Footwear Fantasies Ch. 01


Donna shut the door on her wardrobe. Her black leather wedges in her hand. She sat on the bed and slipped them on, sticking her feet out in front of her she marvelled at the fresh pink nail polish on her toes showing through the peep toe. Standing up she straightened her leather look leggings clinging to her legs. She stood in front of the tall mirror, turning she took a look at her curvy arse in the mirror.

“Steve!” Donna shouted towards the bedroom door. She waited a few moments as he made his way into the bedroom.

“Fucking hell you sexy bitch!” Steve said as he laid eyes on Donna.

“Thought you might approve!” Donna replied with a smile on her face.

“I love date night!” Steve said as he put his arms round Donna from behind. “You’re gonna get it tonight!” He continued as he pushed his semi into her arse.

“Oh am i now?” Donna said as she turned round and kissed Steve passionately on the lips.

“Yes!” He responded as he slapped her arse. “Right I’ll go finish getting ready”

Steve left to go back into the bathroom as Donna adjusted her cream chiffon top. She headed downstairs to wait for Steve to finish getting ready.

In the bathroom Steve saw to his hair in the mirror. Perfecting the look he was after. He washed his hands Anadolu Yakası Escort before putting his watch on. He headed back into the bedroom and sprayed Donna’s favourite aftershave over his chest and neck before grabbing his freshly ironed black shirt. His usual jeans and black shoes finished his outfit.

Heading downstairs Steve stopped halfway down as he could see Donna bent over in the front room. Her arse looked amazing in those leggings, and those wedges did strange things to Steve. Carrying on downstairs Donna joked, “come on your perv. Stop staring at my arse and get a move on!”

Steve laughed as he approached her and playfully squeezed her bum. “Can’t help you look fit can I!” He said I response.

Donna sat on the sofa, crossing her legs. This allowed her to pop her wedge off and dangle it playfully. She knew it would have Steve’s attention straight away. As she rung the taxi Steve couldn’t contain himself. Kneeling down in front of her he began kissing Donna’s leg. Kissing down her shin he got to her ankle and finally her foot. He kissed over her floral tattoo and slipped her wedge off. Continuing to kiss her well manicured foot, he could feel the softness in his hand and under his lips as he worshipped his woman’s foot.

Donna Avrupa Yakası Escort finished on the phone and watched as Steve continued to kiss her foot. She looked down and could see the bulge in his jeans.

“Stand up,” she said softly. Steve did as he was asked. “Shoe,” she continued. Steve handed Donna’s shoe over. First placing the shoe by her side she undid Steve’s belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. His tight hipster boxers restraining his hard cock in place. Running her hands up his legs to his hips, she pulled his boxers down allowing his impressive cock to be free. Looking up into Steve’s eyes Donna took him in her mouth. Starting with a quick rhythm straight away. Her head bobbing up and down as she took as much of him as she could. She grabbed her shoe and began rubbing the leather of the upper part of the wedge and the insole on his balls as she slowed to suck the head of his cock.

Taking his cock from her mouth Donna positioned her shoe to put over his cock. The tip of Steve’s cock was showing through the peep toe, he could feel the shoe around his cock. Pushing it slowly on and off she tossed him off lightly with her shoe.

“Mmm someones excited,” Donna playfully commented as she saw the drops of pre cum İstanbul Escort forming on the tip of Steve’s cock. She started to stroke his cock to pump him for pre cum, before she wiped it round the inside of her shoe.

“Yes. That’s plenty,” she said in a sexy tone. “Please clean this mess up for me,” she continued as she handed her wedge to Steve to lick up his pre cum. As he licked the inside of Donna’s shoe, tasting himself, Donna took him in her mouth again. She loved sucking Steve’s cock and Steve knew it with the regular blowjobs he got. Likewise Steve could happily lick Donna’s fanny all day long.

Steves tongue was lashing round Donna’s shoe, he was so turned on from the smell of Donna’s shoe and the taste of himself. He felt his balls tighten as Donna’s head bobbed up and down on his cock. Her lips tightened as Steve’s moans grew louder. Within seconds Donna felt her mouth fill with Steve’s cum. She swallowed some ready for the next throb. Swallowing more again she took the last of his delicious cum in her mouth.

“Babe that was amazing,” Steve panted as he bent down and kissed Donna. She had saved some of his cum in her mouth. Their tongues collided as Steve’s cum was passed between them, they continued kissing for a moment before Donna’s phone rang.

“Timing! It’s the taxi.” Donna said as she wiped her lips.

“Not half!” Steve replied as he pulled his boxers and jeans back up.

They left for their taxi to the restaurant for date night. Both of them were still crazy horny and were looking forwards to getting home that night.

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