Breanne Scenario Pt. 01


My wife and I went out for some drinks with our friend Breanne. We were having a good time at the local watering hole with me sitting between these two hot girls and after a couple of hours the conversation turned to some of the scenarios that my wife setup for me. We talked about all of the anal and cum eating escapades I was involved in, all set up by my wife mind you. I didn’t do very much of the talking but rather listened to my wife recall and describe how I first started eating my cum right through how she started fucking me up my ass. To hear her chatting with her friend as she described in some pretty good detail how she stretched my asshole wide enough to accept huge toys and eating cum all of this in the bar, it was surreal to say the least.

Eventually she started telling Bree that I had hoped to make a video of where I fuck my neighbors daughter and her mom up their asses and they in turn get to fuck my ass with a huge strapon. I would call it “Tight hole and wide hole” or something along those lines.

Bree listens intently and in time says, “oh my god. I have this fantasy where I make a video that is a gang bang video.” She tells us it she would star in it and get fucked in her pussy, asshole and her throat. She says “There would be a dozen to maybe twenty guys involved. When they all are about to cum they all pull out and I catch all of their cum shots in my mouth, then immediately feed a guy all of the ejaculate.” Bostancı Escort She goes on explaining “i would let it drip from my lips right into his waiting mouth, this guy would be fully clothed and sitting close by just watching me get pounded waiting patiently for me to feed him.”

My wife says to Bree, “We can do that.”

“There would be no problem at all, there would be a video camera, no, two or three cameras set up from different angles so that all would be captured and nothing missed.”

Bree says “awesome!” She turns to me and asks, “Are you willing to be the guy eating the sperm? You’ll do that for me, please.”

I’m sitting there sipping my, who knows what number drink and look around while I contemplate my answer. I’ve seen Bree naked before and the thought of her tight body getting her holes stuffed over and over again is getting me hard. I catch a glimpse of my wife, she has a sly smile on her face. I turn towards Bree and she has the same shit eating grin plastered on her face. Just then both of these girls take their hands and start rubbing my hard cock full crotch, right there in the bar. They both put their faces next my ears hear, please, pretty please.

There is no way I can turn these two down. Not after their special coaxing. I tell them both okay, “okay I’ll do it, but I’m not picking any of the guys and it has to be no one that I know.” “You two have to set the whole thing up, I’m Kadıköy Escort not doing anything except eating cum and watching you, as I point to Bree getting fucked silly..” “You guys set up the cameras and preferably at some hotel room not at our house.”

After I said okay, they couldn’t talk about anything else. I’m hearing them naming guy after guys name, and how this guy would fuck her pussy and this guy would fuck her throat. they definitely wanted a couple of specific guys to fuck her ass.

I ask her, “Are you are going to do ass to mouth?”

She says “not necessarily. All she had to do was catch their cum in her mouth so she could feed me.” Then again she says, “heck if she sucks on a few cocks that were just up her ass, no big deal, that would probably be pretty hot.”

I tell her “yeah, right.”

“You are not going to slurp on a dick that was just up your ass.” I say “Catching his cum, yeah I can see you doing that, but right from your asshole and into your mouth. I would love to see that.”

Bree smiles and exclaims “well I guess you are going to have to wait and see, but I guarantee you I’m sucking on a cock freshly removed from my butt.”

“Then we all will have proof because it all going to be captured on video.”

My wife then whispers in my ear “You know you’re eating all of that sperm, all of it, every last drop.”

With that my wife starts rubbing my belly and says out Göztepe Escort loud, “yeah it’s all ending up in here. You are eating all of their cum.” She asks “how many loads were the most I eat in one setting?”

Before I can answer Bree says “it was ten or there about. It was when we had that divorce party for Lauren and we all had to bring a rubber full of cum just to get into the house.” She nudges my ribs and says, “you remember Lauren had to run back home and have her hung black boyfriend fuck her then she came back with her fresh load to get into the party.”

My head now swivels back and forth looking at each of them alternately , I say “how could I forget. You two have just talked about it a little while ago. Right here, anyone sitting close by probably remembers what you two said. Yes, yes I remember that night and yes it was about ten loads of sperm that I ate.”

My wife proclaims, “well you’ll have to do better than that this time.” Her and Bree start chuckling as my wife asks Bree, “what do you think, lets get twenty really horny guys.”

Bree says “yeah the more the merrier, then looks me right in the eyes and says to me that I better be hungry, that is a lot of cum.”

I say right back to her, “you better be horny, that’s a lot of cock filling you. I hope holes are hungry for your sake, that’s a lot of fucking. You are going to be worn out.”

The rest of the time we just finished our drinks and the two were just giddy talking about how it all was going to be set up and when it was all going to happen. We slipped out of the bar wondering if anyone was listening in on us. At least I was wondering, the two I don’t think they cared.

More to come.

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