Broken Breast Pump


****All characters in this story are over 18****

Gina started her day as normal, or at least the new normal now that her husband was out of the picture. She put her Mary in the backseat still listening to her cry as she made her way to the babysitter. She squeezed in her seat pushing slightly against the steering wheel with her five month pregnant belly. Once she dropped off her child at day care, it was off to work and hopefully back in time to see her daughter before she was sound asleep.

The separation was new and needed to be at least three months before she could make it official with the divorce. With his new stripper girlfriend he was out of her life, but also not paying support. Gina hated the fact she slept with him the night she got pregnant and then finding out the next day he was cheating was the double whammy.

The suspicions were there and she knew something was up with him and now there was doubt to whether he slept with her before or after. The fear and anger raged as she even went as far as a STD test not trusting anything he said.

Gina did all she could to keep herself from breaking down all the time when she first discovered his infidelity. She always thought she had a nice body and a healthy appetite for sex. Her ass bulged out some and her breasts enlarged to a nice large D after her first child. With her long, flowing black hair she always thought she was striking even with a few extra pounds from having a child. She figured the few extra pounds were a turn off as she saw the stripper he was cheating on her with, and her flawless figure.

She pulled into her school as it was any another normal day of teaching math to middle school students. It was both torture and satisfying in the same breath. It was only her third year of teaching, but it was enough to make her realize that it was what she wanted to do and was capable of doing. It was just a matter of keeping it together while going through her divorce.

The school year was almost over and Gina wondered about the next school year. She would be in the second month of school when she needed to take off. It was something unexpected and scary at the same time. She only had so many days off given to her each year and nothing was saved up for her maternity leave. Normally this would not be a problem, but her income was the only one now.

Gina was in her room waiting for her kids to come for the first bell when she saw Tom Drake, or Mr. Drake as the students referred to him as well as did other teachers. Since he was directly across the hall from her, Gina dropped the formality and just called him Tom when nobody was around.

Gina smiled at Tom as he joked around often and seemed to have a great disposition about life and his teaching. She knew he was divorced but never inquired more as she felt uncomfortable talking about it with him. He was always there to watch her class at times too and she knew she owed him more favors than any other person in the school. Teachers were known to get angry when their time was being used to watch another teacher’s class. Tom was not one to complain and never seemed upset or angry about it.

The day progressed like any other day and she let her marital problems drift from her as she focused on teaching. The end of the year tests were approaching and her mind needed to be off of her own issues. The stress of money melted away as teaching seemed to keep her mind occupied.

The phone in her class rang and Gina picked it up and heard the day care secretary. She was quick to explain that her child was sick and needed to be picked up. Her own phone was off and she knew this was the last contact number after her husband’s two numbers listed. What instantly came to her was that her deadbeat husband was out fucking his stripper girlfriend and not answering the phone for his own child’s day care.

She stopped her lesson giving the students busy work so she could quickly call her soon to be ex-husband to see if he could pick up their sick child. She waited until the ninth ring to give up on him being a parent and helping her out.

She walked across the hall knocking on Tom’s door asking to see if he could watch her class. Her plan was to take her daughter home and then wait for her mother to come and watch her, knowing she was close by today. It was a great plan if it worked, but she needed to hear back from her mother.

Tom opened the door and Gina just knew it was another favor to ask him. Not only was she borrowing school supplies from the start of the year, but he watched her class almost on a daily basis while she handled her own personal drama.

Tom was older than her by about eleven years as he was thirty-seven to her twenty-six. He was handsome and dressed professionally all the time. He was not overly fit and had a small gut to him, but it did not take away from his upper body strength as his arms bulged out.

“What’s up?” Tom asked as he cracked open his door looking at her. She knew he was giving the look of expecting another Anadolu Yakası Escort favor from her. She felt that if he said no it was only because he had done so much for her in the past it was borderline using him.

“Can you watch my class? My daughter is throwing up and I need to pick her up.”

Tom opened the door and gave the gentle smile that he always gave when saying yes to the countless favors she put on him. “Sure, but are you coming back after? If she is sick won’t you need to take the day?”

The moment he spoke she knew he was right, and that her soon to be ex, David, would have to watch his kid or she would have to take another sick day. It was also a sick day she did not have and would come out of her paycheck. It was still early in the day that it would count as a full day too.

“You are out of days aren’t you?” Tom said as Gina knew that her life was getting difficult and her mind was scrambling on thinking of who could watch her child.

“Yeah. She is too sick for me to leave her there though. I am going to have to take the deduction,” she stated as her mind was thinking of how bad the paycheck was going to be with missing a day.

“Listen, take the day and don’t worry about it. I can float you one of my sick days.”

“Are you serious? I can’t let you do that,” Gina replied, wondering if he was serious and then if she should take more advantage of him.

Tom opened the door more walking past her pregnant belly and calling her class into his room. Just as Gina knew she needed to protest this, he put his hand up. “Go. I got this.”

“Thank you so much. I will make it up to you,” Gina replied, knowing that she was so in debt to him.

Gina drove to handle her sick child and then tried to get a hold of David, only to be left with his voicemail. Her daughter looked too sick for her to stress about her father as she decided to go straight to the doctor’s office.

The next day Gina decided to make Tom some food, wondering if it was enough for all she asked of him. She thought about exchanging numbers but then did not want to be so forward in asking for his number. She thought about the age thing, and then thought about how anyone could be interested in a pregnant girl who had marital problems.

She walked in with a small cake and put it on his desk with a thank you. To her it was only a small repayment of many that she needed to give to him. She also left her number and said that if he needed anything that he should feel free to call her.

Tom was thankful and said he loved her cooking. It made her feel wanted and that she could please a man again at least with her cooking. She decided that every Friday she would do the same as it was the only thing she could do for him as he never asked for anything from her.

Gina returned to her normal routine and kept up with her promise of baking every Friday. Tom seemed to enjoy it, always texting her that she was a wonderful cook. She loved feeling a sense of self worth return at least for a coworker. With her belly getting bigger she hated the way she looked, but his constant messages about her baking eased her self loathing.

She did notice that Tom looked a little longer at times at her. His eyes would wander to her chest and butt too. His subtle eye glances made her feel more her like a woman and not like a coworker. With her belly sticking out, she could not help but wonder why he looked at her in such a way. She debated flirting with him from time to time, and knew that a school affair would be the worst thing in the world for her. She put him in the friend zone and stopped debating the issue in her head.


The school year ended and Gina did her best to handle her marital spat while taking care of her daughter. The late pregnancy appointments were all on her as nobody in her family was close that could come. Her parents were out of state hours away and her now ex-husband was still only caring about his new girlfriend.

When the new school year started Gina felt that the Friday tradition of baking would seem like she was hitting on him. She did not mind doing it, but decided to wait for him to ask about it. She only had two months at best of teaching before her due date and then she would be off for maternity leave. With money tight and having no sick days, Gina knew she would have to pinch pennies and go without luxuries and even cut short her maternity leave.

Tom was sweet and pleasant as usual and would always ask how she was feeling. Gina loved the attention and felt that he was just being nice and not hitting on her. She did not want it to get around school that she was with another teacher and liked that he kept it professional and yet friendly.

When Simon was born Gina texted Tom and even sent pictures as well. He was his normal kind self and even sent a gift to her house. It was a small gift but yet a gift nonetheless. She asked about the school and wanted to know the up to date drama that the school was having this year. The fear Pendik Escort of returning loomed but she was eager to get paid again.

Gina loved the time with her son but also hating not seeing her paycheck as she was now living poor, only supported by the little bit of money she did save. It was not enough to live on and she hoped for the day she could go back to work to help support herself. The bills were overwhelming and the lost time would take years for her to repay. With maxed out credit cards and all her sick time depleted, Gina knew that she could not get sick or help if any one of her children got sick either.

She felt ugly as her pregnancy weight had not fully left her. Her ass had a sort of pear shape to it now. With her breasts enlarged with milk production, they too felt out of place on her body. She knew men loved breasts, but having them leak almost all the time reinforced her pity party. She even wondered if she would ever regain the figure she once had or wear sexy clothes again.

The return to work was stressful but needed as the money was the only thing that would save her from losing her house and car. Gina was able to secure a cheap babysitter for both her children and pick them up at a reasonable time too. She pumped her breasts at work and gave the sitter the milk for the next day. It was a great routine she set up and with her marriage officially over, she decided to keep her ex less informed as to what was going on with her too.

The crash of her school bag was unexpected, but as it tumbled down the school stairs fear gripped her. Her breast pump flew out and cracked open on the concrete stairs to her class. It was the start of the day and the first bell did not even sound yet. Students have a funny way of dealing with seeing things like that and she was thankful she was the only person who saw it. The problem was her pump looked broken as the plastic cover was gone exposing the internal motor.

Gina hurried into the bathroom and quickly turned it on. It was brand new double pump that she could not afford to replace. Her backup pump was a single breast hand pump while this one was an electric double pump that saved her time as it pumped both breasts simultaneously.

The motor worked, but slowly and with a grinding sound. She held it on for a few seconds more and then it finally gave out, not even making the grinding sound it did before. Gina felt the fear in her heart as she knew her breasts needed to be pumped very soon. She had her routine of teaching two classes and then pumping her swollen breasts on her break. During lunch break she pumped again and that was good enough to last her until later that night when she could pump or even feed her son instead.

Gina only thought about if she could make it home in time to get her spare pump. Her hopes were ended when the bell rang telling her she was already out of time. There was no way she could get her spare pump now. Taking time off now was impossible too. Her bills were already piled high and every month she was sinking further in debt. She wondered if she could express the milk by hand during her break time.

She saw Tom walking ahead of her and wondered if he could look at her pump. It was a long shot and uncomfortable one at that. She felt helpless and embarrassed as he would see her breast pump that she put to her tits more than four times a day. It was her only hope though and she felt secure with him more than anyone else.

“Tom…hold up a sec. I need another favor from you.”

Tom turned around with a smile, and Gina just hoped he was willing and able to help. Her nursing pad in her bra was her only saving grace and she knew it would only hold out so long. Gina knew she packed more extra sets of pads, but they still would not last half the day.

“What’s up?” Tom replied with his reassuring smile, making her feel less self conscious about asking him to fix her breast pump.

“Can you look at this for me?” Gina replied as she discreetly handed over her broken double pump with its side piece of plastic hanging loose.

“Damn. Does it work at all?” he said, giving it a look of death.

Gina gave a look of desperation as she knew today was going to be a bad day if it was not fixed. “It did for a second before stopping.”

Tom took the pump and then gave a wince while looking at the pump. “I got first period planning, I will try.”

“Please. I don’t have another pump on hand and I need it.”

The students began to make their way down the hall and Tom looked away at the charging horde of kids. Gina made her way to her room to handle the morning rush of her students. She tried to get herself into teacher mode while hoping that Tom could save the day yet again.

Two periods were done and Gina felt her breasts swell to an almost bursting point. At the slight touch of her breasts, she felt the need to release and pain of them swelling at the same time. She made her way across the hall to see if Tom had fixed her pump.

She walked Kurtköy Escort in and saw her pump apart on his desk. He looked up and made a cringe with his eyes “Okay, it works but not that well. You have to hold in on all sides so the wires can make a connection. It also pumps slower too. Something in the electric motor is rattling around. These things are not made to be fixed and all I did was make it work temporarily. I could do more if I had the proper tools and time, but I am afraid you will have to buy another pump.”

Tom turned on the pump and she watched him squeeze the pump motor while holding one of the wires with his other hand. The pressure was even less that what she would get from her hand pump too.

“I guess it’s going to have to do,” Gina answered, knowing that it was her only chance.

She took the pump and quickly made her way to the bathroom. She knew she forgot to thank him, but the pressure in her breasts was too much to think about anything else. If it worked she thought about making him enough baked goods to last for the year.

She pulled off her blouse hanging it up and then pulled down her nursing bra to remove the pads. The musky smell of her breast milk was powerful as she was already leaking. She attached the pump and then did what Tom did to make it work. She switched on the motor and nothing happened. She once again tried as her hand moved to another spot hoping it would make something broken work but nothing happened.

Gina quickly put her bra back and her blouse on and hurried to Tom’s room. “It’s not working.”

Tom stood up and walked to her. His hands went to a spot on the pump. “Hold right here and there and it will work.”

Gina nodded her head. “Okay, I got to do this quick. It’s really painful.” She then scurried back to the bathroom remembering where to hold it so the pump would work.

She once again pulled off her blouse and then pulled down her nursing bra. She attached both suction cups to her long and darkened nipples before hitting the switch. She held it right where Tom said to and it did not even make a sound like it was working. She just heard it work for him and knew she was doing something wrong for it not to work for her. Time was not on her side and she needed to hurry.

Gina stuck her head outside to see if any student was in the hallway. She instantly saw Tom as he just left his room and was only a few feet from the entrance when she called to him. The fear of a student seeing her was still a deep concern as well. She pushed the fear to the side and poked her head out calling out to him.

“Still not working,” she said not caring about putting back on her blouse.

Tom took the few steps to her. “You have to hold it tight where I said to. The motor still works but just slower is all.”

“I did. It’s still not working,” Gina answered, feeling that this whole situation was getting worse and she would have to express her milk by hand hoping she could get it all done in time.

“I mean I can work on it on my next break after lunch,” Tom answered, looking sad that he did not get it to work for her.

The frustration was mounting and she just knew that this had to work. “There is no time. I need this to work this period.”

“I can get another female teacher and tell them where to hold it. I don’t have any more days to give you; I used the last of my days when you were out.”

Gina knew right then that another female teacher was not going to happen. There was only one female teacher that had a break at this time and she was across the building and rude to the point of being labeled bitch by almost everyone. Even having someone watch her class was not open as the assistant principal already complained about Tom watching her class too much. She did not have another shirt and expressing by hand would take her more time than she had.

“Can you just hold it? I really don’t care at this point. I just need to pump,” Gina answered, feeling she was past shame and just wanted to get her milk out and get on with her day.

Tom gave a surprised look as his eyes opened up wide. “You want me to hold it?”

Gina saw in his face that he was uneasy about helping her any more than what he already did. She knew he did more than enough by trying to fix it, but her options were limited. The choice was him getting a glimpse of her breasts or milk dripping and showing the whole class milk wet spots on her blouse while she was teaching. There was also the pain factor and milk pushing to get free from her tits was going to cause her nagging pain all day. She had no sick days or any other days left and money was already super tight. Tom was not one to spread rumors and she knew he of all people would help her.

Gina felt the urgent need of expressing her milk pressing in her boobs as they seem to cry out for release. “Yeah. We don’t have much time, so can you help me?”

“I guess, but I can find someone else,” Tom once again protested.

A dread feeling came over her again knowing that leaving school was not an option and having another female teacher help would take too long. The uneasy feelings of having Tom see her pump her breasts was her only logical option now. Pushing the shame aside, she focused only on getting her large breasts drained.

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