Fetish Mad


I met my wife in the spring so the night air was very comfortable. She was nearly a virgin only having had sex a couple of times. I on the other hand was pretty experienced being a partying, fairly good looking bachelor. We met up a lot after the night I met her. We would sit and talk, go out to eat, go out and get drunk, and other things of this nature.

After a few weeks of this dating we decided we were ready to start having sex. I was a freak, a NASTY freak. There’s nothing with a woman I wouldn’t do sexually. She on the other hand had never heard of the stuff I wanted to do so I didn’t want to pull my tricks out of the bag just yet and risk scaring her off. I really liked this girl and had never met anyone so interesting yet so beautiful before. I new she was THE ONE.

We had pretty ordinary sex at first but this was satisfying enough at the time because she was so new. She was a super good dick rider too! She would occasionally let me slip a finger or two in her anus if she was drunk.

This went on for a little while and one day I decided that instead of my fingers, I would stick my tongue in her ass. She loved the feeling I could tell. I asked her how she liked it and being so reserved she replied “It was ok.”

A couple weeks later I tried to have full blown anal sex with her. That didn’t work. Of all my fetishes and fantasies, anal sex was my favorite. This was very disappointing. I tried over and over numerous times. She even let me stick it in one night.

I have a rather large penis that many guys would envy. It’s about average length but let’s just say the girth can please a woman very well. Her tight little pucker doesn’t want to accept something with my girth.

I have learned to deal with and adjust to her not being able to do it. Maybe one day she will but if not that’s ok too. I have found a few fetishes to replace it.

We went to a local porn shop and was looking around for some fun stuff to do. As we were in the dildo section we came across the strap-ons. She looked at me and said “If I can do you in the butt with this, I’ll let you do me in mine.” I immediately took it off the rack and went to the counter and purchased it.

When we got home she came to me with her makeup bag and said she was gonna put some on me. I didn’t take long rejecting that idea. She proceeded to tell me how much she would enjoy doing this and I thought to myself ” What the hell, I’m in the privacy of my own home and it would make her happy” so I sat down in the chair.

As she started to put the makeup on my face I got a

raging hard-on. But how was this happening? I was not gay nor was I a drag queen but this was actually turning me on. She finished up the makeup and told me to sit there that she would be right back.

She went into the storage room and came back out with a wig that she had used for a costume a couple years back. She put the wig on me and said “Oh my God baby you’re beautiful!” I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She was right I was HOT! I wanted to take myself down and fuck me right there in the bathroom floor!

As I was in the bathroom admiring myself in the mirror, she went into the bedroom and prepared my outfit. When she opened the door to the bedroom to my surprise she had a

whole outfit put together. She asked me why a woman was

wearing a mans clothes referring to me. She came and took

the clothes off of me.

First she handed me a tiny g-string. I put it on and as the string went into the crack of my ass my now flaccid penis jumped back to attention. It didn’t look very feminine sticking out of the top of my panties but it would just have to be overlooked.

Next she handed me a brand new DD sized bra that she told me she bought because she had planned this night for awhile. It made me feel good that I was fulfilling her fantasy and being turned on myself in the process. I put on the bra and we stuffed it with a couple water balloons.

The next thing she did seemed kind of odd to me but what the hell I was already into it this far. She had me sit on the edge of the tub as she shaved my legs and arms. When she was finished I felt my legs and they were silky smooth.

We went back into the bedroom and she handed me a pair of tan pantyhose to put on. I put them on and went and looked in the mirror. I had one really sexy pair of legs! Seeing them made me hot all over again!

She pushed me back on the bed and started rubbing my dick and balls. She asked me if I liked it when she rubbed my pussy. I replied “Yes, it’s feels good through my panties.” I had a wet spot at the top of my panties and she said “Aww baby you’re getting wet!”

She then got up and went to the closet and pulled out a sack. Out of that sack she took a very sexy women’s black shirt Bostancı Escort and a black mini skirt. I put on the women’s clothes and walked around the bedroom for her. She asked “You don’t think you’re done do you?” She then walked over and fitted me with a rhinestone necklace and a pair of shiny rhinestone clip-on earrings.

She then went and got a pair of high heels out of the closet and I put them on. I walked around the house in that stuff for a bit then asked her if she was satisfied. She said “No!” and grabbed her keys.

My heart was racing and butterflies were fluttering in my stomach as I wondered where we were going. We got in the car and she blindfolded me. I asked her where we were going and she replied with “Now if I wanted you to know I wouldn’t have blindfolded you!”

She told me that for tonight she was a lesbian and I was her girlfriend. That sounded good to me so I reached down and took her by the hand. I heard her say “Oh no!” I then asked “What?” She told me she forgot to paint my fingernails. We went to the department store and she let me take off my blindfold to go in.

As we went inside, we were greeted with “Hello ladies!” This was fairly comforting as I then knew no one would figure me out. We walked over to cosmetics and she picked up some fake nails. She handed them to me and said “Here you go baby. I’ll see you at the car!” smiled and walked off.

I went to the checkout with those fake nails and the cashier told me she liked my shirt and wondered where I got it. I used a very feminine voice and said “Oh I don’t know my

girlfriend got it for me.” She gave me a really funny look.

As I walked out of the store, my parents walked in. My panties were almost soiled at that moment. I walked past them like I didn’t even know them. They didn’t know they knew me either.

I got back to the car and my wife now girlfriend Morgan glued them onto my fingernails. They were very pretty French

tips with little rhinestones embedded into them.

Morgan put the blindfold back on me and took my hand

again. We then headed to where she was going. There were thousands of places running through my head as I wondered where she was going.

She started talking to me about girl stuff like flowers and things about herself that she was not comfortable with. I played along and talked about the same. Then it suddenly hit me. I suddenly realized what this was all about. She wanted me to see things from her point of view and to experience what she goes through on a day to day basis. Her life was put into a perspective for me that I was never able to see from a husband/boyfriend point of view.

The car came to a stop and we were there. Morgan reached over and took the blindfold off of me and the place was revealed. We were at a nightclub. We went in the door and the bouncer checked my ID. He didn’t want to let me in until I pulled my wig up a little and showed him that I was really a male. That was kind of uncomfortable because he was the first person other than Morgan to know that I was really a man.

We went to the bar and Morgan placed the order. She didn’t order my usual beer or whiskey and soda. She ordered me a Tom Collins. She said I had to drink feminine drinks all night.

She took me to the dance floor and taught me how to shake my ass. We danced for awhile like a couple of horny chicks that were scared of getting laid but had each other. Then she had to go to the bathroom. Oh boy. . .here I was in this bar with all these horny college guys. . .ALONE!!

I headed for the bar to buy myself another drink. I placed my order and the guy next to me paid for it. I thought to myself “Here we go.” I tried to walk off and he followed me. I stopped in a corner next to the women’s restroom. He asked me if I wanted to dance.

I was about to turn him down when Morgan walked out of the restroom. She walked up and said “Hey baby!” and kissed me on the lips. I wish I had taken a picture of this guys face.

I thought to myself “Thank God!! I’m saved!” The guy asked Morgan if I could dance with him. She replied “Sure! Why not? She’s going home with me anyways.” At that moment I felt betrayed, deserted, as if I was being punished for something quite despicable. I tried to refuse but she would not accept refusal!

The guy took me out on the dance floor and started dancing with me. I danced with him facing him and would not turn around. He said “My name is David.” I replied with “I don’t care!”

We danced a little longer without saying a word. I was about to make it through this ordeal with only a scratch. Then. . .he turned me around. I danced with my back to him to thinking “Ah, better. Now I don’t have to look at him.”

All of the sudden the worst happened. I felt his hands nudging Ümraniye Escort me to bend over. I looked at Morgan as she was watching intently. She gave me a look like “You better!” I bent over and started shaking my ass like a horny female who was no longer afraid to get laid.

He started rubbing my ass and grinding on me. I could

feel his repulsive, hard little prick moving up and down the crack of my ass. As I was now mad at Morgan for doing this to me, I thought “Fuck it, I’ll show her!”

The song ended and I turned around and started making out with this guy. I looked over and smiled at her as she looked in astonishment. I then proceeded to whisper in David’s ear, “I want you to feel my pussy. It’s so wet right


He put his hands under my skirt and grabbed what he thought would be a hot, wet, handful of pussy. But yep. . .there they were two sweaty balls and a handful of cock. Again I wish I had a picture of this guys face at that moment. He ran out of the bar so fast that he knocked over two tables and three barstools on the way. At last, some excitment for


I walked back over to Morgan and calmed her down as she was still laughing hysterically. We went and ordered more drinks. This time she got me a cranberry and vodka. A little better than that weak Tom Collins she got me earlier.

I had to pee. I started walking towards the men’s room and she quickly grabbed me and turned me around. “Oh yeah.” I said as we headed towards the ladies room. I was a bit nervous walking in because if I was discovered I would probably go to jail.

I went into the stall and sat down on the toilet with my dick tucked between my legs and peed like a lady. As I sat on the toilet, I could hear the conversations in the bathroom. I had always wondered what they talked about while they were in there and why they always had to go together.

They talked about everything you can think of. From types of tampons to what guy they were going to fuck that night. All their secrets of the restroom were uncovered at that moment.

I finished peeing and we left the lady’s room. We sat down at a table in the back and made out. When I opened my eyes there was a group of guys standing around us taking pictures. I played along and proceeded to fondle Morgan for the cameras.

We finished our drinks and by this time were pretty tipsy.

We decided to leave the club and go back home. On the way hom she told me how excited she was to see me kiss a guy and I told her to never expect for it to happen again. She dropped the subject.

When we arrived back at home she put more lipstick on me and proceeded to take off her clothes. She got completely naked and laid on the bed and started fingering herself. This was very exciting and made me get rock hard in a matter of seconds.

After fingering herself for a little bit, she told me to unpack the strap-on we bought earlier. I unpacked it and gave it to her. She pulled the dong off the strap and starting fucking herself with it. She made me fuck her with it too as I licked her clit. Pretty soon she climaxed to an explosive orgasm soaking my pretty face and beautiful blonde hair.

After she climaxed Morgan put the dong back on the strap and put the strap-on on. She instructed me to take off my pantyhose but nothing else. So I took them off and put my heels back on.

Morgan then told me to get on all fours and put my face into the pillow. I did as she asked. Then to my surprise Morgan lifted my skirt and hit me across the ass with a belt! “Ouch!” I yelled. She said “Don’t flinch or move or I’ll hit you harder!” She said “This is for what you did too that guy at the bar!” as she hit me again. “BAD GIRL!” as she beat me with that belt until I cried and my ass was solid bloodshot.

She put the belt down and rubbed my ass till it stopped stinging. What I felt next was amazing! She pulled my g-string to the side and started licking my asshole as if she was eating a pussy saying “You like it when I eat your pussy don’t you!” She was running her tongue around the outside round and round in circles. Then she started running her tongue in and out of it.

As I she was licking my ass I started to think about all the progress I’ve made with her. I have so far taken her from a reserved semi-prude to an ass-licking freak! My plan was working.

She got the lube and soaked my “pussy” in it. She slid one finger in my ass and asked me how I like it when she rubbed my g-spot as she massaged my prostate. It felt REALLY good!

Soon she got up on her knees and slipped the head of her dick into my pussy. “Easy girl.” I said as she slid it in farther and farther. Wasn’t long before I felt her rubber nutsack touch mine. She started to fuck me slowly and I was in pure ecstasy. Kartal Escort “Harder!” I exclaimed.

There I was, broke over like a double-barreled shotgun during rabbit season screaming “HARDER, HARDER, HARDER!” as she was shoving this 12 inch dong 14 inches deep in my ass. It felt so good. I had always imagined that it would hurt but only a little at first.

She pulled the dick out of my pussy and went and sat in a chair and told me she wanted a lap dance. I got up and started to walk over there when I noticed my panties were wet. I had leaked in them ALOT!

I sat in her lap inserting her cock in my pussy as I sat

down. She reached over and turned on some music as I fucked her rubber dick til my legs gave out.

We went back into the bedroom and she laid me down on

my back and put my knees up on her shoulders. She put the dick back in my ass pushing it in at an angle so that it hit my prostate with every thrust. I didn’t last very long in that position. She was fucking me so hard and I just couldn’t hold on any longer. I came with force that I had never felt before. The orgasm was the best I had ever had. It seemed to last well over a minute.

She pulled the cock out of my ass and took my g-string off. She used it to wipe up the mess I had made. When she was done she shoved the panties soaked it the hot, fresh squeezed load into my mouth. I liked the taste which sparked the next fetish.

The next night during sex she told me how much it turned her on when I sucked the cum out of the panties the previous night and asked me if tonight I would lick up the mess I make.

Still very turned on from the activities the night before we had hours of very deep and passionate sex. She was able to achieve multiple orgasms over and over again. Finally I came to orgasm. I pulled out and let it shoot out all over her titties and stomach. Then I went down and licked up every drop!

We both went to bed very satisfied!

This went on for a couple of months with me eating my cum and her fucking my ass. We were having fun but I needed more. I asked her if she would pee on me? She wanted to! We went and got in the tub and she masturbated me as she peed all over my chest. I asked her to pee in my mouth but she refused. I still came before she finished peeing on me.

I called her at work the next day and asked her why she wouldn’t pee in my mouth. She said because that’s nasty and I told her to let me worry about if it’s nasty or not it was my mouth. I wanted to make her mad about the situation so she would give in. After all I had a fetish to fuel!

I kept calling her and making her feel bad about it all day until she stopped answering my phone calls. I sat at home waiting for her to get off work and come home so we some get kinky again.

Time came and she finally arrived home from work. “Hey babe!” I greeted her at the door. She walked in and immediately took all her clothes off. I was astonished! She pushed me down on the floor and shoved her pussy in my mouth. I was thinking “Damn, if you wanted your pussy ate all you had to do was ask!”

About that time a warm, golden-yellow trickle ran down my tongue and throat. I drank and swallowed every last drop of it. She must have pissed a gallon! I tasted so good! I don’t

think my dick has ever gotten that hard that fast. She got up

and said “There how did you like that? Nasty wasn’t it?” I said “Nope, it was delicious! How did it feel to relieve yourself in my mouth?” She said “Surprisingly it felt good!” I was really happy.

Now we make it a point to drink each others piss at least twice a week. And that’s on a bad week. Sometime we do it every night.

The other day she came home from work and threw me in the floor and put her pussy in my mouth. She rode my face until she came and almost drowned me. Then she took a piss right in my mouth. I layed there for a little while basking in her flavor.

As I was eating her pussy I noticed a different taste than

usual. Not a bad taste just different. I ignored it not knowing

what it was until I got up off the floor and went into the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror what I saw was horrifying. My face was covered in blood!

I asked her if she knew that she was on her period and she said “Of course!” I asked her why didn’t she tell me and she answered “I was going to but with you being the freak you are, I knew you would like it. I wanted it to be a surprise!”

Now I can’t wait every month for her period to come! I have since then had her stop shaving EVERYTHING! She’s not allowed to touch a razor.

Every month on the heaviest day of her period, we have sex after her teasing me for a couple days to build up a really thick and big cum load. After having sex and cumming inside of her I lay down and she plops her smelly, sweaty, hairy, bloody, cum soaked pussy right down on my face until I suck her clean. Then she rinses it all down with a nice big load of hot Morgan piss.

There you go hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading!!

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