Extracurricular Activity


Authors Note: This story takes place in a universe where animal girls and boys, called Dobatsu, exist and live on a separate planet than humans do. These stories will most likely not contain furries, but rather people that look mostly human but have a few animal-like features to them. For comparison, look up Monster Musume, Monster Girl Quest, or Monster Girl Encyclopedia as examples. This story, as well as all other stories made by me, will not focus on biological physics and logic. It will instead focus on something that is commonly referred to as Hentai Physics. This is a term that signifies something sexual being performed that, if performed on a human being in real life, would 100% kill them. The stories are not meant to be realistic, nor will they ever be. This is for the extremely kinky and feature fetishes such as Stomach Deformation, Cum Inflation, and Cum Fountaining. Continue only if you wish to read stories about this. Please have a good day.

Keys for Species of Dobatsu:

Otami-Wolf person

Kitsune-Fox person


College can be rather boring at times. Sometimes you have something to occupy yourself with. Like projects or experiments. But at other times, the professor will be talking about something that is totally useless to you. This leads to boredom, and boredom, as we all know, can lead to doing things that you normally wouldn’t do. Such as having sex with your boyfriend in class and hoping no one sees you doing it. This is exactly what Jess did.

Jess was an Otami that was rather passionate about almost anything she did. She liked to cook and tried her best to make the food as tasty as she could for her boyfriend, Geno, and she was also a very loving and caring girl as well. Not to mention sorta clingy. She enjoyed learning about the things she would use later in life, as well, but when it’s something that she either knows about already or knows for certain that it’s something that she doesn’t need to know, she stops paying attention and attempts to sleep.

And that was exactly what was happening at this moment. She wasn’t enjoying the things she was being taught and thus was instead attempting to snooze off so that she didn’t have to pay any attention to them, attempting to sleep away the class by using her coat as a blanket. However, today something was going to be different. Her boyfriend decided to pay a visit to class to check up on her.

As she was snoozing in the back of the classroom, with her feet on the desk and the coat laying on her for warmth, Geno peeked into the room to see if he could spot her. And it was rather easy too due to her being very close to the door, being so far back in the class that she was the only one in the row.

This gave Geno the opportunity to sneak into the room and go to where Jess was. Seeing that she was asleep, he picked her up and set her in his lap. He failed to keep her asleep though, and she started to wake up right after being set in his lap.

“Morning, Babe.” Geno said, wrapping his arms and multiple fox tails around her. Jess, still sleepy and not entirely aware of her surroundings, snuggled into the tails, thinking that they were blankets.

“Jess, wake up. You’re still in class, dummy.” The Otami girl reluctantly stretched and opened her eyes, trying to get the sleep out of her. She realized that the things that were wrapped around her weren’t her covers at all.

“Huh?” She was confused at what was around her, so she grabbed one of them and felt it. It was nice and fluffy, something that she definitely wouldn’t mind sleeping in. However, she realized what it was immediately after feeling a kiss on her neck.

“Baby!” she exclaimed, turning around and hugging her Kitsune lover, tail wagging fast and happy. Geno smiled and hugged her back. She was always so cute when she was happy like this. And since she was so clingy, she got happy almost every time she saw him.

“Looks like you don’t really care about your class right now.” He looked behind her to see what they were teaching, and he saw them learning how to cook what looked like salmon.

“I can see why, too. You already got salmon perfect. You don’t even need to be in this classroom.” Jess giggled and snuggled into his chest. She felt really comfy like this and felt like going back to sleep, but kept herself awake.

“Yea, well, that, and I sorta didn’t get much sleep last night. Nightmares, you know?” She would sometimes suffer from nightmares when she slept, and her lover couldn’t do much to prevent it. Just hold her close at night and make sure she felt safe and protected. Geno wanted to do more, but with nightmares, there isn’t much you really can do.

“What were they about this time?” He asked while petting her. Bostancı Escort She nuzzled his shirt and hummed happily.

“Let’s not talk about that right now. For now, we can spend time together.” Smiling up at him, she happily snuggled against his chest. As she was nuzzling him, her coat fell off of her. Geno took her coat off the rest of the way and put it on the floor next to the desk.

“You know, it doesn’t look like anyone would notice if we did some things.” Jess blushed a bit, starting to think of lewd things, but she wanted to make sure that Geno was suggesting first.

“U-um…Such as what? Cuddling?” she asked, trying and failing to hide her blush. Her thinking that he might have been thinking of something lewd was confirmed when Geno gave her ass a squeeze.

“You know, some personal time~” Jess blushed heavily at the thought of doing something like that in the classroom, but then again, everyone did seem to busy with cooking to notice if they were doing anything. The clattering of pots and pans and the sizzling of the students making the salmon would probably add to the distraction, especially since the ones that never cooked it before would get it wrong a couple of times before finally getting it right. After thinking for a minute, she decided that she didn’t have much else to do in class, so why not?

“Well…Ok. But we have to stay quiet, alright? I don’t want to get in trouble because we fucked in class.” she said this as she was taking off her shirt, revealing her bra and with it, her D cups. Geno wanted to start fucking her right away, but restrained himself. He wanted to make sure that Jess enjoyed this to the fullest. He kissed her and grabbed her breast, squeezing it gently and eliciting a moan from Jess. Wanting to get out of the open so no one could have a chance to see them, the kitsune picked up Jess and laid her on the floor.

“There. No one can see us here. We won’t get in trouble anymore.” He went back to kissing her, and she happily kissed back. Deciding that they weren’t moving fast enough along, Geno decided to speed things up by kissing lower. He kissed her neck and then bit it gently, enjoying the soft moans his lover was making. As he was busy with her neck, Jess was trying to reach into the pocket of her jacket for something. She pulled out a red collar, pushing Geno gently out of the way and clipping it on. Seeing his girlfriend wear a collar was rather arousing for him.

“I don’t know why you had that in your jacket pocket, but right now, I’m glad you did. Really glad~” He pulled her mini skirt down as he said this, eager to make her feel amazing. In his haste, he almost ripped the skirt. Jess started to strip herself so he didn’t tear any of her clothing.

“Baby, I have to wear this still, be careful.” She set her clothes to the side and looked up to see Geno stripping down as well. Seeing him naked always made her blush, but since they were doing it in a classroom of a culinary school, it made it much more embarrassing. She didn’t resist at all as he climbed on top of her and kissed her again.

“Trust me, I don’t think you’ll be able to even fit in them by the time I’m done with you, sweetheart.” Grabbing onto a breast, he gave it a gentle squeeze before starting to massage it. Given the moans that he was getting from her, he knew that it felt amazing. Jess was slightly concerned about something though. She knew how much Geno could cum, and since they were in class, it might not be the best place for her to get turned into a cum balloon.

“H-hey, don’t fill me up too much, ok? I still need to be able to move and leave the classroom.” She didn’t exactly wanna have to explain to her professors why she was naked and her stomach was the size of a bed. And she didn’t want to explain why the floor was covered in a white liquid. She could probably get away with it if she gave him a blowjob or a titjob, but knowing Geno, he’s going to fuck her pussy instead. It would definitely be rather difficult to say it was milk while it was leaking from her ass. However, he didn’t seem to care much.

“No promises~” Of course he was going to hold back, but he was still going to fill her up as much as he could get away with. To him, the sexiest thing in the world was to see her filled to the brim with his semen leaking out from all three of her holes. As he imagined this, he began to get an erection. He made sure to put restrictions on his dick’s size by using his Essence. That way he wouldn’t reach his full size, or cum nearly as much. But he still made sure it would be plenty enough to turn Jess into a sexy cum dump. He let his cock reach 2 feet in length and as thick as a soda can before he put his Essence restraints on it. Now he was locked Kadıköy Escort in at this size, and he wasn’t going to go down. Not until he turned her into a sperm-filled mess.

Jess immediately started to lick and suck the tip of it, knowing that she needed to lube it up for what was going to happen. She made sure to put her huge tits to good use, and used them to rub the length of his dick as well. Geno moaned a little from the stimulation, but tried to hold it in. He didn’t want them to be discovered, especially not so early into the fun. Looking down at her, he saw that she was watching him with a lustful look in her eyes. She wanted him, and she wanted him now. Geno wasn’t about to turn her down, either.

“You seem rather eager, don’t you?” he said, putting a hand on her head and pushing down gently. This forced more of his cock down her wet throat, but she wasn’t ready for this. She gagged and pulled back a bit, but almost immediately tried to take it back in. She took it down her throat, ignoring her gag reflex, and she managed to get it halfway down her throat before she couldn’t take anymore. Geno was taken by surprise by this, and it took all his effort to not let out a loud moan from the feeling of Jess deepthroating his dick. As she bobbed her head slowly, he couldn’t keep it in and moaned. It wasn’t loud or quiet, but it was loud enough that in any normal classroom, it would have been heard. But due to the sounds of cooking, it was easily drowned out.

All caution was thrown to the wind at this moment. Geno couldn’t wait any longer. Her pulled Jess off his cock and pushed her down, lining himself up with her pussy. She didn’t have enough time to brace herself before she felt it thrust in. Right before she could scream out, he kissed her and muffled it. She felt pain and pleasure at the same time, but right now it was mostly on the pain side. After a minute or two, Geno broke the kiss.

“Are you ok now? Should I wait more or pull out?” he said, hoping he hadn’t taken it too far and hurt her. After a few more seconds of recovering, Jess looked up at him with a warm smile.

“You’re…You’re fine now. You can keep going if you want to.” She was fine, which relieved the kitsune. He pushed in more but made sure that it was at a slow pace. He didn’t want to risk hurting her again. This time, she felt pleasure, and a lot of it. The feeling of getting filled by her lover’s cock made it feel so much better. When Geno’s dick was halfway in, he stopped and began to thrust gently. Jess bit his shoulder gently, trying to keep the moans as silent as she could, but it was hopeless. She moaned loudly as Geno kissed her to keep it in. He knew that they wouldn’t be able to stay silent, so he began to concentrate his Essence to make a soundproof barrier around them. This way, they could have fun as loud as they wanted and no one would hear them. However, concentrating his Essence on that took some away from his cocks restraints. Right as the Barrier went up, his cock grew even bigger, lengthening by another foot and become as thick as a two-liter bottle. Jess screamed out, her stomach bulging to just under her breasts now with the sudden increase in size. She wasn’t in pain, but extreme pleasure.

“Fuck! You’re so fucking tight!” Geno said, holding her hips in a death grip and trying to keep from cumming directly into her womb. He couldn’t stop himself from ramming more into her, however, and pretty soon he found himself balls deep inside her pussy. His dick was very clearly seen due to the bulge that was currently large enough to be eye level with her right now. He didn’t plan on it being this big, but now they could make as much noise as they wanted. Jess was using this to its full extent as she screamed in pleasure under him. Pulling out of her, he flipped her onto her stomach and rammed back in. In this position, he would be able to pound her much harder and faster. Grabbing onto her hips tightly, Geno started thrusting his hips quickly, ramming his cock in and out of her tight pussy harder and faster than she could handle.

She screamed and moaned underneath him, unable to feel anything but pure pleasure with his dick stretching her so much. She couldn’t think straight as he rammed in and out of her womb, molding her small body around his massive cock. It felt like absolute heaven to her. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and she came all over his dick. This lubed it up even more and let him slide in and out easier, which gave them both more pleasure and had Jess cumming constantly. Geno could feel himself getting close as well, and pulled out. Neither of them wanted to deal with pups while Jess was in college, so he would need to finish somewhere else. Immediately, he rammed as deep as he could Göztepe Escort into her asshole, her own juices acting as lube, and started thrusting into her just as fast as he was into her pussy. She screamed out in a mix of pain and pleasure as her ass was stretched out suddenly, her lover fucking her harder and harder with each passing second. Geno couldn’t hold on any longer and rammed in all the way, pinning her down so she wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Then it started. He began to cum into Jess, the first wad of cum bulging her stomach outwards by an extra foot with how much force it was being shot into her. After a few seconds, the first one ended and the second wad began, already making her look several months pregnant. A third, a fourth, and a fifth wad came out, each bigger than the last. She moaned loudly as she felt herself being filled with the thick, hot sperm of her boyfriend. Her stomach had grown large enough to touch the floor and start spreading out by the sixth wad. A seventh, eighth, and ninth came out as well, and her stomach began to lift her off the floor. She couldn’t hold much more cum, and it started to go to the only other place it could go to. At the tenth wad, it burst out of her mouth and onto her tits. This was a sign to Geno to pull out. He did so slowly, letting the eleventh wad fill her as well. He pulled out of her just as the twelfth wad shot out and onto her back. His cum was dying down, but he still had a bit to go. He went in front of her and shot some of his semen on her face before sticking it in her mouth. The amount he was cumming was enough to fill her mouth almost instantly, but on instinct, she began to drink it. She couldn’t get it all and most of it spilled down her chin and onto her breasts. His last three wads of cum managed to get partially down her throat but mostly covered her boobs in a layer of thick, white, creamy sperm.

Pulling out of her mouth, Geno fell back onto his ass, panting at how much he came even with the restraints on. Jess wasn’t very aware of her surroundings, with cum leaking out of her ass like a waterfall and out of her mouth like a stream. After a minute recover, he saw that the class was about to end and that they needed to get dressed and get out. That would be rather difficult to do with Jess’s body suspended on her massively distended stomach like she was laying on a bean bag chair.

“Shit, I let myself go a little too much here, didn’t I?” Jess was too large to be drained before class was over, so the only option that came to his mind was to teleport. However, teleporting took a massive amount of Essence, so he’d need to take away all concentration on his Essence to perform it. He also needed to be in contact with Jess to teleport her as well. Knowing full and well what was to come, he grabbed her hips and thrust into her ass again, making her let out a gargled moan. Taking a deep breath, he concentrated and removed all restraints he had. His dick grew to double its size, bulging out her stomach even with all the cum in it, and his balls grew five times larger, touching the ground and acting as a chair to him. Then he lowered the soundproof barrier and concentrated. After a few seconds, they disappeared from the classroom and appeared in their bathroom tub at their log cabin. Sighing in relief, Geno put the restraints back on his cock and balls at full power, shrinking them to an average humans size.

“Fuck, that was amazing~ Now to get you back to normal size.” he said while rubbing her massive belly. Pushing down, he started to help the draining process a bit, forcing the cum to flow out of her ass faster. This also made her vomit up his seed in large volumes. It took a while, almost 10 minutes, but she was eventually drained. However, she was still lost in pleasure and would most likely come out of it in the morning.

“Looks like you won’t be getting that shower today, will you? Oh well. Time for bed.” Picking up the cum covered Otami, he carried her to the bed. Laying down, he laid her on top of him, letting her head rest on his chest. Geno pet his future wife while basking in the afterglow of the sex.

“I love you, Jess.” he said in a loving voice. She snuggled subconsciously into his chest as if to say, ‘I love you too’. Smiling at the sight, the happy and satisfied kitsune laid his head back onto the pillow and closed his eyes to sleep.

After a minute, however, his eyes shot open as he came to a sudden realization.

“I left her clothes in the classroom, didn’t I?”


A/N: Hey guys! To everyone who made it this far, I hope you liked this! This is only my second erotic story, so I’m not that good at it yet. I definitely hope that you all enjoyed it, and I took advice from my first stories comments saying that it was a little rushed. Hopefully, this one isn’t too rushed. I hope you all enjoyed this story, and don’t worry, more will be coming! Hopefully sooner than the timespan between this story and Vampiric Pleasure. See you all later!

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