Frankenpussy Ch. 01: Eureka!


Chapter One – Eureka!

Dr. Francesca Ranken sat at the dining table of her plush London apartment typing up the day’s notes. Her electric blue-painted fingernails tapped her analytical thoughts and conclusions onto her laptop keyboard, the light from the screen reflecting off her glasses. She paused, taking a sip from the wine glass adjacent to her computer.

“The next phase of this research,” she typed, “must involve somehow measuring the energy produced at the height of climax.” She paused, tingling at the mere sight of the word on her screen. “And – if possible – capturing said energy for therapeutic application.”

She sat back in her chair, taking another sip from her wine glass and reflecting on what had transpired over the last month.

“Climax.” Her eyes lingered on the word she’d just typed. She felt her pulse quicken as the temptation to masturbate again crept from her subconscious, filling her with the old familiar lusty longing for release.

She felt her fingers descend to the bow tied in the grey drawstring of her sweatpants. It quickly relented, the waistband loosening as it unravelled.

“What if “it” happens again?” she asked herself, slowly standing. The suggestion thrilled and terrified her in equal measures.

Dr. Ranken inserted both thumbs into the waistband of her now-loosened sweats, tugging them down. She removed the elasticated bands from both her bare ankles and draped the pants over the adjacent chair.

“Some inspiration,” she heard herself say out loud as she again sat, now in her underwear.

She closed her notes, opening an incognito web browser page, into which she typed the words ‘creampie gangbang’. Her heart raced with excitement as she hit ‘enter’.

This particular search term had become her porn genre of choice in recent weeks, inspiring many thrilling, enthralling, mind-blowing orgasms in the darkest depths of the doctor’s horny cunt.

The screen of her laptop instantly flooded with the most graphic images of highly explicit adult fucking. Doctor Francesca instantly felt her dopamine levels spiking, a sensation which intensified the irrepressible urge currently coursing and surging in her dampening genitals.

She gently and excitedly bit her bottom lip, her eyes flitting from one lurid image to another. She stopped to inspect a highly stimulating jpeg of a sexy blonde on her knees, surrounded by erect penises. The photographer had positioned himself above the woman so that she had to look up through the throng of eager dicks into the lens of the camera.

“Fuck!” Dr. Ranken gasped, her left hand now inside her moist panties.

The blonde’s lips were tightly stretched around no less than three of the dicks at the same time; one veiny, girthy and cut, one mighty black cock dead centre tickling the back of her throat, one glistening with saliva the entire length of its shaft as if it had just been on the receiving end of an intense and thorough sucking.

Francesca pulled her white panties to the side, savouring the feeling of tightness and constriction around her pussy. She had grabbed some of her pubic hair as she’d snatched her underwear asunder, the pulling sensation only intensifying the wonderous rush of masturbatory urgency which was intensifying between her thighs.

The image was merely a still from a video, Francesca was thrilled to note, the link for which was directly below. She eagerly clicked it, sliding her now-damp underwear down her legs and off her feet.

“Ayyy, you like the taste of our big cocks?” one of the men said as the movie began to play on Francesca’s screen. The kneeling blonde could merely grunt in response, her mouth packed beyond capacity with three massive infusions of sweaty man-meat.

“Fuuuck!” Francesca gasped. She now had her thighs spread wide to allow for full access to her throbbing twat which was now drooling frothy pussy juice all over the brown leather dining room chair on which she sat.

“Stroke that dick, honey, c’mon,” one of the males said onscreen. The blonde had a dick in each Maltepe Escort of her hands and was frenziedly masturbating the glistening, spit-lubed cocks as well as providing the epic three-way blowjob currently underway. There was saliva drooling from the actress’s distended oral orifice; it dripped from her tits and down her toned belly while she serviced cock after cock after cock.

Francesca’s cunt spasmed with wet enthusiasm as she eagerly watched the scene, trapping and squeezing her horny clit with the first two fingers of her left hand before sliding them inside her hot hole.

The lights in her apartment flickered.

Francesca paused, swallowing hard, her fingers in her sweating vulva. Was it happening again, she asked herself? She wondered if perhaps she’d simply blinked too quickly or something; the lights were normal as ever.

“Yeah, you want us to fuck that pussy now?” a male voice suddenly said onscreen.

“Me and these boys are gonna fuck that pussy real good, baby,” another said, a pair of large, muscled arms now lifting the blonde from her kneeling position. Without warning, dicks, pre-cum and spit came flying from her overworked mouth at the power with which the naked man lifted her, although this made her laugh and whoop excitedly. He carried her a short distance to a waiting bed. One of the studs stepped forward, positioning himself on the bed, his enviable, thick porn dong obscenely erect and pointing skyward as he lay on his back expectantly. The big muscleman carried the actress over to the bed, placing her down onto the first man. Suddenly there was a wall of hard cocks encircling the woman. Every guy there stroked and jacked his tool, eagerly awaiting their turn to penetrate her in whatever orifice was closest.

Dr. Ranken fingered and frigged at her squishing, tingling punani hole, wanking herself as she eagerly watched the horny scene progressing. Her cunt ached deliciously as she eagerly awaited the sight of the blonde’s holes suddenly being invaded by multiple rock-hard schlongs.

Bed Guy now proceeded to manoeuvre his stiff dick between the blonde’s bare buttocks. Her pretty, bare feet rested atop each of his knees, her thighs splayed wide as he lay beneath, one of his hands expertly guiding the tip of his thick tool towards the woman’s puckered, pink anus. The blonde felt the pressure and heat from the cock against her sphincter; she gasped with thrilled delight.

There were now many pairs of hands roaming freely over her naked, glistening body, tweaking her hard nipples and fondling her saliva-glistening tits. There were two studs – one each side – engaged in a contest to see which of them could get the blonde’s nipples the wettest with their pre-cum; they jabbed and flicked each hard little bud with their cocks, each attempting to get the tip of the actress’s succulent nipples inside their urethras! The camera operator took note of this and moved in for a close-up, capturing some truly mesmerising footage of her nipple beautifully penetrating the wide, vertical slit of the fat glans belonging to the stud to her right.

Slowly, the blonde lowered herself onto Bed Guy’s cock. She gasped: “oh, fuck, your cock is so fucking BIG!” as her tight asshole relented against its insistent tip. Inch by inch, Bed Guy’s wet prick slid deeper inside the blonde’s poop-chute until his shaved ballsack smacked rhythmically against the woman’s pussy. Smack! Smack! Smack! She moaned in sync with each thrust of his probing member into her tight anus.

“Mmm, fuuucking hell!” purred an acutely aroused Doctor Ranken, who was now three fingers deep into her hot, squelching vaginal canal.

The lights flickered again. Three or four seconds of intense interference. This time, Francesca did not stop her fevered pussy masturbation; this was the experiment, she thought to herself, and if “it” happened again, I would know – not suspect – regarding the phenomenon.

Dr Ranken then decided to strip completely. She slipped her white vest up over her torso, letting it fall to the Anadolu Yakası Escort floor. Her nipples were already hard from her acute sexual arousal. She took first the right, then the left, between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, kneading and caressing each delicious nub in time with the steady throb emanating from the palpating of her delectable cunt, the juice from which she smeared onto each of her erect little nipples, making them glisten provocatively. She sighed deliciously, her orgasm building with each passing moment. She watched as a bead of sweat trickled down between the firm globes of her exposed tits, pooling in her pierced navel. The smell of her sex overpowered and turbocharged each of her five senses almost to the point of mania.

“Let me fuck that beautiful, tight pussy now, baby,” the muscleman said, moving in closer, his big, veiny cock aimed at the blonde’s waiting cunt. With one hand, he held her hips down so that Bed Guy’s cock remained deep inside her rectum for a few moments while this new meat truncheon was allowed to penetrate her pink opening. Muscleman spat into his hand, smearing it all over the bulbous head of his swollen penis. He then proceeded to guide his large, veiny prick inside the blonde’s vagina, watching her pussylips as they devoured his meat.

“Ahhh, fuuuuck!” he gasped, his big dick sliding deeper inside the blonde’s hot hole.

“Mmm, this blonde’s pussy feels so fuckin’ good, guys.”

He now had both hands on the actress – one on each hip – as he began to fuck her pussy, inspired in no small part by the cock simultaneously plundering her tight, inviting anus.

“Me and Vinnie are going to cum inside you at the same time, baby,” Muscleman told the woman, who was now horizontally sucking two cocks, one from each side of her face.

“Mmmmfffphl!” she moaned, feeling two thick, hard dicks collide in her mouth, almost knocking out her front teeth.

Francesca frantically thumbed her clit as she watched. It stood erect like a dwarf’s pinkie toe; each stroke of it from her thumb produced fantastically intense sensations which were speeding the good doctor to the cliff edge of climactic nirvana.

Suddenly Bed Guy – Vinnie – groans: “Fuu! Oh,fuuuck! I’m… I’m gonna cum!”

“Mmm, me too,” Muscleman grunts. “Uh, I’m gonna cum right inside this cunt! You ready for our cum, baby?”

“Mmm,” the tenacious blonde actress purred, pausing to remove a big, wet, black dick from between her lips. “Cum in me, baby! I want your cum!”

Francesca watched in awe as the two men began to climax at the exact same time. The timing of these fit, professional cocksmen was, Francesca thought to herself, deeply impressive. She watched her screen intently as both the studs’ sweaty, naked bodies went into spasms of testosterone-fuelled bliss, each man simultaneously shooting his thick, white man-muck into the blonde’s anus and vagina respectively.

Suddenly, the TV in Francesca’s living room switched itself on.

“…weather for the weekend, we’re looking at temperatures in London ranging between a high of…”

“Holy fuck!” she thought to herself, nearing orgasm. “This is real!” Luckily, the remote was on the table beside her. She switched the TV off and focused on the incredible climax which was steadily building from her core right to the volatile and unstable warhead of her slippery clitoris.

Muscleman and Bed Guy Vinnie exited the blonde at the same time. Muscleman appeared to still be ejaculating; as he withdrew his penis, a large rope of cum squirted from the actress’s well-fucked vagina and landed on Vinnie’s thigh. The blonde looked down, open-mouthed, surveying the spunk-drenched carnage between her thighs. Vinnie seemed to throw the blonde several inches into the air, timing it so that he rolled out from underneath her to stand. She landed on her back on the bed, laughing. The black guy then moved in, flipping her effortlessly so that she now lay face-down on the bed. Another well-muscled porno dude with a bald head stepped forward, İstanbul Escort laying on his back on the bed. He pulled the blonde on top of himself.

“Mmmm,” she purred, smiling down at him, “are you going to fuck me now?”

“Let me try this pussy now, what do you say?” he replied, sliding his dick inside her sloppy, sperm-lubed cunt with one hand. She gasped with delight as he pulled her down so that she lay flat on him, their sweating bodies pressed tightly together.

“Don’t move, baby,” the big black dude said. “Just lay there for a second ’til I get all up in this tight-ass pussy.”

The lights in Francesca’s apartment started flickering violently. She gasped, masturbating furiously as she watched the black porn actor sliding his unbelievably large phallus inside the blonde’s already-occupied cock-gripper.

“Uuuuuuuh!” she gasped. “Mmmmm.. oh my fucking god, I have two cocks in my pussy!”

“That’s right,” the black actor replied, “you got two cocks in yo’ pussy. Didn’t know it could do that, did you?”

At this, Francesca began to cum. Her toes clenched as her orgasm gripped every atom of her reality. She felt her nipples harden to the point where the was convinced they might explode, her clitoris combusting, the walls of her cunt contracting, squirting pussy juice onto the hard wood floor beneath her bare feet.

“Uuuurrrh!” she gasped, lost in carnal crescendo. “Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. fucking Jesus CHRIST… Oh…!”

The lightbulb in the lamp behind her exploded with a loud bang, firing pieces of glass across the room. Francesca was aware of it, although was unable to react in any meaningful way. The TV blared to life again.

“…this year, taking home the cup after a series of wins during the season, owing in no small part to the persistence of team captain…”

The laptop volume had been at fifty percent up until now. Suddenly it shrieked at one hundred percent from the sudden power surge. Francesca, lost in the throes of a vaginal supernova, checked back in with the screen to witness each of the blonde’s bare feet being given a reverse footjob by two of the men; each of them holding an ankle and lustily fucking the smooth soles of her feet, spunking their sticky, copious loads onto the wrinkles of her soles and between her painted toes.

Semen flew from left to right, right to left, coating and penetrating the blonde from every angle until she looked as if she’d fallen into a vat of wallpaper paste. The sight fuelled the last moments of Dr. Ranken’s orgasm spectacularly.

Then darkness.

Several minutes passed. Francesca gradually began to return to her sweating, naked body. The power cut in her apartment necessitated urgent action as well as caution; there was broken glass from the shattered lightbulb which was now strewn across the floor of her apartment.

Naked, she used the flashlight feature on her phone to inspect the fuse box. The main breaker had tripped. Finding the correct switch, she flipped it back upwards restoring power to her apartment.

Fortunately, she thought, the laptop had been fully charged and so none of her work would have been lost.

She sat down to type.

“Vaginal orgasm indeed produces unprecedented and unpredictable surge of electrical sexual energy. Effect is doubly potent after the introduction of stimuli, for example, pornography. Hypothesis is that this energy can be harnessed, captured or somehow stored to be used to…”

She suddenly smelled burning. She looked down to see a wisp of smoke rising from her pubic hair. Quickly, she beat around her bush, extinguishing any smouldering areas.

“Great,” she thought. “Everyone loves the smell of burning pussy hair!”

She continued typing.

“Action point: begin working on prototype capacitor for this ‘pussytricity’.”

She paused.

“Also,” she continued, “shave pussy for prototype equipment trials. Hair not conducive with lab health and safety policy.”

In the next thrilling installment of Frankenpussy:

Dr. F. Ranken single-pussiedly cures erectile dysfunction when she captures pussy lightning in a bottle. Also, she makes a dude cum who couldn’t get an erection but now he can.

Please leave comments, guys and girls. If you comment, I’ll know you’re into my work, which makes me keen to continue. Thanks!

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