Harry Learns Something New


Harry, twenty five, good looking and gay finally made it home from work. It was nine in the evening, still very hot and he was sweating and wet with perspiration, shirt sticking to his back and his bottom where it was tucked inside his white briefs. It did not help that Harry was standing in the middle of the kitchen and pissing his pants, the pee gushing around inside his pale grey suit trousers, down the legs and puddling on the flag stoned floor of his old house. Harry was simply happy to be pissing at last and not the least bothered. He was off the bus and off the street and his accident was in his own home. He had survived the journey. Harry would have been for a piss before he left the station but if he’d done that he’d have missed his bus. And had to wait an hour for the next. Now he was soaked and happy.

The pressure was off and strangely he was enjoying the warmth and the wetness. He found himself rubbing himself and feeling so good. He hung his jacket over the back of a chair and went through to the hall and checked himself in the mirror. A huge grin spread over his face. This was something new for him and he was enjoying himself. Harry, a twenty five year old pissing his pants like a naughty eight year old. Just a shame there was no one there to spank him. That would have been good. He’d love to have been pulled over a good strong mans knee and smacked on the seat of his wet pants. He reckoned his best mate Gavin, hand slapping him through the wet white briefs. Even saying the words wee wee made him excited and as he prepared a sandwich he kept looking down at his wet stain and Anadolu Yakası Escort feeling his wet crotch and rubbing his cock in his wet pants.

Somehow this was different to wetting the bed. It was something he had never done on purpose but every couple of months or so he would wake to feeling wet and as if he were lying in a steam room below the covers. It always turned him on but because he never knew he was doing it it didn’t feel like he was being a bad boy.

Harry reached for a second can of beer, and as he took a good swig he farted, raising a cheek to help it along. He laughed to himself as he wondered how on earth he’d know if it had been a wet and messy one! Wet or dry it was telling him he needed a poo. He’d been concentrating so hard on holding his wee wee back the poo had been put on the back burner but now the fart he’d released had set things in motion. His poop was touching cotton and trying hard to see daylight, pushing it’s nose into the back of his briefs.

Now Harry really was a bad boy because he stood and made no attempt to hold his dump back. Gravity took control and a large turd gave up it’s world of darkness for the white cavern provided by his briefs. He cupped his hands around the growing bulge and felt the warmth through the soft white cotton. It didn’t stop there because another load followed on behind. This was much softer and he spread it around the back of his briefs like plaster. He sat on the wooden chair and moved his bottom around and the soft poo coated his cock and balls. Then it squeezed from inside his briefs down the inside Bostancı Escort of his legs and he felt around the back and found it almost up to the waistband of his underpants.

He just had to ring his best mate Gavin because Gavin had crapped his pants some months earlier – he had to tell someone. Gavin filled his pants as they walked home from watching Palace playing at home and winning in the last few minutes. It had been a freaky hot October. He and Gavin and loads of others had been wearing shorts. He’d watch as piss dripped off the legs of Gavins shorts and watched the pale blue cotton turning dark. Right from the start of the second half it had been obvious Gavin needed the toilet. He’d watched as his hand kept feeling and holding his backside, watched as he kept holding his crotch and moving his legs up and down. Harry knew he was trying to conceal his need but it was failing. As they left the ground Gavin ignored the toilet much to Harry’s surprise and as soon as they were away from the immediate vicinity of the ground he’d watch excitedly as Gavin pissed and soiled himself.

Gavin said, “hell I needed that. It must be six months since the last time.”

“Where was that Gav’ said Harry, his shorts tenting with excitement.

“Walking home from work. I could have held it I think but it was easier just to let it out. Harry, you’re getting a hard on you dirty sod. You’ll be wanting to feel me up next.”

“That would be nice Gavin. Can I?”

“Of course you can. No one else is going to know are they.”

So he did go indoors with him and feel his bulge Erenköy Escort and his wet pants and they had kissed and cuddled and given one another blow jobs after cleaning Gavin up. He could still taste him now.

It had been an amazing Saturday night and Sunday morning and hopefully they might be another one now if Gavin was free. He wasn’t. His Mum and Dad were calling round to see his latest decorating project completed in his kitchen but he invited Harry around the next morning to stop the weekend.

“Can you pick up some condoms and lube on the way Harry.”

“I reckon. Will a fifty pack do?”

“Maybe. Could you pop into M&S as you come by and get a pair of white grandad briefs, the ones with a real high waistband and a couple of pairs of old man trunks as well. Might make us feel like the old times when that’s what we wore.”

“Sounds good to me Gavin. I’ll do that.”

They burst out laughing. Harry realised by ringing Gavin he’d opened up what they both enjoyed and what was going to make them both very happy, He put his soiled pants in a bag and threw them in the bin outside. He showered well and found his old wooden toy he had once spent a couple of hours machining into a nice smooth and varnished dildo. He lay face down on his bed, pulled the back of his well worn Jockeys down and gave himself a good seeing to till finally he shot his load in the front of them. He slept and enjoyed sweet dreams. Later today he would get to enjoy Gavin and Gavin would get his wicked way with him. In the night he woke desperate for a piss and almost ran to the toilet and sat in his pants and pissed himself.

He left his shorts off for breakfast and re-wet his pants. At mid-day he was knocking on Gavin’s door clutching a bag with several pairs of old style underpants and a couple of packs of old fashioned full cut, high rise, knickers.

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