Halloween Party Pt. 01


Jen and I have been dating for almost a year now. Let me just say up front that I’m dating up. WAY up. She is quite honestly one of the most stunningly sexy women I’ve ever met and by far the sexiest woman I’ve ever dated. She’s 5’8″ tall, 130#, DEEP blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, 36C bra size, 22″ waist, and 37″ hips. She works out 2 or 3 times a week. If you really want an idea of what her body looks like, Google or Bing Randy Moore, early pictures. (She’s an adult film actress–Randy, not Jen). Jen is 25, so, in order to compare apples to apples, you’d have to find Randy in her early years. Now, if you did go look, just know that Jen looks better. Her breasts aren’t quite as big, but they are 100% real, as is the rest of her.

I’m much more ordinary, 6’2″, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, 190 pounds. I keep my hair trimmed, so not overly long, about down to my collar in the back and generally parted to the side. I’m not a particularly hairy guy, so have some on my arms, legs head and crotch area, but really not much anywhere else. I played basketball in high school; still do on occasion when I can find the time. So I stay in reasonably good shape. I’m not as diligent at working out as Jen is, but I try to go with her at least once a week, just to see her in a pair of yoga pants. And to give you some TMI, I had to shave the private regions. Per Jen, “If you want me to keep my legs and pussy smooth, the least you can do is do the same for your cock. Besides, I don’t like getting hair in my teeth any more than you do.” So, I am smooth there and I don’t argue. If you actually saw her, you’d understand and wouldn’t argue either.

We met a year ago at a Halloween party they have each year at one of the casinos nearby. She was dressed as the comic book character Zatanna. If you don’t know who that is, go ahead and Google. If you are lazy, then I’ll tell you the costume consisted of a form hugging white bustier, low cut in the front to show a LOT of cleavage, a black tuxedo half-jacket with tails, high cut, tight fitting black shorts (panties maybe, not sure what you’d call them) that were cut high in the back to show a LOT of her ass. She paired this with a pair of black seamed fishnet pantyhose, what I guessed were 4″ or 5″ black patent leather ankle strapped pumps with stiletto heels, white gloves, white choker bowtie, top hat and a magic wand that was probably 8 to 12 inches long. I really couldn’t judge because my eyes were being drawn to too many other places. To say she was stunning might qualify me as the new record holder for all-time understatements.

I was sitting in an easy chair in my own costume, Batman to be precise, with a drink on the table beside me near the stage area for the local cover band fairly close to the dance floor. And to be clear, the casinos don’t allow you to wear a mask inside—go figure. Thus I had the mask tucked into the back of the suit hanging over the cape, so it was behind my neck. I was sitting on the cape, which was pretty damn long and wide. The pants were rather tight fitting spandex as I didn’t opt for the whole plastic muscle version of the costume. The top did have that sculpted muscle look to it, and some plastic armoring along with the more modern bat symbol, meaning a bat outline with no yellow oval around it. I had the gauntlets tucked into the utility belt, which as it turned out was pretty utilitarian. I was able to keep my keys, phone, wallet, change and the casinos’ player’s club cards and hotel key in the various pouches. That Batman knows all the tricks. Anyway, think current Justice League look and you’ll have a pretty fair picture of the costume.

I had just lost $300 at the tables and figured that a few drinks might improve my disposition, maybe change my luck, or at least slow down the bleeding as I couldn’t lose money if I wasn’t gambling. There was some dancing going on as the band played; the cocktail waitresses were moving through the tables in their own skimpy Halloween costumes, meaning it was not a bad place to sit and people watch—ok, I’ll admit it, girl watch.

Now, some of the reasons that I absolutely LOVE Halloween are that everybody has permission to be whoever or whatever they want to be for the parties, there is never a shortage of good candy or treats, and last year, I had Jen literally fall into my lap dressed up as Zatanna. I had been watching the women dancing, nursing my drink, and listening to the not half bad band that was playing. Being thus preoccupied, I missed her entrance with her friends, but when they got out on the dance floor, the world narrowed to just her. I saw her in that outfit, and I nearly choked on my drink. Seeing her legs in those fishnets with the seam was having an immediate impact. And when she started dancing, moving her hips, twirling around with reckless abandon, I had to try and adjust things as my erection was threatening to pop out of my own costume.

I guess I should say that while I might not have been blessed with the looks of Bradley Cooper, I did have genetics Maltepe Escort that either blessed or cursed me with a long, somewhat thick cock, curved a bit in the shaft and a large mushroom like head. The outline of it would have been totally visible if I hadn’t been sitting in a semi-dark area. A larger than average cock is probably seen as a blessing by most, and I’ve had no complaints, but if you are one who gets easily aroused like I am, then you can see why this might be a curse as well. The pants were gray and too tight to hide anything if I had to stand. Just for the sake of modesty, I pulled the cape around and over my crotch to hide the growing bulge as I watched Jen dancing with her friends.

I wasn’t the only one either. Looking around the bar and band area, I could see a lot of eyes were following her, both men and women. So, I didn’t feel too bad about staring. Not that it would have mattered; I really couldn’t take my eyes off of her, even though I did try in order to get some control of my growing erection. But, they kept going right back to her; her legs, butt, hair, tits and eyes in that outfit wouldn’t let me look anywhere else.

She and the other women she was with were obviously having quite a good time, and had just as obviously had a few drinks. Jen was dancing with her drink in one hand and her wand in the other. Her and her friends were fending off potential suitors right and left and definitely seemed to be having a good time with themselves. The other girls she was with were not quite as pretty as she was, but they weren’t hard on the eyes either. One wore a schoolgirl outfit that never saw a single day in school, but likely wouldn’t have been out of place at a strip club, another was a black cat with tail and ears, and the fourth of their quartet rocked the always appreciated sexy nurse garb. I was engrossed in watching them dance to the music.

I think most of the guys had figured out that these girls were there with themselves and weren’t looking for others’ company, but being a guy, I was thinking that I would give it one good try just as soon as I could get control of the erection that was stubbornly refusing to go down as I stared at the beautiful Zatanna/Jen. The song the band was playing was ‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5–not normally a fan, but now maybe my favorite song of all time. Jen was moving, her hips grinding, ass going from side to side, feet together, then hands over head, drink now gone, just the wand in her hand as she moved. She had one hand on hip, hips thrusting, swaying, swirling, and twirling. Jagger WISHED he had moves like that. And then she was stumbling, backward, right toward me, the chair and FLOP, right into my lap, her legs in the air, and her ass now planted firmly in my lap, my erection had no idea this was an accident and throbbed at the contact with the side of her butt, the heat of her body. I tried my best to catch her, seeing what was coming, but the best I managed was to ease her fall into my lap.

“Ooh!! What’s a Not So Dark Knight like you doing in a place like this?” She said it with a low, smooth, silken southern drawl that would have melted iron. She laughed, giggled, breathed out as she just sort of settled into my lap, not even trying to get up, apologize or move, other than wiggle a bit.

“I-uh…Well…” Yup, that’s me, always ready with the quick, witty rejoinder.

She laughed, the girls came over and asked if she was ok and held their hands out to pull her up. “I’m cool. I think I’m going to sit this one out right here. You don’t mind, do you Batman?” The fact that she was looking at ME of all people made me barely able to speak, and I finally found a voice, best Christian Bale imitation I could manage.

“I’m Batman, so unless you are the Joker in disguise, I could never mind.” Yup, I am the king of the one liner. But, she was drunk, so she laughed and settled into my lap, reached back, grabbed my Jack and Coke and sucked the straw between those perfect red lips and drank. I moved my hands so that one of them was resting on the arm of the chair and the other was resting on her thigh right above her knee. Her legs were draped over the other chair arm, so there was no place else for me to put it. One of the waitresses came over and asked if she was ok and if we needed anything, I told her two more Jack and Cokes and Jen wiggled in my lap again. “I’m fine, thank you for asking, but can you change that to one J and C and one Margarita?” She took the order and off she went.

“So, Batman, I’m Jen. Are you geek enough to know who I am or did you just pick your costume because you thought you looked good in it?”

Still trying for a bit of the gravelly voice, “You’re Jen, but, it would appear that you also are Zatanna, Mistress of Magic, because you KNOW you look good being her.”

She laughed and wiggled again. There were a lot of jealous eyes on us now, well, who am I kidding, on her, but many had now started looking at her 3 friends still dancing provocatively Ümraniye Escort on the floor. “Well, I’m glad you think so Mr. Batman. And from the feel of things, I can tell you aren’t just trying to be nice. She wiggled again, this time with some intent as she rubbed against my engorged cock.

I lost the gravelly voice at that point, cheeks going red. One thing I’m pretty sure of, Batman would not have been embarrassed or tongue tied, but I was. “I’m sorry. But, yeah, I’m afraid your costume hit all of my particular weaknesses,” I trailed off as she was looking right at me and that was making me very embarrassed and turned on at the same time.

“Oh, Mr. Batman has weaknesses, do tell?” she cooed.

“I’d uh, well; it’s kind of embarrassing to admit.” I stated, hoping we could change the subject.

“Well, you better start saying, or I’m going to go find a more interesting lap to sit in,” she teased, but she started to move as if to get up.

I looked at her, feeling a bit awkward with my hand on her fishnet stockings, but swallowed and said, “Well, I’ve always had a weakness for nice legs, especially in stockings or hose. Maybe it comes from reading too many comic books when I was a kid and even now,” I paused to see if she was about to get up and tell me what a perv or geek I was.

“Well, go on, what else,” she said, looking right into my eyes, her hand now on top of mine, pulling my hand against her fishnets. “Smooth legs get to you as well? Heels?” She teased. When she said it she stretched out one leg showing off her heel. My cock jumped at her words, at the feel of her smooth soft leg and the fishnets. “Oh, I think they do!” She said and laughed. “Tell me more.”

“I’ve always thought that Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Zatanna were the hottest DC women in the comics. And seams on stockings really drive me crazy, you don’t see them very much at all, but they kind of scream sexy or sex or whatever,” I said it as she continued to stare at me.

“So, you have a crush on Zatanna?” She laughed. That’s cute, and it’s funny, I own and have worn those other costumes too, but I wanted to be the ‘good’ girl tonight.” She wiggled again. “How am I doing at being good?”

“Well, depends on what your definition of good is,” I croaked out. About that time, our drinks came, she took hers, and I took mine and had to reach down to my belt which meant I had to adjust Jen in my lap. I unsnapped one of the pouches that had several singles in it for tips for my drinks and pulled off several and handed them to the waitress.

I felt Jen’s ass on my thigh, moving a bit. She was warm, sitting there, probably from all the dancing, maybe because she was just naturally hot, or maybe because I was so worked up at that point.

“You look really sexy,” she said to Jen.

Jen smiled and said, “Thank you, so do you! I bet you are doing well in tips tonight!” The waitress had on a Titans football Jersey that didn’t cover the VERY tight hot pants with tan hose.

“Thank you. Yeah, all the horny boys are out tonight!” She smirked at me, smiled at Jen and twirled wiggling her butt as she walked off. I have the feeling the wiggling was more for Jen than for me, but I didn’t fail to notice it.

Jen didn’t fail to notice me noticing either. “Hey, Mr. Batman, one girl at a time, if you please!” She wiggled again to emphasize her point and my attention went immediately back to her. “So, you were telling me about your weaknesses, tell me more.”

“Well, the whole outfit would qualify I’d say. The way it shows off your curves, and uh…”

“You mean my tits?” She wiggled them sitting up now on my thigh as she sipped her margarita. While it was not overly crowded in the area I had picked to sit in, I still looked around to see if anyone heard her. Other than some guys staring at her legs, it didn’t appear that anyone was reacting that I could tell.

“Yeah, the Zatanna uniform does show them off pretty well.” I admitted. “And you have beautiful blonde hair, though Zatanna’s is black, and you just have a better build than she does even though she’s just drawn, ya know?” I didn’t know what else to say at that point. She just sat in my lap looking at me.

“So, Mr. Batman, she whispered those words at that point. Which do you like more, ‘good’ girls or ‘wicked’ ones? She again emphasized the wicked, this time with her hand moving down to her upper thigh, right where my cock was rubbing and she slid her hand along the shaft. Her legs, the relative darkness and the chair basically blocked anyone from seeing, but definitely didn’t keep me from feeling it.

“Wicked are always more interesting and always more of a weakness,” I told her, voice low because of my own arousal now. “Probably has been that way since I was born, certainly since I was a kid. Hell, even the girl I had a crush on in elementary school used to play a wicked witch who cast a spell on me making me do whatever she wanted. And I didn’t even mind it.”

Jen İstanbul Escort moved in closer to me then. “Really?” The sultry tone of her voice, the way the syllables were drawn out, her hand on top of mine, now drawing it up her thigh even further. “So, if I was a witch and I cast a spell on you, I’d have Mr. Batman in my power, he’d do whatever I wanted or demanded?”

“Uh, sure, Jen–uh Zatanna,–you really already have!” I stammered it out, not having a clue as to where this was going. But almost immediately, I realized it wasn’t going anywhere. She got up from my lap, stood up, and thanked me for the drink and talk. The disappointment on my face must have been evident. She looked down at me then standing there adjusting her outfit. “I’m going to dance some more, drink some more and hang with my friends, Mr. Batman. But, you haven’t seen the last of Zatanna, Mistress of Magic!” she said with a flourish and walked back onto the dance floor wiggling her ass and then talking to her friends. They were laughing and giggling and I figured that I was likely the subject of the joke. It didn’t stop me from staring though. I doubt much could have. They left the bar area to go eat dinner or gamble or whatever after a few more songs. I figured that was the end of that.

My disappointment grew as I watched her leave, but at least my dick was getting the message that all the action it thought was going to happen wasn’t and it started to go back down. I sat there a few more minutes, had another drink, the waitress asking me about Jen, if we were together, where she went, if she’d be back. I answered her. I just met her, no we weren’t together she just fell in my lap, don’t know where she went, I’m sure she’ll be back with her friends to dance, they are partying tonight, and threw a few more singles on her tray. “Thanks for the drinks and for being so nice.” I said and walked back out on the floor.

I didn’t feel much like the tables at that point, too much interaction with the other players and dealers and I was feeling rather lonely at that point, so I went over to play some slots for a little while. I fed a few some $20s and then finally after about an hour I got a lucky spin and hit a bonus game that gave me 400 free spins. I thought this was an excellent thing as I could sit there, get another drink, watch the machine spin, use no money and people watch all at the same time.

My back was to the band area and I was looking back toward the buffet trying to decide if I wanted to eat or not. I had gotten a room for both nights so wanted to pace myself and make my money last as long as possible. I didn’t see or hear her walk up behind me as her hands with the wand went over my eyes. “Guess who, Mr. Batman!”

“Zatan-uh I mean Jen?” I said as the machine clocked a $20 win on a spin and started counting it off.

“Oh, you are so good, Mr. Batman.” She took her hands away and came around in front of me. She put her hands on my lower thighs and pushed them apart so she could perch on one of them. She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “Still have all those same weaknesses? Hmmm?”

“Well, uh, definitely,” said the Master of the witty phrase Batman.

“Good. I like to know a man’s weaknesses. So, here’s the deal, Mr. Batman. I came here with some friends to have a good time and relax. We all agreed that we’d not be leaving with any guys, so, I’m sorry, but this will have to do for now.” She planted a kiss right on my lips, her tongue probing my mouth as she did. Her arms around me, I thought I might lose control and embarrass myself right there on the casino floor. My cock shot up like a rocket. My hands went around her back and I held her close as we kissed. She rose, looked down directly at my crotch and smiled. “I was hoping it might have that effect!” She laughed. “Give me your cell.” I didn’t even question her request. I fumbled one of the pouches open and got my cell out. I unlocked it with my thumb and handed it to her. She took it, put her contact info in and handed it back to me. “Now, Mr. Batman, if you want, you can have a picture” she laughed looking at my bulge. “For later, you know? I think you’ll want it. She moved away from me then, posed with her back to me looking over her shoulder smirking at me. I took it; it showed a great view of her ass and legs. She turned, put her heel up on the lower rung of one of the stools sitting in front of the slots and I took another showing off her smile and such a wanton sexy look I wondered if she was actually a model or an actress to be able to pose like that. She walked back over to me. “You’ve had a bit to drink haven’t you Mr. Batman? You’re staying here?” She stated it as more of a fact than a question. I nodded yes.

“That’s good. Batman would never drink and drive. Well, one of my friends, Stacey, the nurse if you remember her is our DD for the night. I have to get back to them, but wouldn’t you say this was a fun first date? I bet you’ll remember it for a long time. I know I will. Now, you have my contact info in your phone. I don’t live to far from here, so if you want our 2nd date to be breakfast in the morning, I’d love that, then our THIRD date will be here tomorrow night at the next Halloween party. How does that sound to you, Mr. Batman?”

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