Chris’ Adventures Ch. 03


Meanwhile, the girls were pulling into Rob’s driveway so Patty could get her bags out of the trunk. The concert they were going to go to tonight had been canceled due to illness with some of the band members so they thought they would come home and surprise the boys. The lights were off in her house now that Rob was next door.

“Hmm, looks like Rob went to bed early.” Patty said to Christy. She glanced over at Christy’s house and saw the lights were on in the living room. “Looks like Chris is still up though.”

“Probably watching one of his cheesy sci-fi movies that he likes.” She rolled her eyes and they both laughed.

“Well since Rob is asleep you want me to come over and keep you company while Chris watches his movie? Since it seems I’m not going to be getting any tonight.” Patty looked at her and frowned mockingly.

Christy looked at her, tensed a bit, and then giggled. “Is that an attempt to make another move on me?” She asked, thinking about last night in the hotel room.

After spending the night out dancing and having a quite a few drinks the girls had headed back to the hotel room and Patty suggested they relax in the hot tub that was in the room they reserved for the four days they were there. Christy said that was a great idea and headed to the bathroom to change into her swimsuit. When she came out Patty was naked and stepping into the tub.

Christy blushed. “Patty! What are you doing?” She eyed Patty looking her up and down. Her large 36G breasts put her 38B chest to shame. But hers were more firm so she had that going for her. Patty’s legs were taught like hers but her waist was narrower. Christy leaned towards more of an apple shape with her round hips and ass. Patty was more of a full hourglass with a small waist and rounded hips and ass. She could certainly see why guys were hitting on Patty more than they were her earlier that night, she looked great for her age. She had always been a little insecure about how she looked compared to other women and wasn’t keen on being naked around someone, even a close friend, in such personal quarters.

Patty turned around and looked at Christy in her swimsuit. “Oh, I thought we were just going to hop in.” She said. She turned around and her long brown hair cascaded over her breasts and shoulder, framing her lean face. She looked Christy up and down, even though she had a little weight on her she still looked good in a bikini. “Why not join me? Or should I put on a swimsuit too? It is just us girls you know.” She winked at Christy. “Besides, a hot tub feels so much better naked.”

Christy blushed. “It does?”

“Oh yes,” she said climbing in. “So much better to feel the jets on your naked skin. And other parts she said with a grin and chuckle”

Christy tuned a deeper red as she watched Patty sink into the hot water. “What was that last thing you said?” She didn’t know if it was the wine talking or if she actually heard Patty allude to masturbating in the hot tub.

“The jets feel sooo good on your pussy.” Patty said bluntly.

“Patty!” Christy called out. “You naughty girl!” She said with a bit of a slur form the wine they had drunk. The wine must be working on her because she moved closer to the tub and decided to strip. Why not? She noticed Patty was watching her as she stripped down and once she was totally naked her eyes roamed from her breasts to her bush and her mind began to wonder. She stepped into the water and let the hot jets wash over her. “Mmmmm you are right. It does feel better with no clothes on.” She sat back and relaxed. “So you’ve actually gotten off in a hot tub?”

“Oh yeah, all the time at home.”

Christy giggled. “I’ve never tried it in ours.”

“Are you serious? Do you even masturbate?” Patty looked shocked and amused, she knew the answer to that already.

Christy turned red.

“It’s okay, we all do it.”

“Well yeah. I do a lot when Chris isn’t home. Even when he is I do it. Chris even likes to watch.” She admitted turning a darker shade of red.

Patty giggled. “Yeah we’ve seen that.” It was her turn to blush now.

“What?” Christy looked shocked. “What do you mean?”

Patty spoke in a hushed conspiratorial tone, giggling through an alcohol induced haze. “We’ve seen you two through your window to your bedroom. “You two put on quite a show with your toys and all.” She grinned wondering if Christy was getting turned on like she was.

Christy turned bright red. “Oh my God! You’ve watched us?”

“Well yeah, if you’re going to leave your window shades open like that.” Patty shot back chuckling.

Christy’s pussy tingled. She knew that Chris left the blinds cracked a bit. It turned her on at possibly being watched, she never thought that they could actually see through the blinds from their house. Knowing that her and Chris had been seen got her turned on. “So, um, how much have you seen?”

“Everything.” Patty gushed. “And I must say it’s hot. Seeing you AND Chris Ümraniye Escort playing with toys, watching him go down on you and you on him. Though watching him stroke with your lingerie and seeing him give himself a facial was quite the experience for Rob and I.” She was getting turned on with all this talk and was pretty sure Christy was too. She could see that Christy was squirming in her seat so she decided to take it a step further.

“Wow. You guys have seen it all.” Christy squirmed, her pussy getting hotter and wetter, and not just form the hot tub. She couldn’t believe that they’d actually been seen. She thought that the blinds were never opened that much. “I’m kind of embarrassed now.” She paused then added, “and a bit turned on. I’ll admit being watched gets me hot and bothered. I just never thought it would be you two. We, or at least I thought Chris never opened the blinds that much.”

“Well it’s hot. “Patty squeezed her thighs together and could feel herself getting wet. Having Christy here with her talking about sex made it even better. “Both of you look great naked. Can I tell you something Christy? And you won’t say anything to anyone?”

Christy gave her a puzzled look. “Um, sure, I guess.” She wondered where this was headed.

She moved closer to Christy putting an arm up on the end of the tub behind Christy. She leaned in quickly and planted a kiss right on Christy’s lips. She felt Christy stiffen as she kissed her and felt resistance so she backed off seeing Christy with her eyes wide in shock. “I’m actually bisexual.” She blurted out. “I’m sorry. That was probably a bit forward of me.” She blushed and moved farther away in the tub, a bit embarrassed at reading the signals wrong.

Christy was stunned when Patty laid her lips on her and began to kiss. The alcohol was wearing off but she still felt a little buzzed. She’d never done anything like that before and froze. It was a shock to her and she didn’t know how to react before Patty pulled away and she sat there, eyes wide, staring at Patty and said nothing as Patty blurted out that she was bisexual.

This revelation was a bit of a shock to her and she didn’t quite know what to say. After a long minute of silence she spoke. “That was…um, unexpected.” To her surprise she was still a bit turned on. “I, I never knew that about you Patty. And yes, that was quite forward of you.”

Patty blushed.

Christy looked at Patty and smiled. “Oh no. It’s not. It’s not that. I have nothing against that. I just. I’ve never done that before. I’ve had boyfriends in the past ask for a threesome and it just didn’t appeal to me. I wasn’t sure if they were not satisfied with me and needed another woman or if they wanted to see me with a woman. I’m flattered that you want to get it on with me.” She paused. “I guess that’s a compliment. I must look better than I think. She chuckled. “It’s just not something I’ve ever really thought of doing. Not that I have anything against it. Does Rob know?”

“Yes he does. He’s even watched.” Patty confessed. So she doesn’t have anything against it, Patty thought, maybe there’s hope yet.

Christy’s eyes widened. “Seriously?” She couldn’t believe what Patty was telling her. And she couldn’t believe that she was still turned on thinking about all this. She wasn’t sure if it was the watching part, or the other woman part. “Wow. I, uh, I’m not sure what to say to that.” Christy squirmed in her seat in the hot tub, partly because she was getting a bit turned on and partly because she was still a bit uncomfortable.

Patty could see that Christy looked a bit uncomfortable, at least that’s what it looked like. “”I’m sorry, was that a bit too much information?” She said. “You look put off.” She moved a bit closer to Christy again.

“Just a bit.” Christy blushed. “And just a bit turned on. I didn’t think that I would be but I am. I’m not sure if it’s the part about being watched, which I like, or the other part.” She just wasn’t ready to vocalize to getting turned on at the thought of another woman. Patty moved even closer to her and she stiffened up a bit. “I’ve never done anything like that before. Never really thought about it. I mean, I have.” She blushed. “But it never really got me going or inclined that way.”

Patty started inching closer to Christy again. “Are you sure?” She inquired with a gleam in her eye.

Christy blushed again. “Well… I’ll admit I am a bit turned on right now.” She slid a little closer to Patty. “I’m not sure if it’s the alcohol, or if I’m really wanting to do this.” She tossed her damp hair to the side and tentatively leaned in. Patty took the hint and met her half way.

Christy initiated the kiss this time and opened her soft lips to accept Patty’s. Electricity shot through her as they kissed, lips moving back and forth, hands on each other’s cheeks now. They held the other’s face as they let their lips and tongues roam over each other mouths. Urged on by İstanbul Escort the alcohol in her system she was enjoying kissing Patty and wondered if she’d enjoy more. They sat there in the hot water kissing for what seemed like an eternity when Patty broke their liplock.

Christy sighed. “That…. Was actually quite enjoyable.” She blushed. “Though it still might be the alcohol talking.”

Patty knew that the alcohol wasn’t making her do this but she didn’t want to force it on Christy and looked her in the eye. “I’ll stop if you want. I don’t want to force anything on you in the state we’re in. I’d hate to ruin our friendship.”

Christy smiled and sighed. “Oh, I think our friendship is fine. But, thank you. I don’t know what I want now.” Her eyes took in Patty in a whole new light now and thoughts were running through her head. She wasn’t sure what she wanted now. Her head tilted back on the edge of the tub and she gave a deep sigh.

“But if you ever think about it and change your mind you know where to find me.” Patty smiled and sank into the hot tub and let the jets wash over her wet pussy, sending shivers up her spine in small orgasms. She didn’t press the subject any more the rest of the night. The conversation still revolved around sex and they playfully pawed at each other, Patty letting Christy take the lead but nothing ever came of it. After saying their goodnights and curling up in their beds Patty fingered herself to a quiet orgasm wondering if Christy was doing the same.

Now they were sitting in her driveway and she was pondering her next move. She could tell that Christy was turned on last night and her advances definitely ignited a spark in Christy, she just wasn’t sure it was a huge one. And now that they were home it looked like Christy was going to get some and she was going to bed with just her hand. “Well I’ll let you go. Looks like you’re going to get some tonight.” She chuckled. “I’ll have to be satisfied with the jets in the hot tub in the basement.” She laughed.

Christy laughed too. She was going to have to try that. She was to tired last night to do anything after they went to bed so she was definitely wanting some hot sex. “No that’s okay. If he did what I wanted him to do while we were gone he’s probably beat and not up to some sex. Looks like it might be just me and my toys after he falls asleep.”

Patty laughed. “Well if you want any help with that give me a call.” She joked, secretly hoping that Christy might take her up on the offer.

Christy giggled and blushed like she did last night. Patty really wants me it seems to go to bed with her it seemed. We kissed and fooled around a bit but nothing serious happened. Do I want it? It left god to kiss her. What would Rob think? Or Chris? She thought. Well she knew that answer. The guys would think that it’s hot. What guy wouldn’t? “Come on over for a drink while Chris finishes his movie. Keep me company. Just not like what you’re probably thinking.” She grinned and shot a look at Patty that said ‘maybe in the future’. They hopped back in the car and pulled out of Patty’s driveway and into the garage of Christy’s house.

Chris never heard the garage door open, they had one of those whisper quiet openers so if one of them was out late then they didn’t wake up the other when they came home. Christy opened the door to the kitchen and heard groans coming from the living room. She couldn’t see what was happening from the kitchen but heard groaning.

“Oh boy.” She whispered and turned bright red. “Sounds like Chris is watching a porno.” She looked at Patty mortified.

Patty stifled a laugh, but then tried not to look shocked as a thought crossed her mind, and whispered, “That’s okay. Rob does it too. Why don’t we go back to my house and have that drink.” She took Christy’s hand, with no resistance, and led her to the door. Before her and Christy could get out the door they heard something that made them stop in their tracks. Christy though she heard Chris groaning and asking to be fucked and then they both heard Rob’s voice saying Christy is a cheap slut.

They looked at each other with shock on their face. Patty had an idea at that point of what might be happening based on Rob’s quest for some local cock. She just never thought it would be right next door. Christy slipped off her shoes and motioned to Patty to do the same so they wouldn’t make any noise on the tile floor in the kitchen. They then walked to the dining room in the dark and rounded the corner to the living room. They both gasped when they saw Rob, in a teddy, fucking what looked to be another woman on the couch. Then Christy realized that the “woman” was her husband Chris.

“What in the hell is going on?!” Christy said, dropping her shoes and staring in horror. The two men turn and face her, both red faced, eyes wide like deer caught in a headlight.

Patty just stood there, her pussy getting dripping wet at the sight of Rob fucking Chris. Anadolu Yakası Escort Rob had told her about his experiences in college and while they were dating but had never seen him with another man. And the sight of him in the teddy she had bought for him while fucking Chris was an incredible turn on. A low moan escaped her lips.

Chris recovered from his shock, still feeling Rob hard in his ass. “Um, uh, oh boy.” Before he could say anything more Christy walked closer to the two of them. She shot both of them an angry look that could melt ice. “Is this what you do when I’m gone?! Let the neighbor’s husband fuck you?!” She spat. “In my lingerie and makeup no less!”

He turned bright red and sheepishly said “No. It, it just happened tonight.” He moaned as Rob’s cock throbbed in his ass and slipped out.

“So then what do you do when I’m gone!?” Christy stood there with her hands on her hips. She was fuming and wanted answers. Patty had moved next to her, a look of lust on her face as she eyed the two men on the couch.

Chris knew there was no way out now. He had to tell her the truth. He turned around and sat on the sectional, hands folded. Rob sat next to him in silence. “I, uh, usually just dress in your lingerie and play with your toys. I figured you might have an idea that I did that already, I’ve left lingerie and toys out and you’ve found them but never said anything.” he confessed.

Christy just stood there, mouth agape, not sure what to say.

Patty looked at Rob with lust in her eyes and spoke up, hoping to possibly deflect some of that anger. “Well when I told you a while back you should go looking for some local cock I never thought it would be this local. And you even slipped into your lingerie to do it. You are one kinky man.”

Christy looked at Patty incredulously. “You mean you knew?” She looked at Rob and back at Patty. “He wanted to fuck Chris?”

“Well, no.” Patty replied, becoming defensive. “Just, any man. But this.. is..” She paused and took the scene in, here was Chris all dressed with makeup and a wig, getting fucked by her husband and she was getting all wet and hot. She started squirming where she stood and her hand moved to her groin and gently rubbed it.

Rob watched as his wife’s hands worked their way to her lower abdomen and begin to rub herself through the skimpy dress she had on. He slowly ground his hips in response, his cock swaying, still hard.

“You like it!?” Christy shot a look between the three of them, like they conspired to this.

“Yesss.” Chris moaned, not caring at this point.

“I.. I knew you liked my toys and lingerie Chris. “Christy stammered. “I also had no idea you still slipped into my lingerie. I figured the stuff lying around was from you just pleasuring yourself with it like you do with me. I just never thought I’d come home to this. I’m not sure what to think.” Christy waved her had towards the two men sitting on her couch as she stood there looking at her husband, dressed in some of her old lingerie, complete with makeup and a wig. She noticed that his cock hadn’t even begun to flag, even after being caught in such a compromising position. He had said he wanted to go as a woman for Halloween once but they never followed through. He knew how she felt about it. She wasn’t hot on it yet she did get off watching him use her toys and jerk off with her lingerie and she wasn’t sure why. But now, seeing him there like this made her feel a bit hot in her pants. She was angry for sure. What to do now was the big question. Maybe all she needed was to see him all dressed up. “So you admit to liking cock? Well that explains why you want me to do you with a strap on. And why you get off giving yourself a facial when you cum.” Her pussy got wet at the thought of that, “Yet I’ll admit I think that’s hot too. But this.” She waved her hand over the scene before her. “This is something else.”

Chris groaned at the thought. So did Rob.

“It’s something else all right.” Patty intoned as she openly rubbed her pussy through her clothes. She wasn’t even trying to hide the fact she was turned on. A little moan escaped her lips as she leaned in and gave Rob a kiss on the lips. “Baby, this is so hot. Did you suck each other too?” Rob nodded.

Patty sounded more amazed than mad Christy thought as she watched her move towards her husband. She glanced at Patty and noticed she was rubbing herself through her dress. She was actually getting off on this. “Did you do the same Chris? Did you suck his, cock?” She paused before uttering the last word, totally flabbergasted that she was seeing this.

“Yes, I sucked him first.” He admitted. “And I swallowed his load.” He smiled at her.

Christy moaned. Partly out of embarrassment, and now, she found, partly because she was getting wet in her panties. She wasn’t sure why, but something in her was getting turned on at the thought. “I can’t believe this.” She shook her head and shifted from one foot to the other, trying not to show she was getting turned on. She looked over at Patty, who, on the other hand, was now obviously turned on based on the flush in her cheeks and her hands absently rubbing the front of her skirt. “You like this Patty?” She asked, somewhat in disbelief.

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