Fire and Filth Ch. 02


I walked uncomfortably as I made my way to my hostel. My boner had slipped out from the side of my briefs. I was still charged up with the eroticism of Karishma’s words and I needed to stroke myself badly. I tried to tuck my boner with little success as I opened the gate.

I rented a small room in a student-hostel facility. The town had plenty of them. They were usually private multiplexes divided into several rooms for students to rent in. The particular facility in which I stayed was a three story building owned by a Maharashtrian lady who had spent the better part of her life in Punaar. I called her Madhvi Aunty. She was the landlady but the students knew her better as a caretaker for her kindness. She had two sons and two daughters who were all away from home pursuing higher studies or in top quality institutions. Her husband was an elegant business man who spent most of his nights on the air and days in meeting rooms. He was rarely home.

Madhvi Aunty was a woman in her mid-thirties. She had the bold Maharashtrian eyes which wore even bolder strokes of kajal and a big oval bindi on her extremely pretty face which looked ten years less than her age. Her body was thick. She had plump arms, heavy milkers, which four pregnancies had made into what looked like triple D’s. Her waist was relatively slimmer than her chest and ass, though one could see two prominent folds of fat on her back when she sat down. She did the best to maintain her slim waist with consistent yoga sessions every morning. She dressed herself in sleeveless cotton blouses that clutched her breasts tightly and did little to conceal her beautiful cleavage though covered by the pallu of her casually worn cotton saree. She had milky white skin under her clothes, contrasting to the tanned skin that was more exposed to Punaar’s blazing sun. She tied her hair into a tight and big bun with the help of a hair stick. She was the most perfect MILF I had ever seen.

The gate made a creaking noise as I pushed it open with my duffle bag. Madhvi aunty occupied the ground floor fully and everyone who entered the facility would come directly to her notice. She had a running water hose in her hand which was responsible for the green garden we enjoyed. Her other hand was raising the bottom of her saree bunched with her petticoat to prevent them from getting dirty in the mud. She was on the phone which was supported between the squeeze of her round shoulder and cheek. With a residual smile from the conversation on her phone, she turned around with raised, curious eyebrows. Her sideburns had streams of sweat trailing down and her tiny lady-moustache over her rosy lips was covered with tiny beads of sweat. The sight of her veiny hands squeezing the hose pipe that was spurting out water pumped up the sexual tension that Karishma built in me a few minutes ago. Anadolu Yakası Escort I could feel a lustful energy ball below my waist. Noticing me, she bent down to keep the pipe on the ground. Her pallu fell off as her bulbous tits heaved down revealing her cleavage. I saw the distinct tan line between her tanned husky skin and milky white interiors. Her godly breasts had sweat getting collected in her cleavage which glistened as she started to rise up covering herself back with her pallu. Her neck was dripping with sweat and shining from the sun. She gestured to me with her head to wait near her door.

I held my duffle bag like a golf kit right in front of me to conceal my poking member as I waited for her. After a few minutes of waiting, she came to me with hurried paces.

“It’s good to see you back.” she said, smiling sweetly.

“It’s good to see you too.” I replied, pressing my boner on the bag.

“Sorry for making you wait my dear. I have a little work for you.” she said entering inside, ” Come along. Don’t stand in the heat outside.”

I entered her house. It was not the biggest but very well maintained and furnished. It was extremely clean, thanks to the maid who was responsible for the cleanliness of the whole facility. Madhvi aunty came out with a glass of water and handed it over to me. I noticed her three beautiful golden bangles with a few red ones she had on. Her red nail paint was wearing off from her finger nails.

“Thank you so much.” I said, grabbing the cold glass of water as she traced her way back in.

“Get yourself comfortable.” she said, holding a bunch of keys in her hand as she came back.

I sat down on the majestic sofa which gave me an opportunity to tuck my boner back into my waistband. She tucked the key bunch in the waistline of her saree and dragged a high stool from behind me.

“Come young man, hold this for me.” she said, setting the stool under a high cupboard.

I gulped my water so quickly that it hurt my chest. I got up and firmly held the shaky stool. Madhvi aunty wrapped her pallu around her back and tucked it well in her waist. Her only form of cover on her cleavage was reduced to a thin bundle of cloth. She carefully started climbing the stool asking me to not let go until she said.

I could now see a narrow wet patch in her olive-green blouse under her arms. Her back was more wet making the blouse almost see-through revealing a white bra that hooked tightly. Her back was dripping with sweat with narrow pools forming between the love handles. As she climbed up I noticed her white feet, painted in the same red as her fingernails. She had a silvery anklet on each leg. As she bent herself to thrust upwards I got an even more beautiful sight of her thick ass. They would jiggle so well when slapped, I thought to myself. Kadıköy Escort The angle however didn’t allow me a sight of her boobs. She stood up on the five-feet high stool and looked down at me.

“DO NOT LET GO!” she screamed, noticing my grip loosening from the distraction she was unaware of.

I nodded quickly and held it firmly as before. She pulled out the keys from her waist and turned around as her front faced mine. I had a new topography above me. I could see her huge boobs protruding out of her body even better now. Her blouse was clutching the bottom of her breast so tight that it stretched. She lifted her arms to unlock the top cabinet. Her under-sized blouse stretched upward revealing her white bra and a little bit naked skin from under boob. Her armpits were more exposed than ever. She had a dark armpit compared to her white skin. It was covered with tiny strands of thick black hair which had droplets of sweat forming on it. I could also see drops of sweat from her armpits trickle down to her elbow. I badly wanted one of them to land right in my mouth, so I positioned myself under her more sweaty left armpit. As she put the key inside the lock she had to shake it as it might have been jammed. Sweat started to trickle down from both her armpits like rain. I secretively opened my mouth as a couple drops of it landed successfully on my lips. I licked it with grace. The salty rain even landed on my hands which made my boner a full hard-on. After successfully opening the cabinet she pulled out a huge suitcase and slowly lowered it down to me. I carefully held it as she lowered down to find more stability on the shaky stool.

“Keep it there.” she said pointing to a corner of the room when her tits flashed once more in front of my eyes.

I did as she said. As I turned back around I saw she had already got down and pushed the stool aside.

“This belongs to the newcomers.” she said, pulling out her pall and covering herself back again. “The two sisters who are gonna share the room near yours.”

Continuing to readjust her attire she cupped her bun to make sure it was in proper shape, showing her gorgeous, hairy armpits again. She was holding the hair stick in her teeth. This time I could smell a strong wave of her body odour from her pits that smelled intensely like a woman. A strong woman like her needed no deodorant and wore the pheromones of her body with great pride, I thought to myself.

“Will you be a dear and take this upstairs with you. They will reach any hour today.” she said looking straight into my eyes with her arms still lifted up tying her bun.

“For sure.” I replied, trying my best not to look back at her armpits.

“Come let me help you.” she said, acknowledging the fact that I had my own duffle bag to carry too. “Wear your bag around.”

I İstanbul Escort put the strap across my chest so the bag was on my back. She then lifted the huge suitcase, almost hugging it and waited for me to grab it. We stood face to face with inches between our noses. Her sweaty face was glistening. The grip she held it in made me put my hands under her arms to make the transfer. As my hand slid into her sweaty pits it felt like a wet vagina. It was extremely warm and soaking wet. Her hair brushed on my hands as they slid in and I could feel the wetness covering my hands. My balls started to feel heavy and full.

“Careful, take it slowly, you don’t want to drop this on your feet.” she said, lengthening the unintentional erotic massage she gave my arms with her sexy pits.

She tightened herself on my arms and I could feel the heat from her armpits even more than. I could feel the sweat start to squeeze out from the sides. As I slowly started sliding my hands back out I felt her body respond. She was feeling something but it was more than just tickle. Her eyes widened but she didn’t resist nor did she say anything. As I slid further, my wrist rubbed tightly on the side of her boobs pressing them together. She took a deep in breath rising her chest up as her eye balls rolled down avoiding eye contact. Something in my gut made me feel that she was enjoying it. To test my intuition I jerked out my hand suddenly as my fist popped out of her squeezed armpits.

“Ahh!” she moaned, with a soft and shrill voice.

I was amazed and extremely turned on. Not only did I enjoy the woman but she was enjoying what I did. To cover the awkward gap she said “Hot summer.. it’s going to be.” wiping her underarms with her pallu, being aware that she had left layers of her sweat on my hands. My hands could now feel the coolness from the air drying off the sweat outside her warm armpits.

“I would think so.” I said, with my eyes looking at the floor the same as hers.

“Go on now. I have got work to do.” she said, making sure another awkward silence was avoided.

“Right.” I said, rapidly turning around.

“Thank you for your trouble.” she said, from behind.

I could just turn my head around to say, “It’s no problem!”

“Feel free to come to me anytime. You are like a son to me. I want you to feel adequate here.” she said, adjusting the golden pendant on her necklace which was disoriented because of the suitcase transfer. Her tone had changed. I could see something stir up in her eyes which I hadn’t seen before. Unsure of what to say, I nodded and started walking back to my room.

Sniffing her sweat which was still on my hands, I wondered what the change I saw in her was. I could still see her brown eyes that were shining with lust when she asked me to come to her anytime. She was a kind lady but she was also a very private person. Why would she be so open all of a sudden? Why was she not reluctant even when we got so close? With many conflicting questions in my head I kept walking. I smiled at myself knowing that whatever the reason, this summer was going to be fun.

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