Flight Attendant Starts the New Job


The box containing Crystal’s uniforms arrived in the mail three days later, along with instructions on how to get to the hanger that housed the Dr. Westgate’s jet. She was given four flight attendant outfits. Crystal immediately stripped to try on her new uniform. They were one piece dresses that were navy colored. In the packaging they hadn’t looked like anything special, same designs as most uniforms, gold lines running down the sides, and a boat neck collar. This uniform however when worn fit totally different. The zipper to the dress was in the front, and was gold to match the other details. The fit of the collar was much lower, so low in fact; Crystal’s boobs were barely contained. She worried if she was to bend over, her breasts would spill out. The dress was a respectable thigh length, and the bottom hem flared out. Crystal twirled for herself in the bedroom mirror. The uniform hugged each curve, and made her feel very sexy. As Crystal looked at herself in the mirror, she started getting really turned on at the way she looked. Uniforms in general had always been a huge turn on for her, that’s why she would always pick military guys in uniform for her special passenger if they were aboard. To be honest it was one of the reasons she chose to become a flight attendant, because of how sexy they always looked. Even the older more conservative woman looked rocking in their sheer stockings and primly buttoned vests. Crystal had started pinching her nipples through her uniform unconsciously. When she realized what she was doing, she chided herself, not wanting to ruin her brand new uniform.

‘Maybe,’ she thought, ‘I’ll be able to ruin my new uniform with the doctor’s hunky son,’

Crystal quickly stripped out of her new uniform and folded it back into the box. Trying hard not to get distracted she looked over the directions to the hanger, and it was pretty close to the main airport in town. The flight to China, and meeting her new boss for the first time was only another 3 days away. Crystal needed to finish packing, but first she had to do laundry. She was completely out of underwear, and something told her it wouldn’t be appropriate to show up the first day without underwear; maybe the second day it would be ok. Crystal giggled to herself thinking about how old habits die hard. This job paid well enough that she wouldn’t miss the large tips her special passengers always left her.

The packing list included in the email was pretty generic and short, since during the time on the plane she would be in her uniform. In addition to the packing list was an itinerary for their time in Beijing. Dr. Westgate would be in meetings for the entire three days they were there, but the good doctor had set up some activities for his flight attendants. Each day they had some sightseeing tour and trips to local museums. Crystal had never been to China, so she was extremely grateful for the opportunity to see the country while there. The third day of the trip the itinerary just said “R&R” Crystal assumed it just meant a day to rest before the long flight back to the States.

The next day Crystal decided to call Bethany just to make sure she hadn’t overlooked, or forgotten anything while packing.

“Hello?” Bethany answered after the third ring.

“Hi, Bethany, this is Crystal. Dr. Westgate said to call you if I had any questions,”

“Oh hey, yeah, what’s up Crystal?” Bethany replied cheerfully.

“I was just wondering if you could tell me if there was anything else I should think to bring. I’ve got everything on the packing list, and of course a few books to read and a translation guide for Mandarin,”

“Hmm, you won’t really have much time for reading, well I guess on the way there you might,” Bethany paused. “I think you’ve got everything you’ll need. The flight there is 15 hours, and for the most part we’ll be pretty busy. It’ll be easy since it’s just Dr. Westgate, us and the pilot this flight. Some flights I’ve done with Dr. Westgate, there were several other guests on board which made my job a little more challenging. I’m sure you know business men, they always need something,” Bethany laughed.

Crystal giggled to herself thinking of all the needy business men she had serviced on her flights. One was so needy to cum that he came on the inside of her bra while she was tit fucking him. He had slipped out from between her massive breasts right before he was about to cum and coated the inside of her front closure bra. Normally Crystal would sallow their loads so it didn’t leave a mess, but this guy was so excited he blew his load early. The rest of the flight Crystal had spunk dried to her left boob. Every time she had to lift something over her head, she could feel the dried cum stretching on her skin.

Crystal was brought back to the present when she heard Bethany say “Butt plug,”

“I’m sorry what did you just say, it sounded like you just said butt plug,” Crystal laughed nervously.

“Haha no, honey I said, spark plug. Ha! I was saying about how one spark plug in the kitchen were we make the meals goes out constantly…” Bethany paused another moment, then changing tones seductively whispered, Ataşehir Escort “Bringing your own butt plug wouldn’t be a bad idea,”

“What?” Crystal asked in disbelief.

“Oh nothing,” Bethany laughed. “That’s just a joke, Dr. Westgate is very professional. Anyway I’ve got to run, I’ll see you the day after tomorrow. Make sure your uniform is freshly pressed, and don’t be late. We need to stock the plane before Dr. Westgate arrives. Ciao!” The phone clicked as Bethany hung up.

Crystal was stunned, what was that butt plug comment. Should she bring one? Crystal had a lot of plugs to choose from. Crystal looked down and saw that her nipples were poking out of her shirt.


Crystal hustled out of the taxi into the hanger. She was 5 minutes early for meeting Bethany, but she was still nervous. After repacking two different times she decided to bring the smallest butt plug she had, just in case Bethany hadn’t been kidding. Her uniform was freshly pressed and she looked like any other flight attendant apart from that fact that her breasts might spill over the top at any moment. Rolling her suitcase behind her, Crystal pushed open the hanger side door and walked in, her eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness of the room, but there was the jet. The jet was massive, far bigger than what Crystal had been picturing. Crystal rolled her suitcase to the other side and saw a beautiful Puerto Rican woman climbing the steps with a cardboard box. At the sound of Crystal’s heels clicking, the woman turned around and said,

“Hi Crystal, I’m Bethany. Won’t you come aboard?” Bethany turned back around and continued her path into the plane. Crystal eagerly followed behind her. The inside of the plane was just as expansive as the outside made it look. Bethany set down the box she was carrying and turned to face Crystal, looked her up and down and said, “Girl did you miss a button? Your tits look like they are going to spill out any minute!” Bethany was short, even with her heels on. The gold stripes on the uniform accented her deeply tanned skin. Her hair was pulled back, but Crystal could see it was wavy when down. The most fascinating feature Crystal couldn’t stop looking at was Bethany’s tongue piercing, it shimmered in the light whenever she opened her mouth to laugh.

“What?” Crystal stammered, now noticing that Bethany’s amble bosom was completely covered. Crystal started frantically feeling the front of her uniform.

“Hold still, I’ll get it. I told Dr. Westgate these new uniforms had too many buttons on it. I see you also missed the one around the legs, so it’s truly a tight fitted pencil skirt. Our asses may look really great, but it’s harder to walk,” Bethany, reached for the fabric right above Crystal’s left nipple and pulled it up to connect with a previously unseen button on the right strap by her collar bone. “There now you don’t look like a cheap slut,” Bethany walked behind Crystal and stooped down to fasten the flared hem to its self to create the traditional fit of a pencil skirt. “Now you look like a high class porn star,” Bethany smacked Crystal’s ass playfully. “Follow me I’ll give you a tour of the jet.

She returned to the cardboard box, and said, “This area here is the main room. There is seating for up to ten, but we’ve never had that many people before. Through the door by the entrance is the cockpit,” Bethany giggled to herself at the word cockpit, pointing at the bar area in the room, she continued, “Behind the bar is also a small kitchen, we’re responsible for heating and serving meals,”

Crystal made a face thinking about the meals she severed once on a transatlantic flight. Not very appetizing, thankfully she had had an appetizer and a dessert of cum that flight as well, so she wasn’t starving.

Bethany laughed at Crystal’s face, “Don’t worry it’s really good, actual food. The first door on the left is the main area rest room. The door in the back there is to the private rooms. Come on I’ll show you,” Bethany lead the way to the back door, opened and entered. Behind the door was a well-lit little foyer with a door on the left and a door on the right. Bethany first opened the door on the left. “This is our quarters, not much but pretty comfy. We only have a half bathroom, but it’s really all you need for the time on the plane.” There were two single beds, and night stand with a lamp between them. Bethany exited their room and went to the door on the right side of the foyer. She opened the door and turned on the lights. Crystal followed her in. The master bedroom had a king sized bed, a desk, and a huge television screen on the wall. In the back corner was another door. By the bed was a large cabinet that Bethany took her cardboard box over too. “The door over there is to the full bathroom; Dr. Westgate has a shower in there. You can go look if you like,”

Crystal nodded and walked towards the door. Inside was a decent sized bathroom. The size you would find in a regular house. This was huge compared to the tiny cramped bathrooms, which were really challenging to have sex in. ‘You don’t need to be a contortionist to have sex Acıbadem Escort in this plane bathroom,’ Crystal thought to herself as she checked her reflection in the over the counter mirror. Now that Bethany had fixed her uniform, Crystal could wear a bra underneath it without it showing. The downside of being braless was it was extremely easy to see when Crystal was turned on. Even the slightest thought of sex, and Crystal’s nipples would stand out.

Bethany entered the bathroom with her box, which Crystal now saw was full of towels. Bethany hung up the towels and turned to face Crystal. “Let’s go finish getting things ready before Dr. Westgate arrives,”

The time passed quickly, and soon Bethany and Crystal were waiting out on the step of the plane while Dr. Westgate’s limo driver took the luggage out the trunk. The girls carried in the bags to the master bedroom and returned to the main room to await next orders. Dr. Westgate entered the plane. He was tall and slender; his dark hair was pulled back into a low pony tail. This 30 something hunk, was what Crystal had been sex-dreaming about for the past week.

“Girls, it’s our first trip to china without my father. I know everything will go as planned,” He turned to face Crystal, “Welcome aboard Ms. Mehaguci, the pleasure is all mine to have you aboard the jet,” He bowed and kissed Crystal’s hand. “Bethany, it’s always a miracle you keep coming back to work for me,” She laughed and kissed Dr. Westgate on the cheeks.

“Dr. Westgate you know I love working for you,” she giggled.

“Right then, let’s get started, I’ll have my usual drink in my seat. I have papers to be going over before dinner, and then after dinner you can start your shifts.” Dr. Westgate headed to the middle most chair in the main room. Crystal followed Bethany to the bar.

The next few hours were uneventful. Crystal learned the ropes and ins and outs of the Westgate jet. By 5pm they were already passing over Hawaii. The girls started dinner and served Dr. Westgate and the pilot at 6:30pm. The girls made small talk over their meal together, Dr. Westgate was still pouring over the papers he had brought.

After dinner as the girls were starting the dishes, Dr. Westgate asked if he could speak privately to Bethany for a minute, and apologized for pulling her away from the dishes. The pair was only gone for 5 minutes, and then reappeared. Bethany was beaming. Crystal didn’t mind. The last duty before Crystal started her down time was prepping breakfast in the morning.

“That’s the last strawberry,” Crystal said as she dumped all the chopped fruit into some Tupperware. She disposed of her gloves in the bin and took off the plastic apron she was wearing.

“Sweet. You can go lounge in our quarters and take a nap now. It’s been a long day for you,” Bethany said.

Crystal nodded. It had been a long day. Crystal quietly headed to the back room, where she had stored her luggage earlier. She opened her bag and took out shorts and a t-shirt to nap in. Slipping under the covers Crystal closed her eyes immediately. All the adrenaline of meeting the young hot Dr. Westgate on his private jet had worn off. Crystal was sure she had seen him gazing at her pert nipples during the day, which had only made her nipples even harder. She had dreamed of having his mouth sucking hard and biting on her nipples. Her own hands roamed to her nipples and started pinching and rolling them aggressively. Crystal continued imaging her fantasy of Dr. Westgate’s hand and mouth roaming her body, and used her own hands like she imagined his. One hand remained on her right breast, while the other found its way to her wet folds. She had already changed panties once that day because of how wet they got when she had made eye contact with Dr. Westgate when she had served him his dinner. Now her clit was enlarged and very easy to play with. Crystal, knowing that the door was closed and she could stay quiet, used her pointer and middle finger to rub circles around her clit. Rolling on to her stomach so she could get more pressure on her clit, Crystal continued to tug at her nipple and rub increasingly faster circles on her clit. Using the hand that was on her breast she stuck three fingers in her mouth and then shoved them deep into her pussy. Silently, she lay there squirming as she finger fucked herself hard. Crystal pounded her own pussy with her middle three fingers, while rubbing her clit hungrily. She wanted to fuck Dr. Westgate on his own jet so badly. She began to climax as she pictured Dr. Westgate cumming deep in her pussy.

Crystal was spent. She quickly got up to wash her hands and pee, then got back into bed and fell asleep immediately.

Little did she know, on the other side of the wall Dr. Westgate did have his mouth sucking on somebody’s nipples. Bethany’s top was unbuttoned and pulled down so her D sized breasts and large nipples were easy access for Dr. Westgate. He had pulled Bethany into his lap and taken her top down soon as they had heard the second door close. Bethany was straddling him, her skirt also unbuttoned and unzipped to accustom her position. Her eyes were İstanbul Escort closed in ecstasy. Dr. Westgate had his mouth on her left breast, his left hand fondling her other breast, and his right hand was pushing Bethany’s butt plug in and out of her ass. The Puerto Rican beauty absolutely loved anal play. She ground her thong clad pussy back and forth on Dr. Westgate’s crotch.

“Let’s move to the bedroom,” Dr. Westgate murmured in Bethany’s cleavage. Bethany quickly got up and eagerly hurried to the door. Once in the bedroom Bethany shed all of her clothing and got onto all fours with her filled ass facing Dr. Westgate. “That’s a good slut, oh I am going to take that ass of yours hard tonight,” Bethany wiggled her ass in delight.

“I fucking love having you fill and stuff me, Dr.”

“I know, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with you,” Dr. Westgate had taken off his tie and was unbuttoning his shirt. Underneath was his broad chest, and the barbells in his nipples reflected the light in the room. Keeping his pants on, Dr. Westgate walked over to the chest of drawers and pulled out a large dildo, a phallic gag and the giant bottle of lube. “Ok, slut open your mouth,” Dr. Westgate thrust the short rubber cock into Bethany’s mouth and secured it around the back of her head, “I want you to be able to suck while being fucked, so one day I’ll be able to have many guests on the plane and they’ll see how hot of a mouth you have.,”

Bethany quickly went over the hand signals in her mind in case she needed an out. Dr. Westgate returned to her ass, kneeling behind her, he pushed her knees further apart, wet a finger in his own mouth and began to explore her wetness.

“You’re so soaked, you must really like having Daddy torture you like this,” Bethany moaned into her gag. Continuing his exploration with two fingers now, Dr. Westgate reached around with the other hand to pull on Bethany’s nipples. He slipped his two fingers easily into Bethany’s hot pussy. He pumped his fingers lazily before withdrawing and slapping her slit with an open palm. He reached for the other dildo, coated it with lube and pushed it into her pussy. The 7 inches disappeared easily. Keeping one hand on the dildo, the other moved to the plug in her ass, adding more lube around the plug, Dr. Westgate pulled the plug nearly all the way out before pushing it back in. Repeating that motion several times, Bethany was moaning into her gag, she was desperate to have her ass full. Dr. Westgate had a rhythm going now. He would push the plug all the way in, and pull out the dildo, and then switch. Bethany had moved her hands to playing with her clit while he tormented her.

“Do you want to cum?” Dr. Westgate asked the panting Bethany. She tried to speak through her gag, but quickly turned into a moan when Dr. Westgate inserted both toys as far as they’d go into her. Bethany came on the spot, shaking as her muscles squeezed the toys inside her. After the shaking stopped, Dr. West gate withdrew the plug completely and tossed it to the side. Wiping his hands on a nearby towel, he quickly unbuckled his pants, unzipped his fly and pulled out the strap-on dildo he was wearing. This was no ordinary strap-on, the cock was 9 inches long and had girth.

“Are you ready for your ass to be fucked hard?” Dr. Westgate asked, as he lubed his gigantic cock until it was dripping with extra lube. Bethany moaned and nodded he head enthusiastically yes. Dr. Westgate rubbed his lubed dick all over Bethany’s puckered asshole before inserting the tip into her ass. Bethany held her ass open as inch by inch the strap-on was buried fully into her ass. Dr. Westgate’s pelvis was pressed against her ass. It never ceased to blow his mind how deep she could take his cock. He started shallow thrusts moving back and forth deep inside her ass. Bethany’s hand had moved back to pinching her nipples, and was moaning into her gag a lot. Dr. Westgate’s strokes started to get longer, as he would pull more of his cock out and push it all the way back in each time. Using the same hand that had been working the other dildo previously, Dr. Westgate held the other dildo at the entrance of her pussy. Bethany began squealing as she felt the other cock’s presents. She reached around and pushed the dildo half way into her pussy as Dr. Westgate grabbed her hips and started thrusting faster into her ass.

Bethany was fully controlling the cock in her pussy with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Her face was against the sheets as she started to feel a huge orgasm coming on. She started pushing her ass back to meet Dr. Westgate’s strokes, trying to get his cock as deep as possible for her orgasm. Dr. Westgate knew she was about to cum so he pushed his cock as deep as it would go and lifted upwards, almost pulling Bethany’s knees off the bed. She loved how it felt when he stretched her like this. One day she dreamed of taking two cocks in her ass at the same time. With both the dildo, his strap on and her furious clit rubbing, Bethany came again, squirting a little this time. She licked her fingers, to taste her own juices. Dr. Westgate really picked up the speed now. His strap on had the ability to shoot a spunk like substance when he wanted to be done. The strap on would hit and massage Dr. Westgate’s very large clit with each thrust. Dr. Westgate pounded Bethany’s ass and came, hitting the button and sending jizz like goo deep into Bethany’s ass.

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