Golden Lust Ch. 05


Well as sad as it is the say, the weekend is finally over. It’s time to get on back to school, and try not to bomb out of any of my classes. Thankfully I’m still managing to get through by the skin of my teeth, I was hoping to study just a little & get some time in for some gaming but… my life & my free time have become anything but my own.

On Saturday my sister Samantha just barged into my room half naked. She toyed with my emotions AND my hormones by getting me to look at the cute striped panties she was wearing. Damn it what’s even worst was, she got me to actually put my FACE in between her legs and completely sniff her down there, and even lick at the wet patch she had forming in her underwear.

This isn’t right, this just isn’t normal. My sister ended up crawling on top of & riding my face, taking pictures of me steadily getting soaked with her cum. She even put her soggy panties into my mouth & lead me to the shower, where she peed right in my face and mouth, whilst never allowing me to remove her undies from my lips… now that I think about it, her salty piss flavor mixed in with the taste of her soggy panties tasted really good. I actually RESISTED giving her panties back when she tried to pull them out of my mouth didn’t I?

Wait, what am I saying? That can’t be what happened. I wouldn’t actually ENJOY my sister peeing in my face would I? I… I don’t want to think about it. What took place on Saturday was just… just a fluke.

What happened on Sunday was kind of good though. I was finally able to confess my honest feelings towards Cindy, while at her Sorority after she had invited me over. But the way things played out wasn’t how I’d imagine. Cindy actually commanded me to get on both my knees in her bedroom, she threw one of her legs over my shoulder giving me the GREATEST VIEW of her panties & undershot of her tits, and had completely took control over me, forcing me to blatantly confess how much I’ve always liked her.

Cindy had showed me a side to her I’ve never seen before. Dominant, confident, I never could’ve imagined she had those traits… I’m so glad she agreed to be my girlfriend. She found out how much of a turn on it was, for a woman to take control over me sexually. That kiss she gave in her bedroom completely blew my mind. She reached out and held be by the back of my head & pulled me in for the best kiss ever, meanwhile shoving her other hand right inside my pants, completely doing whatever she wanted to me. God that was great… But what happened immediately afterward in her bedroom, it’s still shameful for me to even think about.

Cindy kept me down on my knees, she then turned away from me, and commanded me to ultimately get my face right in her butt. She completely took control as my girlfriend, and told me to sniff her pussy and her butt hole’s aroma quite thoroughly. She then made me lick both of her holes while keeping my face buried in her ass, and had me get both of her holes nice and soggy, eating her out until she screamed as she orgasamed right in her bedroom. Wow her ass hole and her pussy honestly tasted great. She made me take off my shirt and my jacket & give them to her, and she took both of them and laid them on her bed. Cindy crawled on top of them and laid down, and actually recorded me WILLINGLY letting her piss right in my mouth. She recorded each of my gulps of her warm pee she shot in my mouth, and even asked me on camera did I like how it tasted. In my own lust not even caring that Cindy was recording it, I confessed how much I LOVED how her fresh piss tasted. I don’t know why I even did that… but she is my girlfriend so that’s OK right?

What’s bad is Cindy’s roommate Tammy actually CAUGHT me drinking all her pee. She was standing in the doorway watching me swallow it over and over, I think she even took pictures or video while I was doing it. She saw I wasn’t resisting Cindy in the least, and was actually enjoying taste of of her piss as I continuously drank. I couldn’t run away or deny what I was doing. What’s even worst is it seems as if both girls started TOYING with me over it. Damn it, it’s so embarrassing to even think of. Cindy’s roommate said she wouldn’t tell anyone of me being there, if she could pee in my mouth as well. Cindy didn’t even mind letting Tammy use me like her own personal urinal at the moment. She had me lay on her bed with my head hanging over the edge, she stood right over my mouth, and… just let her piss go right in my mouth for me to swallow. I couldn’t even resist as I damn near choked on her super acidic pussy water.

This is bad… really bad. Not only does my own SISTER know how to instantly arouse me anytime that she wants, but now a girl that I don’t even know, discovered my deepest darkest sexual secret. What’s going to happen? I don’t actually LIKE that this happening to my life… do I?

Back again at school today, I found it extremely difficult to concentrate. Something kept bothering me about Cindy’s roommate Tammy. I knew I had seen her somewhere before, but the more I tried to remember where on campus it might have been, the more I kept coming Pendik Escort up with nothing solid. It couldn’t have been at one of our college’s sporting events, I know she’s a cheerleader here, but I really don’t go to those… Even though Samantha tries to get me to sometimes. Maybe she’s just another one of those pretty girls you really can’t forget. Tall, athletic, really good looking, that striking bright red hair of hers, she really would be hard to forget honestly. Who knows maybe it’ll come to me later.

Sitting down in the lecture hall for the beginning of my sociology class, I am truly grateful it’s the last one that I have for today. It’s really not my best subject in school, honestly I find it boring most of the time. I can concentrate just enough to learn what I need to, and just barely skate on by in this subject, I’m always happy when I’m able to get the hell out of here & just head on home.

The lecture hall is really quite large. There is a stage with a desk and a podium with a microphone, down where the teacher speaks to us from the ground level. There is also a large view screen there, along with multiple smaller ones spread throughout the room, for us students to be able to watch & take notes from during the presentations. As spacious as the hall is, there is tons of seating with multiple rows for the students to sit, in which my class there is barely enough students to even fill up 1/5 of the theater-style seating layout.

Watching other students slowly start to pour into the lecture hall, I can see our teacher Ms Tasha is already here, and greeting them as they begin to show up. Ms Tasha really is an extraordinary woman to be honest. Average in height, long crimson red hair, a really curved & filled-out figure. Some would call her “thick” but, I think she’s really pretty just the way she is. She is wearing a fern green long sleeve V-neck top, and a long black midi skirt, which goes down past her knees. The very definition of elegance, I would wonder from time to time could she be single, being as attractive as she is.

Looking at her I would guess she is maybe at most ten years older than myself, no older than thirty or thirty one. What is most beautiful about her though, is her warm, kind, loving personality. She is always friendly to all of her students, she actually prefers to be called a “teacher” rather than a “professor”, unlike the rest of the faculty here, who feels it’s not their jobs to actually TEACH the students anything, but rather it’s the students jobs to learn with as little influence or help from them.

Most of the class is already here now, we’ll probably be starting very soon. I look at one of the student entrances, and I see Tammy waltzing into the class. It strikes me like a bolt of lightning, THAT’S where I remember her from; she’s actually in one of my classes. I see her looking right at me, then beginning to bear an absolutely devilish grin. A slight panic starts to set in at that moment. This girl that I don’t even know who actually urinated her hot acidic piss right into my mouth just the other day, is actually in one of my classes. This is awful. What do I do? She’s not going to tell anyone what she saw me doing back at her sorority house will she? I look down in shock & embarrassment at that moment, not knowing what to do.

I look back up and see Tammy standing at the stage, speaking together with Ms Tasha. They are both giggling at something, as Ms Tasha is looking at Tammy’s cell phone. She couldn’t be showing her something from what happened yesterday could she? Please god no, don’t let that be what’s going on over there. Don’t let her actually be TELLING Ms Tasha what she did to me that day. If Ms Tasha finds out that I let Tammy pee in my mouth, and I swallowed down every drop of it, she’d probably laugh me right out of her class. I then see them both look over & smile mischievously in my direction, causing me to look back down in panic. I’m positive Tammy told or showed Ms Tasha something about what she caught me doing, or what she made me do for her afterward. God this is bad… really bad.

When they both stared at me simultaneously, I couldn’t help but notice how strikingly similar they both looked. Before looking back down unable to return their gazes, I noticed the similarities in their faces were unmistakably alike. Could they possibly actually be related? Before mustering up the courage to actually look back up again towards them, Tammy had walked over to where I was sitting, and began to take a seat right next to me, maintaining that same wicked grin she had since she first saw me here in class.

“Hiiiii Danny. Fancy meeting you here.” she says to me while smiling, making herself nice and comfortable in her seat. I am unable to say anything back to her, completely frozen with fear & embarrassment. I notice Ms Tasha, frequently inquisitively glimpsing in both of our direction.

“H-hey Tammy Wha-” is all I could reply, while looking at her before losing my voice. Tammy’s sexual & almost predatory grin put me completely at silence. I tried to speak, I tried to say SOMETHING Kurtköy Escort to hopefully make the situation a little less awkward, but it was clear I was at a complete loss for words. Tammy ended up touching one of her index fingers to my lips, and calmed the situation with a “Shhhhhh…”

“Don’t say anything Danny. Just sit there & stay quiet. Today’s gonna be fun.” Tammy says softly. I finally accept my fate & does as she says not saying a word, as it seems the entire class is here now, and we’re about to begin. Ms Tasha standing at the front of the stage, holding the mic in her hand as she begins to give today’s lecture.

“Well class, today’s going lesson is going to be a little different. In today’s lecture is we’ll be discussing sexual identities in modern society.” Ms Tasha tells the class. My face felt as if it had just caught on fire, from Ms Tasha’s words. The class seemed to erupt in various hoots and hollering from the guys, the girls seemed to mostly giggle to themselves from the subject matter. However I then noticed that across the room, one of the girls was adamantly staring over in Tammy’s and my direction. She was decked out in mostly all black clothing, wearing rather wild looking large black boots with lots of buckles running up it’s length, long dark raven black colored hair, and a collar or something wrapped around her neck. She was obviously one of those girls who were into Gothic-style fashion, it was almost as if she was monitoring Tammy and I… Who is she? I wondered.

“What is the man’s role in the bedroom? What is the woman’s role? Who’s role is it to be dominant? Is it acceptable for one side to actually ENJOY being submissive?” Ms Tasha asked the class.

“A woman is ALWAYS supposed to be the submissive one. That’s the way GOD made em’.” blurts out Lance, one of the football players here at the University, who is sitting towards the center of the lecture hall. His statement clearly causing many of the girls including Tammy, to become irritated & shoot mean scowls in his direction.

“And why is that Lance?” Ms Tasha asked him softly. Smiling but at the same time appearing slightly annoyed, by what Lance had just said. Though most of the students probably didn’t notice.

“Uh… I don’t know. Every girl that’s been with ME I made SURE she was the submissive one in the relationship.” Lance responded with a huge air of confidence in his response.

“Is that so. But isn’t your ex-girlfriend a lesbian now Lance?” responded that Gothic girl using a mild & very calm voice. Delivering an absolutely piercing stare towards him. The class erupted in uninhibited laughter, causing Lance to clinch his teeth and stare up & towards his right to see her.

“Hey shut up Victoria!” Lance yelled back to her. So that’s her name… Victoria. I looked at her again. Her eye contact never breaking with Lance, she sat there quietly returning his stare, until he looked downward slightly still gritting his teeth, clearly embarrassed from what she had just said.

“OK OK that’s enough.” Ms Tasha giggled. “How about we get the opinion of another male from the class. Dan how about you? What are your thoughts on this subject?” Ms Tasha asked, looking over at me giving a warm welcoming smile.

“Oh… Me? I um-” was all that I could say, before Tammy cut me off verbally & reached over to squeeze my cheeks. Pressing them in & causing my lips to poke out in front of everyone in the class.

“Him? Just look at this adorable face. You can just tell Dan is a real GIVER in the bed room.” Tammy stated. Causing all the girls to erupt in cheers & laughter. Victoria & Ms Tasha both looking me during the uproar, giving almost hungry looking smiles, as I sat there in silence with my lips still poking from Tammy’s playful antics.

Class proceeded on in a rather eventful manner. Many of the girls in class seemed to utter likewise sentiments, they all liked for a man to give their undivided attention to them in the bedroom. Many spoke on how the guys they had been with were selfish, and was only interested in his own orgasm, rather than taking the time to or even care if she were receiving pleasure at all.

Occasionally off and on I would feel Tammy teasing me, rubbing her closest hand up down the inside of my thigh. She would continue to give me that devilish look, ensuring my silence & obedient acceptance to her sexual advancements during the class. Try as I may to fight my arousal from this, Tammy was turning me on right in front of everyone. I felt my erection growing inside of my pants, praying that nobody would notice my discomfort.

“Ohhh what’s this?” Tammy whispered in my ear softly. Her hand moved to where the tip of my dick was raising up inside of my pants. I winced inside of my seat a bit, as Tammy’s hand wrapped around & gently/rhythmically tugged at the head of my cock. Tammy clearly enjoying being in control, playing with the head of my dick, staring over at me occasionally making sure I didn’t say anything. In my distress I noticed Victoria from across the room was staring at Tammy and I. Oh my god! Maltepe Escort She is actually watching Tammy torture me during the class discussion, she is giving me an absolutely devilish smile.

“Not one word…” Tammy whispered in my ear, I then saw her lick her lips quickly. She seemed to not even CARE that Victoria was watching, or if any other students might see. She continued to massage the head of my dick on the outside of my pants, my face started burning up again from what Tammy was doing. My dick was fully erect from Tammy’s soft strokes on my dick. Ms Tasha was directing the class discussion going on, but occasionally it would seem that out the corner of her eye, she would stare over and Tammy and I, maintaining that friendly smile as she was keeping the class’ attention focused on her.

“Ohhhh it’s so hard Danny. Do you want me to touch it?” Tammy whispered to me. I felt her hand move downward a little towards my zipper, she slowly pulled it down causing my dick still inside of my underwear to spring straight up. Her hand made it’s way past the waistband of my underwear, and her hand slid down all the way to my cock, grabbing it & causing me to gasp with a loud deep breath.

“Shhhhh be good.” Tammy whispered to me again, giving me a wide evil grin. Her hand was incredibly soft, and felt so good as she started to stoke my cock some more. Feelings of immense pleasure were starting to completely take over me, as Tammy’s gentle strokes had me inescapably under her spell. Time felt like it was standing still, as this beautiful older student was literally using me as her personal plaything right inside of class, and I was hopelessly powerless to do anything, or even say one word back to her. My mouth started to hang open as I felt Tammy stroking me more & more, Ms Tasha was staring more focused in my direction, it’s obvious she knew Tammy was playing with me, and Ms Tasha was enjoying watching us, as a student was busy giving her point of view on the discussion. I almost forgot… Victoria was watching me as well. I looked over at her, and saw her resting her face in one of her hands, still focused on us as she just sat there watching me get stroked off, continually giving me a lustful smile. Oh god.. oh god no. I’ve completely turned into a sideshow right in the middle of class. This older girl whom had yesterday pissed in my mouth, and made me choke it all down, is now about to make me cum. My teacher is too now intently watching me, and so is this new girl whom I don’t even know is enjoying the show. I shuffled around feeling my body rock back & forth as if to hump Tammy’s hand.

“Ohhh it’s wet. Keep going.” Tammy whispered to me. I felt an impending orgasm that I would no longer be able to hold back about to take over me. Tammy looked right at me again and leaned forward again.

“I didn’t tell you before, but I gotta pee so badly Danny. I wish I could give it to you here right now. Would you be a good boy and drink it for me? Just like the way you did yesterday? I want you to bury your face right between my legs, and piss all over your tongue & right into your mouth, and have you swallow all hot liquid down.” Tammy whispered with a smile. Her words sent me over the edge, as I convulsed over and over shooting load after load right into my underwear. My body twitched continuously as seed kept shooting out of me. I collapsed forward onto the desk, feeling Tammy’s hand milking out my cum, not letting go of my dick. She was intent to get out every drop. I nearly whined the feeling was so good, the mixture of embarrassment from cumming in front of my teacher, two girls I don’t even know, not and the feeling of Tammy’s delicate hand coaxing out every drop of semen I had inside of my body.

“Good boy, but you got my hand all sticky.” Tammy whispered to me. She continued to stroke my cock, keeping me in rapture by not letting go. Still collapsed onto the desk & twitching, Tammy continues to stroke me while enjoying her dominance over me & the situation. I lay still motionless as her hand slips out from my underwear. She doesn’t even zip my pants back up, but instead stares at her hand that I just covered in my cum. She then begins to lick the lines of my semen off of her fingers, tracing her tongue up and down her hand, clearly enjoying the taste of it before swallowing down all of my nut. I turned my eyes over towards Victoria again, she had never taken her eyes off of us, and watches what Tammy’s doing with a deviously sexually content smile on her face.

“Mmmm thanks that was tasty.” Tammy stated while smiling at me. I then realized that class had come to an end immediately afterward, my head was still spinning from what Tammy had just did to me here. Students were getting up out of their seats & exiting the hall, preparing to leave school and enjoy the rest of the day. But feeling the huge amount of leftover cum that I had shot into my underwear, I knew it would soak right on through, & stain the front of my pants if I zipped them back up. Tammy was still sitting besides me appearing as if she had no intentions of leaving. The class nearly empty now, I see Victoria finally get up and shoot one last smiling glance over at me before she reaches the exist as the last student to leave. I can’t believe she sat there watching us the entire time, God I hope she doesn’t tell anybody what she just saw happen to me…

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