First Encounter


Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental. A story about an adulterous encounter containing foreplay and oral consensual sex

I’m Harold. Any critique on this story will be very welcome at the address in my profile.


Peter worked in an office complex that stood on a treed lot with a stream running through it. There were benches at various spots.

He had some documents to be faxed out. The receptionist Gwen was responsible for all the faxing. She was a married lady in her mid thirties. She had auburn hair that was shoulder length and had a shapely figure.

“Gwen would you fax these papers for me please.” Peter said handing three sheets to Gwen.

“Certainly Mr Morris. I’ll let you know when they have gone through.” She replied.

“Thanks.” Peter said with a smile.

After work Peter went out for a coffee before going home. He got a coffee and looked for an unoccupied table. They were all in use. However, Gwen was sitting at the table in the corner.

“May I join you Gwen?” Peter asked as he approached the table.

“Oh hello Mr Morris, certainly you may.” Gwen replied, adding. “It’s a busy place today.”

“It certainly is”. Peter replied adding. “You don’t have to call me Mr Morris when you call my phone, or if we should meet, like now for instance. Please call me Peter”. He sat down and said. “You come here often after work?”

“Maybe a couple of times a week, it varies. See my husband goes out of town occasionally. So I don’t have to rush home. A relaxing coffee goes down real good.”

“Your right, after work a cup of java hits the spot. So what does your hubby do?” Peter asked.

“He’s a sales rep in pharmaceuticals and he is on a committee as well. So he is out of town three or four times a month on average.” She replied.

“That’s quite a lot of times. Pretty lonely for you I’d say.”

“For sure. So what do you and your wife do? Go dancing or the movies. Do you have any kids,’ Gwen asked.

“Me no I’m not married Gwen. I guess I never found the right someone. I go to the movies once in a while. But by yourself leaves something to be desired.”

“That is very true. Something missing. What kind of movies do you like Peter?”

“Spy stories or a good mystery. Mind you a really steamy story can be interesting. He replied smiling at Gwen. He asked her. “And what movies do you enjoy?”

“A good mystery or a good romance story are both good for me. Hm well now,

A really hot steamy movie, I guess it would be interesting. That’s a movie

If you are in a naughty mood.” Gwen said with a chuckle.

“Kind of.” Peter said, grinning. “So I guess you don’t have a family


“No, no kids, Bill doesn’t want any kids. Not much he does want. We were

Married fifteen years ago. I’m not going to bore you with all that. So are you,

Interested in anything. Sports and hobbies.” Gwen replied.

“No not to much really. I tried baseball way back. I found it boring. I do play at playing golf though. As for hobbies I tinker at electronics or just reading. I’m sorry to hear your not to happy marriage wise. Must make for long evenings.”

“Indeed. I go out shopping some times, just to get out. Go out with a school friend occasionally. Not often though, she is married and has two kids.”

“May I ask when your husband is home from his trip Gwen?”

“He should be home two days from now, but that can change.” Gwen said as she looked at Peter across the table.

“Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” Peter asked her.

She looked around the shop and said “Peter we shouldn’t. A poor marriage it is but I am still married and people talk. It’s a very nice idea I just don’t know.”

“If you feel you would like to we could drive to Grayson for dinner. If you don’t want I understand. We wouldn’t be going home to left-over’s or what ever.”

Gwen wanted to go out with Peter she had felt an attraction to him at the office and his offer made her more excited that she dare let on. Gwen said. “Peter this is very naughty you know.”

“I guess it is. Do you feel naughty?”

She was wriggling her feet around and touched Peters accidentally yet left her foot against his. She looked out of the window. Biting her lip. Her cheeks collared up a bit. Finally she said in a shaky voice. “Yes I guess I do feel naughty. All right so how going to get there my car or yours.”

“Oh lets drive to the mall and you park where you want and I’ll park close by and we’ll drive in my car. Later I’ll drop you at your car, ok.” Peter said smiling and rubbing her foot gently.

They drove to the mall and Gwen parked off to the side. Peter parked a few cars away but closer to the entrance. Gwen walked over to Peter’s car and got in. Sliding across the front seat. Peter drove away and out of town.

Gwen was wearing a white cotton blouse and a light brown pleated skirt. Her hands were in her lap. As she had sidled across the bench seat her skirt had ridden up her legs. Gwen had one hand scrunching Kartal Escort up the bottom of her skirt; the other was lying on her thighs. Her hand lightly brushed Peters thigh as it slid down.

“Which would you prefer Gwen, Italian or Chinese?” Peter asked as he put his hand over hers.

Startled to feel his hand on hers Gwen replied. “Oh Italian please.” She bit her lip a bit nervous at her excited feelings.

“Ok that sounds good to me, I hope that you like wine Gwen. Maybe red wine.”

“Yes I like a glass of wine, as long as it’s not too sharp.” Gwen said spreading her fingers on the seat.

“Sounds like we have some tastes in common.” Peter said quietly as he slipped his fingers between hers on the seat between them. Gwen was beginning to feel warm. There hands touching made her pulse race. She curled her toes up in her shoes and began rubbing her thighs together. Peter slowly entwined his fingers with Gwen’s. She bit her bottom lip nervously but nervously excited. She slowly moved their hands against her thigh, gently rubbing them back and forth slowly.

“Would you care to go to a movie with me some evening. Tell you what, you pick when and where. What do you say?” Peter suggested giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

“You know Peter you are making this very hard for me. Lets see how the evening goes first ok.”

“Ok.” Peter said adding. “I like your taste in cloths. That’s a nice blouse and the colour of your skirt highlights your hazel eyes. Its nice and soft to the touch as well.” As he was speaking he was feeling her skirt with his fingertips.

“You are very perceptive Peter, thanks you.” Gwen said in a soft nervous voice as she untwined her fingers from his and put hers over his. Slowly moving it sideways toward her.

“You are so warm Gwen, soft hands. What’s not to like. Your hubby is a foolish person. You are a very attractive appealing woman.” Peter whispered in a low tone. His hand softly rubbed a bit of Gwen’s thigh.

“So you think me appealing and attractive, you naughty man. It makes me feel good about myself though, Gwen said and adding. “You have a very soft touch as well. It feels good for me. You make me feel naughty, a sensation I shouldn’t be having. Well unless it’s with Bill my husband I mean.”

“These are feelings and sensations you should be having and enjoying, as you said. With Bill your husband. I may well be all wet but I don’t think you are and that’s bad.” Peter said quietly.

“No you’re not at all wet Peter. What you just said is so very true. Painfully so I’m afraid. Can I ask you a personal question? I know nothing about you. Peter how many women have you been with.” Gwen asked as she squeezed his hand.

“That’s ok. Me I have had two brief affairs. Two students when I was going to college. They were both very short affairs, the reason being. Both of the girls were into drugs and that’s not my thing. They were very nice girls otherwise though.” Peter replied adding. “Well here we are, dinner time.”

Gwen linked arms with Peter as he got to the kerb saying. “You surprise me Peter a good looking young man and only two notches on your walking cane. For me that makes you more appealing that you already were.”

Peter held the restaurant door open for Gwen. They were shown to a table to the side that was partially concealed by some large potted plants. The table was a circular table that had a bench seat and two chairs. Peter slid in beside Gwen on the bench seat.

He ordered a bottle of medium sweet red wine. While there waitress got their wine they decided on what to eat.

Gwen looked at Peter out the corner of her eye. He was a good-looking man. With thick dark brown hair and flashing brown eyes. She remarked. “You really surprised me when you admitted having the two relationships, and only the two. May I ask your age Peter?”

“I’m twenty eight.” Peter replied as there waitress appeared with their wine and two glasses. She poured a glass each. “Here’s to a nice evening.” Peter said raising his glass to Gwen.

“Well here is to maybe us.” Gwen said giving Peter a knowing look.

Peter winked at her and said. “Us.”

Gwen had a hand on her leg under the table and was slowly pulling up the hem of her skirt up inch by inch till her knees and the thigh nearest to Peter was partially exposed.

The waitress returned and took there meal order and left.

Gwen moved her leg over so her foot was against Peters.

“Have you done any camping at all?” Peter enquired.

“Yes I have a long time ago. Its fun and can be really relaxing. Have you Peter?”

“Yes and like you say it is usually fun and relaxing. Do you swim at all?” Peter replied.

“Í swim a bit. I’m not a strong swimmer though, do you?”

“Yes and like you I’m not a strong swimmer either. The reason that I asked was that I know a small lake about twenty minutes out of town.”

“A small lake near Pointon. I didn’t know there were any lakes around town.”

Their waitress returned with their meal. As they dined Peter continued, Tuzla Escort saying.

“I came across it on a hike last summer. It’s not on maps and it’s off the main road. Going west out of town, for about eight miles. Turn right onto a farm road. The farm is not in use any more. Go about sixty yards to a lay-by. Then walk in about thirty yards through a disused logging trail. You come out of the woods onto a grassy knoll. And the lake is in front of you. It’s a rocky shoreline and heavily wooded all around. I guess that’s why it’s not on maps.” Peter said.

“Wow it sounds pretty. Can you get to the edge to swim in it? “Gwen asked as Peter poured the last of the wine.

“Oh yes there is a small sandy beach that goes out about fifteen feet then the water gets deep quickly. The water is brownish but is really clear. I guess there is a lot of iron in the water.” Peter replied, he added. “In the evening the loons call each other over the water, in that haunting call, its very peaceful.”

“Hmm it sounds idyllic, kind of romantic in fact. You must have swum in it I presume.” Gwen said as she rubbed her foot against his.

“Yep, the water is cold but nice to swim in. I swam there and laid out in the sun and let it dry me.” Peter remarked.

“A nude swim you mean?”

“That’s right, it felt great believe me.”

“Wow, now that I would love to see.” Gwen playfully looked him up and down, she added. With a cheeky knowing smile. “Did you have your periscope up?” She rubbed her foot up and down Peter’s leg.

“Was my periscope up?” He said in a confused voice. There was a couple of seconds of silence. Gwen reached down and pulled up her napkin and wiped her lips. As she put it back into her lap she move her hand across and tapped a finger on his crotch.

“Oh, ha ha, my periscope. That’s so cute, I like that Gwen. In answer to your question I’m not sure. I don’t think so. That is so cute Ill have to remember that.” Peter turned and pecked Gwen on the cheek then added very softly. “You should try it one day, I know you would enjoy the freedom.

Gwen looked at him, her eyes kind of dreamy and she said. “With you at could be very enjoyable and romantic.” She put her hand on Peters on the table and squeezed it.

“Id be pleased if you would come out to the lake with me and see it. I camped there one weekend last year. That was so relaxing, unreal.” Peter said taking Gwen’s hand and kissing it.

“Sounds romantic even kind of naughty. Even camping there. Now that sounds really cheeky.” Gwen said in a sultry voice.

Their waitress came by asking if they wanted some coffee. Peter ordered two.

“I don’t want this evening to end. I’m enjoying it very much Peter. Gwen whispered as the waitress arrived with there coffees.

“I’m glad that you are enjoying it Gwen. We both have to have some fun sometimes. Life would awful boring otherwise.” Peter said adding in a soft voice. “You are a very lovely woman Gwen, a pleasure to know and to be with. Over time I hope to get to know you even better.

“I shouldn’t feel this way but I do. I want to learn all I can about you. You make me feel wanted, sexy and sensual.” Gwen said in a husky voice as she slipped her foot out of her shoe and caressed his leg. Her foot found the bottom of his pant leg and caressed his bare leg above his sock.

“Your foot speaks a language of its own. It is telling me that your enjoyment is emotional and physical as well. We have mutual needs as well as feel.” His hand on her skirt covered leg. As Peter touched her leg she moved it closer to him. His hand on the inner side of her thigh

“That feels good Peter. You have a very soft touch.” Gwen whispered huskily. The hand she had in her lap caressed his. Slowly Gwen through her caresses moved his hand onto her bare thigh above her knee. He gently caressed her thigh and she pushed against his. Gwen tilted her head close to Peter and whispered in a throaty voice. “Go higher.” As Gwen spoke Peter slid his hand up her thigh dragging her skirt. Gwen sighed. “Hmm you have such soft hands. You keep that up much longer Ill have a laundry problem. O-o-h-h god that feels positively immoral.”

They finished there coffees as there waitress returned with there e bill.

“I’ll go and pay for the meal and I’ll find you ok.” Peter said.

“Ok lover.” Gwen said quietly and chuckled.

As Peter went outside he saw Gwen and strolled up to her.

Peter you are so hot, and sexy.” She said with a cheeky grin. She was looking in a lingerie store window as Peter came up to her. He peered into the window at the articles on display.

“Mind if I go in the store for a minute?”

“No problem. What is your favourite night attire colour?” My guess is mysterious black or royal blue.” Peter said as he held the door for Gwen to go in.

“Really, not a bad guess. Actually I like either red or black. I like them both. But if it’s when and if I’m with you, which m-a-y be the red. Just m-a-y be.” Gwen said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Well that sounds very interesting and not Anadolu Yakası Escort an outright no.” Peter said as he walked with her, his hand on her shoulder. He added softly. “What ever you are happy with I’m ok with.”

Gwen stopped at the negligees. Peter slid off to her side and found the shorty chiffon nighties. He picked both a red and a black one. Holding them he went to the cashier and paid for them. He asked to put them in the bag with whatever Gwen bought. As he walked toward Gwen she saw him saying. “Oh there you are. You vanished, I’ll be just a minute ok.”

“No problem.” Peter said as Gwen went up to the cashier. Then as Gwen was looking in her handbag the cashier slipped the nighties in the bag with the Black negligee that Gwen had bought. The cashier handed the bag to Gwen and she caught up to Peter and they linked arms and asked. “And what were you looking at young man. There’s nothing for men in that store, em!” Gwen said tugging on his arm adding. “You cheeky guy you.”

“I was just looking around really, admiring all the soft things.” He said with a grin.

“Oh really. Imagining a lot of naughty things, hmm.” Gwen said chuckling and squeezing his arm playfully.

“Well seeing all those intimate garments how could you not think naughty thoughts. I mean to say, shish!” Peter replied as he put an arm around Gwen’s waist.

“Is Grayson a small town Peter?” I’ve never been here before.”

“No not really it a bit bigger than back home. Not by much though. What would you like to do sweet thing?” Peter asked her.

“Its nice just to be out and not sitting at home alone Peter. Can I put this in the car for now.” Gwen asked.

“Sure put it down behind the front seat, it can hardly be seen there.” Peter opened the car door and Gwen slid the bag in behind the seat.

“I fancy an ice cream cone.” Gwen said.

Peter asked a passer by if there was a place for ice cream in town.

“Apparently there is an ice cream parlour out by the park. That’s not far.” Peter said as he opened the car door for Gwen to get in.

“There’s a park in town. Well what do you know?” Gwen said as she sidled over to Peter side as he drove away.

Peter parked and said. You find somewhere to sit and I’ll find you ok. What flavour would you like?”

“Ok. Me I like chocolate ice cream. Just a small cone please.”

“See you in a minute ok.” Peter said as he went and got their cones.

He came out with the cones. Looking around saw Gwen sitting on the grass under a shady tree. He went over saying. “Here we are.” He handed her the chocolate cone and sat down by her side.

“Hmm thanks, this is nice. This is a big cone for a small.” She looked at him and chuckled. “Young man you don’t listen too well do you. I just don’t know. Thank you Peter.” Gwen said as she tapped his arm saying. “We could be that couple.” She moved her head indicating the direction for him to look. Peter took a discrete look. A young couple caught up in there own erotic world. Kissing very passionately and the lad had his hand up inside the girls blouse fondling her young ample breasts.

“I wish I were that lucky young bitch. I don’t mean that in a spiteful way but I’m very envious.” Gwen said quietly.

“Hm they are really enjoying them selves for sure.” Peter replied as he caressed her leg.

They finished their ice cream and strolled across the grassy ridge. Getting to the top, there was a large park area. It stretched away down a grassy slope and at the bottom there was an ornamental garden. And on the other side there was a rocky tree covered area. There was a path ahead of them. Hand in hand they started strolling along the path as it wound its way across the park.

“Seeing those two necking back there made me feel excited and sexually hungry. Remember the feel of your hand on me bare skin fuelled the hungry ache inside.” Gwen said. As she spoke Peter put his arm around her shoulders. Gwen put her hand up and held his as it draped over her blouse. She said. “I wonder where the path leads.”

“Looks like it goes into the rocks over there. Lets follow it and see shall we?” Peter said.

Gwen put her around his waist, as she did she said quietly. “I’d almost forgotten how a warm caress felt. How it makes the heart race and your skin becomes sensitive and hot. You have rekindled those sensations for me Peter.” As she was speaking she pressed his hand against her blouse. Cupping his hand over her breast. She said in a throaty voice. “You make me feel that I’m wanted even needed Peter. With you I feel that very raunchy raw sexuality. For you I feel like I want to be your prostitute. Yours alone.” The words came gutturally, sexually and there was a sense of her need. Urgency.

The path led them into a wooded part of the park. Rocks and pine trees. Tall aspen and spruce made the pathway shady.

“Peter.” Gwen said as she turned and faced him, adding.

“Kiss me use me. Make me your prostitute.’

Peter put his hand on Gwen’s shoulder and gently pulled her to him. They kissed slowly with passion then with urgency as there tongues chased each other’s. Probing each other’s mouths. As there lips parted Gwen gasped breathlessly. “I want to feel your penus in my cunt, filling me. Feel your hot hard prick down my throat. Oh, I want you to shoot your hot cream all over my face, my tits. My sex god.”

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