meant ‘artistic assistant’ she had meant an outright sex worker.

“A very expensive sex worker” Mira, her friend corrected her. Eva had asked for a few moments to think about it and promptly made her way to the bathroom on the opposite end of the hall to scream into her phone.

“that doesn’t help, Mira!” Eva said. “Dammit I really wanted a job.” She sighed. She didn’t want to be dependent on just her nice trust fund. Hell, it wasn’t that big anyway. Not nearly enough for a lifetime.

“So why not go for it?” Eva gaped. “WHAT?”

She heard Mira sigh on the other side.

“Look, I know you hated your teaching gig and you’ve walked out of every other interview you had. Face it Eva you don’t like the ordinary. You hate being in a stuffy office.”

Eva found herself agreeing. “Yes but this isn’t what I wanted. I just wanted a nice decent job”

Mira snorted. “Honey I’ve seen your search history. I know you’re into some pretty kinky shit. And plus this place is like the highest paying sex job you’ll ever see. It’s got a decent client filtering system so you won’t end up with some druggie and then found out dead in a sewer. ” Eva cringed at Mira’s crude phrasing.

The place did look good and Alexi had been nothing but charming. “Come on, Eva we would actually bump into each other at work, won’t that İstanbul Escort be fun? You know you hate the rules so why not live a little? ” Mira urged and Eva found herself being more and more convinced.

She never did like the ordinary.

Plus how could she say no to being offered the temptation of her wildest fantasies with a great pay?

“I’ll do it” she said and Mira hooted in her ear.

She walked into the office composed.

“I’d like to sign the contract please.” she said and Alexi looked her wearily. “Are you sure Eva? No one is forcing you.”

She smiled and sat down. She put her pen on the dotted line and set her name down.

“I am.”

Eva made her way to the basement, surprised to find it well lit and clean.

Alexi had asked her to meet with their doctor for her… improvements.

Eva had marked a tick for modification simply because she was excited to see what will be thrown her way.

“By signing this agreement you’ve hereby become our employee and property. We reserve the right to improve you to present your best assets to the customers.” He’d emphasized on best while looking at her pert breasts.

“Those could handle some more meat.”

Eva squirmed in her chair. They had given her a light aphrodisiac to keep her pussy wet and her turned on.

The doctor had arrived in a white lab coat. “Miss Eva I’m Dr. Jenkins. Call me Leah.” Eva nodded.

The doctor gave her three pills to drink and Eva gulped them down. “It’ll take a few minutes to kick in so its best if you take your clothes off.”

Eva blushed. Oh yeah, they won’t fit.. None of her old clothes would fit her after this. The thought made a pussy more wet for some reason.

A few minutes later she felt like she was boiling. Sure she had taken her clothes off but her body felt so warm. Eva threw her head back and moaned as she rubbed her heated nipples.

“ah, looks like its taking effect”

Dr. Jenkins smiled. She tapped at Eva’s throbbing nipple. “Want some help with that?”

The heat was making her head swim. She needed release so she nodded and whimpered as the doctor rubbed her fingers against her pussy before putting them in.

Eva gasped at the intrusion. She felt her breasts expand in her hands. Her nipples were becoming longer and standing straighter at the tips of her two mounds.

Eva couldn’t help but gasp as she felt the doctor’s fingers tweak her newly enlarged clit.

“Well didn’t this come out nice and lovely” She smiled as she flicked at the pink tip. “It’s like you’ve got a little dick.” Eva shuddered. She really wanted to come but the doctor kept her fingers pinched on her lengthened nub. Dr. Jenkins looked at her.

“Do you want to come?” She asked and Eva nodded her head vigorously. The doctor put Eva’s shaking hands on her new huge breasts and said “Then come while playing with your nipples”

So Eva frantically rubbed at her pebbled tips and pulled at them till Ümraniye Escort she felt like she was about to spill. She moaned as her orgasm hit her and she squirted on the floor. She panted in exhaustion and the doctor got up to get her a towel.

“Everything seems to be in order. Your nipple sensitivity is well heightened and I dare say I’ve done a pretty good job with your package.” She smiled.

“Let’s give it a few minutes before we start the piercings shall we?”

At the end of her session Eva stood in front of the mirror. She blushed at her reflection. Her nipples were stiff and jutted out erotically. Dr. Jenkins had given her something that made them produce some almost transparent fluid and so they had twin beads of fluid gathered at their tips.

Of course her nipples were prevented from leaking by the two nipple piercings that were both shaped like a rose.

Her hands felt her breasts. I think I can fit into a D… She wasn’t sure. Her breasts were nice and plump now. Well, plumper. Eva was worried they’d sag but they held up against gravity pretty well.

She squeezed her breasts and felt her new long clot jolt. Her hand snaked down to her waxed pussy. Her pussy now dripped and slicked at the smallest advance.

“Trust me, the lubrication will help.” The doctor had said and Eva couldn’t help but fantasize over the things that may go in it. The thought of it made her drip more so she pressed her legs together and shivered.

“Dripping already are we?”

She cried out as she felt an unfamiliar finger press into her from behind. She turned around to her Alexi chuckle. “Relax, I won’t do anything you won’t like.”

Eva squirmed and Alexi took his finger out.

“Why are you here? ” she asked trying not to think of how much she wanted to push back onto his finger…maybe even something more.

“You’re pretty popular Eva you got a caller for a booking right when your profile went online.” He said. Eva blushed. That photo on her profile was the first time she was photographed naked.

They’d made her up lightly and dressed her in only a choker and sheer black stocking that stood starkly against her lighter skin.

” W-when’s the appointment? ” She asked. Not. Knowing what to do with her hands she crossed them under her breasts. She knew her face was red of course it was. She was standing naked in front of her boss, someone she met a couple of hours ago. Alexi seemed to notice her discomfort and walked towards the cupboard on the left of the room.

“Its tonight. 7.00 p.m. The client had some specifications, nothing you don’t like of course..” Alexi informed her as he took a robe from the cupboard and walked over to Eva.

“Here, have this. I’ll come at around five for the preparations.” Eva stuttered. “You’ll be doing the preparations?”

Alexi laughed. “Well of course I am your boss and a master at this club you know.”

He patted her shoulder and turned to leave.

“Since you were assigned to me, I’ll be taking care of you” He paused at the door and said, “Oh and it’s better if you get some rest now lunch will be delivered to this room so take a long nap.”

He smirked and Eva gulped as his voice darkened. “After all you’ve got a long night ahead of you.”

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