Anya paced back and forth nervously. She was excited, scared, nervous and giddy all in equal measure. It had gone against her usual instincts to do what she had done but depending on how the rest of the night went, it may have been one of the best happy accidents of her life.

Just a few hours prior, she had been sat at home enjoying a day off from work and finally catching up on the most recent TV series all of her friends had been talking about. She had a few hours left before her partner, Adam, would be home from work and although she knew he wouldn’t have minded watching through the rest with her, she always preferred to try and finish these things on her own so she could just focus on enjoying them and not whether Adam was bored out of his mind. He’d never said as much to her, but it was just easier doing things this way instead of having the awkward conversation neither of them particularly wanted to have.

They had been together for a few years now and were comfortable enough with one another that neither of them wanted things to change which had meant learning to manage any niggling annoyances they had about one another. Anya was sure Adam had his own grievances about her, but there was an unspoken rule between them, it seemed, that as long as it wasn’t anything major, neither of them needed to hear it.

Anya had been idly playing with her phone when she saw a message pop up from her friend Kacey.

Kacey: Hey! Just sent you something via email. Make sure to open the attachment. Thank me later 😉

Kacey had an annoying habit of sending random things to Anya and then pestering her until she responded, like a child trying to show an uninterested adult their favourite toy. Most of the time it was just a picture, a dog riding a skateboard or a cat flying a plane for instance, but Anya knew she’d never get peace until she looked at it and humoured her friend by responding with exact information about what she’d been sent. She’d been caught out before when she’d tried to just ignore it and sent a generic response back, saying something about ‘cute dog’ when it was actually a picture of a tap-dancing rabbit. Since then, if ever Kacey thought Anya was trying to bullshit her or blow her off, Anya would just get the response ‘cute dog’. She at least found it a little amusing, especially when another picture accompanied it with an actual dog in it.

She opened her emails and waited for Kacey’s message to load. Weirdly, there was no accompanying text to the message, just the attachment and the title ‘For You’. Doubly weird was that the attachment itself was a compressed folder named ‘change.exe’. Something about this seemed fishy to Anya, so she exited her emails and messaged Kacey back.

Anya: Why is the attachment a compressed folder?

Kacey: Just open it, trust me 😁

Anya: You’ve not been hacked have you?

Kacey: You got me, I confess. I’m a dirty rotten scoundrel hacker! How did you work it out?

Anya laughed at Kacey’s virtual sarcasm.

Anya: A hacker would be more polite. It’s definitely you.

Kacey: Duh! Now go open it! 😄

Feeling at least a little better, Anya went back to her emails. She hesitated for a moment remembering all of the times she had been warned to never open email attachments that you weren’t expecting or didn’t know they weren’t exactly what they said they were. Against this better judgement, she clicked on the attachment and chose the option to extract the files within. Interestingly, there was only one and within a second it was done. She was suddenly automatically redirected to her home screen which she now saw had an extra icon it, a white circle with a red border and a plus and a minus symbol in it that was named simply ‘Change’.

Anya suddenly felt a little panicked. Why had she opened that attachment? What the hell had she just installed on her phone? She went back into her messenger and quickly typed back to Kacey.

Anya: It’s installed some sort of app, what the fuck Kacey?!

Kacey: Oh cool! Have you opened it yet?

Anya: No! Of course not! It could be anything!

Anya’s phone started to vibrate as it suddenly flashed up on the screen that Kacey was calling her.

“Hello?” she answered tentatively.

“Hey!” came Kacey’s voice. “Thought you’d finally make your damn mind up if I called instead,” she laughed.

“So, it is you who sent me this then?” Anya replied, still a little cautious.

“Yes! Conclusively, yes! Now the app won’t work with your phone on so I’m going to hang up.”

Without saying another word, Kacey had hung up on Anya. Anya’s phone flashed up another message seconds later.

Kacey: Now as Shia Labeouf would say, ‘just DO IT’ 🤣

Anya grinned as a gif of Shia Labeouf started flexing on her screen. Strangely put at ease by Kacey’s persistent belligerence, Anya swiped her message away and hovered her finger over the apps icon for a second before pressing it. Her screen went white and then a second later a welcome message Ataşehir Escort loaded onto the screen.

Welcome to Change, a revolutionary new concept in self actualisation. To begin your journey of self-discovery, choose which option below applies to you:



(Please note this is an early version of this application and more options will become available shortly)

From what Anya could tell, the app looked to be a self help guide or tracker or something. She picked female and was redirected to a new screen asking her for more information.

The aim of Change is to help you to explore what you want to be. Real change can be tricky and time consuming, but Change is designed to make the process as easy as possible by giving you the tools to make real, impactful changes to yourself.

The free version of Change focuses on a single area of change (more areas can be unlocked for use by purchasing a Change+ subscription). Our extensive research shows that the most common desire for change in women comes from the increase or decrease of bust size. It can be very difficult to fully visualise what that change will look like, however. Enter your cup size below to begin exploring what Change could do for you.

Anya was taken back by this. Was this really an app designed solely for the purpose of helping women decide if they want bigger or smaller boobs? She had to admit she had wondered before what she would look like with a little more up top and she was becoming more and more intrigued by the app. Curiosity took over and she entered her answer: 32C.

She was taken to a new page with a 3D model of a woman’s bust and the measurements she had entered underneath. Looking at it, the model was about the same size as she was and she guessed it was supposed to be a representation of her as she was currently. Beneath the image, 32 and C were separated into two different boxes, with the 32 greyed out but the C apparently editable with a plus and minus symbol either side of it. There was also a button at the bottom which said ‘Set Change’, likely what she would need to press to go to the next page after this one. She supposed that she should try pressing the buttons.

She first pressed the minus button which changed the C to a B and caused the bust of the 3d model to reduce in a smooth motion that resembled a pair of water balloons deflating.

“Huh, that’s pretty cool,” she thought to herself.

An information bubble popped up stating she could change the view of the model by moving her finger across the image. She followed the instructions and watched as the figure rotated and the camera position changed. The movement of the figure produced a nice realistic little jiggle in the boobs as it turned too. This was a nifty little app all things considered. She got the camera back into it’s original position and then thought for a moment.

“How much bigger would I want to go if I actually could?” she thought to herself.

Again, she had thought about it before but not enough to actually want to make any changes. It took her a few minutes but she finally had a revelation.

“Why am I thinking about this so much as if it’s something that I’m going to do? I should just have fun with it instead!”

With that, she went back to the app and pressed the plus button until the size read 32 F. She watched as the model’s bust gradually ballooned from small and perky to big and bouncy. She giggled slightly at what she was seeing.

“Damn girl, you’re stripper stacked now,” she laughed.

She felt the urge to play a little more but was interested to see what the rest of the app had to offer. She thumbed the ‘Set Change’ button and was presented with a loading screen. She watched as a loading bar started to creep across the screen and suddenly felt quite odd. It was difficult to explain, but she could feel a tightening around her chest as if her clothes were shrinking around her. She looked down and dropped the phone as she gasped in surprise at what she was seeing. It wasn’t her clothes shrinking. Her boobs were growing.

The form fitting T-shirt she was wearing was hiding absolutely none of what was happening. She could see the outline of her bra was pushed further against it now and could make out mounds of boob flesh spilling over the top of it more and more. Her bra felt so uncomfortably tight, somehow having to pack in and support way more than it was ever designed for, and her boobs were not stopping. She’d gone up at least a cup size, maybe more so far, and everything was just feeling tighter and tighter. She could feel that her T-shirt had risen up slightly exposing a little of her stomach. What the heck was happening?

All she could focus on now was relieving the pressure. She quickly fumbled at her bra straps but found they had no give in at all to allow her to remove it. Passing another cup size now, she groaned slightly as the pressure built up on her expanding assets. She heard a faint creak and the Anadolu Yakası Escort unfamiliar but undeniable sound of fabric starting to tear. Her shirt was definitely still intact, which could only mean…


The bra finally gave up, and as it split on both sides, Anya let out a moan of relief. Her boobs now without the restrictions of her undersized bra lurched forward a little, causing the spent and ruined undergarment to drop to the floor. They were now pressed firmly but much more comfortably against the underside of her shirt. She could see her nipples poking out beneath the fabric, stimulated by all the movement and commotion and that her shirt had ridden up even further, the formerly form fitting fabric being pulled away from her abdomen by the size of the boobs they were trying to contain.

Anya was astounded at both what was happening and the sheer size of her bust now. She caught a glance at her phone screen and saw that the loading bar wasn’t finished yet!

“Oh fuck, there’s more?” she thought.

Her shirt started to creak now as her boobs continued to press forward. Now free of the constricting pain of her bra, she noticed her chest was feeling heavier and that it felt like her boobs were being filled from the inside. It also felt…

“This feels kinda nice, no actually really, really nice!” she thought to herself.

The fabric of the shirt was thinning considerably around her boobs as it stretched to accommodate them, making the shirt more and more translucent by the second. Much more of this and the shirt would no doubt be lost too! However, from beneath her she heard the app make a small dinging noise that must have meant it was finished. A look at her phone confirmed that the screen now said ‘Changes set’ with a big smiley face emoji underneath the text.

Anya was finally able to try and take stock of what had happened. Glancing down at her body now, she could see two huge mounds of boob that just weren’t there before. Her T-shirt was hanging on for dear life trying to contain them and she could see that her nipples were so hard they could have cut the fabric. Out of curiosity, she brushed her hands against them and was met with a huge wave of near orgasmic pleasure. She had enjoyed nipple play before, but it was like her sensitivity had been turned up to 11. She felt the urge to keep playing with them, almost certain she could cum in seconds if she did, but she stopped herself. She needed to figure out what the hell was going on here.

She grabbed her phone, almost tumbling over with the weight of her chest not being at all what she was used to, and went back into her messenger app.

Anya: What. The. FUCK!

Kacey: OMG yes! You actually did it! Let me see, send a picture!

Against her better judgement, yet again, Anya stuck her phone out and took a selfie that showed off her new boobs excellently. She took a moment to stare at the picture before she sent it. She was still struggling to believe what she was seeing. She sent the picture and a few seconds later Kacey responded.

Kacey: Wow, you went BIG! 😋

Anya: How the fuck has this happened? Where the hell did you find that app?

Kacey: A girlfriend of mine sent me it, isn’t it amazing?

Anya: How does it work? Like there was no wires or anything like that, so…

Kacey: Fucked if I know 😂 And I don’t really care, the results are enough for me!

Anya was hit with a sudden intrigue by what Kacey just said.

Anya: So, you’ve tried it too then?

A moment or so later, a picture popped up on Anya’s screen showing Kacey with what could only be described as a disproportionately huge bust for her petite frame. If Anya had to guess from the times they had spent at the beach and the gym together, Kacey had no more than an A cup at most before, also meaning she very rarely wore a bra anyway. Now, the revealing crop top she was wearing was barely hiding her nipples and was squashing her boobs together in such a way that she looked more cleavage than woman.

Kacey: I would never be so reckless as to ask a friend to try a dangerously untested app before trying it on myself first 😁

Anya: Jeez, and you said I went big! Look at you, you’re like 50% boob now!

A minute passed and suddenly another picture jumped onto Anya’s screen.

“Woah!” she gasped.

Kacey had decided to send her a picture of her fully topless, her face in a mischievous grin with the caption, ‘hey, my eyes are up here! 😉’ She was quite the sight to behold. Even before this her naturally bronzed skin and impish but cute features made her a head turner, but how she looked now was likely to make heads spin, never mind turn. Anya didn’t quite know how to respond.

Kacey: So, I’ve shown you mine, let me see yours 😘

Kacey was normally quite forward, but she’d never been this brazenly sexual towards Anya before. What was weird for Anya though was that she was actually considering it. If Kacey had Kadıköy Escort asked her this before, she’d have probably laughed it off, but now she not only was taking the request seriously but was leaning more and more towards actually wanting to do it! Dare she take the plunge though…

Kacey: Hey, quit playing with yourself over the picture I sent you and let me see those huge boobies! 😜

That settled it. Anya put her phone down and went to remove her top. It was a struggle, not only because the size of her boobs now made it difficult to get the top off but because every movement and feather touch against her skin, and particularly her nipples, was sending shockwaves of sensation through her body that if she wasn’t careful was going to make her moan like she was riding her favourite dildo (a 12 inch custom made model she had bought for the times Adam was away from home for more than a week).

She inched the top over her head bit by bit, the fabric clinging to her boobs and dragging them upwards with it. One final tug should have done it, but the shirt was stretched as far as it would go. Anya was forced to pull vigorously and repeatedly, each tug moving the hem of the top up just a little further over her expansive bosom and sending electricity rushing through her body at the slight friction of the material against her skin. It was now only her nipples holding the shirt in place, feeling as hard as steel, and with a final pull, she moaned intensely as she finally broke free of the shirt and her huge tits succumbed to gravity, almost pulling her down with them as they fell and bounced.

Lost in the pleasure she was feeling, she quickly grabbed her phone again and sent the picture Kacey had requested.

Kacey: Damn girl! Yours look even better than mine do!

Anya: Thanks!

Another minute or so passed and Anya waited in anticipation. She guessed she was about to receive another picture and her heightened arousal meant she was really looking forward to whatever Kacey had in store for her.

Kacey: Ok, well, have fun, see you soon!

Anya did a double take on the message. Was that it? She was almost sure that Kacey was sending her something else! She surprised herself by how annoyed she was, but she figured it was just because she was feeling ridiculously turned on.

Anya: Wait so that’s it? You can’t leave it there!

Still nothing from Kacey. Anya began to feel like she was being serious…

Kacey: Just fucking with you 😉 but my my, you are keen aren’t you?

Anya: Your fault you bitch! My boobs are just super fucking sensitive, I feel like I just wanna do something with them you know?

Kacey: Me too! I feel like I just wanna suck on them till I cum you know?

Anya’s breathing had started to get heavier. She didn’t think she was into girls and certainly she’d never thought about Kacey in this way before but she couldn’t deny just how hot this was right now.

Kacey: Oh wait, I totally did…

Anya felt her heartbeat quicken as a video clip started to load into their messenger. She pressed play on the video and felt her eyes bulge and her jaw drop as she was immediately presented with Kacey sucking on one of her tits and moaning loudly and enthusiastically. It didn’t take long before Kacey’s moans went from pleasurable to orgasmic, in fact it took so little time Anya wasn’t even certain whether she was faking it or not. Either way, the sight of her friend cumming intensely just by sucking her own tits made Anya want to try it for herself. She used what little restraint she had left to message Kacey back.

Anya: That was… something. Did you really just cum that quickly?

Kacey: Why don’t you try it and find out for yourself? 😉

Anya fully intended to, but she had one other sudden impulse.

Anya: Do you wanna watch me?

Instantly, Anya’s phone lit up with an incoming video call from Kacey. She quickly accepted the call.

“This took a very interesting turn,” Kacey said, grinning from ear to ear.

Anya didn’t respond, but instead grabbed one of her oversized boobs and brought her rock-hard nipple to her mouth.

“Oh fuck, wasting no time,” Kacey continued, her grin turning into a look of lust and mischief.

Anya ran her tongue all around her nipple and immediately started to feel her legs trembling with the amount of pleasure it was bringing her. She let out a muffled moan as she continued to pleasure herself. She looked up at her phone to see that Kacey had positioned her phone so that now Anya could see her entire body. At some point, Kacey had removed the rest of her clothes, and now the sight that greeted Anya was of her friend grasping one of her massive boobs with one hand and casually massaging her clit with the other.

“Don’t stop,” she said, as Anya suddenly realised she’d stopped what she was doing to stare at her phone.

Kacey’s encouragement got her back on track, and she latched back onto her nipple whilst also keeping an eye on the phone and her ridiculously hot friend. The thought that Kacey was getting herself off to what Anya was doing somehow made it all the more intense, and her own moans and groans increased. She was so damn close to cumming it would take only the tiniest thing to knock her over the edge.

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