Helpful Neighbour Pt. 01


It was moving day for Jeff, he was downsizing. He had recently lost his wife after thirty five years together. Having two children that had flown the nest some years ago now, he didn’t need the room of the large three bedroom semi, plus the memories, so a fresh start seemed a good idea.

Jeff had just turned sixty one, still reasonably fit and healthy he’d been told he looked younger. He was a decent and well respected man and had been a very good husband, and father to his two daughters.

He had found a nice little semi-detached place near the coast not far from Bournemouth and was luckily in a financial position to be able to take early retirement.

As he unlocked and opened the door to let the removal men get on with the job, his neighbour from the adjoining house called out, “Hello.” He looked around and saw a very attractive young woman smiling at him.

“Oh hello there, I guess you’re my neighbour then,” He said returning her smile.

“I’m Tina, nice to meet you,” she said as she approached the small fence that separated our small front gardens and extended her hand.

He walked over and shook her small hand replying, “Jeff Evans, pleased to meet you too.”

Judging her age as late twenties, Tina had long brownish hair, stood perhaps five three tall and had a full figure easily discernable because of her tight jeans and tee shirt.

“I wont keep you I’m sure you have plenty to do, just wanted to say Hi,” she said as she walked to her car.

“Thank you Tina, bye for now,” He replied.

He didn’t see Tina for about a week, not to talk to anyway. A couple of times he would see her either coming or going, he assumed to or from work, but only when he’d happened to be near the window. When they did speak next she asked if he’d settled In alright and informed him of collection days for rubbish Etc.

Over the next few weeks Jeff settled in to his new home and found he was finally starting to enjoy life again, it had been a tough few years. Both his daughters came to check on him on occasion but as they lived a fair distance away, he didn’t see them very often. He had no idea just how much better his life was about to get…

It was late one Saturday afternoon towards the end of summer. Jeff was just having a pee when he heard knocking on the wall, not taking much notice at first until it continued, and then it seemed to get louder. He then heard shouting between the knocks and realised they were shouts of Help!

He shouted back, “IS THAT YOU TINA?”

“OH THANK GOD!.. YES ITS ME, IS THAT YOU MR EVANS?” Tina shouted back.

“YEAH, WHATS WRONG?” He asked.

“PLEASE HELP ME I’M STUCK IN THE BATHROOM, THE DOOR WONT OPEN,” She replied and he could hear her start to cry.


“YES YES PLEASE HURRY,” She said and started to cry again.

He shouted back, “DONT WORRY I’M ON MY WAY NOW.”

Jeff was outside her bathroom door within seconds, her house layout being the mirror image of his meant he had no problem finding it.

“I’m Here Tina, I’m Right Outside,” He didn’t have to shout now just louder than normal, “Are you OK?” He asked.

She didn’t answer, Jeff could hear her crying. Not Göztepe Escort knowing why she was so upset but knowing he needed to get her out, He warned her, “Stand Away From The Door Tina, I’ll Have to Break It down…OK? “

After a couple of sobs she managed to reply, “OK.”

He offered his shoulder up to the door and hoping the lock would give without too much resistance, as Jeff wasn’t a large man so didn’t have the weight, took a step back and rammed the door as hard as he could. The sound of splintering wood gave him the confidence that another good clout would do the job.

The door flew open banging in to the wall and bounced back against him as he fell forward into the bathroom. As Jeff steadied himself Tina threw her arms around him and laid her head against him under his chin. She was still sobbing and seemed to be having trouble breathing.

“Slow deep breaths Tina, everything’s fine now, nothing to worry about,” He said trying to calm her.

She held him tight still, she seemed terrified but she was trying to follow Jeff’s advice and breathed a little deeper. Giving her a couple of minutes to calm herself He then suggested they go down stairs and he’d make her a cuppa. He could feel a few nods of her head under his chin in agreement. Jeff managed to get her down the stairs somehow, she didn’t want to let go of him but holding her tightly to his side he managed to get her to the sofa in the lounge.

Not letting go of him they sat down together, his arm around her shoulder she laid her head on his chest and laid her arm across holding his side. “I’m so sorry Mr Evans, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just felt so scared when I couldn’t open the door,” she sobbed.

“I think you’re having a panic attack honey, try not to worry, slow deep breaths, you’ll be fine, I’m not going anywhere,” Jeff said reassuringly.

After a minute or two she seemed to be calming down, “Feeling any better?” He asked.

“Yes a little… I feel a bit stupid now, making such a fuss, I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she said.

“Not very nice is it, I know how it feels,” Jeff said.

Jeff suddenly realised he was becoming aroused, having this attractive young women wrapped around him with only a towel between them and feeling the warmth of her body was having an effect which he couldn’t suppress. He could only hope Tina didn’t notice.

She raised her head and kissed him on the cheek saying, “You’re so kind Mr Evans, don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t heard me!”

The kiss on the cheek didn’t help his situation, the bulge became more obvious. “You should call me Jeff, Mr Evans is a bit formal,” He said trying to distract his thoughts.

“Do you mind holding me a bit longer, I don’t want to be alone just yet. Sorry to be a nuisance,” She said apologising.

“No problem honey, as long as you like,” Jeff said trying to control his arousal.

They sat in silence for several minutes. Jeff tried to think of other things but couldn’t help himself. His eyes were drawn to her legs which she had now crossed, one over the other. The smooth skin of her shin, her perfect small foot with red painted toe nails. Jeff tried to avert his gaze but found he couldn’t.

Suddenly he felt her İstanbul Escort arm move and her hand was rubbing his bulge. She looked up at him and this time kissed Jeff on the lips. Her hand rubbed harder as she kissed him again. She looked down, undid his jeans and pulled the zip down. She stroked his cock through his pants returning her lips to his. She tasted good.

His resistance now totally lost Jeff reached across and put his hand on her knee and stroked down her silky smooth leg. As she tried to work her hand under his pants he removed his arm from around her and quickly pushed his jeans and pants down his legs. Putting his arm back around her they resumed position and Jeff felt her hand rub his now bare cock and their lips met again. Finding her legs now uncrossed Jeff placed his hand just above her knee on the inside and slowly stroked up her thigh.

“Let’s go to bed Jeff,” She said as she pulled away.

Standing, Jeff pulled his jeans and pants up and held them with one hand, Tina taking hold of his other hand pulled him towards the stairs, letting it go she rushed to the stairs and was up to the top before Jeff could follow.

He walked in to her bedroom, she had lost her towel and was laying on the bed on her back completely naked. Removing his pants and jeans Jeff sat on the bed next to her admiring her body. His cock twitched as he studied her gorgeous body. The areolae surrounding her nipples were large and dark, her breasts full and firm. A small neat patch of hair between her legs.

She reached out her hand and ran her fingers lightly over his cock as he lowered his head and let his tongue explore her tits. Kissing her stiff nipples in turn before sucking them between his lips. Kissing between her breasts feeling the soft flesh on his cheeks He kissed his way up to her neck and then further, finding her sweet soft lips once more. His right hand now on her left mound gently squeezing, she moved her hands to his cheeks and held him gently.

Slowly pulling himself away he moved to the end of the bed. Taking hold of her ankles He gently pulled her down the bed until his cock brushed her feet. She pressed her right foot flat against his shaft, pressing it against his body and slowly rubbed it up and down. Her toes of her other foot gently lifted his balls.

He pushed her perfect little feet together side by side and pushed the tip of his cock between them, pushing further until her feet were flat against his body. Very slowly he fucked her feet. Pre-cum dripped from his knob onto the bed. Knowing he would cum if he continued much longer he took hold of her ankles again and pulled her further down so her bum was resting on the end of the bed.

Kneeling down Jeff pushed her legs up. Tina opened her legs and he started kissing down her inner thigh, from one to the other until reaching the top. He gently blew across her pussy, from side to side then up and down. She moaned softly. He then run his tongue very lightly up between her lips with the barest touch. She felt delightful tingles run through her whole body.

With increasing pressure his tongue licked up and down her pussy occasionally touching her clit. She was so wet, she tasted so so good, she smelt even better. He flicked her stiff sensitive little clit Anadolu Yakası Escort then sucked it between his lips. Her body tensed. As he continued to lick her pussy up and down she couldn’t help but respond, rocking to the motion, pressing in to his face.

Sensing how close she was Jeff pushed a finger as deep as it would go into her sopping wet cunt and returned his tongue to her clit. Licking and sucking her clit, finger fucking her cunt a little cry escaped her lips and then silence as she held her breath as an intense orgasm racked her body.

After what seemed an age her body started to relax as her orgasm subsided and she managed to breath again. “Oh My God Jeff that was Incredible!” She said as she looked down to his head between her leg.

Unable to control his lust, Jeff stood up. Taking his throbbing cock in his hand and pulling Tina’s foot towards it, he rubbed his knob up and down the sole. Tina found his balls again with the toes of her other foot, gently stroking his sack.

He wanked his cock and pushing her foot down so he could rub the knob on her sexy little toes. Wanking ever faster, her toes already wet from his pre-cum he shot his hot spunk all over her foot, shot after shot leaving her foot and toes dripping with cum.

Tina pulling herself up and now sitting up against the headboard patted the bed beside her and said, “Come and rest Jeff, sit beside me.”

Panting from his exertions Jeff readily complied. Reaching out and holding his hand she said, “Looked like you needed that, don’t think I’ve ever seen that much cum.”

“To be honest Tina I haven’t been with a woman for years, I’d pretty much lost interest in sex. I guess it was the grief from losing my wife. I used to have a very healthy sex drive,” He said feeling a little sad.

Tina leaned into him and squeezed his hand.” So sorry Jeff, I had no idea, how long were you married?” she asked.

She listened sympathetically to his story before saying, “Must be tough…” then after a long pause she patted his leg, “Come on, I’ll put the kettle on. Come down when you’re ready and I’ll make you a cuppa. It’s the least I can do after you saved me, you’re my hero.”

Tina put her dressing gown on and as she slipped her feet into her slippers was suddenly reminded that she still had a wet foot from Jeff’s huge load. She smiled to herself as she made her way downstairs as the scene replayed in her mind.

Jeff got himself dressed and before joining Tina he decided to survey the damage done to the bathroom door. On joining her in the kitchen as she prepared the tea he said, “Just had a look at the damage upstairs.”

“Oh yes, I’d forgotten about that, must have been sidetracked,” She laughed and gave him a cheeky smile.

“Can’t think how,” Jeff smiled back.

You know I’ve still got a wet foot,” said Tina still smiling.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” replied Jeff looking a bit embarrassed.

“Don’t be, I found it very erotic, will have that image in my head for some time,” then changing the subject she asked, “milk? Sugar?”

“Yes, and Two please,” he replied. “Yeah as I was saying, your bathroom door is fine, the damage is to the frame. If you like I could sort that out for you sometime, I’m pretty good with my hands.”

“Not just your hands Jeff,” she said, smiling again, “but seriously that would be great, are you sure you don’t mind?”

“No problem, would be happy too,” said Jeff. One good deed often leads to another he thought to himself…

To Be Continued…

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