Fuck Me


“Mmmmm….fuck I want you so bad…”

I moan in your ear as I have you trapped under me. You could easily get up but you don’t, curious, waiting to see what will happen. I feel you grow harder under me. I kiss you hard on the mouth and my tongue urgently snakes into your mouth and I grab your head, pulling you in. I let my mouth prove my earlier statement as I let my hips rub against your giant bulge.


I moan into your mouth and my hands make their way down to your dick and stroke it intently. Breaking the kiss I stare lustfully into your eyes for a few seconds before attacking your neck with kisses. My hand is still working diligently, the other rubbing my nipples through my shirt.

My mouth travels up to your ear again.

“You’re my slave now. The first part is you have to prove how much you want me. How much you want your dick in my pussy. It’s soaking wet just for you, you know. I just want your big, hard, throbbing dick in me. I want you to fuck me senseless. But you have to prove you want it badly too. Mmm, I bet it’s de-li-ci-ous…”

I lick your ear around the outside and let my mouth attack your neck again. As I do so, my hands move to remove my panties and then I get off a bit to remove your boxers. Finally free, I feel the heat of your cock against my pussy. I get even wetter and rub myself against you. I hear you sigh as you close your eyes and I take off my shirt. You feel the moment and open your eyes, immediately grabbing at my tits to lick and suck them. I moan loudly as you lick them.

“That’s it. Good slave…You want to please your mistress now don’t you?”

I keep rubbing my soaking wet pussy against you as your refuse to answer, except by moaning.

“It’s ok…you can answer me…how much do you want to please me…?”

After eliciting no response again I remove all contact from your dick and surrounding area. Anadolu Yakası Escort You moan with want and begin to lick and nibble my nipples all the more intently. I shiver and moan as my pussy begins to flow…dripping on to your rock hard dick. You shiver and again I try to get you to respond.

“Tell me my slave, how much do you want to screw me? To fuck me? To make me cum over and over and over again. All over you. I want to cum on you. I want you to fill me up. I’m starving for your cock in me. Tell me you want my pussy just as much…”

I lick at your neck again and graze my clit against your manhood again.

“Tell me…” You finally moan and tell me how much you want me…how much you want it…how much you want to cum.

My lips curl into a smile. Perfect.

“So I’ve got your right where I want you, my precious. My sex toy. My slave. You’ll do anything now won’t you?”

You agree and begin to lick at whatever part of my body you can reach, which happens to be my neck. I close my eyes, relishing the feeling of the control I have over you.

“Mmm…you know how to please your mistress.”

I bring my lips to your again, wanting to taste your mouth. So sweet and wonderful. So strong. I moan into the kiss again and keep teasing you. You moan as well and I break apart the kiss. I free myself from your caressing arms holding me in place and move up on your body, dragging my pussy up your torso. Finally I stop, with it dripping over your mouth.

“Guess what you’re going to do now my sex slave?”

I lower myself onto your face and close my eyes as I feel your tongue licking up and down my clit.

“That’s right. Lick me up. Clean out my pussy with your tongue. Ahhhh…you make me feel oh so goooodddd…Just like that. Work for what you want.”

I reach back and tease your penis with my hand. You moan into my Avrupa Yakası Escort pussy and the slight vibration causes me to flow into your mouth. It feels so good every time, but I can’t wait to feel you inside me.

“That’s right baby, lick me up.”

I rub it into your face and you suck and lick it even more fervently before I begin to slide back down your body. I go back down to where I was and finding your dick a little bit softer than before I tease it back to where I want it.

“Now, I wonder just how good you’ll taste. I can’t wait to suck and lick your cock.”

Mmmm, just the thought of it in my mouth makes me almost cum…and I know I will as soon as you fill my mouth with it. My lips find yours again.

“What do you think of that? Hmm? You know I’m your little slut. Your little cock whore. You’ve been good. I’ll let you enjoy yourself a little, but don’t you cum just yet. You’re still my slave.”

I give you another teasing reminder before I continue going down on you again. I put my hands on either side of you and graze my tongue along your long, hard shaft. I feel you twitch and moan under me.

“Enjoying this are we? Close? Good. I’m keeping you there.”

I fit you into my mouth and am rewarded with a loud moan and you reach down and grab my hair. I moan as well and close my mouth as I cum all over your leg.

“Oh god, you do taste good.”

I put you into my mouth again and tease you close to the edge before stopping and pulling you out of my mouth. I flick my tongue over the tip of your head. You squirm and try to push my head down but I don’t let you.

“Uh uh uh…You’re not being very good. You do want to cum don’t you?” You moan and squirm but loosen your grip. “Good. Now..”

I get you sufficiently wet again before I fit your long hard dick between my tits. I squeeze them together and begin stroking İstanbul Escort your entire length. The sounds you make and the feel and sight of your dick makes me cum on you again. As I feel you reaching the edge again I stop. This time, however, you stay still.

“Now, it’s time to really please your mistress. I can’t let you come just yet, but I need to cum oh so badly. You make me so hot and horny. Prove to me how much you want it. How much you want me. Finger me until I cum over and over again. Don’t stop until I say so.”

Before I even finish speaking you move into position. I lay on my back as you spread my legs and insert your fingers into me. Almost immediately I begin cumming…and cumming… and cumming…I bite down hard on your arm to muffle the yelling.

“Fuck that feels so good. Ahhh! Mmm…oh god. Yes…Again…and again…mmm fuck me.”

Your hand is covered with my juices and so is everything around us before I finally tell you to stop. You do it again one last time and remove your fingers from my dripping, soaked pussy. After several more seconds of subsiding ecstasy I sit up and flip you over to the bottom again. I slide my pussy over your rock hard length again before inserting you into me with a hard thrust. You groan as I begin to move on top of me and your hands grab at my tits.

“I told you I would reward you didn’t I? Is this what you wanted?”

You nod. You reach a spot again and I flow all over your dick, pushing my tits into your face. You hungrily lick at them as I moan. I then stop and roll over to my side, presenting my ass to you. Confused for a second, you then understand and grab at my ass, pulling it apart.

“Fuck my ass as hard as you can. Do whatever you want. I’m all yours…I’m your little cock whore. Push it in…it’s so tight…”

With all the previous lubrication you slide it in with relative ease and begin pounding away as I groan and moan, grabbing onto any part of you I can reach and pulling you in closer. Before we know it I cum soon and with the extra friction so do you, your hot cum filling me up inside.

“God I love that feeling.” I turn around to stare at you. “Well that was fun, hun.”

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