Come. On. Me.


This is for my boyfriend, who asked me to write it after reading my previous stories…


‘Can I cum on your face?’

That was where it all started I think, I was 18 and Greg was my first boyfriend. We had been sleeping together for a few months and it was all ‘quite nice’, all very so-so. Probably it was a bit like most first relationships between two virgins, you are both pretty clueless. He was a nice enough fellow, a bit arrogant, a bit self-centred. I didn’t really know what kind of boyfriend I wanted anyway, so we experimented on one another.

Anyway, that day we had spent the day in college, we had met up in the Computing Laboratory on a joint project and, as was often the way at that time, had then spent the evening together. Eventually it had been time for him to go back to his room, but instead I had offered to let him stay in my bed with me, I kind of wanted the intimacy and I kind of felt a bit sorry for him walking back in the rain with only a cotton jacket.

It was not a good time for me however, not to have sex, if you know what I mean. And so we had ended up in bed together but not having sex. He was horny as a rutting stag, and I was happy to play along. I took off my top and let him play with my breasts, I sucked his cock for a while and played with his balls, and eventually I held my tits together as he fucked his cock between them while kneeling over me. I was kind of expecting him to cum on my chest like that. And then he came up with his proposal.

‘Can I cum on your face?’

Well, I had never said no to anything with him at that point. I had let him cum on my breasts and in my mouth and it was all quite fine, intimate, I had seen a bit of porn and knew to expect it a bit, and frankly I didn’t mind the sensation of sperm on my body or in my mouth. I was even happy to swallow it really, it tasted better than oysters or avocado after all.

But did I really want it on my face? Messy? Well I just didn’t know.

‘OK.’ I found myself answering, well why not, it couldn’t be that bad, could it.

He moved himself higher until his cock was right over my face, over my nose. I could see he was pretty close cos there was already pre-cum on the end of his cock, and a little dribbled down onto my cheek. It was a bit odd, him right on top of me like this, was I going to back out?

Then he came, a spurt of white liquid shot over my face, landing on my forehead, a little in my hair, then more over my cheek. I opened my mouth and a little dribbled down into my mouth, it was quite warm, sticky, sweet and fine. He was panting and grunting, looking down onto my face. And then I discovered, that actually, I liked it, it really turned me on. I could feel my clit buzzing with excitement, expectancy.

I loved that sensation of him, kneeling over me, pleasuring himself onto me, I felt a little dirty, a little wanton, but actually really aroused. I even quite liked that look on his face, looking down on me with a look of, what?, satisfaction, distain even perhaps? It was a big contrast to the controlling nice girl image that I gave off the rest of the time, oh yes, I am normally so very in control.

Well you can imagine, once I had let him do it once, he really wanted me to let him do it again. So every time that it wasn’t a good time for sex, then that was what he did, and afterwards I would make myself cum and he would watch and really it was all quite great, I think we were both genuinely satisfied.

Except I came to realise that the rest of the time, actually, a 2 1/2 inch cock really does not do it for you, and so a few months, and a few faces covered in cum later, I dumped him. Turned out he was a bit of an arrogant tosser as well.

Well, I suppose I should have known that hell hath no fury like a guy with a little cock spurned. Especially a bit of a geek, who frankly has not got the best of chances with girls. Particularly as the sex ratio on our course was about ten to one. And frankly, I was the only decent looking blond girl on our course, plenty of Asians and Chinese girls, some very pretty, but only one of me.

On my course, there was another competitor for cleverest Non-Asian, and it was Giles. He was very bright and funny but had a bit of tendency to brag and look down on the rest of the class. He was the cleverest; he knew it and the rest of us had to work hard to beat him. Which I did fairly regularly. We were competitors and colleagues but we didn’t really get on, were never really friends.

As you can imagine, I was not that delighted when one evening I was sitting in the lab working out a personal project, he was sitting a couple of desks along from me, and he started a conversation.

‘Is it true that you gave Greg blow jobs and then let him cum on your face?’

Just like that, out of the blue, no ‘by your leave’. What the hell was he up to? Another tosser, I thought.

‘Fuck off Giles.’ I retorted, ignoring him and getting back to my work. I was furious with Greg for bragging. ‘That guy has İstanbul Escort a 2 inch cock, and goes bragging about his sexual exploits. What a prat.’ An eye for an eye.

‘Yeah I thought not, my god that guy is an idiot, I never knew what you were doing with him. And he’s only got 2 inches, fuck.’ Her replied. ‘You were always too good for him. But anytime you fancy a fling Becky, just let me know.’

‘In your dreams Giles, in your dreams.’

I was a bit confused now, this was kind of a come on really. Generally Giles went out with the tall pretty Arts students that looked like models. He was a really good looking guy, but had always been pretty spikey with me, not exactly hostile but not like this.

So anyway, I found myself another boyfriend, Daniel, doing Biology and Genetics and he was a real catch, tall blond, hansom, great body. And a really decent sized cock. I tell you, when this fellow entered me the first time, I seriously thought that it would not fit. Very satisfying indeed. And in addition to this he was the nicest guy you could meet. Meek, thoughtful and so eager to do the right thing, gentlemanly in the old fashioned sense. A scholar too, knew science and maths, but philosophy too, played the piano like a pro. I really loved him.

Then we came to the catch, there always has to be one doesn’t there. The first thing I could not understand was, he was really not into oral sex, I think it was some kind of religious thing he had going on, but he just thought it was dirty. He didn’t want me to suck his cock, unless just as a preparation for fucking, but he really didn’t like going down on me.

And the second thing was that when it was the wrong time for sex, he would not touch me. I mean he would kiss me, but even the thought of touching my clit was just an abomination to him. For a week a month, it was as if I was a slug or a spider lying beside him in bed, I could feel him recoiling from my every touch. Weird, annoying and frankly a bit sad.

I think the thing I missed the most though was the blow jobs, sucking him, feeling him in my mouth, tasting his cum, having him lick my clit. And I missed him finishing himself on my face, it was all too nice and clean, I craved a bit of wanton messiness.

So we had this relationship, on the personal level it was great, I loved being with him, he was fun and clever and charming. Sex was good in a high quality vanilla ice cream sort of a way, really tasty and obviously nice as far as it went, but just a little bit too predictable, too dull. He wasn’t into new positions, just liked me on my back, or on top straddling him. Would not consider fucking me from behind when I was kneeling down, said it was too animalistic for him, reminded him of dogs he said. He gave me great orgasms with his fingers, three weeks a month and then suddenly we entered purdah and anything I wanted was down to me and my trusty vibrator.

This continued for the rest of the second term, until we were starting into the third term. I was working with Giles on a group project and it was going pretty well, we had spent the whole weekend working bloody hard, 12 hour days and had done some really good work. I had seen some of the other teams projects and knew that ours was amazing in comparison. It was coming up to midnight on Sunday evening, and we were pretty much done, waiting for some final printouts of the reports and documentation. Ours were the last lights on in the lab, we were the only ones there except for the security guard.

The only thing was: this was at the end of the week off sex, not a kiss had I had for ten days, Daniel the gent was still treating me like a rotting zombie in the bed, unwilling to touch me. And I was going a bit mad for it, I found myself thinking about it, fantasizing about things.

‘Hey Giles.’ I said, twirling my chair to face him.

‘Yeah.’ His head popped up from proof reading the final version.

‘You remember what you said, back in the first term.’ I was a short skirt and a t-shirt, and I slowly raised my knees up, showing him my nice lace knickers that I had bought with Dan a while back.

‘Yeah?’ He replied, a look of disbelief and confusion on his face.

‘Did you mean it then, do you still mean it?’ I asked hesitantly, opening my legs a bit to give him a better view.

‘Yes, for sure, you know I have always had a bit of a crush on you.’ I was surprised at this, and gratified too.

‘Well, I am like a bit going nuts here, for lack of dirty blow jobs and I have this image going round my head of you standing over me cumming on my face.’ I could hardly believe that I had told him what I really wanted, too long away from my vibrator I guess. I knew he had a girl friend at this time, and suddenly thought that actually this was really bad, what I was doing. As I did so though, I pulled down my knickers and started touching my clit right there in front of him, legs wide apart.

He just sat there watching, his eyes devouring my hands sliding down and rubbing my clit. Bayan Escort Even him just watching was enough to turn me on, and within seconds I could feel my orgasm coming. I just pushed ahead, over whelmed by the pleasure and crazily turned on to have just randomly exposed myself to him like that.

‘Wow Becky, well this is different side of you, I didn’t see this coming.’ He commented.

‘Cum on my face.’ I instructed him, still fingering my clit, still madly turned on.

I took my skirt off as well, knelt down on the carpeted floor of the lab, slipped my shirt over my head and waited for him wearing just my tasteful white bra. Then considering my position, slipped that off as well, and added it to the pile of clothes, discarded on the desk.

‘You are so lovely.’ He commented looking down over my whole nude body.

‘Shut up and cum on my face.’ I repeated, a shard of steel in my voice.

He stood up and walked over to me, circulating round me to see every detail. As he did so, he pulled his cock out of his trousers. It was already pretty hard and a decent enough size.

As he stopped in front of me, I took it with my hands and then moved it deep into my mouth circling it with my tongue.

‘Fuck, that is good.’ He commented.

Once he was as hard as I felt was sufficient, I took him out of my mouth. I could already taste some of his cum leaking out, and knew he was ripe for the taking.

‘Now.’ I spoke, simply.

He stood in front of me, looking down onto my face and started touching himself. One hand round the shaft of his cock, the other playing with his balls, he studied me as I knelt in front of him naked, offering my face to him, mouth a little open. Once I saw a little cum appearing on the slit of his cock, I stopped him for a second and licked it off.

‘Now give me the rest.’ My finger was busily massaging my clit, and I too could feel the ecstasy coming.

He came seconds later, big globules dripping down onto my nose, eyes and forehead, I had to close my eye a little as it puddled in the eye socket. There was a look of utter pleasure in his face as the last of it ran down onto my breasts. My own orgasm followed immediately, wracking through my body as I let out a little scream.

Once he had finished, he looked away, perhaps a little ashamed, reminding himself that this was all at my instigation.

I slid the remainder of the cum down my face, some into my mouth which I swallowed, some down onto my breasts, rubbing the remainder off onto my t-shirt. I had a feeling of deep satisfaction, completion.

‘Giles, just so you know. This was just a thing yeah, there is no tomorrow.’ I noted.

‘Whatever you say Becky, you are an amazing girl. Like I said before, you know, anytime.’

We both dressed quickly and then parted, uneasy in our new secret.

I could not believe how much it had turned me on, I loved being with Daniel, but throughout the following few weeks, could not help but think back to that evening.

The next month, I did it again.

I texted him a single word. ‘Again?’ and he replied.

‘8. My room.’

I went to his room where he sat alone, working at his laptop, and I followed the same script: I stripped nude while he watched me, masturbated in front of him and then made him cum onto my face, scraping and swallowing the remainder of the cum from my face once he was done.

This time there was no shame on my part, or his, I looked him directly in the eyes as he watched me at the end, cleaning myself up.

‘Nick and Ed would not believe me if I told them about this.’ He commented. They were his best mates and were often seen with him drinking and carousing, chatting up girls. They were nice enough blokes, but not as clever as him, or as good looking.

‘No?’ Why?’ I asked innocently, as I replaced my clothing.

‘Cos you are such nice girl, you are so in control of your life, they wouldn’t dare ask you out, and then this.’

‘Invite them along next time.’ I spoke without thinking. ‘Don’t think you are unique, you all have cocks you know.’

‘What?’ He exclaimed.

‘You heard.’ I replied over my shoulder as I walked out of his room, back to my room where my genuine lover would join me later.

A few weeks later it went like this.

‘Again?’ I texted.

‘9pm My room.’

‘For 3?’



I walked in and there they sat, looking expectantly at me, none of them were from my course in fact and I was relieved in some ways that I didn’t know them. Some had a look of surprise, some desire, some a wolfy look, like they might eat me.

‘You don’t touch me, you do what I say.’ I said to them, meeting each of their eyes individually as they nodded and grunted affirmatively.

I stood in the middle of the room and undressed quickly, discarding jeans, blouse, knickers and bra in a short time. They watched me closely, barely able to believe their luck. My clit was already buzzing with expectation as I Eskort sat on the chair in the corner, legs wide open and let them drink up their view of my pussy, I had shaved it in expectation, I knew Dan wouldn’t like it, and that added to the thrill.

Then I started, fingers playing with my clit, my other hand playing with a rock hard nipple. Again I made eye contact with each of them as they watched my display, then I came with a jolt, my head going back and a small scream as my orgasm flooded through my body. I relaxed and thought of my situation, having invited them to come, I had to go through with it, I wanted to in one way but knew that it went against my general feeling of good sense.

‘Now it is your turn. Cum on my face.’ I demanded, kneeling down on my feet, holding my face horizontal with my mouth open.

They all got their cocks out and a varied collection they were, pink and brown, long and short. They stood around me in a square, all facing inwards, the end of their cocks just inches from each other. The looks on their faces were of amazement, pleasure, embarrassment. Guys didn’t see one another erect I guessed, but they would today, they would for me. My hand returned to my clit, pressing and sliding on my wetness.

The first to cum was slightly behind me, his load arriving on my forehead and hair, down my eyebrow. The second was opposite him, his white streamer went flying across my face onto my nose, then a follow up that mainly went into my mouth, warm and salty. The third went onto my chin, then dripped down onto my tits. I never felt the fourth as it coincided with my own orgasm, I screamed out again as they watched, entranced. I can tell you though that the fourth was voluminous for sure, as I was soaked by the end, my face covered in a sheen of cum.

Once again, I used my fingers to clean up the mess, shepherding most into my mouth where I swallowed it all, luxuriating in the depraved feeling from consuming four guys’ cum at the same time. They watched on, enjoying every moment.

I dressed, wiped my hair on Giles’ towel to remove the majority of the excess, and then left without a word. I winked and grinned at Giles as I left to reassure him that all was well in my head.

I had a problem now. Every time I had sex with Daniel, I went back in my mind to that evening, went over the details of the guys finishing on me, covering me with their seed, the taste of their mixed shots, I found myself looking for them on the campus. A few weeks passed.

‘Again?’ I texted.

‘How many?’

‘As many as you can get.’



’10pm. Cricket pavilion.’

I walked down the side of the Gym to the cricket pavilion, it was normally dark and disused this time of year. I had a dress on and my hair tied back into a pony tail. My stomach was turning somersaults and I had already had to pee with nervousness.

I walked in through the front door with more confidence than I felt, and looked around the room. There were thirty or forty guys, mostly sporty from the look of them. They were a pretty good looking crowd and they were all looking at me. I presumed that Giles had briefed them on the deal, I certainly wasn’t going to talk to them.

I walked over to the centre of the room and then stopped, looked around at them all, challenging them to make eye contact and they mostly did. Some were licking their lips, some grinning, some looked nervous.

I lifted the dress over my head and then swiftly discarded my bra and knickers, once again freshly shaved, in defiance of Daniels instructions that he liked it natural looking. I walked around the room, letting each one of them look at me, study my breasts and pussy. There was more desire in their eyes now.

In the centre of the room was a stool, and I sat on it, legs wide open and played with myself, rubbing my clit as a third of the room studied my pussy. Once I was close, I moved round to give more of them a chance, closer to orgasm, I slowed right down, saving myself for the last show. It was a huge turn on to look out at fifteen blokes all studying me, some looked nervous but most looked lascivious, it suddenly occurred to me that they could easily just get together and fuck me there, taking turns with me.

The thought of it made me cum straight away, screaming out, fingers hammering away at my clit, enjoying every moment of it, sucking in every moment of their attention. As the pleasure drained away, I then realised that my moment had come, this was what I had been dreaming, fantasising about for a while now. I pushed away the stool and kneeled down on the shiny wooden floor, my knees not so comfortable as it had been on the carpets of Giles’ room.

‘Cum, Cum on my face.’ I finally managed to say, the words initially sticking in my throat but then finally coming out load and clear. ‘Cum on my face. All of you.’ I repeated, more insistently.

Then I sat back on my heels, and relaxed, looking around to see who would be first.

Giles seemed to have appointed himself the sergeant major and nodded across at a group of four guys, they came over looking rather self-conscious. It occurred to me that today I was not the only one on display, they were all performing in some ways.

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