Curvy Size Queens at the Gym


Dave finished changing into his shorts and uniform shirt, with the Shapes logo emblazoned on the slick, wicking fabric. Saturday morning and he was in early as usual, liking to take the extra time to stretch himself out and get ready for the patrons to make their way in. It was late July and one of his favorite times of the year to be working at the gym. He was just a part timer, usually only working Saturdays and the occasional Sunday doing this mostly to pay his own gym membership and he enjoyed helping people to meet their goals. This time of the year was his favorite as a number of people getting ready for college were coming in to shed a few pounds in hopes of getting lucky when they moved away.

Shapes was a gym that catered towards people of average or larger sizes, with equipment often geared more towards helping to build cardiac endurance and a larger focus Nautilus equipment so as to emphasize proper technique before free weights. Not that they turned anyone away, and as an incentive to stay people were encouraged to create a goal at sign up and once hitting that goal were given a free six month membership. Dave himself was in what most people viewed as excellent shape but also had been overweight before and so really enjoyed helping people to work on their goals.

There was of course the bonus of working here that he’d made sure to not mention to the management when he interviewed to train. That was his love of curvy, busty women with hips, he just loved watching the curves on them. Now in his late 20’s he’d come to accept this particular desire and in a lot of ways embrace it. There was little more that he liked than being able to spend his weekends helping them to become the women that they desired, and in return he got to tease and be teased by them. His enthusiasm for the job kept his schedule full and a waiting list going for his services.

The morning went by fairly routine for him, three established clients that were there for their weekly routine check and upgrade. When he came back from lunch, he checked the schedule and had a little smile on his face when he noticed Christy and Ellen were due to be his last clients of the day. They always came as a pair, at first it had been as moral support for each other and as of late it seemed more routine.

A glance to the door while he was spotting Stephanie and he noted that Christy and Ellen had entered and gone to the ladies locker room. As usual they were early, he had a feeling it was due to Christy having a kid and loving the chance to get a break from mom duty once a week. As he guided Stephanie through a new way to stretch out post working out, he noticed the girls had finished changing and were starting to work their way through the pre-workout stretch he’d taught them. It gave him a little smile, he always liked to see that people stuck with their routine.

Today was working the upper body and he smiled a little to himself as the image of Christy doing pectoral extensions filled his mind. Both girls were busty, and Ellen may have had the slight edge in size, but Christy’s chest just seemed to be a bit perkier and somehow better filled out not that he’d knock Ellen’s at any time. It was the same with the girls in the ass department, both had lovely, round rears but Ellen’s begged for attention in a way that Christy’s didn’t. Getting to work with both women at the same time was an exercise in enjoyment and if push ever came to shove he wasn’t sure which girl he’d prefer.

“Hey Christy, nice haircut!” He called over as he made his way towards the stretching mats they were on and noting that she’d gotten her hair cut to shoulder length with blonde streaks run into it, the bottom curling up inwards towards her face quite nicely. Ellen kept her hair longer, about to her mid-back and today it was just done up in a ponytail with a scrunchie. “Ellen looks like you’re getting quite good at putting your hands all the way on the floor!” Never mind that his favorite part of that was seeing her rear up in the air.

Dave laid out the plan for the day, what equipment they were going to work, at what weights, and in what order they were going to do this. The usual questions about what muscles they’d be working and how it would affect how they looked were answered, he was cautious as with most of his female clients, to explain how it wouldn’t bulk up the muscles too much. A number of them always seemed so concerned about putting on too much muscle even though in his experience it tended to be fairly rare unless they were really hitting the weights hard.

Through the first circuit they went, him showing them each way he wanted them work that particular type of equipment and in the case of several units they’d already used a different way to use it. Working with them was always a bit more fun due to how much they cheered each other on, bringing both to push to their limits. This week’s circuit was a bit different as he was introducing the idea of free weights to the two of them, just a couple basics with the barbell. The girls both joked at the idea that Kartal Escort they were now really working out because they were getting to do bench presses and bicep curls with free weights.

The second circuit through he stepped back to let them do the exercises on their own, only stepping in to spot them as they worked the free weights and performed the bench presses. He did his best to always put on a professional face and to keep his actions strictly professional, while he took joy in how they appeared he really did not want to make them uncomfortable in the least.

Of course, his body didn’t necessarily have the same motivations. As Christy lay upon the bench, with Dave standing at her head while he spotted the bench press set she was doing, she had a view up inside his shorts and she was doing her best to take a peek without being too noticeable. Most of the other women had long since figured out that he was quite attracted to their body types, and they’d taken it as flattering. The occasional long stare was usually forgiven since he so genuinely seemed to care about them doing well and working on their goals. Well that and when his back was turned they usually returned the favor. There was even a running joke that he couldn’t be as well-endowed as he seemed so it was a game to see who could first spy on him and figure out if he really was. Considering her position, Christy had figured that she might as well take a chance, it had been a while since she’d last seen a cock up close.

Actually quite a while was closing in on three years now, she mused, remembering how Todd had left her when she was six months pregnant with their son. He’d just not been able to handle the anticipated stress of raising a child and had left her to fend for herself. It had, as expected, devastated her but she was fortunate to have Ellen around to help her through everything she’d needed to do, the shopping to be done, putting together all of the baby furniture, and generally getting her life ready for the drastic change it was going to undergo.

After her family had made their visits and spent their time both helping and getting in the way, Ellen had been there to help again. She’d come over after work having made the little errands that suddenly would take Christy forever to do now that she had to take care of the child. Ellen would swing by on the weekends to watch the baby for a couple of hours to give Christy the chance for a little uninterrupted sleep. But mostly she was there to offer a shoulder when the hormones struck or a joke when she was feeling overwhelmed.

That had, over time, changed their relationship. It started innocently enough, with Ellen crashing in bed with Christy instead of driving home tired. As the seasons had changed and the weather grew warmer they both had worn less and less to bed and Ellen was staying more nights of the week. This continued to peak till one night Ellen awoke to Christy having spooned up against her and Ellen’s hand having traveled and comfortably nestled itself over Christy’s panties and between her thighs.

It had led to a long discussion over two pots of coffee, wants, needs, expectations, and the fact that Ellen was almost moved in anyways and how it would save them a bit financially. While both were quite content with each other, there were some things that a man could do that were just a bit better, like the feeling of a flesh cock instead of silicon. The things she had missed all flashed through her head as her eyes laid a glimpse upon the head of his cock. Jaw hung open for a moment and her eyes fixated on it, fortunately he was there to catch the barbell before it dropped too far.

His fingers rapidly closed upon the bar of the weights as suddenly it seemed that Christy had just given up on the weight. So focused on the near accident, that he missed where her eyes were or that watching her chest move with the compressions had started to swell his cock. He guided the barbell back into its rack, wonder if that was enough pushing for the day for them. Dave waved off the pouty face he got from Christy when she protested at cutting off the workout short, reminding her that if she was having issues focusing on the barbell that it wasn’t the safest idea to continue to work out when she couldn’t focus completely on the workout. He patted her shoulder when he realized the disappointment on her face, then watched them walk towards the showers. To his appointment list he went, checking that he was indeed free for the rest of the day, and finally off to grab his own shower.

In the shower he mused about the lapse of concentration, it was completely unlike Christy. Things like that bothered him sometimes because often enough it meant something else was going on in a person’s life. Not that it was his place to pry at all, but he would muse on such things with some of his regular clients, sometimes altering their routines to help them with stress relief. More than once clients had appreciated having kickboxing lessons or time at the heavy bag during times of heavy Tuzla Escort stress. Perhaps it was just troubles with the father of her kid, he wondered, or maybe just issues at work. A little time with the heavy bag might be appreciated then, at the least it would change up the cardio part of her workout. With that figured out, he wrapped up his shower and strolled into the locker room to get dressed and head out.

Christy made Ellen wait till they were alone in the car, turned to her with eyes wide, “OH MY GOD, it was HUGE!” She watched as Ellen blinked a bit at her yelling, then continued on, “I mean, I only saw the head but, but it was below the hem of his boxers and it was just huge. It was all I could do to not just stop and rip his shorts off. I haven’t felt that way in a long, long time about a guy.” She paused and blushed deep red as she realized how much she was spouting off about Dave to her lover, feeling quite embarrassed at her behavior and at how Ellen might be feeling at the moment despite their agreement in regards to men.

Ellen just leaned in to softly kiss Christy’s lips, “You’re cute when you get that red. Just so long as you bear in mind that any man you bring to bed has to be shared. If he really is that well-endowed, then it might just be interesting to watch and see how much of it you really can take. After all you’ve tightened up a bit these last couple of years.” Ellen knew that Christy had a crush on Dave, hell it was hard not to and she herself wouldn’t mind letting him join them. She wasn’t quite the size queen that Christy was, but she enjoyed a nice, thick cock and wouldn’t mind feeling some real cum drip from her pussy for once. It just pleased her to see Christy so animated, years ago the girl had completely sealed herself away in a shell and it had taken Ellen this long to peel the layers away to peek inside.

Ellen also had to admit the idea of watching Christy get fucked by a real cock was a bit of a turn on. The girl had a very pretty pussy, which she kept shaved clean, and it always looked lovely when it was being split by a large dildo, so she could only imagine how nice it would look wrapped around a real cock. She too had missed the feeling of being with a guy, as much as she enjoyed her relationship with Christy neither of them had identified as being solely after women, they both had confessed to very much being bisexual. That he’d gotten hard at watching them work out was at least affirmation that they were attractive to him, Lord knows watching his muscles flex had more than once gotten her panties damp. No, she wouldn’t mind if one of them seduced him to their bed, it was just a matter of how to go around and get him there.

That night she pulled out the largest dildo they owned and attached it to her strapon, taking on the role of Dave finally brought to their bed. Eyes went wide as Christy insisted that she thought he was better endowed than that, at least a wider head. This she now wanted to see for herself, up close and personal being preferable, perhaps even close enough to inspect with her mouth. Ellen fucked Christy doggy style in front of the dresser mirror, watching themselves and imagining Dave’s sweaty, muscular form taking her girlfriends tight snatch instead of herself.

When it came time for the roles to be reversed, Christy made it a point to tease the tiny entrance to Ellen’s ass, giggling, “You know he does always seem to check out your ass. I wonder if he’d like to be buried up in here. Mmmm bet it would look hot to be licking your pussy and watching him fuck the hell outta this.” She slapped Ellen’s plump rear with a grin, hand coming back to slowly rub over it. “Uh huh stretch you out good but God, I would so love to watch it.” As scary as the thought of a monster cock in her ass was, Ellen had to admit it would look hot and she’d be willing to let him have it if that’s what it took to get him in their bed. Her tongue rolled over her lips as she replied, “only if you let him fuck those tits of yours lover. Maybe even let him cover your pretty face in his spunk.” The only reply was Christy groaning in orgasm at just the thought.

Each night they played out a different scenario, playing out how they would attempt to seduce Dave, complete with what they hoped he would be willing to do with them. By late Friday night, Christy had Ellen so worked up over the idea of what it would look like to have Dave buried in her rear, she finally gave it. With a couple glasses of wine in her system and half a bottle of lube coating the dildo and in her ass, Ellen buried her face into the pillow and felt her ass slowly accept the toy. Only when she felt Christy’s hips against her, did she finally look up and watch as the large toy was slid in and out of her rear, eyes wide in amazement at having it there. It was a weird feeling, a little bit painful admittedly, but oddly pleasurable. Ellen wasn’t quite sure if she would let Christy do this to her again, at least not with a toy this large, but she might be willing to let a man do it.

When Anadolu Yakası Escort they finally arrived at the gym on Saturday afternoon, Christy was almost bubbling over with excitement. She wasn’t sure what would happen, if anything at all happened, but she was still very excited indeed as at least the hope was still there. She glanced over to watch him working with Stephanie, smiling to herself as she drank in him lifting a weight to place upon the leg press machine. When he turned around, she whipped her head to the side and tried to make it look like she was just chattering with Ellen, and also did her best to block his view of Ellen’s beet red face.

She was seriously tempted to leave her panties in the locker but then thought that might just be pushing things a bit much. Never mind that she’d shaved that morning and was a bit extra sensitive, but had wanted to be sure that if something indeed happened she looked her best, at worst she would savor Ellen’s tongue on it later. Christy did, however, forgo her usual second sports bra instead electing to take the bit of discomfort for the chance to let the girls do their thing.

Ellen watched Christy as they began to stretch, immediately noticing that her lover’s bosom was moving further than normal. A little smile played upon her lips, it was nice to see that the Christy she’d known, last dumped by a guy for being too curvy, was now enjoying flaunting her figure. While she’d known that the lass could be a bit of a size queen, well more than a bit, she herself hadn’t realized just how much of a size queen she was. Even if they couldn’t bed him, she’d learned quite a bit about her and Christy’s desires, but it would be ever so much better if they did end up having some wet and sticky fun.

The work out started off as normal, he walked them through the routine that he wanted them to try and they were shown how to perform the exercises. It took most of the willpower the girls had to restrain themselves from teasing him during that first walk through, but they’d agreed to bide their time just a little bit longer, to let him settle in, then they would strike.

Dave had noticed there were a few more glances, and a bit of nervous tension in the girls. He wondered if it had to do with what had caused Christy to nearly have an accident the week before. Well, with any luck the added heavy bag would help with the nerves and stress that the ladies were undergoing. They both seemed rather excited at the idea of getting to play at boxer and slam around the heavy bag. Dave could have sworn that Ellen was purposefully rubbing her lovely, plump ass against him as she mimicked his movements and missed the wink that she gave Christy.

It wasn’t until the second circuit around did he notice that Christy’s chest was swaying more than usual. For a few moments his gaze was fixed upon the swollen orbs bouncing upon her chest with each swing of her fist. When he heard a giggle, Dave snapped out of the daze but didn’t catch that it was Ellen giggling as she stole a peek at his boxers, all he knew is that he was feeling much hornier than usual and a bit of concern that perhaps he wasn’t going to be able to hide that too much longer.

When Ellen asked him again to stand behind her and guide her through a roundhouse Dave was torn for a moment between teaching and hiding his excited organ. The teacher side won through and he took a position behind Ellen, gently grasping her arms to work her through the motions of the punch. She was taking full advantage of it and had snuggled her rear up against the bulge in his shorts, nestling him between the lobes of her plump ass. He got so caught up in the feeling that he nearly didn’t catch her when she finally couldn’t resist the temptation anymore and leaned up to whisper in his ear, “If you like that, you’re welcome to bury yourself in there as often as you like the rest of this weekend.”

If his jaw couldn’t drop any further, Christy, having figured out what was going on, sidled up to him and whispered in his other ear, “And you can bury that cock in any part of me that you desire. Just be ours for the weekend, the week, the month, just say yes.” She grinned, almost innocently, as she rested her head upon his shoulder. Eyes flicked from face to face as he looked back and forth between the two of them, caught offguard and torn between the client-teacher relationship and the aching desire to scream yes. After what seemed like an eternity he finally remembered that he didn’t need this job in the least bit and that these were two adult women inviting, tempting him into their bed. There was only one answer necessary and that was a slow nod of his head.

The girls managed to restrain themselves from cheering in public and quickly relayed out their plan of escape from the building and what their vehicle looked like so he could follow them. Dave’s head was spinning as they relayed all of the information to him, leaving him in almost a daze as he went into the locker room, retrieved his clothes, and headed out to the parking lot to get his car and meet them as instructed. They’d even insisted that he keep on his gym clothes to preserve that so called manly scent. He honestly didn’t care at that point, all he kept thinking was the offer to be buried deep within the two women and how good Ellen’s ass felt snugged around him.

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